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Water Heater Kettle Stainless Steel

(97 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • An electric kettle that can heat and boil water conveniently
  • Durable and fast-boiling device; Can heat up your water in a few minutes
  • Has a LED indicator light; The whole body material does not rust easily
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel/ Voltage: 220V-240V (50Hz-60Hz)
  • Capacity: 1.7L
  • Power: 1800W
  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Water Heater Kettle Stainless Steel

$42.20 $84.90

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Water Heater Kettle Stainless Steel

Boil water at home in a quick manner with the help of this Water Heater Kettle! This is a stainless steel pot that you can use at home. Similarly, you can also carry it as you travel. This is an electric device that you can plug on the wall socket. You don’t have to wait for a long time for your water to heat up. Because this device is a convenient material for you. In fact, its inner layer is rust-free and it will safely boil water. It will not cause any aftertaste on the water you boiled. At the same time, it offers you a large capacity so you don’t have to boil water over and over again. If you want to enjoy some cup of tea with your friends, fill this kettle with water. Once it stops boiling, you can pour the water right away in each cup.

Handy And Convenient Device

It is a handy device that is very convenient to use. This is an ideal kitchen appliance that is portable. You can easily keep it in a particular area. Aside from that, it has an LED indicator light that can show when the kettle is boiling some water. If it is not working, it will not light up. Always make sure that if you are plugging this device on the socket, your hands are not wet. This is one of the most useful materials in our modern life. Moreover, it will automatically power off once the water is boiled. You can press the button to open the lid and refill water.

With Temperature Control

Its temperature control will let you identify if the water inside is fully boiled. So you can pour the hot water in a mug or teacup efficiently.

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Based on 97 reviews

4.6 overall

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  1. A***v

    The kettle is good. There is a small smell of plastic. Fork chinese-change. Included no adapter.


  2. Customer

    Delivery fast, quality excellent, low water consumption, smell absent, european standard plug. Thank you!


  3. M***

    Very excellent and elegant but the fish was not as appropriate in the description


  4. V***a

    Came with a chinese plug + adapter, did not work the kettle, changed everything to our euro. Before sending asked the store to send only with euro plug, but apparently this product is not intended for our audience. Kettle just handsome!!!!


  5. S***o



  6. N***a

    The kettle came in three weeks in the ecb, in integrity. The adapter is, but the plug needs to be changed. Odorless plastic. Silent. If you compare with a xiaomi kettle, then of course xiaomi is better, but the price is good for such a kettle. Seller and product recommend to buy.


  7. A***o



  8. D***v

    The kettle is made of good-design excellent, there is a light smell when boiling. The wire is thin, heated. The adapter in the kit would be better not put, frank trash. The bulb and the heating element are separated, can flow in the joint. Delivery to st. petersburg for a month, long sent.


  9. A***i

    Everything works pritenzy No.


  10. A***k

    The kettle is great. Simple as five kopecks. To flow water nowhere and nowhere. Plug Asian, the store put the adapter on the euro. It almost smells, but it’s just new. Packed securely. Thank you! Now in Russia. The parcel went to Moscow an interesting route: China-Moscow-Kazan-Moscow-St. Petersburg-Moscow. When I announced this route at the post office, it was explained to me that the forwarding does not work Russian gastarbayters and read the address can not all.


  11. W***w

    Delivery to Omsk, month. A little upset that the plug through the adapter. Look, cute, let’s see how it will be in work.


  12. L***a

    Goods are delivered and fully comply with the description. Thank you.


  13. E***L

    The kettle on the design is excellent, took before that the kettle from Xiaomi. In comparison with him, the kettle Konka looks a little cheaper, more relaxed, less clear. It is difficult to describe, it is just at the level of sensations. But the price is super, took for 975r. The plug should be converted to a normal one, you can not use the adapter.


  14. T***a

    The kettle arrived. Thought the bulb was whole, and it was two-part. Maybe after a while to sweat. Before ordering asked the store a kettle with a Europlug, to which the seller responded yes, but sent with an adapter! We have to change the plug. in our technopoint it was possible to take a kettle with a cast bulb cheaper and with a guarantee. And in general, a kettle, like a kettle.


  15. Customer

    The kettle is good, but only with a Chinese fork, however, the adapter is included, but without ground contact. And for some reason, the stainless bulb smells like cheap plastic. Works quite quietly.


  16. K***n

    The kettle came for a month. Fork Chinese, the store put the adapter, for which he special thanks. Although I ordered a euro plug. The smell of plastic is absent. Good Goods.


  17. P***a

    Fully in accordance with the description! Thank you!


  18. S***n

    Kettle came quickly, brought home. Does not work, there are damage! Opened a dispute, waiting


  19. V***v

    Fast Delivery (for a week in Samara). The courier delivered to the house. The kettle works, does not leak, looks great. Thank you store!


  20. Customer

    Delivery is fast. Kettle Super! Seller recommend!


  21. A***v

    I only use 3 days. Delivery is very fast, courier to the apartment. Appearance copy Xiaomi, only without smart functions. Of the minuses I will note the condensate from the lid, which flies when opening, also a few drops flowing from the body. When boiling, the lid rattles. Do not like Chinese plug power cord (adapter in stock-not heated)


  22. A***n

    Packing at level. Kettle, in general, good. Only I thought that there would be a whole bulb, like a xiaomov teapot. It’s a pity that it’s not!


  23. O***h

    Not a bad kettle, the quality suffers of course …. One more time… You have to press the lid button and help to open it, strains, you also need to pour it, you can pour it with boiling water. The plug was replaced immediately. I do not dare to recommend, I regret that I did not buy originally Xiaomi


  24. S***a

    The order was 30.09, and received the parcel 24.10. What can I say, you will not name this kettle good! At the first two turns on the smoke went out of the button, at the third and subsequent turns on the smoke did not become. Strange. The lid does not sit tight and treacherous “dangles” with easy pressing on the edge. Bottom is not whole. The result is externally a beautiful kettle, its function performs, the adapter is included, but it does not feel quality, it cost me 960 rubles. You could put 4 stars, but the normal product does not smoke at the first inclusions and the cover should sit tight, and the gaps at the joints of the plastic do not have a hood. I ‘d rather pay and take Xiaomi.


  25. L***u

    Well, in general, the kettle norms expected of course more although for such a price OK when you open the lid the water drains on the table and on the kettle. The adapter warms the plug immediately to change. You can burn at the junction of the kettle and the lid well, the noise average boils min for 4-5. There is a smell of plastic. There are Backlash


  26. R***v

    The lid opening Button stopped working on the 2nd day of operation. Does not immediately turn off after boiling.


  27. B***a

    The Russian warehouse helped me get the kettle quickly, 5 days. The kettle came with a European fork. The first time I boiled the water, there was a slight smell, but then there was no. This kettle is very beautiful, I like it.


  28. R***v

    Delivery to the door. The kettle is pleasant in appearance, not very noisy. The plug immediately remade (yellow wire grounding). So far I’m happy. The box was punched but the kettle was not hurt.


  29. A***a

    Not very high quality plastic is much worse than a similar teapot Xiaomi plug is not European, but rather a rather shameful adapter in the reliability of which there are doubts, it is better to overpay and buy Xiaomi


  30. H***h

    Meet the description.


  31. A***n

    Nice kettle. Looks stylish.


  32. I***K

    The box came crumpled hard. It was scary to open. Opened like a whole. I can’t check yet. I need to change the plug later.


  33. Customer



  34. A***v

    1) shipping about 1-1,5 weeks 2) corresponds to the description. 3) Long boils, before turning off, about 10 seconds, which is bad. 4) on SK-Ko stainless steel, let’s see with time. 5) in general, if it lasts more than 2 years, it is already good. 6) when opening the lid, all drops fall on the kettle and switch, which is bad. 7) plug with adapter, which is bad.


  35. S***i

    The quality is super. the plug was China, but the store put the adapter of good quality for which he special thanks. i recommend it. maybe I will order more. class!!!!


  36. A***a

    The kettle is cute. Once it was boiled, leaks like No.


  37. A***i

    Water kettle for this price OK zagotowanie 1,7l takes 5,5 minutes is very quiet compared to Xiaomi which posiadam 3 years, however, qualitatively Xiaomi better here plastic seen that second Sortu 🙂 After a while I will add comment as is with long lifespan device


  38. R***n

    It’s bad to pour water, the jet is bad.


  39. Y***v

    Very similar to Xiaomi, but the bulb is welded, not whole. Look good. Works perfectly, the water boils quickly, the thermostat works stably. There is a small smell, comes from the latch. The plug is Chinese, the adapter is not the worst quality, who writes that the bad one-did not see the bad ones. The kettle is worth its money. Quality will show only time. Good Luck to the store


  40. A***r

    Looks good and not much noise.


  41. Y***K

    Man is happy)) bought as a gift


  42. I***o

    The kettle does not work very well with the lid opening button. Everything else is fine. The smell from the kettle went through 2 days of use works well


  43. M***n

    The kettle is wonderful, but not without shortcomings. There is a smell, in which two weeks of use, the smell did not go anywhere. Second point concerning the lid. The button does not always work perfectly, and to open the lid you have to press the button several times. The last unelicepleasant moment is connected with the fact that when boiling on the lid remains condensate and when opening the lid all this condensate flows to the table. The kettle itself is durable, made without complaints. The plastic is very strong. The cord hides in the base. Took more because of the pleasant to my subjective view of design.


  44. D***d

    Stylish Arrived quickly by Courier


  45. D***n



  46. R***h

    Excellent kettle for such a price


  47. P***a

    The kettle is good, but uncomfortable cover. When pressed almost never opens, you have to hook up in front. I think to shorten the latch, cutting a little knife, but not yet did.


  48. M***l

    The only big disadvantage is that the store confused the color and sent black, but for this without questions returned some money (well done did not soar the brain). Xiaomi (white in the photo) in comparison with Konka almost the same is +-and there and there.


  49. J***o

    Kettle B. cute. Works, Adapter for EU plug without PIN protective.


  50. A***k

    The parcel went almost two months, the box was crumpled, but the kettle is in order, it corresponds to the description, everything is like, the lid does not fit snugly, the adapter is included on the euro outlet. Seller recommend.


  51. A***v

    The kettle is happy. Heats fast.


  52. D***a

    The order is very satisfied. Recommended by the store!


  53. A***v

    The kettle is of medium quality, the lid does not fit very tightly, so the steam goes around the lid. The lid when you press the button does not open, you have to help your fingers. When ordering a euro plug comes with an adapter, although on the photo on the store site a normal euro plug. But that I liked the plastic pleasant to the touch, the kettle itself looks good. When the dispute was opened, the store returned some of the money. So-what choice is yours. But the seller recommend, did not tighten and argue!!!


  54. M***m

    In the photo, the plastic is more qualitative than in fact. In reality, the goods look very budgetary. And a plug with an adapter, not as in the photo.


  55. A***v

    The lid opens with difficulty, and so norms


  56. V***o

    Delivery to Poland in 12 days. Packed perfectly, the track number of the parcel was tracked all the way. The kettle came out to me for 55 zlotys. The quality is excellent for such a price, looks great and quickly warms, from the outside is not hot. Seller many thanks for such price and delivery time.


  57. T***t

    Brought the courier, called 5 minutes before arrival, good that I was home, delivery about 2 weeks


  58. D***l

    Delivered in 3 weeks. I bought at a discount. I liked the fact that this is a full copy of the Xiaomi teapot, but without WiFi for less money (almost do not differ in appearance). I took it with the eurovilka, but it turned out to be with an adapter. The fork itself is smaller and all together does not strain. Checked in. Does not make noise when boiling. Well, definitely a copy of Xiaomi. In general, I liked the kettle. You can take it.


  59. S***K

    Thank you for the goods… Came, finally… But, man, the plague, the noisy… In appearance, cute, in short, thank you!


  60. V***h

    The kettle is good. Workmanship at 4 out of 5. The gaps are uneven. Power does not match what is stated in the description. Real 1500W. In the description of 1800W. In general, I recommend to buy.


  61. K***n

    Kettle norms. The store sent the goods with a Chinese-Australian plug (thanks to him for this, I have a lot of such outlets at home). The adapter (adapter under the Europlug) is not inserted into the deep socket with the ground. Changed the plug. Shipping 20 days. Kettle norms. The seller sent the goods with a Chinese-Australian plug (thanks to him for this, I have a lot of such outlets at home). The adapter (under the euro plug) is not inserted into a rectified outlet with the ground. Changed the plug. Delivery 20 days.


  62. Customer

    Good Value. 5 weeks till I got it.


  63. G***z

    Perfect store, the nice and quality product


  64. J***n

    It was really fast delivery and nice products.


  65. M***i

    The kettle looks very nice, a copy of Xiaomi, distinguishes a couple of details: the last cover opens on the handle with a button, and Konka-on the lid and plastic from Xia matte. The maximum volume warms in 5 minutes. Let’s see how to behave in work. A great kettle for your money with a good design, but pissed off just the finished delivery of IML. The promised period-10 days is not sustained, the goods went 3 weeks, attempts to get any information from them by phone, mail, group VC is simply useless-they do not answer anywhere. As soon as I opened the dispute a few days later a girl called with a Chinese accent, said that the parcel will be until the end of the week maximum-was Tuesday, shorter than Naeb .. and she me. The store was well done, answered the messages, and most likely they called me after he contacted them. Shorter 3 points only because of the delivery, the goods itself is 5 stars.


  66. D***r

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 5-Sterne ☆☆☆☆☆


  67. A***v

    Noisy and long boil


  68. L***a

    Kettle is good, body is white, matte, Recommend to buy


  69. K***v

    When ordering euro plug, in fact adapter


  70. A***v

    Nice kettle, stylish running


  71. A***O

    Kettle is not bad But 1. strong smell of plastic (even after 10 times using) 2. very noisy working And so norms


  72. V***v

    Everything came quickly, brought the courier, kettle Works, looks good


  73. T***g

    Kettle good to touch nice


  74. N***a

    Delivery is very fast! Kettle working and beautiful!!!


  75. V***o

    Everything works, gave the euro adapter!


  76. Customer



  77. A***n

    The kettle is very beautiful. The plug is Chinese, the adapter is included, but it does not climb into the usual eurorozetku! Only in the old Soviet. So either have such a socket, or immediately stock up a normal adapter. With coupon came out rubles 800


  78. R***n

    The kettle is good for this money, the plug is only not Russian, put the adapter on our format, but square, and the sockets are round. So I can not use the kettle at once, I will have to remake the plug myself. The delivery was strange, the kettle came to my city 2 weeks ago, but it was not in a hurry to deliver me, I filed a complaint, opened a dispute and an hour later there was a call, say sorry for the delay and in an hour we will bring you the parcel. Probably thought that I forgot about my kettle and decided to hold myself…


  79. J***e

    Very good! thank you!:)


  80. R***r

    Everything came, everything is fine


  81. S***m

    very good


  82. Customer

    Kettle norms, China does not smell. Looks not bad


  83. S***v

    Kettle 5 +, no smell, Courier delivery, sociable store! I recommend the product!


  84. A***v

    Everything is well quickly delivered (to Peter in 5 days) by courier home, looks good


  85. T***v

    Water long wait 1 minutes ((


  86. S***v

    The courier brought home 5 days after the order .. Moscow.


  87. Customer

    Make you satisfied


  88. V***o

    The kettle works, but there is a smell unpleasant (


  89. D***v

    A normal kettle. Like without extra odors. performs its functions.


  90. V***l

    Bought for 850R, came to Tyumen by courier for 2 weeks, the transport company jammed, broke the bottom of the kettle! Nothing stinks, I think if not for TK used and rejoiced. Opened a dispute, the store very adequate returned the money after a few days!


  91. Customer

    Cute. Water is boiling, the body is hot, there is no strainer, only a small non-removable metal grate.


  92. U***o

    Kettle has several minusów: stinks inside and water after boiling no bad aftertaste, for black kettle I received white adapter what does not look good, general quality plastików is average and kettle came scratched. I am not satisfied


  93. V***v

    Slightly does not match the description, the store left unanswered. Otherwise everything is fine, the product is satisfied, the delivery is fast.


  94. O***a

    It’s took more time to be delivered… but finally i test it and it works just fine


  95. J***v

    Okay! Delivery 2 weeks. Happy new year!


  96. M***m

    Great kettle. Everything works! I recommend


  97. K***v

    One of the best shopping on Ali! It looks very premium and high quality, I did not find any problems with it, it works perfectly, there is no smell of plastic. Boiling fast. Delivery in 4 days. I recommend the store!


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