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Triangle Ruler Woodworking Tools

(100 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • Makes your measurement fast and accurate to make a quality output
  • Has a metric system unit but with a conversion table to convert it to the English system
  • Clear and readable grids and numbers for convenience
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions:
    • 7 inch triangle ruler: 18.6 x 18.5 x 26cm (7.32 x 7.28 x 10.24inch)
    • 12 inch triangle ruler: 30 x 30 x 43 cm (11.81 x 11.81 x 16.93inch)
  • Package content: 1 x  Triangle Ruler Woodworking Tools


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Triangle Ruler Woodworking Tools

Use this triangle ruler for your convenience in doing your woodworking projects. Making your things is certainly self-rewarding and gives you self-satisfaction as well. So having a woodworking shop at home can be a stress-relieving. Take a break from your daily monotonous job and engage in an activity or a hobby. Woodworking is one hobby that is not only for fun but is useful. And it is self-rewarding when you have done something that’s certainly useful. And this triangle ruler can be of great help to make your accurate measurements on your materials. Likewise, it can make you work faster since you have the right kind of tool for the right kind of job.

Practical and Efficient Tool

In working with furniture or any house improvements, accuracy is very crucial and important. Having accurate measurements can give you good workmanship skills and quality output. So if you need a measuring device in doing carpentry or other wood projects, be sure to have this triangle ruler. Moreover, it’s practical and efficient to use since you don’t need to estimate your measurements. With it, you can prevent wasting materials, time, effort, and money. Likewise, it can give you a certain happiness especially when your project is done. Plus, if there’s a quality output, it can even be great.

Varying Colors and Sizes

This triangle ruler has 2 sizes to choose from – 7inch or 12inch triangle. Choose the one that will suit your needs. If you mostly work with larger materials, then the 12inch is suitable for you to have. Likewise, this ruler has 2 colors variety. You can either have the black or silver color. And this is made with aluminum alloy making it durable and long-lasting tool. The graduation and units are in the metric system, but it has a common conversion table to convert the unit in the English system. This will certainly make your job faster and easier.

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Based on 100 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Customer

    Excellent product quality. Bought 12 inch. Very large. Arrived on time.


  2. Z***v

    Quality, good material. With the size of the truth did not guess, took the biggest. Yes, and come on in any case, i advise everyone to buy. Shop good, proven


  3. E***y

    Super product, the quality is excellent, all the pins and numbers are not painted, but have recesses with time will not erase thanks, good store, delivery fast


  4. A***v

    Metric it is only partially. Well, who measures the slope in inches per foot. You can, of course, translate cm per meter, inches per foot, but uncomfortable. Okay, there’s the main scale in degrees and the other one in centimeters. Grooves for the pencil to conduct parallel lines, too, with an incomprehensible step. The impression is that half an inch. The angle itself is quite thick from some alloy. The boards will dance. The block 120 with width can be danced under 45. I got caught with some minor defect on the rib (the last photo).


  5. S***r

    Product very good quality it didn ‘t expect so much arrived very quickly thanks


  6. Customer

    Delivery 3 weeks from the moment of payment. Packed so-so .., came a little late, but not critical.


  7. V***v

    The corner is excellent, looks very strong and reliable


  8. M***s

    Excellent product. Very fast shipping. Seller fully recommended.


  9. Customer

    There are some strange wrong enrolments on the side. Beside of this, square looks very nice and in good condition. No scratches or bending. Came very fast .


  10. S***i

    Received with excellent condition and excellent delivery time. Seems it’s good quality


  11. N***k

    it is a little off. Banged up on the conrnes from the post office but heavy and strong


  12. N***K

    Product quality is beautiful. It will work. The cargo also arrived in reasonable time. What’s more.


  13. B***v

    Perfect. Excellent quality and fast shipment. Great! GREAT SELLER !!!


  14. M***y

    The parcel arrived in 25 days. The packaging is soft, resulting in small scratches on the product. The corner itself does not remember. Also expected that the white calibration will be with notches. However, in general, i recommend the product.


  15. D***d

    Delivery is fast, packing is not very. Wrinkled angle


  16. S***o

    Pretty precise angle. It turned out to be more than i imagined 🙂 but it’s good. Side 305mm, thickness 4.5mm. The sides are milled, like dural. Marking metric engraving with paint. The corners are slightly scratched by delivery, but the layout does not affect. You can cut directly under it without marking, like swanson. I’m happy;)


  17. A***S

    The corner was bent, strongly erased one corner, like the asphalt was rubbed, the store recommend better to pack the corners.


  18. S***s

    Product quality fast shipping product is put in direct mail package since scratches are available I gave five stars although I recommend store


  19. B***m

    Milled to 4-, there are kotzki, well, in principle will go for the house


  20. A***h

    Packed in a normal package, which is completely torn. At the customs tape rewind. Angles and one face are hit. The scale is drawn, over time will be erased.


  21. M***a

    Quality was better than I expected, very good. 30 days to Kenya.


  22. Customer

    He arrived in perfect condition. Less than a month it took to arrive in chile


  23. M***n

    30.03 ordered 06.05 received at the msc post. In appearance, a quality angle, for home non-frequent use, what is necessary, for professional use it is better to take with embossed values!


  24. C***m

    The material is perfect, the description is very accurate. I love it.


  25. R***o

    Thank you very much. It came very quickly. Waited only 2 weeks. Ruler quality is good., all figures are visible.


  26. R***c

    Pretty good angle. Scale in centimeters. In the farm is useful. Thank you.


  27. M***a

    Good aluminum corner, delivery to moscow region 38 days, parcel tracked. Thanks to the store.


  28. R***v

    Product useful


  29. V***n

    Ordered complete with a multi ruler. For incomprehensible reasons, the ruler and corner were sent by different parcels. The corner reached the moscow region for 33 days, a ruler for 23. The last photo shows how during the journey the post of russia treats the parcels. In the same place torn and a package in which the corner was packed. Track tracked all the way.


  30. M***o

    Need to improve the packaging, very fragile. The product looks good, not used. Hope not peel printing.


  31. A***a

    The product exactly corresponds to the description. Very accurate. Alloy most of the dural. Shipping less than two weeks to primorye. packaging leaves much to be desired. But it all came safe and sound. I recommend the product and the store.


  32. S***k

    Quality is super. For such a price in the russian federation do not buy. 90 degrees are held exactly.


  33. S***n

    All came the goods quality. Not original swanson, but quality at a high level. The corner is very large, and it was necessary.


  34. V***i

    It was a month, the packaging is shabby, but the corner is ok, smooth, there are 90 degrees (like as), just the corner check, i will add. all the scales are clearly visible, i advise


  35. E***v

    Before sykt for 35 days. The corner is confident, the scales and tsyphers are stamped and painted. Angles and markings are accurate (checked). Corner punching and milling, so one side with sharp faces, a little sanded. For a long time i wanted this, i’m happy. The store is well done, i recommend it to everyone. Your money is worth it.


  36. E***v

    Quality at 4. Handle file sharp edges all over you need


  37. V***o

    Sending and delivery in general went quite quickly. Two weeks and the order came. But! Packing no! Just a package of cellophane and another postal is the same and all! It’s a big luck that is not critical damage. The photo shows the torn edges. Well, is it so difficult to pack normally? For this i shoot a star.


  38. O***a

    Shipping about 3 weeks! Track tracked! The product corresponds to the description


  39. L***n

    its great. thank you. very good stuff.


  40. A***m

    Product is of very nice quality but it was not packed well, just a thin bag so it arrived with a dent.


  41. B***b

    Big, powerful. Unlike the original is painted. Perhaps in time will erase. But the layout is not drawn namely nabit (sold). Overall satisfied.


  42. M***I

    Fast shipment, good and rigid quality! See also images! Note that scale division is 2mm! I can recommend this store! Will buy again if I need something!


  43. A***v

    Took 7 inches. Great thing! If you do a tree, you should have that corner. Thank you to the store, sent immediately, to the urals the parcel reached for 2 weeks.


  44. I***v

    Corner of the number norms extruded


  45. I***s

    Cool corner, engraving, minsk 30 days, tracked. I recommend.


  46. A***v

    The thing is cool, exceeded all expectations. one minus is a package, a little scratched


  47. A***v

    Corners are all intact, quality is good


  48. L***n

    Packing in one envelope. Not reliable. Metal durable. Quality is not bad. Delivery 2 weeks, very fast.


  49. N***m

    Normal tool, went almost without damage. Because of the packing and uncomfortable size a little paint flowed. In general, everything is normal angle smooth.


  50. Customer

    Delivery is quite fast, the geometry of the coal is good (mail the truth has poked all the corners on one side)


  51. A***h

    I liked the goods, it looks not bad, there is a small chipped corner, it does not work, i did not expect that there will be such large sizes


  52. D***k

    A little bit beaten by life and post of russia))


  53. V***a

    Within a month it came, in a simple polyethylene and postal pouchy bag. Slightly scratched (the functional does not affect), the division of the scale and the numbers are engraved, the system is metric, the angle is straight. Iron is happy.


  54. A***v

    Delivery to almaty was fast. Packed badly, came with downed corners and surface with main scale photo attached. I don’t know if they sent me this or daroga hurt me, but it hurts me. Ask the store to pack well. The angle itself is even on the planes and scale, the scale is drawn i think with time will erase. For me it turned out to be small, but for small works it is good, it is better to take a big one.


  55. A***z

    The corner is great. Shipping with tracking in 23 days. But the packaging is not very-only in the postal puffy package-the corners were slightly beaten (but not critical)


  56. I***k

    I bought 485r with delivery. The parcel came in 2 weeks, packed in a simple package. There are no instructions for use. Material-painted dural or silumin, the paint in places shrouded. There is no card on the body (who would not write what). To be honest, given that this is a replica, your money is not worth it.


  57. A***a

    Ruler whole, the parcel came to ukraine for 20 days, thanks to the store


  58. N***v

    Order delivered to bashkortostan in 14 days. The corner liked, though has not yet figured out how to use all its markup elements. Metric scale in centimeters, division price 2mm. The corner has good rigidity, straight angles, contrasting rulers. The fact that the scales are not engraved, but painted with paint, it is certainly not very good, because the paint is quickly removed. The angles for correctness to check thoroughly nothing, but in view like everything is fine, in any case checking the corners of the table, the mirrors showed that the angles there are straight. As the quality is good, the delivery is fast, i recommend the product and the store.


  59. A***v

    On the package very saved a simple package. Corners are clogged. fix the situation is unpleasant.


  60. K***d

    Sent quickly, reached the kaluga region in 19 days. Geometry holds, rizzles-notches, packing of course seams, but came without loss. It seemed that the angle was cut off, but apparently it is specially rounded, because. Checked the bar-clearly centimeter, the rest of the divisions are also normal. Shorter is recommended for purchase.


  61. E***a

    My husband is happy. Delivery to rb one and a half months. Engraving everywhere. I hope to last a long time)


  62. P***r

    Emphasize that it arrived in a week in chile and that the quality of the squad is brutal. 100% recommended for carpentry. Quality squad.


  63. A***n

    The corner is large, comfortable, grasping. Before the moscow time was 35 days. The packaging is unreliable, during transportation the corner was damaged! I ask the store to pay attention to this!


  64. M***r

    Large speed triangle, sturdy metal construction. Very useful degree indicators, only coversion table is in inches while the distances are metric. That’s cool though, won’t use that anyway. Good product!


  65. P***n

    Made thoroughly, in the hands to keep nice! Figures are adequate.


  66. B***n

    Light good metric ruler.


  67. A***t

    The parcel was 5 weeks. by weight is not heavy, aluminum or alloy. Accuracy is almost 100%. There are small dents, a little bit of a corner, (photo) but possible during transportation, as it is packed just in an envelope with a doll.


  68. A***n

    Very useful thing in the farm. Unconditional minus is that the scales are not engraved and painted with paint


  69. A***o

    Quality, if not picky, suits. Packaging leaves much to be desired! Marking engraving!!!


  70. O***a

    The parcel reached the kemerovo region in 2 weeks. The parcel track was tracked all over the shipping way. Packed in 2 packs. Quality is good. I recommend the store and put 5 stars))


  71. A***o

    The corner is clear, massive, enjoy the pleasure. Need to take


  72. Customer

    Which is surprisingly exactly 90 degrees. Packing was no simple in the package.


  73. S***n

    It came in the package is not sarapin. thanks and quickly to murmansk 2 weeks.


  74. V***n

    Everything’s fine. I made three orders from one store. Everything came in one parcel. A little bit of a corner thanks to our mail. But you can work.


  75. Customer

    Order june 29, in belarus on july 19, at the post office in minsk on july 23, the track was tracked, the delivery is free, the package contains the price below real. Packed only in a yellow bag with a gun inside, the package is a little torn. The corners came without damage. Chips and dents are not present. Coal from aluminum, not magnetized, heavy, durable. Numbers are extruded, filled with paint. The linear scale is almost accurate, running across the scale to the tenth millimeter. The angles are accurate (measured by a digital angle gauge and compared with the available angles). Ordered two pieces 7 and 12 inches, it’s good that they ordered both. Very worthy thing.


  76. S***v

    Excellent corner at a very pleasant price. I have been using it for about a month, there are chips, but it does not affect the functionality. I arrived for me 15/20 days before mo, i was generally satisfied!


  77. A***v

    Delivery is fast. Quality is acceptable.


  78. S***n

    20 days to the nizhny novgorod. Everything is super, the division step is two mm., but for carpentry it’s not critical ….


  79. J***s

    Perfect and hyper-fast delivered (within 10 business days)


  80. Customer

    shipping speed is fast. product might need some smoothing/piling at the edges cause its a little sharp.


  81. M***Z

    Made rough, the faces have traces of sawing, there are small scratches.


  82. K***z

    Corner super! Slightly bent, but this is fixable!! Husband pts happy with the corner!!)) thanks to the store!!)


  83. M***k

    The product corresponds to the description. delivery is less than a month. inscriptions embossed. i recommend the store.


  84. S***V

    Great. Everything is very fast and high quality. I recommend.


  85. M***a

    The goods came quickly, the quality is satisfied, the store strongly recommend!


  86. B***o

    corner is beated during shipping. i think you should take care of packaging. all in all, the products are good


  87. L***h

    In belarus came quickly) everything corresponds to the description) the parcel was tracked)))


  88. Customer

    Arrived quickly, the quality is not bad, but the essence is that the metric scale is stupidly transferred to the template of the inch corner, ie draw along, with the help of the vyemok will not turn out the scale does not match, the table is also inching. In short, only the angles and ruler are at our disposal.


  89. V***n

    Quality is good. all as in the photo. packed in a normal package, despite it came without damage. With the store did not communicate. sent and delivered quickly. Thanks to the seller, i recommend.


  90. M***t

    Bought as a gift. Everyone is happy. Seller recommend, the parcel was tracked.


  91. T***h

    Good quality, handy stuff.


  92. V***h

    Great angle. Promptly delivered. Thank you to the store.


  93. V***n

    The parcel was delivered in 17 days, the store did not communicate, as it was not necessary, but one minus-calibration in inches


  94. R***e

    Quickly without scuffs of any. Thank you. Seller recommend.


  95. P***

    Perfect tool


  96. D***d

    Product as described, good quality material. Received in perfect condition.


  97. P***a

    Goods consistent with the description, all OK


  98. G***y

    Print status or quality to make you satisfied.


  99. E***v



  100. L***f

    Very good product, fast delivery.


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