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Teeth Whitening Kit Dental Cleanser

(99 customer reviews)
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  • Effective for cleaning and whitening your teeth, it can remove stains on your teeth
  • It can help you have good and proper oral hygiene, while it boosts your self-confidence
  • Allows you to have healthy and brighter looking teeth while it enhances your beautiful smile
  • Net Wt.: 0.35 fl. oz/ 10ml
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Ingredients: water, carbomer, flavor, urea peroxide, xylitol, ppg-10 sorbitol
  • Package includes:
    1 x teeth whitening essence
    1 pack cotton swabs

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Teeth Whitening Kit Dental Cleanser

A teeth whitening kit is handy and useful in cleaning and whitening your teeth. Most dentists recommend a dental cleanser to their patients because it can help them maintain good oral hygiene. Similarly, it is essential to keep our mouth clean because it is prone to germs and other bacteria. Also, it can help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. It is essential to keep good oral hygiene because it can help you prevent germs that cause bacteria to build up. In other words, if you take good care of your teeth, you will be safe from any possible oral infection.


Similarly, when you have clean and whiter teeth, you can look even more attractive because it enhances your physical appearance. Many people can often look and stare at your beauty. Secondly, you will be more confident. Beautiful white teeth can make you feel confident about yourself. It allows you to show off your beautiful smile. When you feel good about yourself, you will become more youthful and glowing, which eliminates frown lines in your face. Thirdly, you can feel confident when you are interacting with other people. You can look more approachable and friendly. At the same time, you can spread positive vibes all day. Lastly, whitening and cleaning your teeth will not damage it.


Having this product can help you achieve beautiful and whiter teeth. It can eliminate stains and germs from your teeth, and you can benefit from it. Professionally, you can look more charming if you have beautiful white teeth. You can prevent teeth discoloration, and you can have a beautiful smile all day long. When you start to apply the product, always make sure to brush your teeth first before anything else. After that, use a cotton swab to use ample amount of whitening product then apply on your teeth.

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Based on 99 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. V***a

    The product for teeth whitening is water transparent, it smells not very sharp. I have not noticed the results yet. There are no complaints about the work of the store. I recommend!


  2. D***i

    Used a couple of times and the effect is satisfied. The texture is a transparent gel, odorless. The set includes cotton swabs in order to apply the gel to the teeth. The tube has a very comfortable spout, through it comes the necessary amount of product. How to use gel? Rinse your mouth with warm water. On clean teeth we apply the gel with a cotton swab. Be careful and do not apply it on the gum. Keep the product 1 minute without swallowing it. Rinse your mouth with warm water. Repeat the procedure once a week. After the first use, i saw the effect. Of course your teeth will not be immediately snow-white, but a little lighter will be. Delivery to moldova-3 weeks. Track tracked! I recommend to buy!


  3. K***k

    Excellent tool, quickly whiten, convenient to use. Whitens thanks to citric acid but also contains xylitol and sorbitol that smoothes the nongotic effect of acid, as well as in the composition there is an extract of angelica. Shipping month, track tracking completely, packing is good.


  4. V***h

    An interesting tool whitens teeth for one application on one tone, apply an appicator on clean teeth and keep a couple of minutes, then rinse the mouth well, the product works, in the composition of citric acid, so not for daily use, only if you need to bleach teeth.


  5. Y***o

    I do not see the effect after the first time. But very curious, in a week i’ll try again.


  6. V***l

    Shipping 20 days track fully tracked. The product came and a whole package sealed in mica. There is a shelf life, composition and recommendations for use. Included are cotton swabs for easy application. Before use, consult with your doctor.


  7. D***y

    Excellent remedy! Used several times already, bleached for several tones. The only thing that must follow the instructions! Use not more often once a week-two and do not touch the gums


  8. V***a

    The tool for removing plaque on the teeth saw a lot of reviews for this tool, decided to order too. today for the first time, this tool tested, it seems to me that the teeth and the truth are lighter steel. took a photo before and after. before use, she rinsed her mouth with warm water. i applied a drop (in appearance as a gel) on a cotton stick (which are attached to this product) And she began to apply on her teeth. after application, there was a feeling that pulled teeth, kept no more than a minute. after that, i rubbed my teeth and rinsed with water, although i fell on the gum (felt cold) like everything is fine. i’ll try again in three weeks. packed all well, delivery is fast.


  9. Y***a

    Delivery took about a month. Packed well. I ordered it, because i like to drink tea often, i would like a couple of tones of teeth lighter. And i want to quickly result and that the teeth preferably do not fall apart. In a box sealed in mica with good shelf life lies a plastic bottle in which 10 ml of transparent liquid, instructions and cotton sticks, well packed, so that no one has any suspicion of their cleanliness. Until i tried, i will write the result


  10. W***i

    Excellent remedy, well whitens. Delivery is fast.


  11. D***a

    Good remedy, but the effect has cumulative effect +++++


  12. A***v

    Good remedy. Really well whitens. The taste is a little sour. Acts gently, sparing means. Apply no more than once in 10 days. It turns out the consumption is not large and do not fall on the mucosa. I liked to use it. Cotton sticks are included. Delivery is fast.


  13. K***G

    The bottle with the product is packed in a branded box sealed in mica. The box has all the necessary information. The kit also includes ten cotton sticks for applying the product. Before use, rinse your mouth with warm water, then apply the product with cotton sticks on your teeth avoiding gums, leave for a minute and rinse your mouth again. Reuse is possible not earlier than a week later. Teeth become smooth and “squeaky” to the touch. The view is about the tone is lighter. For clarity, i took a photo before and after without processing. In my opinion, a small result is


  14. A***k

    Fast shipping. A good remedy, there is an effect after the first application. In the set cotton swabs and liquid in the bottle. It is necessary to drip on a cotton stick a little means and apply to clean teeth, rub for a minute. Then rinse your mouth with warm water. Worth the shelf life. Recommend))


  15. Z***s

    Excellent tool, different for the better from other brands. 1. no sharp smell of dental cabinet. 2. when attacking the lips and gums, there are no unpleasant sensations. 3. the product is gel-shaped, keeps a drop, it is convenient to apply on teeth. Result from the first application. I recommend the remedy.


  16. Y***o

    For a long time i wanted to try such a remedy, since i have a dark and transparent enamel, especially cleaning does not help, so i turned to safe teeth whitening. I will say that the application is very simple, and you can only use it once a week. Especially good remedy for those who smoke and consume colored drinks in large quantities. The product promotes teeth whitening from these paints. Yes, the effect is, on the floor of the tone is bright, great, i will continue. Delivery took two weeks, the track was tracked before the delivery of the parcel in hand, thanks for the care of the store!


  17. A***a

    I use it like this: for a minute i put it on my teeth, i wait for a while, and then i wash it with warm water. The result really is! first, after the first application, the teeth become smooth. Secondly, the teeth are shiny, without plaque. well, thirdly, the teeth on the tone exactly become lighter. Gentle whitening, which you will definitely notice.


  18. V***o

    The instructions write that the product brightens teeth after smoking, drinking tea or coffee, and also removes yellow plaque. Comes with cotton swabs. The jar itself is plastic, well closed. How to use: first, the mouth is rinsed with warm water, for the product we apply on a fleece and wipe the teeth. The composition includes alcohol and menthol, so it can pinch the tongue and lips. Wipe for 20 seconds, after rinse again the mouth. Keep away from children, avoid direct sunlight on the product. All teeth whitening products, without exception, must be applied in strict accordance with the instructions or recommendations of the doctor. Even over-the-counter rinsers with disorderly use can cause irritation of the mouth and lips, and abrasive toothpaste seriously affect the structure of the enamel. Apply the product twice a week, no longer recommended. List of contraindications:✔️Age up to 16 years;✔️Pregnancy and breastfeeding period; ✔️Increased sensitivity of enamel; allergy


  19. V***a

    Delivery 3 weeks in a box. The product was packed in a box and mica. In the box lies the product itself, instructions and cotton swabs. Brightens on 1-2 tones. Allergies did not cause.


  20. S***a

    Teeth whitening at home. i already used this tool, it is quite soft, now i ordered a friend to test. Delivery about three weeks by post of russia. Packing branded box and mail box. Composition and shelf life is specified. Product features using the latest white formula designed for people with yellow teeth, clean plaque, restore whiteness of teeth. Scope of application: people who want to get rid of all kinds of spots of teeth. Application method: 1. Before using teeth whitening, please clean your mouth with warm water. 2. then use a cotton swab to immerse the desired amount of product. Wipe the surface of the teeth 3, rinse with warm water until the plaque will not wipe the composition: water, clay, ppg-10, sorbitol, xylitol, citric acid, carbonmer menthol. Since this tool has already tried, i can say that the whitening is light, on one tone. If there is no increased sensitivity of teeth, you can take.


  21. K***s

    It was a month. The parcel was tracked. Packed in a box and in a puffy. The bleach itself was in a branded box. On the box is written shelf life, composition, how to use. In the box except the bottle were cotton sticks. Bleach odorless. i bought for my husband. Because of the cigarettes, the teeth darkened. The product bleached on the tone. If the teeth are darkened from tea or coffee, the result will be better, but to whiten the teeth you can only up to natural color. If you are naturally yellow, the teeth will not become whiter. shelf life is three years. To buy i advise.


  22. O***a

    The product is liquid, transparent in a small, plastic bottle volume of 10 ml. Has a dispenser, like eye drops. Without any smell. The kit includes ten cotton sticks and a small instruction in english. Also all the information of interest is available on the box. Shelf life up to 17.09.2021. Method of application: After hygienic procedures of the oral cavity we apply the product with cotton sticks on the enamel of the teeth. We avoid getting on the gums. After 1 minute it is necessary to rinse the mouth with water. Everything. After applying the teeth clean and immediately noticeable on one tone whitened. So, as the tool is calculated for the removal of yellow plaque i hope for a good result.


  23. Customer

    Fast shipping and reliable packaging as always. It is immediately evident that the store values his reputation. On the branded box all the necessary information. This cosmetic product is a black consistency in a tube weighing 50g. The product has a viscous and fairly dense texture. The smell is tangible, cosmetic. Not the first time, but with regular use, the mask cleanses the skin of dirt, excess sebum, dead horny cells. The skin becomes more delicate and smooth. I’m happy with the results.


  24. A***a

    An excellent tool for teeth whitening, helps to clean the plaque after smoking and colored drinks. The tool really works. After prolonged use, the teeth become whiter. Tube volume of 10 ml., but because. You can use it no more often once a week, then you will have it for a long time. Method of use: Before use, rinse the mouth with warm water After that, apply the product to the cotton stick and in front of the mirror wipe your teeth Then again rinse the mouth with warm water. Delivery to omsk about a month. The parcel came in the mail box so everything is safe and sound. Track number was tracked all the way.


  25. V***o

    The composition is safe. I decided to experiment. In the photo the result after one application. As for me, there is such a slight shift. I tried a lot of other means, this of all works more sparing, teeth after it whole))) in the set there are cotton sticks with which you need to rub the product into your teeth. The raid is cleaning. About the dental stone i can not say anything


  26. F***I

    Arrived in Italy in 40 days with free plotted. Packed in a plastic cylinder vacuum, arrived perfectly intact. On the packaging are given instructions and the ingredients in English language, packaging date and expiration date (3 years). 10 ml shown is content. The Kit consists of a vial plastic such as that one eye drops and 10 sticks. Method of use After you have washed the teeth, sciacquate mouth with warm water. Wet the stick liquid and scrub on the tooth surface. (one minute for each tooth) be careful not to touch with liquid mucous membranes and gums. (You make this operation before the mirror). At last rinse again with hot water. Use can be repeated after a week. Obviously the result depends on the natural color of the teeth that varies from person to person and this products can help to remove pigmentations


  27. S***a

    Tested the remedy my girlfriend, a lover of coffee and sweets. After a week of use, she noticed that the teeth were several tones lighter. Now i thought about it, and not to try it myself.


  28. А***а

    Delivery-3 weeks with tracking track. The order came securely packed in a cardboard box. The product itself in a beautiful package, sealed in mica. The package has all the necessary information in english, the shelf life is specified. Citric acid, which is part of the product, is an effective tool for teeth whitening, but you need to use it with great care not more than 1 time a week and after use be sure to rinse your mouth! In addition, the use of this tool is possible only for people with strong and thick enamel. This tool really whitens the teeth and after the first application makes them half-tone lighter. The effect is and it is noticeable! I’m happy!


  29. Customer

    Everything came whole. The box was wrapped in a transparent film. Thanks to the store. The box indicates the shelf life, inside is the instruction in english. I will try, i will add a review a month later, i will write about the results.


  30. M***r

    The product was packed in mica, which immediately caused confidence in the store. As a gift was a sample with serum. The bleaching agent has an excellent shelf life specified on the package. The product works, perfectly removes plaque! I use once a week, as indicated in the instructions. The effect is achieved from the first application. Delivery to st. petersburg by untracking for a month.


  31. A***r

    A good tool for teeth whitening and getting rid of plaque. Until 2021. Tru each tooth within a minute to achieve maximum effect. It is convenient that cotton swabs are already included. Separate thanks to the store for timely delivery and gift)


  32. T***a

    Delivery was 3 weeks, the track was tracked to the post office, the packaging is excellent. The very tool for teeth whitening lies in a branded box, which contains all the information you are interested in in in english. Volume of the product, 10 ml. Included are cotton swabs in the amount of 10 pieces. There is also a manual in english. The product has a watery texture, transparent, almost odorless. Before use, brush your teeth and rinse with warm water. Then use a cotton swab, wet it with a means. In front of the mirror gently wipe each tooth, without touching the wood and mouth. Everything needs to be done very carefully, while using the instruction. Next, rinse your teeth with warm water.


  33. T***o

    Good remedy. Whitens to 1-2 tones. The effect is short-lived if you like coffee) without smell and taste. Does not cause discomfort. As an express option is suitable. Shipping 3 weeks


  34. E***a

    The composition of the product is designed for safe whitening of tooth enamel and removal of plaque from teeth at home. This product will not harm your teeth and with regular use you will get a snow-white smile! the volume of the bottle is 10 ml, the product is transparent and viscous, the consumption is very economical and enough for a long time. Menthol smell. More than once a week can not be used. lightening of enamel is noticeably unarmed eye. In addition to bleaching, the product cleans the surface of the tooth enamel, breathing becomes fresh. Excellent tool, i recommend to buy!


  35. L***a

    Delivery was fast, packing-neat. The product arrived without damage, neither the bottle was damaged, nor even a cardboard drooling box. It contains all the information. Shelf life-in order, there is nothing sound or frightening in the composition, the method of application is simple. In the kit-a bottle with a means and a dozen cotton buds, each individually packed. The product is liquid and convenient to use, well, as far as it is generally possible for bleaching agents.)) The effect of the product is-the teeth become slightly lighter, but not radically white, remain a natural tone.


  36. T***r

    The information is written in english. On the back of the box there is information about the manufacturer. On the method of use, measures of caution, composition and shelf life is also available on the box. Shelf life is normal, until 2021. Store away from sunlight. The product is in a plastic bottle with a volume of 10 ml. The bottle is comfortable, the product drips well. Pleases that in the kit there are cotton sticks, they have a comfortable shape, on the one hand round, on the other pointed, perfectly copes with the areas between the teeth. The liquid is transparent, slightly viscous. The smell i did not catch, when used, there is a taste, but not strong. The method of use is simple, you need to use 1 time a week, first clean the teeth in the usual way, then apply the product on the teeth, avoiding getting on the gums, wait for 1 minute, rinse with warm water. Depending on the degree of pollution, the result will be different, of course, as in the photo will not. Although after the first time the effect is already there.


  37. S***y

    Serum delivery took about three weeks. The packaging is excellent, even the box is not wrinkled. The box itself is packed in mica, as well as it has all the necessary information. Shelf life up to 17.09.2021. Inside there is an instruction with a detailed description of the ingredients, the method of use, storage, precaution, which is important to read and study before use. In a set with whitening serum-a set of standard cotton buds. It perfectly whitens teeth, and even removes a brown stone plaque that forms inside the edges of the teeth. I also want to warn you to be careful when rubbing your teeth. It is very important that the product does not fall on the gums, because it corrodes them. Serum is convenient for use at home and very effective. I recommend to buy.


  38. D***v

    Delivery exactly six weeks. Packing in standard air duster bag. Damage during shipment is excluded. Packed in a beautiful box and mica. The store put a sample of the emulsion with the smell of mango as a gift. Thank you. The tool itself will try, then write off, according to the instructions i realized that children can not. Menthol smell. Shelf life is good. I liked everything.


  39. I***a

    Good product details in the club shopogolikov my nick umekoo product dovalna


  40. E***a

    Excellent means for whitening, teeth whitening, good quality. I recommend. Read more on my itao/aliexpress blog-frangiranse


  41. O***a

    Serum helped from stains. Effect as from cleaning the dentist! Everything came in whole! Shop is good!


  42. Customer

    The order came in 1,5 months, but i think that this is due to festive dates. As a gift put emulsion for the face. The volume of the product is 10 ml. It is packed in a box together with instructions and cotton swabs. The composition is gentle enough, so you can bleach only a small plaque (from tea or coffee). Precautions and method of application are indicated on the package + additional instructions. There are no unpleasant sensations, there is a slight taste of menthol. Use is very simple. I’m holding a minute, maybe a little longer. Effect, if you compare with the table, about 1/2 tones. Note that it is short-term. It is better of course to refuse or reduce the consumption of coloring drinks.


  43. A***a

    Teeth whitening tool I chose this remedy for a long time, turned to my favorite store, read reviews. Delivery took 3 weeks. The kit includes bleaching liquid, cotton swabs, english manual. You need to smear on clean teeth, after eating. Gently apply without setting the gums. Use no more than 14 days and no less to have effect. Teeth began to look better, but not hollywood of course. But still. For a more allure effect, i recommend to remove from the diet of coffee, and any drinks containing dye. I recommend everyone to purchase.


  44. A***a

    It came in a branded box. There is instruction and composition in english. Included were cotton sticks, which are more convenient to carry out the procedure. So, how did i do? She brushed her teeth with regular toothpaste. -Plentifully applied the product on a cotton swab and rubbed into each tooth for a minute. Enamel on damaged. After some means there was that the teeth became as if rough. This time it didn’t happen. But try as little as possible to get on the gum, as i have after the procedure they became a little sensitive.


  45. E***a

    This is a tool for teeth whitening neither the first one i take. The previous means were from another manufacturer, they whitened their teeth more, but the gums were very strong (when applying still near the teeth a little gets). Thus, this tool is more gentle, but also whitens not so much. I have the effect on my teeth is not very noticeable. They became lighter somewhere on a half-tone. On the other hand, i do not need more, because the front two teeth are sealed to the color of others, and the seals of course the product does not lighten. The product is in a jar of 10 milliliters. It is absolutely transparent, according to the consistency slightly thicker than water (liquid gel). In general, the remedy is good. Who wants to have white teeth, then definitely recommend. I assure you that the enamel will not fit and the teeth will not fall out after use, but more often once a week i do not recommend.


  46. N***A

    Delivery-month, everything is packed perfectly, nothing is wrinkled. Really the teeth became lighter on polton, but of course not as in the photo of the store. Maybe smokers have a bigger difference, i don’t smoke.


  47. K***a

    Honestly… the effect did not notice) can of course it is very soft and gentle to the enamel of the teeth… But somehow it is not noticeable bleaching. Compare is with what) i use a means of another brand, and the result there does not make you wait. And it is felt tactile and visually) but the product is based on acid, very sour to taste and even a little corrodes, if it falls on the skin and with it it it is necessary very carefully, and this product rtopr-tasteless oily liquid. And the instructions for use are absolutely identical, so i had a feeling that the tube was confused and poured another remedy for hair oil? In the kit the product itself, cotton sticks for applying the product and instructions. In general) i will apply of course, maybe something will change over time, but not yet impressed at all) But the store is good) all cosmetics are quality, always comes a whole, sealed, securely packed)


  48. Z***G

    Delivery of the order to belarus took 3 weeks. Track number tracked. Packaging reliable-cardboard box + film-pupyrka. Description, composition and instruction in english. The box comes sealed in mica, the shelf life is indicated on the package. The kit includes: a vial with a means, cotton swabs (each in individual packaging) and an instruction in english. The jar is small, the volume is 10 ml. Essence is ideal for those who want to get rid of all kinds of stains on tooth enamel. It removes stains from smoking, tea or coffee, whitens yellow teeth completely. Apply the essence in front of the mirror, very carefully. when applying, try not to get on the gums. The product works, but do not abuse the product. It can not be used often. Essence of transparent color with a pronounced smell of menthol, taste bitter with acidity. Cost-effective.


  49. B***a

    Safe whitening with whitening essence. Eliminates various raids from tobacco, coffee, etc. Use once a week


  50. N***a

    I received an order-whitening composition for teeth. Delivery to moscow in about a month. Already ordered and i repeat, because. The effect is, you just need to remember about regularity. The composition is on the package. Use-apply a wand to the surface of the teeth. Bleaching is not radical, but it is better not to use when gum damage. Splits the raid. No unpleasant taste. Convenient and simple as home care. I advise!


  51. L***i

    I wanted a hollywood smile, took this tool, as other products of this brand really liked. In the kit all the components are, which are indicated in the description. Delivery to my post office a month. The track was tracked completely.


  52. A***r

    haven’t used the product yet but will leave feedback after I do. it came with a sample too!


  53. A***a

    The parcel came in a month. Teeth whitening kit includes: the product itself, cotton sticks and instructions. Means used for the time being once. The bleaching effect is really there. The teeth were whiter than half-tone. Once a month this tool will be used for bleaching. Thanks to the store for the excellent tool!


  54. S***a

    It’s okay! The box is a little wrinkled, came in an ordinary postal package. Delivery to chelyabinsk region 2 months. The order was made on january 16, and received on march 19 at the post office.


  55. V***v

    Essence helps eliminate dark spots from coffee, tobacco and alcohol Delivery took three weeks with tracking track number, packed goods in air tube, as i ordered several goods, the box is sealed in transparent mica, shelf life up to 2021g. (at autopsy 36 months) 10 ml. The kit includes instructions, cotton sticks (hermetically sealed) the essence itself on 1-2 tones well bleached teeth The instructions say apply once a week to improve the result. More often do not need as can be quite sensitive enamel I advise you to use this product


  56. A***e

    Got it on time. Packed in standard postal package. Track is traced. For the third time i order an aliexpress tool for teeth whitening. The box is occult and packed in mica. Information is indicated in english: composition, how to use and shelf life. The nutri packaging is small, plastic bubble. Capacity 10 ml. 10 pcs Cotton sticks. Method of use: 1. caress your mouth with warm water 2. silence the cotton stick and wipe each tooth ~ 1 min. For everyone. 3. rinse with warm water until rinse on the forehead. The procedure should be done once a week. Can be used for adults and children from 14 years old. I only stayed once. Waiting For a week. The result is not bad. I recommend!


  57. E***a

    The remedy can not be kept for longer than 1 minute. Use once a week. Apply the product with a cotton swab, only on the teeth! Avoid getting on the mucous mouth! After application, it is necessary to caress the mouth with water. Gel consistency. Menthol fragrance. The product is more gentle, immediately teeth do not bleach. But about half the tone effect is.


  58. E***a

    The package includes serum 10 ml. Cotton swabs in the amount of 10 pieces instructions for use in english. The color of the serum is transparent, tastes a little sour and knits, but not nasty.


  59. L***o

    Delivery is very fast-2 weeks, packed qualitatively, nowhere has nothing leaked, not wrinkled. The track has been tracked all the time. comes with: bleaching liquid (10 ml.), cotton sticks (10 pcs.), which are hermetically packed; liner with instruction and composition in english. In use is very convenient. There is no smell. After testing this remedy, the teeth became slightly whiter, allergies did not cause, i think that you need to undergo such a procedure several times, and there we will see what will be the effect.


  60. T***a

    I took it out of curiosity, the raid removes, a little whitens, it does not heat, it’s afraid, and i liked the effect. Shipping month tracked track


  61. N***a

    The product is designed to remove yellow plaque or dark spots from the enamel, makes the teeth snow-white and beautiful. The kit includes a small plastic bottle, a volume of 10 ml, a set of 10 pieces of cotton swabs and a brochure with instructions for use and the rest of the information duplicated from the box. Please note that the ends of the sticks with a different degree of rounded. From one end, the cotton wand is sharp, so that it was better to process interdental spaces. Composition of the product: water, glycerin, sorbitol, xylitol, citric acid, angelica leaf extract, grandiflora magnolia, polymorphine extract, carbonmer, menthol, flavor. Designed for outdoor use, do not swallow! Children under 13 years of age should refrain from using. Delivery is short with tracking track number on all way of parcel transportation.


  62. A***A

    Delivery to kiev two weeks tracked track. Packed in a dense cardboard box. Doesn’t smell. The result is visible after the first use


  63. N***a

    Factory packaging, complete bottle with essence and ear sticks. not yet tried, but packaging worthy and very fast delivery 5 ****


  64. T***a

    Delivery was quick, arrived in perfect condition. Still not tested the product so I test will leave my opinion here


  65. W***o

    Similar to photos. Indications come in english only


  66. A***h

    I tried once, like even with 1 time there is an effect, i will look further. Track tracked, it came in 22 days.


  67. A***a

    Order delivered within a month. Everything was well packed. Shelf life september 2021. I’ll try how it works, i’ll write in addition. Thank you.


  68. O***o

    I have not used the tool yet. I’ll write about the results later. Thanks to the store for the cream probe.


  69. M***X

    It was less than a month. Put it in the drawer. Packed in normal postal package. Packing with detergent in mica. Shelf life is specified until 25.12.2021. To the store there is no pritenzy, the only thing to pack is still in a bag with a pup, as i have a package flowing in the course of transportation, which is seen in the photo. Today for the first time i tried the remedy, yefect has not yet noticed, but it has not become worse and this. I will continue to test. When applied and hit on the gum, i did not feel discomfort. But when the product got on the tongue, it was a slightly noticeable pinch.


  70. P***p

    Delivered to the mailbox. The track was not tracked. I do not know how much will help, i will try, then i will add a tip. The store put the emulsion as a gift.


  71. L***t

    Delivery to me took 3 weeks. Packed with all parcels in a box. This bleach came in a branded box, the box has instructions for use, composition, shelf life, all in english. The product itself in a plastic bottle with a volume of 10 ml. In the kit there are cotton sticks with a pointed end and on the other hand the tip as an ordinary cotton stick.❤️ The liquid itself without obvious aroma, gel-shaped, convenient to use. I first applied the product to the cotton stick, then held them on the teeth, it feels like i applied toothpaste on my teeth, cools .. Lasted 1-2 minutes and washed with warm water. Repeated the procedure in 3 days. Either i configure myself, or really the tool works. I will use for a month then write off the effect. I recommend to buy.


  72. E***o

    Fast shipping,, delivery about a montth to Poland. Packed well in bubble envelope arrived in perfect condition. Long expiration date. Seller included free sample, thank you. I did not test it yet, but after I do I will share the results. Recommend the store.


  73. I***h

    Everything came! The store is well done!


  74. S***v

    Responsive store. The parcel was delayed and the seller sent another one, even when the time was over and it was impossible to open a dispute. Thank you.


  75. I***a

    In the set, the product itself and 10 cotton sticks, for application. The product is liquid, like water, to taste slightly sweet. The smell did not notice. The action is soft, delicate, it was pleasant, because my teeth are sensitive, but at least on the tone, two want to make them lighter. When applying there is no discomfort, the composition is not aggressive, you can use it.


  76. Customer

    Ordered 11.04 received 13.05. Everything is safe and sound. Very polite store! Answers all questions


  77. O***o

    Delivery to mo two weeks, everything is intact. We’ll try.


  78. I***k

    Responsible store! Recommend!!!


  79. D***n

    Package arrived not yet used not tested shop recommend


  80. K***a

    Information on the box in english. Product after opening can be stored 36 months. The cost at the time of order-142 ₽ teeth i have without plaque, cream color from nature. After wearing braces, i was made prof. Hygiene and this color is preserved. That is, i have nothing to remove, so the color remained unchanged. When applied, there is a slight cold. The product is liquid and looks like water, does not smell. Nothing plucked and teeth did not whine. There was no heightened sensitivity. This remedy is more suitable for smokers and coffemans, which i am not. So the product is not dangerous, you can try 🙂


  81. Customer

    Everything is fine, received a month from the day of the order. Software did not use, i will add later. Gift-emulsion. Thank you.


  82. E***a

    The product is packed perfectly. He reached ukraine in two weeks. The store put the gift. Thank you. I haven’t used it yet. Therefore, i can not leave a review about the quality. There is a description of the composition and recommendations for use. Seller recommend.


  83. R***v

    It came quickly, ordered complete with patches for the eyes. With the store did not communicate, there was no need


  84. E***a

    The item was not tracked, but the delivery is fast, 2 weeks in Kursk. In fact, i have not tried it yet. Later i will add a review. The store put a small gift, face cream.


  85. P***h

    Everything came safe and sound. Bottle with the inscription fluorine, cotton swabs, instruction small in english, emulsion. While in the case did not try, as a test-i will add a tip.


  86. D***v

    It’s all gone. The box did not crumple. I haven’t been to the case yet.


  87. N***a

    Delivery is fast, i have not tried yet recommend from


  88. G***r

    Delivery is fast. It came well packed, nothing broke.


  89. L***a

    The goods went 1,5 months. Everything came intact. i will use a couple of weeks to add a tip. I used hyaluronic from this series very satisfied.


  90. V***n



  91. C***c

    I can not say that there is a special effect… maybe a little bit…


  92. W***f

    In a vote I did not protect iwlatib


  93. M***y

    The parcel was three months old, in appearance everything is good as a gift face cream


  94. E***a

    Ordered 3.05 and 20.05 received, thanks to the store for the fast delivery. Not yet used


  95. Y***a

    Everything is perfect, thank you


  96. V***r

    The goods did not come. The money was returned. It pleases!!!


  97. J***a

    Externally corresponds to the description, but the delivery is very long about 1.5 months


  98. B***b

    I have not tried the parcel yet


  99. K***k

    The track was not tracked. To the moscow region in balashikha the parcel went more than 1 month. In the set of bubbles, cotton sticks and emulsion. Liquid in the form of gel water. I will add feedback after use. With the store did not communicate.


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