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Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Kettle

(96 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • Drink your favorite coffee and prepare it easily using this stainless steel coffee maker
  • This coffee maker is easy to use and has a coffee filter for smooth delicious coffee
  • The material makes the kettle easy to clean does not leave any lingering taste
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Kettle


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Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Kettle

Nothing is better than drinking a good cup of coffee in the morning before starting your day. During early mornings, you might feel restless and unmotivated to go to work or do the tasks ahead of you for your day. What you need is something to make you feel awake and energized. That is why many people depend on a cup of coffee to wake them up and energize them. This has been a part of many people’s routine and is one of the reasons why many people love to drink coffee. Aside from its delicious taste, it gives you the energy to jumpstart your day. With that, you will need a trusty coffee maker like this stainless steel coffee maker. This will help you create a delicious cup of coffee that you love. Prepare some for yourself at home or at the office with this.

Easy to Use

This coffee maker is easy to use so you won’t have to learn complicated tricks just to drink your favorite coffee. This maker has a separate area where you can put the coffee powder and grounds that you like. This area has a stainless strainer that filters out the coffee ground. Consequently, you will only drink smooth delicious coffee every day. More so, this makes it very convenient for you since all you need to do is pour water on the rest of the coffee maker and wait for it to be ready. This can prepare your coffee in no time.

Stainless Steel Material

The material of this coffee maker makes it easy for you to clean. This does not also leave any stubborn taste of coffee even after washing it. This way, you can use it as well for making your tea. Use this coffee maker now for your home or for your office.

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Based on 96 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. V***o

    The box came in trash crumpled. Coffee maker whole. Just like in the photo. Delivery super-fast (week).


  2. E***o

    The coffee maker works, the quality looks good, the volume is the same, the minus is the curve of the lid on top, it is necessary to press it correctly so that there are no gaps. The packaging is of course fucked, all wrinkled, like from the ass. And so for this money is better than the old


  3. R***s

    Ordered 21.07.2019 received 02.08.2019. Very fast delivery and our post office turned out to be strange, just fairy. Ddo belgorod from china only 12 days, i was just lucky. Everything is super and brews coffee perfectly. The box, though wrinkled, but everything is whole. I put five points for the product.


  4. M***A

    Good thing, fast delivery! Took 450 ml, enough for two cups of coffee! Thank you very much to the store!


  5. S***s

    Geyser came a whole package hurt but the whole


  6. A***v

    Quality leaves much to be desired, took a lot of reviews, the lid hangs and it looks not a quality thing, although the function performs.


  7. N***o

    The product came quickly, the box is like all crumpled, but it’s not the strangest, the lid on the coffee pot is not screwed exactly


  8. E***n

    It came very quickly, the product corresponds to the description. ordered for 450 ml. i recommend the store.


  9. Y***v

    The price is adequate for quality. It looks flimsy, but it fully performs its functions. Claims more to transportation. On it, apparently someone was sitting around. The box was flattened and the lid was bent. But the pliers and screwdriver plus 5 minutes of time fixed the situation.


  10. K***v

    Box in the meat, but the goods are whole. Small, near the old for 6 cups, this one is also for 6, what are they for cups?


  11. E***o

    Very fast delivery-to volgograd 13 days. Full compliance with the description.


  12. Customer

    450 ml very large coffee maker) in the morning you can cook and smaller. Cook well)


  13. Z***z

    Neat coffee maker. to brew coffee in it is nice!!! Thank you!!!


  14. S***v

    Before st. petersburg for 9 days. Packaging in trash, from the post of russia the goods survived by miracle. material stainless steel. I recommend!


  15. N***a

    Thank you for the excellent coffee maker and fast delivery))!!


  16. D***v

    Small, ordered for 200ml real sizes in the photo. The quality is good, the box is in trash, although also asked the store to pack in addition, and he in turn unsubscribed that everything will be fine.


  17. S***n

    The product fully corresponds to the description! Got here fast! The store is responsive, i recommend! Thank you! /This product is fully consistent with the description! Went fast! Responsive seller, i recommend! Thank!


  18. A***n

    Coffee is super. Aroma for the whole apartment


  19. M***v

    The product is good, 300 ml is even a lot for one person, it’s two. when cooking, the connection is soiled. even the gaskets would be more silicone. it would be good


  20. U***r

    I’m a robot coffee maker.


  21. F***t

    Works great, received Relatively quickly, happy with my purchase


  22. A***u

    Coffee maker quality, corresponds to the description on the site. The parcel was tracked. Thank you.


  23. O***v

    The goods are received. Track tracked. Shipping fast 15 days. Description and quality match. Packing no, box with coffee maker put simply in the package. The box itself is almost in trash, it’s good that the coffee maker is whole. Otherwise everything is fine!


  24. A***n

    Box in the drizzle, the coffee maker seems not hurt, delivery a little more than two weeks


  25. A***v

    Delivered to Moscow for 3 weeks. In general, I wanted to buy a classic aluminum, but because of the reviews about broken handles when delivering I bought this one. Mine in the dishwasher, no problem. Made qualitatively. For 2 large mugs of volume enough. The taste of coffee depends on the grain, so I do not see the difference with Italian analogs. At times, the sealing gum wears out, so I hope to buy it on AliExpress. In Italy they are sold at every corner.


  26. A***v

    Very fast shipping. Like many write in reviews, the box is crumpled, but the product is whole. Very satisfied


  27. I***v

    The gas boils for about 7 minutes. Coffee is good. As an inquisitive man, I poured the water again, with the same coffee-poured a little colored water, I.E. Coffee for these 15-20 seconds was used completely. The box, of course, was fucked in trash when delivered, but the coffee maker is as new 🙂 So I have no claim to the store.


  28. V***l

    I liked it very much and how much we will see)


  29. T***g

    Today I received a coffee maker, thank you! I’m surprised that I got intact, because the packaging in the trash, the lid is slightly curled sideways, but managed to correct. When I make coffee, I will definitely add a tip. Four stars put for service, and nothing unprotected in the shipment of goods.


  30. G***b

    Came quickly. The box was crumpled in trash. But the coffee maker did not affect.


  31. N***y

    To Krasnodar 23 days. It was only in Moscow. Collected quite neatly, did not lose anything, all whole. Although the box is like all crumpled. The coffee maker for 4 cups includes 15 grams of ground coffee of large grinding, at the outlet of 150 ml. Coffee. I haven’t seen it in time. How they drink 40 ml of coffee. I do not understand, diluted for 2 full mugs I recommend


  32. U***l

    I order a second time, for a gift. To Rostov-on-Don it was 17 days, a box in trash, a coffee maker whole, slightly bent top cover-straightened with hands. 4 stars, for zero packaging. Sent the parcel quickly. The largest coffee maker for 2 medium coffee mugs.


  33. M***m

    Delivery next week three, all OK all fit. Thank You


  34. H***a

    The coffee maker is normal. Packing could be better


  35. S***a

    Quality. I order a second time. Description corresponds. Shipping is normal. Order, the price is good. But there are special people sitting there, crumpled boxes with their teeth torn. But to me-not for a gift, the boxes they always have


  36. C***t

    fast shipment.received fast.photo of the bottom.too tight the lid.


  37. A***r

    The goods came in the months. Box Killed in trash. From the box and the coffee maker a little unpleasant smell! The kettle itself is made crooked and with jambs, but for $10 will come down. Coffee does great. Everything’s ready in ten minutes. In general, the product is satisfied!


  38. M***v

    The goods came with a marriage, opened a dispute! Coffee Pot leaking


  39. D***v

    Normal, you can take. The box (apparently as with all) is Mint strongly. There are no complaints about the coffee maker.


  40. Customer

    With a lid some jamb, badly screwed top to bottom


  41. S***V

    Some of the details of the kettle are very well magnetized (cover and filters (GRIDS) that are in nutrey) …. The body itself is not. I did not try how to taste coffee will work. All good people health and happiness!!!


  42. M***s

    I arrive a month and a half (a month I arrive in Mexico but I was in customs then I should be there is a RATO), but it was worth it, it was missing to prove it, everything in perfect condition, the material feels more like aluminum, pretty thin metal but for the price I think it’s still good, The packaging came ill-treated but this is the product safe and sound.


  43. T***G

    The paper box was broken but the condition of coffee pot was so so. I think that the funtion is no problem to use. Thanks


  44. C***s

    Arrived well mixed Packing and product apparently with cover a little crooked but the fault is certainly postal…


  45. P***

    Super coffee maker It says 2 cups but ideal for me that I like coffee. Thank you


  46. C***c

    havent tried it yet, looks good, the handle feels weak


  47. C***s

    The product is fine. The outside is bright but not bright inside. There are welding punto marks on the inside, and I wash it because it doesn’t write washable on the dishwasher. He says nice coffee. The handle is not very good quality. He gives his money. On November 11, I bought 44 tlye, which is 200 Mlles. He got 15 TL PTT. Thanks friends at customs do their job and pack They got 8 bucks for opening it. Not halal. It works, but Turkish can also be found at the same price. Tasev brand products are also at these prices. I bought it because it’s made of steel. But I don’t trust these Chinese either.


  48. A***r

    The 4 cups you talk about are small cups to keep in mind


  49. A***V

    In Italy bought for 20 euros 200 ml. At Ali 300 ml for 9.5 euros. On the packaging Italian flag, apparently for export to Italy go on Hurray. The coffee maker is happy.


  50. D***n

    Box in trash, but the coffee pot is whole. Krivovat the lid, but it’s all like this. Here all foam on the post of Russia, and I am sure that in such a condition of the parcel leads to the post of China. My in particular for almost two weeks marinated somewhere with the status of “oddiyat sending from China”, who and how it kicked-remains to guess. And the post of Russia very quickly drove to my office. They are sometimes better than other private TC.


  51. F***r

    I recommend this product! Efficient, fast and cheap


  52. B***t

    Very wrinkled box, package simple without navel


  53. S***y

    Makes good coffee, and well-made. Exactly as described! Thanks!


  54. E***v

    Excellent coffee maker, brews delicious coffee. Packing as usual No.


  55. M***o

    For the price makes good coffee!!!!!!


  56. A***v

    As expected by other reviews, the box looks terrifying, as if it is still in the warehouse of the store well kicked. Of the minuses: The lid is not tightly closed, it was also written in the reviews. Exploitation does not interfere, but unpleasant. And so everything is good: Coffee is good, quickly done, easy to wash and disassemble/collect. When buying a coffee maker for 450 ml of the resulting coffee is enough for about 2/3 two standard mugs of 250 ml. The volume is honest.


  57. A***I

    Box in trash, and so everything is fine


  58. V***I

    It’s okay. Delivery less than a month. Tracked. Quality is good. Packing No. It got all right.


  59. A***f

    Box in trash, but the coffee maker is intact)!!!


  60. D***v

    The order is very satisfied, the box from the coffee maker was mint me it did not upset at all. Seller recommend! Ordered 18.11 received 12.11)


  61. T***a

    Coffee maker 300 ml. Good quality. All the details are normal, the lid fits well to the neck.


  62. I***a

    Thank you, the product corresponds!! Took 450 ml. Enough for two good cups (with milk)


  63. Customer

    There are no packages. A box in the trash can. Coffee pot to the whole. Delivery is fast.


  64. N***i

    The order came within a month. The box is a little wrinkled, but the contents are all whole. Notification of receipt came to the phone. Thanks to the store.


  65. E***A

    Came quickly, store, satisfied


  66. Z***z

    I received my order, good quality fast delivery. Thank you very much


  67. L***l

    The coffee maker came in excellent condition, from only a box of mint, but it’s not a matter of principle, as it was taken for itself. I ordered 11.11.19, it was delivered to the Post Office on 18.12.19.


  68. A***k

    The photos I added were taken as soon as I received the product. The product is very poorly packaged. The package does not contain materials that protect the product. So the product has dents and curvature on the lid. The product itself is beautiful. But I wouldn’t recommend this store.


  69. A***o

    Cool geyser coffee maker, delivery month. Good store.


  70. A***a

    The coffee maker is cool, it was only necessary to take more delivery fast


  71. S***v

    Healthy such seems to be 450 ml. 2-3 people are enough.


  72. K***y

    Fast delivery, bought as a gift. Haven’t tried it yet.


  73. S***v

    Excellent coffee maker has long been looking for such a price


  74. E***R

    Product perfectly matches the description


  75. R***r

    Express coffee maker Moka for 450 ml with a wide bottom ordered 24-Nov-2019, received in Moscow in the post. OTD. 26-dek-2019 thanks to the store (sent me a message by e-mail). Post. OTD. Nothing reported. The box turned into a complete “trash”, for which many thanks to the Post Russia. The coffee maker is intact, without damage. Coffee maker. Photo on the seller’s page. Shape-truncated cone with a wide bottom. Material-stainless steel, polished outside. Handles-black plastic is pleasant and not slippery to the touch. There are no extraneous smells. Volume minimum 450 ml, weight about 508G. The bottom is even in the center slightly concave. The thickness of the metal is medium (not petal). The coffee maker is quite stiff. There are two small remarks to the design: the bottom should be thicker uniquely and does not fit perfectly on the contour of the top cover. The coffee maker passed the first test well. Price/quality match. Next will be visible. I am very pleased with the purchase. Seller recommend, very responsible.


  76. A***h

    The box as always, but the coffee maker survived! The product is of excellent quality. On my lid does not match the neck in geometry ..


  77. A***a

    Thank you. Whole.


  78. A***a

    I shoot the star for packing. The second time I order, packing horror.


  79. L***y

    The coffee maker reached Volgograd in 43 days. I ‘d say not fast. The packaging is all in trash, but the goods are not damaged, apparently because of the metal. For a long, almost a month, lay on the border of China. In Russia came quickly. Tracked all the way. Coffee hasn’t been cooked yet. Later I will add a review. I recommend the store and the product.


  80. I***y

    I’m very satisfied


  81. E***m

    When delivered, the cover was damaged.


  82. A***v

    The order was a month, came in a crumpled box but everything is fine.


  83. D***v

    The coffee maker arrived fast enough. The box was chewed. a little crumpled lid, but does not affect the work. It’s worth it, coffee turns out what you need. We like


  84. W***a

    First impression is very good, the device looks fine, however I still didn’t test it.


  85. W***o

    Zamovila 09.12. Otrimala 06.01., want the terms of delivery of Buli in Kazan until 01.01.20. The box of Bula Duge Pom-Ata, ale herself the coworker in the electronic station. Suede for 450 ml. They ran the viprovovannya. All right! Kavu has no problem. The hour of the dandelion 6-7 hvilin (gas) when the water is flooded with cold water, the night deformation of the water did not respond. Stitch tovsti. I recommend before buying.


  86. M***k

    Got a nice one. I’ll try to write.


  87. R***r

    The parcel came for a month, the box is crumpled, but the kettle is a whole, a simple not expensive coffee maker, passed well, without jambs.


  88. S***h

    The box is crumpled but the coffee maker is intact, it brews coffee well!!!


  89. O***a

    Good coffee maker! Everything works fine! True the box was wrinkled, but the coffee maker did not affect) thanks to the store for the quality goods!!


  90. V***s

    Traveled very long to Sweden, but the goal was achieved 🙂


  91. Customer

    The upper part is welded roughly, the seam is not up to the edge. The valve is stamped roughly. The lid is mounted crooked. In the case has not yet checked, if it shows itself badly-I will add a tip.


  92. I***v

    Шла long. Very mint box ( Everything else corresponds to the description


  93. D***v

    It took 35 days to Norilsk, taking into account the new year holidays. Quality coffee makers good. Came a whole recommend the producer 5 +


  94. Customer

    Nothing left of the package. I do not know how the kettle remained intact. If not one person has already written about the package, it was possible to take some measures.


  95. Customer

    All right, coffee cooks


  96. A***v

    Thank you for the speed, I recommend everything as in the description


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