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Skin Serum Anti-Acne Snail Concentrate

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  • Organic formula best for all types of skin
  • Use for treatment of acne and acne scars
  • Effectively moisturizes your skin; Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle
  • Main ingredients: Glycerin, snail secretion filtrate, and beta glucan
  • NET WT: 12 ml

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Skin Serum Anti-Acne Snail Concentrate

In this modern world where everyone feels so conscious about their physical appearance, especially on how we can get rid of acne, it’s a hassle to find that perfect anti-acne skin serum product that is best for us. Seriously, we try to look for ways on how to get rid of our acne and how to improve our looks. Moreover, we want to go out with our friends or family looking pretty and beautiful. When you use the magic snail, you will surely feel that electrifying confidence. It contains a nourishing repair concentrate that will make your skin younger and smoother. Go on and show off your glowing skin with our snail rejuvenating serum.

Experience Multi-effect Repair and Look Younger Than Before

You’ll experience multi-effect deep repair that will absolutely make you look younger. It has a lot of magic that not only it is anti-acne, but it is also used for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle. It can help improve your dry skin to be smooth and moisturized. Plus, it comes with a new formula that is organically made for all types of skin. It has deep repair with lasting moisture that locks into your skin to give you that soft skin which makes you feel younger. With continuous use, the dry lines of your skin will disappear. Certainly, it is proven effective to remove acne and acne scars. It is non-greasy.

Sharing Is Caring

After a week of using this rejuvenating serum, as a result, you will feel the full effect of its magic. It has high purity snail concentrated added to effectively repair all kinds of skin problems. Come and discover the magic of the snail that can make you look younger! Definitely, we want to let our friends know how life-changing this product has helped you. In return, you should help your friends come out and discover the confidence it brought you.  So you can now all go out feeling fabulous, pretty, beautiful and confident!

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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm

Based on 167 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. R***a

    Todo get well, good furniture vendedorGracias sted worth a seven vay, vay


  2. T***c

    Shipping 2 weeks. Product was tightly packed, so the packaging is not damaged. Thank you for small gift.


  3. N***a

    Fast delivery, packing decent (glass bottle, iron cover as the лекарствах, selikonovye spout), consistency-goo, smell is not. Seller recommend!


  4. K***a

    Of delivery of up to 20 days in PE. Box was intact, so that you can and gift to leave, but ordered a sample) gift store put and probe, which is very nice). Serum thickish and odorless. Will try for yourself, and feedback then added.


  5. A***a

    Ordered a miracle remedy based on feedback. Not yet tried, but believe that great To Novosibirsk order was a month. All together. Not wrinkled. Seller recommend


  6. A***a

    Clear mucus ((hopefully Mom finds use


  7. I***S

    Parcel arrived for 2.5 weeks, did not have to, not used


  8. E***a

    Read A Lot Of reviews and myself) is not tried. Going for a long time, more than a month. Do not spill, packaging not wrinkled, in general it right;)


  9. R***s

    Thank you, reached quickly. Box of a little, but the goods intact. Today will try


  10. P***n

    It’s not wrinkled, put the probe, only long service for over a month. The result unsubscribe later.


  11. T***a

    The store sent immediately very quickly put in gift probe cream me very much easy and absorbed well and smell no greasy residue leaves and most importantly, moisturizing, and serum is not know not bad but or result will not know, but no allergies and it pleases


  12. O***a

    The product is happy, is consistent with the present probnichek) I’m glad)


  13. Customer

    Characteristics Of: -Volume 12 mL -Color transparent -Without any special smell -Main ingredients: Glycerin, filtrate snail secretion, beta-Glucan -For all skin types About beneficial properties Snail slime, probably already knows each. This чудотворное substance slow process of aging skin and evens, заживляя scars and marks post-acne. Also, manufacturers have added here glycerol, which meets the needs of the human body and helps the skin to keep more water. Well, and the dessert, beta-glucan-with unique biological activity, regulates cell growth and rejuvenates the skin. Set of properties and really great, now talk about concentrate in action. The touch is really goo. Very viscous tyanuchee substance, with a lot of moisture. Apply on the face nice, goo quickly spread over the skin and absorbed in seconds. A full review read Ayta sophie_med


  14. Y***a

    Have not tried, but Ordered the recommendation of a friend. Later will add as applicable. Track the parcel. Shipping in Kaliningrad 32 days


  15. V***n

    Parcel arrived for 34 days. Track is monitored. Packed in an envelope with pupyrkami. The contents of the unit. Happy shopping and gift)))


  16. T***a

    Wrinkled, but the contents of the whole. Probe for free. Recommend.


  17. T***l

    Order received with some delay. Packed well. Delivered safely. Is not used. The result will see later. Thank You Very Much.


  18. N***a

    Is fully consistent with the description. Seller fast send the order. Packed well. Drive safely. Thank You for the gift)) Is Recommended.


  19. T***o

    Delivery fast, well packed, all together. Track to track. The quality of say, there is a light scent of chemicals, means not cause allergies. Later, hopefully, will see the result. Today applied for the first time.


  20. E***a

    Thank You Very Much! All in excellent form! Hopefully, suitable for my skin. Shop and the store!


  21. T***a

    Order went under a month, track. Packed in pupyrchatoy package, box mica, do not wrinkle. Smell nice. Recommend buying. Thank You Very Much.


  22. Customer

    Shipping A Little More месяца-35 days, got the serum packaged-never hesitated, all together. Looks very presentable. Nice in your hand, medicine dropper rubber, bottle glass. Released it in Jan 2018, shelf life right up to 2021. Consistency-transparent liquid, slightly sticky sticky serum, tried to hand dry instantly, as vodicka, easy weightless. Smell serum does not have. On the face is not tried, because usually, all tested first on hand, so the result can not say anything yet.


  23. L***l

    Serum GOT a month from the date of order to Novgorod region. Packaging not hesitated. THE gift bag to put the store emulsion facial and neck of the same series. Thank You Very Much! While it is not tested. Once start use, will add a review.


  24. Y***a

    The Order was more than a month, for a long time traveled to Russia. Packed in a box, not surprisingly hesitated. try 1 time and basically like. track by Russia is monitored. recommend.


  25. A***a

    Long gone, a dispute (ask store apologize), wrinkled, took for yourself, so that’s okay, not used. Plus a probe.


  26. Customer

    Very accurate packing with bubble bag, no damage, when you open it, its look expensive. the store sent a sample. shelf life 3 years, instructions in english . havent try yet


  27. J***s

    I bought it 14 Aug and I arrived the 07 Sept. As far as the arrival you foremost well. Leave a picture of the ingredients.


  28. O***a

    Going For a little over a month. It Was packed pupyrchatuyu, wrinkle, when I got out of the box)) in the mail, so in his hands, so to speak. IN general, all match the picture. Do not try to action, after a while will add a review. Put Too probnichek of a product.


  29. O***r

    12 mL. Not yet opened. Shelf Life of up to 01.2021G. Shipping 1 month 4 days before Kemerovo. Box hesitated, a bottle a. 5 + + +


  30. K***O

    Thank You Very Much! Packed well, comfortable cap dropper. All like


  31. V***k

    The Parcel was a month, even in a gift emulsion bag


  32. O***a

    Excellent facial serum. Easy application. Bubble crimped cap, need to open and put on the dropper with cap. Excellent moisturizing. Recommend to buy!


  33. E***a

    Very good serum, Fast shipping, convenient to use it, if applied to second and night, then you can see the result immediately. Seller well packed, sent it quickly. I am very happy.


  34. C***u

    Order arrival within time, see even a little before, very well packed, in a rigid cardboard, see the picture, free groomed. transactiin flawless tous levels


  35. S***v

    Delivery fast. Thank You, in fact, not verified yet.


  36. L***a

    Very nice package! Package wrapped very quickly, which is great! The Seller sent gift-probnichek of a product. means even not used, so nothing to say. Seller recommend


  37. A***A

    Delivery of goods to Penza-two weeks. Very quickly. Parcel not monitored. But it is in perfect condition. Gift store put cream sampler. Thank You Very Much! Later will add a review impressions of the serum.


  38. Customer

    Come quickly. Did not expect. Volume of only 12 mL, no smell, viscous, transparent. Have not tested. Put a gift probe the emulsion. If You translate the name, is deep moisturizing.


  39. Customer

    Came in 20 days. Packed very well. I enjoyed it. Try, then will add a review. Recommend!!!


  40. D***s

    thank you so much for the package! it took 3 weeks to Hungary. Package doesn’t have any damage.


  41. V***v

    All the rules. Came and monitored in transit. Have not tried. The result will add a review.


  42. A***k

    The Parcel was 1.5 months. Packed very well, do not wrinkle. Seller put the probe. Emulsion izg date. 15.08.2018. Transparent liquid, sticky, quickly absorbed.


  43. L***h

    It’s fast, whole))) method of use: need to apply the cream in the morning or evening, after use is required to confirm a review)))


  44. V***y

    Fast shipping, beautiful packaging. Take the gift, what will be the effect of write further.


  45. J***a

    Movement of goods in Russia is not monitored. The parcel was thrown into the box. A second time. No discomfort gel from there. Allergic reaction also was not (and my skin is sensitive). Small volume, only 12 mL, ends up quickly. Convenient to use in the summer, when it is very hot and any other cream is the appearance of light on the face after 15 minutes. Here feel moisturizing is, but it is absorbed quickly. Still more often used it as concentrate, and then apply a light gel. Can’t say, tightens it skin, used in combination with other agents. AND in general, результатном happy. Thank You, store put free probe in parcel. Goods seller recommend.


  46. T***k

    Came for 18 days. Is not used. The whole package. Until 5 only for the parcel доехалв whole)


  47. E***r

    You are my number, your products are really reliable, my second order and I will thank you very much for your future, reliable and fast transferThank you very much for your gift, I would recommend to everyone


  48. V***a

    Packed well, do not wrinkle, not shed. Transparent liquid, viscous. No smell. 2x drops enough on his face. Did not communicate with. The present any probe.


  49. M***a

    All perfect! Parcel arrived 12 days in advance and small tribute included!


  50. R***a

    Everything Is good. Use morning and night, top to wear cream because my skin is very dry. Color face became better like or it’s self-hypnosis))


  51. Customer

    Shipping 2 weeks. It’s a whole, pipette tightly stretched, the liquid as it runs a little, which surprised. Absorbs quickly, no odor


  52. Customer

    Order received very quickly, thank you very much, the packaging is intact, all is well.


  53. K***a

    Serum for skin care with snail me very much. Effect is seen in a week use. Smell pleasant, thick texture, but not sticky. Buying definitely recommend. Ampoule very well packed, nozzle, одеваемая after всткрытия AMPOULES


  54. E***a

    Track is monitored. The average duration of delivery. All it is normal. Look at the quality as you use it.


  55. T***A

    It ‘S quite quickly, good packaging, do not wrinkle. Seller put probe moisturizing agent, nice. The serum like clear mucus, well absorbed, skin looks much fresher. Recommend.


  56. A***r

    Elegantly packaged minus with not dodaja instructions in jezyku Polish


  57. V***O

    Dyakuyu!!! Duzhe Shvydko, OD point of order of Kyiv to 18 dnіv!!! The very best thing, перевіримо in dії, Ale відчуття OD Perche нанесення duzhe priєmnі!!! Seller Shte nd podarunochok poklal, not розібралась Pokey, Tse, Ale duzhe priєmno!!) definitely recommend tsogo, will have Demba zamovlyati! Dyakuyu!!!


  58. M***r

    Packaged nicely, can’t wait to use. Wish it came with instructions in English as well, but very happy with purchase.


  59. A***a

    The second time, used as a night cream. I have pretty bad skin, but then means, it seemed to me, a skin condition improved: rash less, skin more elastic and less oily. Of Course, everything is subjective. But, at least, no allergies and immediately after use pleasant sensation. Therefore advise.


  60. Customer

    It is a small jar But good quantity and the product has good consistency still have not used. Almost closed time of order when arrived and the store did not offer to extend the term of protection, recommend always pay registered shipping for you get insurance in less time. Had a sachet gift.


  61. S***s

    Delivered without damage. Time gets about three weeks before Запорожья, Ukraine!


  62. D***a

    Order placed 27.09 I received 05.11 compatible with photo and description. Thank you stores.


  63. H***k

    Received the parcel within 16 days new e-mail in Днепропетровске, all together, will add a review after use. Order 3 PCs, the store put a cream


  64. E***A

    All together. Beautifully packaged. Probavala. Thank you.


  65. E***v

    Chelyabinsk just over a month by China Post Registered Air Mail. Full tracking to address. Packed in pupyrku. The whole drive and not crumpled. Thank You for probnichek. We will try, in addition to accomplish your goal.


  66. A***a

    Not trackable, but came pretty quickly. packed well, pupyrchatoy package. put the probe has a cream, for a special thank you. is not used.


  67. O***a

    Delivery month RB. is difficult to talk about the effect. All packaged well.


  68. E***a

    Before the Moscow delivered for 36 days Order is not the first time, track, trust the store on all 100% Enjoy the quality goods, very refreshing facial skin, whiten, pores close, combined with peeling does бомбический result… Interesting, peeling do at home, of calcium chloride in conjunction with baby soap without any additives, this recipe can find on the Internet And so, after peeling, put this snail вбивая with fingertips to face… The morning face perfect… Goods and seller definitely recommend


  69. D***a

    Shipping to MO month, parcel not monitored. All intact, and decent looks, free probe put cream.


  70. F***h

    The Effect is not yet clear, just received, well packed, delivery, to look at what you ordered


  71. V***v

    Came less than a month to Siberia, box a battered but our mail is the rules… take the gift so as to not say anything, but looks nice, thank you


  72. K***a

    It ‘S very fast, ordered 11.11 it is 22.11. All is well sealed, courier parcel delivered. We will try, thanks for the speed!


  73. M***o

    The whole box, nepomyata, closed film. In all too well. Bottle closed cap as the honey. иньекциях. Transparent liquid, thick. Hope will work as stated.


  74. L***o

    Order ukrainu 11.11.18, arrived 23.11.18. fast delivery, thank you for efficiency and gift.


  75. N***n

    Sverdlovsk region to 1,5 months passed. Capacity 12 mL. Plus store put a present, as I think most likely face cream. Good завольцована сываротка, convenient to use. The results of later)))


  76. Customer

    I had a few problems receiving my order but after recontacting the store, I have received a new order. thanks for your cooperation. I was skeptical about all this but they’ve proved to be honest business people, thanks again.


  77. V***o

    Delivery 10 days! Well-packed. Is not used. Thank you for the gift!


  78. G***v

    It’s simple to perfectly!!. AND goods and shipping! Store and store recommend all., very sociable and helpful!!!


  79. U***k

    All super. Thank You for the gift. Shelf Life до2021 years


  80. I***o

    Goods received, shelf life is normal. Shipping carrier, packed properly. Order 3 position of the goods in different times, sent all in 1 package and probe put only one, although was specified by the goods as a gift (had to be 3 pcs., familiar sorry T. to. Ordered goods with probe for free, and probe got not all).


  81. O***a

    Order payment 18.10.18, arrived Samara 30.11.18 no instructions, All in Chinese. Free probe cream. Thanks to the store.


  82. I***a

    Delivery fast. To order 11.11-29.11 has picked up the new mail. Very well packed. The package has a license. IN general, product very presentable. Seller put a present, probe cream. Order not myself, and my mother. So in fact have not tried, but the kind of very thick texture.


  83. I***z

    Fast Shipping .. It is soft and has no odor. Not lobe tested


  84. E***a

    It all together. Well packed. More gift store put the probe deep moisturizing emulsion, for which he thanks!


  85. Customer

    Thank You very much for quality products and very fast delivery, arrived in Kiev for 12 days after your new mail.


  86. Customer

    Thank You very much, I am very happy! Recommend! Instant delivery!


  87. R***F

    Delivery 28 days. Effect determine for 2 days hard, hopefully for the better (leather as the photo). Beautiful box, serum small butylek. Seller put small gift. Recommend to buy


  88. Y***y

    The Parcel was short-lived, less than a month. Packaging is good. IN addition, the store put cream Sampler) test will write about the effect.


  89. A***a

    All Hi! Goods delivered on time. Very satisfied with the goods and recommend store! Put a small gift, but too nice! Thank You.


  90. K***h

    Thank you very much. I got a present too, I’m happy.


  91. Y***a

    Reached 1,5 months in Chelyabinsk region. All OK. In fact, don’t try


  92. N***a

    Beautiful packaging, the gift is not ashamed. But very little money. Stated that use, causing the 1-2 drops of fingers. But I and third added as missing the entire face. It is absorbed quickly (pre-clean the skin). Virtually no odor, texture goo. Try 1 time yet. I would suggest do volume of at least 2 times more, or 3. let it be, of course, more expensive, but so will be longer. AND then is enough of a volume long at all. Thank you! By The Way, the store has put the probe moisturizing emulsion. Thank You, change, but very nice.


  93. L***a

    Fast shipping, 3 weeks in Kiev. Courier brought home. Beautiful packaging, all very carefully. A small bottle, liquid transparent the thickish. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years. Seller put a present, the probe of the cream, nice. For fast delivery and can recommend. Start when use, will add a review.


  94. V***a

    Took 2 serum, CC cream and 10 emulsions. Seller put on 2 emulsion more plus a gift 9 pieces emulsion rose. Thank You Very Much. Product quality is excellent!


  95. T***k

    Package wrapped came out for some reason Kazakhstan, is unclear. there was a month and 10 days, the store had warned that delivery times are. put a present, probe, yet do not understand anything, thanks anyway, nice.


  96. O***o

    Fast express shipping. Respect and the best advice store!!! Thank you for the gift-moisturizing cream! Will advertise my friends. THANK YOU!!!!!


  97. H***d

    Satisfied with the order, All together, the packaging is intact. Seller put gift. Serum good, always use a. It really works, the results are pretty. Thanks for the fast delivery and high quality product. Recommend.


  98. S***s

    Thank You store) it is still intact. Special thank you gift, still do not open, but guess what that kremchiki)) after use will add a review))


  99. N***k

    Items come in good condition, all together. Shipping davolno. As a means to use do not know. But the skin смегчает. AND the effect of the look later.


  100. A***o

    Goods received. Track tracked, Packed carefully. Thank You Very Much. Seller sociable. Seller of decency and responsiveness recommend!!!


  101. A***j

    Nice product.. just start using..an other review to be added


  102. E***a

    Whey came for 1,5 months without tracking. Beautifully packaged, nothing has elapsed. Put a gift probe. Shelf Life of up to 2021. Description Of the Chinese.


  103. I***l

    All match the description, it Peter for 2 months. Good packaging, presentation saved.


  104. E***a

    The Parcel was very long, and monitored, but arrived safely. Bought for sale for 128 rubles. Small jar, pharmaceutical vial 12 mL, serum stretches mucus and dries quickly on the skin. Put the probe emulsion, very nice. Applied after serum, moisturizes, feeling good. About the actions of serum can not say anything yet, at one time did not understand. The smell of it specific. THE jar is not smell, and the skin a little bad.


  105. E***a

    Order 23.11 in Lower Novgorod’s 8.01. The whole box, can be a gift. Product once tried yet. Applied After peeling, softens the skin and levels. Absorb I well. Nice product! A bag of moisturizer. Shelf Life of up to 2021. Thank You Very Much! Recommend!


  106. N***a

    Krasnoyarsk went almost 2 months. With 11.11.18. Keeps track. Packaging not hesitated. Reserved for the first time, the effect is not know. Thanks to the store.


  107. I***s

    Thank you so much. The order one month in MO. Well packed. Of cream smell nice. The Only drawback, instructions for use in Russian is missing, and the English is not very clearly written. Special thanks for gift from store.


  108. N***a

    All received, really going for a long time. Order 11.1118, and received only 10.01.19


  109. A***o

    The order was to Togliatti 2 months. Get the mail. All the integrity and safety. Thank You Very Much.


  110. A***o

    This is a wonderful serum. Results are visible immediately after use. The wrinkles get rid of, the face increases and becomes tighter. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, it doesn’t stick. Immediately absorbed and silky on the skin. I love it. When used twice a day, 10 ml is enough for 3-4 weeks. I’ve already ordered the next one. I love it. Thanks.


  111. G***k

    It’s faster! Upakovonno good! Until you try!


  112. G***n

    Order for a long time. Serum packed safely. Seller put as a gift in the probe. Thank You Very Much. Seller recommend!!!


  113. V***o

    Delivered in time. The Packaging was a little wrinkled. Currently is not experienced. Seller put probnichek free: detail and nice.


  114. O***a

    Items come in a month and it is good, expect that will go longer. Did not communicate with, not able to, but he put in gift small gift, probe. Effect serum is not checked. The results announced later.


  115. I***a

    All in one piece, packed well. Have not tried, later will add a.


  116. G***t

    All fine. Small gift inside. Thank you


  117. A***o

    Excellent products. Works great. Hooked a family


  118. I***a

    Packaging is beautiful. After the use of the leather is very soft to the touch.


  119. N***a

    MSK long, apparently because of NG holidays. Seller put the probe cream 🙂 packed beautiful! Whey is very convenient to use, 2 drops on his face. Nice moisturizes, put after tonic cream.


  120. M***a

    Came a, well packed, not used


  121. Y***a

    Recommend a great store! Works fairly well, prompt delivery-2 weeks! The service is on top. Time cosmetics good: 2021 year. Thank You for the gift! Very satisfied with the purchase, will test products and will add a review later! For the work to the highest score-5 ***** stars!!!


  122. V***a

    All good, it’s. Of Small-12 mL. After use доплню. Seller put the probe, for which he thanks! store definitely recommend!


  123. V***v

    Track track, but very fast delivery. Packed as it should be. My wife likes. Not the first order.


  124. M***a

    Going For a month and 10 days, not service. Not really tried. Put a gift probe a Emulsion


  125. Y***o

    Parcel arrived, in good condition, in RF MO for 1,5 months.


  126. M***a

    All came in one piece!! Serum super. Use for a long time.


  127. A***a

    The Parcel was 2 months, packing a little crumpled, store put the probe emulsion, thanks. Serum has tried to act.


  128. B***v

    11.11 ordered, and 16.01 received. Seller adequate protection-I wrote it, store in response to extend protection to 35 days. Now about the product. Everything is fine except for the two-month delivery ….. Shelf Life of up to 10.2021 years, Volume 12 mL …… dealer put 2 probe emulsion. Bought for 1.86 $


  129. K***a

    Order as a gift, all matches the description, store put cream sampler. Shipping in Polshu took almost two months, arrived in Poland for two weeks, but has lain unknown where more than a month. put all five stars as the seller sent quickly, and it is not the seller’s fault that so long time delivered. thank You Very Much.


  130. S***m

    Very long service, I do not expect to have. The delivery time is out, has filed a dispute, the store said that goods are sent and we still wait. Our mail no notification does not send, was impossible to track items. As a result of accidentally found package wrapped, my colleague asked the General friend (IT Officer post) look for parcels for her, and in the process of found my parcel. So thank you, for the fact that once said. As long as the goods not tried, later add a review. Box help delivery, but it is not important.


  131. N***e

    Looks good, until you try. Seller put in gift probnichek.


  132. U***k

    I just got the package today. The bottle is incredibly small. I wasn’t expecting that. Haven’t used it yet but I guess it can’t be that bad


  133. M***a

    The Seller sent the order plus gift. I am very happy)) Thank You very much!!! Try probe me very much. Thank you!


  134. O***a

    To SF it came in 14.11-28.12.2019. Won the coin) Perfectly packaged, very beautiful and high quality. AND still attached probe some emulsion snail as a bonus. Sticky texture. Absorbed well. Moisturizing. Good instead of creams, much more I like for problem skin.


  135. N***a

    Delivery month. Product was well packed, even put a present))) Serum transparent color, like no smell, A little sticky… Today, applied to clean skin, in the night. Pleasant Sensation. Time will tell))) Thank you!!!


  136. K***o

    With the postal delays posting was more than two months. It’s still a whole sealed in Plastic + Probe


  137. S***a

    A second time and just 3 pcs. Very like it means. The skin becomes soft, uniform color, little pimples away.


  138. K***o

    Long Service. Despite all the twists and turns the order still I received. Anything is derived not tested. After The approbation review. Thank you for the gift. Goods store recommend!


  139. I***a

    Fit the description. Put a gift probe) started to use, so is that the effect of hard to tell. Then write more


  140. D***Y

    A great satisfaction purchase through the shop MeiYanQiong Official!! A beautiful bulk order quality 100% authentic product!! Fast delivery in 20 days to France, tracking parcel perfect and lotion anti aging very powerful, sensation perfect skin!! Perfect Purchase!! David France


  141. L***h

    Upakovochka excellent looks well, in the present probe. Thank You!!!! We will try!!!!


  142. E***n

    Thank you very much, order delivered in a month, time-limited to 14.08.2021 year, made in 2018. All of it. Small gift sent the store, thank you! Everyone is happy, recommend seller for his care, integrity and care. Thank you!


  143. N***a

    Parcel arrived for 10 days before pitera. Packaging is good. Recommend!


  144. T***a

    Delivery month Permian, perhaps because of the holidays. Use the machine for face.


  145. N***a

    The whole package, came in two months. In fact, has not tried. Take a discount-70%


  146. Y***k

    Passed over months. Thank You, all in the description. AND gift-probe, very nice.


  147. S***s

    Shipping address Courier New Mail 22 days in Dnieper (Ukraine). Thank You for the gift. Until 21 years. Everything is fine.


  148. Q***w

    Data serum very like, use the first year. Ordered several products, it’s all in box, do not wrinkle. THE present 2 emulsion facial. Thanks to the store.


  149. J***a

    Goods is enough. Ordered some of this brand. Product description. Each product excellent shelf life. All in the original box, with the description of the goods the Eng. Language. The quality will write later. Thank you for the gift.


  150. A***A

    Ordered 30.12.18 received 28.01.19 order for myself and as a gift. Visible effect after use is seen within 2-3 weeks. Put on clean skin 2 drop of funds with his night cream, the next day. Recommend. My bottle lasts for 1 month reconciliation.


  151. A***a

    Delivery fast UfU for 2 weeks! I liked it. took the gift, N goods came well packaged in pupyrku, even not hesitated. reliable store, recommend!


  152. R***s

    Going for a long time, possibly due to the holidays. But at a high level. Well packed, in addition to the order gift (probe cream) No odor. The quality is excellent. Nice to apply and ощущении. The morning stood as the “Peach” put a on problem areas. Lines from the first became less pronounced.


  153. N***a

    Ordered 24.12., the Post Office was sending 27.01. Product is individually wrapped and a box, rewound tape. Do not wrinkle. Ordered as gifts to 8 March, but it has received much earlier. Seller recommend.


  154. N***a

    Order is not the first time. Always happy! Quality and service on top! For that and give honestly deserved 5 stars store. Thank you, will order again! Take great pleasure, skin gets marked moisturizing, tone aligned after weeks of use. You can add concentrate in cream, but I use the serum. Highly recommend!


  155. A***v

    Goods received within 1 month to Kyzylorda. Seller recommend


  156. O***a

    Respect! Happy purchase! Super bysro delivery. 12 days!!! And courier personally! Package Wrapped well packed. Is not used. Try To accomplish your goal. Seller⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Thank you very much!!!


  157. N***a

    Very moisturizing


  158. N***e

    It’s safe, tried to hand, like.


  159. A***i

    My wife likes. Says helps


  160. I***a

    Very fast shipping, good packaging, thank you


  161. A***a

    Recommend-Good сывороточка!


  162. G***l

    Used a few vials serum. Application Of serum noticeable and greatly improved skin condition. Each order puts free probe, thank you.


  163. M***m

    Does not fit me


  164. A***a

    Fast shipping, order was made 21.01 delivered 03.02 courier. Packed well, packing damage was not observed. Time until 2021. Immediately tested, allergic reaction was not. The results of unsubscribe later. Store and store recommend)


  165. E***o

    Shipping virtually lightning-16 Jan ordered, and the 29th has received, is not even keep did not expect so soon. Packaging Box help Cat. Umnichka. All very carefully has been laid, do not forget, Do not mistake, though the order was great. Took the “winter sale”, when prices are much lower, and with coupons and discounts me all that’s cheaper happened almost five dollars ($4,86). Order 10 bags emulsion, 11th put as a gift. Sorry, no inserts in the Russian language. While it is not tried, buy decided, after reading the responses. Myself and my mother. The store is very happy, add your favorite. Seller-well done, thank you.


  166. I***o

    Goods come well packaged, action remains to be seen.


  167. M***v

    Delivered quickly, a new post! Address by hand! In terms of less then weeks! Thank You Very Much!


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