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Signal Amplifier Electronic Device

(94 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • The Signal Amplifier Electronic Device boost signals and improves sound quality
  • It reduces grainy image displays and enhances overall clarity
  • It is multipurpose; It is suitable for home, work, and professional use
  • Input: 220V/ Power: 2W /Power cable length: 93cm (approx)
  • Frequency: 45 – 860/1000MHz
  • Sound Amplification: 20±dB
  • Package Contents:
    • 1 x Signal Amplifier

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Signal Amplifier Electronic Device

The Signal Amplifier Electronic Device is ideal for both home and outdoor uses! It is easy to use, portable and high-quality! If you don’t know what it is, a signal amplifier is basically a  device that you can use to improve the signal. The truth is that not all devices, such as cellphones and televisions, has a strong signal power. The factors that contribute to it vary a lot but some of them might include the version of the gadget of the electronic parts used. These factors affect the compatibility of one device to another in terms of its signal.

Boost Sound Quality

Without a good signal connection, electronic devices can be practically useless. These devices rely on signals to provide its features and that includes its sound output. The good thing about this signal amplifier is that it can improve and boost the sound quality of devices. Aside from that, it can also improve the overall display quality of the television sets. It reduces the graininess of TV’s and generally enhances the clarity it can provide. That way, you can make the most out of your TV sets. It has an input of 220V and a frequency of 45 – 860/1000MHz.

Wide Usage 

The good thing about this device is that you can use it for many different functions. For one, it is applicable to use at home for televisions, for example. Other people use it for electronic shops and even for offices. Other benefits of this signal amplifier is a wide frequency range and low noise factor. It also has a high output level and a low signal distortion. This device can provide a sound amplification of 20±dB. Please note that the installation of this device may require some electronic knowledge. Make sure to ask for professional help if you are unsure about it. Finally, it is compatible with many TV’s.

Based on 94 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. P***o

    The cable on the splitter is short, you need to increase by 50 cm, then it will be more convenient to connect. tried in work-it works. you can buy


  2. Customer

    Connected 3 tvs, everything shows perfectly, all channels (130 pcs). Previously, without an amplifier there were image defects. There are difficulties with contacts with connection, but in the kit there are their connectors, you can use them


  3. R***a

    The parcel went to orenburg less than a month. Excellent thing, took for cable tv in a private house, because of the large branching and long cables lacked a signal, especially when three tvs worked simultaneously. The plug immediately had to change, after connecting all 200 channels work perfectly. It is more effective to put the amplifier immediately at the entrance to the house.


  4. R***v

    Shipping to central russia 27 days. Did not put the adapter under the american plug, although it is written what should be! The case came a little crumpled, but it works, amplifies the signal well, on the tv all the antennas show. On the third tv in the kitchen did not show some cable channels, now everything shows, sometimes the picture hangs, before quite hit, but it’s probably broadcast. Screwed not by thread, with the force of the adapter under the plug.


  5. A***v

    Thank you order received, store recommend, after operation i will add a review


  6. Y***v

    Signal amplifies. Carving is not ours. On the shelf our f connector can be bait. Native goes under the ring.


  7. I***V

    I received thank you.


  8. M***x

    Signal amplifies perfectly. In the village, with a street antenna digital tv, worked with grief in half, that is, a signal, then no, the tv found 10 channels. With the amplifier found 20 channels and they work without brakes and placers on cubes. Connectors included are well suited for tv cable 5mm, type sat, RG-59, etc. Everything is normally squeezed without a collective farm. Fork cut off, put the euro. Connected 3 lg tvs and they all work. How much will it work is not known, but i definitely recommend the product.


  9. M***e

    very fast shipping and good product


  10. A***v

    Connectors are not our standard! 220 v size also europe Not yet tested…


  11. V***v

    Everything works could not prompt how to separately order such connectors


  12. A***o

    I received the parcel until i checked. there are 4 days left to protect the buyer… i thought to open the dispute. and so the goods look normal.


  13. A***x

    With prolonged operation, the amplifier is very heated. Mainly transformer power supply. How long will it last? It is better to supply external power 12-15 volts.


  14. A***v

    Spliter didn’t come but money returned


  15. D***a

    The product is excellent. i need an adapter for eurozone. it catches all channels very clearly. thanks to the store


  16. M***n

    Everything works. Small compact!!!


  17. S***v

    It came in 20 days, everything works.


  18. I***t

    Excellent Product, recommend to everyone


  19. S***k

    Thanks for great Stuff !


  20. A***v

    Arrived for 3 weeks in kemerovo. The transformer is thrown out and solder the normal power supply 12 v (on the board there is +-) then normally amplifies. From 45% to 85%


  21. N***v

    Delivery three weeks to sochi. After verification and installation, i will add a review.


  22. M***x

    Corresponds to the description of the appearance quality is good but has not yet checked


  23. V***k

    Unfortunately, this signal amplifier i did not need, as the master came and increased the signal in the spread box. And both tvs began to show normally. So the quality is nothing, and the store is 5 stars.


  24. D***d

    Delivery a little more than a month. Tracked all the way. Chinese plug without adapter. I had to change it myself. The plug under the antenna is not of the best quality. In general, the main function copes. Purchase satisfied


  25. V***v

    Connectors are not suitable for standard antenna, i had to finish the device


  26. J***j

    The item purchased completely matches the detailed description, very according to the team.


  27. E***v

    Externally, the quality is excellent. Delivery is fast. How to replace the connectors and power cord to domestic, check. I’ll write off the results.


  28. A***a

    Good packaging description equal excellent treatment and good wine product on schedule.


  29. S***v

    Paid 29.03.2019 came 11.05.2019. Packed well. I got in general condition. Checked works. On the receiver hd DVB-T2 & s2 combo signal t2 intensity increased from 85% to 93%.


  30. A***a

    Delivery 41 days. Packed well. I haven’t checked in yet.


  31. T***v

    Everything works. Connected 3 tvs, the signal is excellent.


  32. I***e

    The amplifier works, the truth after not a large gap of the incoming socket, the main drawback is not standard thread on all connections, although the kit includes native nuts, before you use need to find the adapter on the euro plug, to prepare antenna cables, as standard wrote do not fit, a little solder and you will be happy in a small signal amplification. For all this fuss and shoot the star. If ready for a small improvement, i recommend the store. Otherwise corresponds to the description.


  33. A***O

    The amplifier is excellent, i distribute from the antenna to 2 tvs and no problems with the quality of the signal.


  34. V***y

    Delivery 1,5 months, the package is normal, all in the kit, works, the far tv in the kitchen stopped pouring the picture, for this and bought. Seller recommend.


  35. N***n

    Delivery is fast.


  36. A***v

    Delivery is fast, packed well. I have not checked in the work yet, i will check to write.


  37. Customer

    Everything perfect as in the photo, the paste is that it does not bring plug for europe (connector) but i already put it. It works well since i already have it installed, for three exits.


  38. V***n

    Thank you, the item was delivered very quickly and good quality. It is a pity that the euro adapter is not provided for the product.


  39. O***y

    The increase is tangible. There was a bad reception, now everything is fine


  40. V***v

    Delivery fast (paid), chinese plug, no adapter. F-connectors included, unusual.


  41. D***n

    Came surprisingly, very quickly… 12 days tula region .. Check, add…


  42. G***a

    nice products working well store recommended, products well packed, seller keep it up thanks


  43. D***v

    Very fast delivery to nn in 10 days


  44. E***x

    Good. but I have no use


  45. U***r

    The parcel is received in 35 days, visually all whole until checked.


  46. M***v

    Order received. Trans works. All ok.


  47. M***i

    Yet to try but it looks great


  48. S***i

    + Everything is not bad in appearance. Put as yet. Delivery to m. o-21 days. Packing is good. Tracking full. Thank you.


  49. D***v

    Excellent amplifier, just rescue. Only the fork is not ours, otherwise the best choice


  50. A***v

    I haven’t checked in yet. If anything’s wrong, i’ll let you know.


  51. O***o

    After the connection, even those channels that showed disappeared. Full fiasco


  52. A***v

    The third tv stopped pouring the picture. Let’s see how much will work .. delivered quickly, the track was tracked


  53. N***k

    The amplifier came very quickly, tracked, changed the power cable with a plug under our socket, the signal increased from 25% to 70% on the second multiplex. Everything is fine!


  54. A***v

    Externally everything is fine, after operation i will add a review.


  55. D***n

    At the cottage “fell asleep” and “flooded” the picture on the digital DVB-T2 tv because of the dense crown of trees, in winter norms, and in summer tinplate. There was a question of raising the antenna or putting an amplifier. The choice fell on the second. After installing the amplifier, the power and quality have grown significantly, the interference is gone and even the antenna began to “pull” the second tv. So the amplifier really enhances, and the delivery is not long, about 2 weeks to the moscow region and everything was tracked. Put even tips with suitable thread (our do not fit). The only thing i had to change the plug. Take it, you will not regret it!!


  56. Y***y

    Before ufa in two weeks. Great thing. Cable tv ufanet. of the three tvs, two showed with artifacts after the usual splitter. Replaced with this amp-the image is clear, everything is fine


  57. M***y

    Came very quickly, the goods quality


  58. G***r

    Got intact, the delivery is just super!! I can not check the performance yet, i will write off later!


  59. S***s

    well packaged. arrived within estimated time. can’t use it yet the antenna I ordered has not yet been delivered so I will update this review after it shows up. store is well recemended.


  60. A***s

    Excellent product!


  61. P***o

    Shipping very fast. I haven’t noticed almost anything the signal ampliation, it’s a minimum ampliation 🙁


  62. S***v

    Excellent! Good quality, proper packing and very fast delivery. I recommend to do business with this store.


  63. A***v

    Super fast, excellent packaging, in the case did not check


  64. J***s

    It came very well. Standby transformer 110 to 220. V.


  65. V***k

    Order received. It’s all right. I haven’t connected yet.


  66. D***v

    Everything works the 2nd tv has stopped giving interference, the connectors in the kit are excellent comfortable, delivery fast store many thanks.


  67. C***r

    Arrived sooner than expected (Chile)


  68. A***v

    In general, the product came in 10 days, everything is perfect quickly, but the nifig it does not work, the bulb is on, but when connecting the antenna through this amplifier signal just disappears and everything, so i guess one of the few who has this amplifier came broken, But a hundred times think about whether to pay 500 rubles for an aluminum box, today i open a dispute, but hopes are not enough


  69. M***H

    Properly packed. Works fine. Delivered in 12 days.


  70. S***v

    The parcel came quickly about 15 days. Well done.


  71. S***n

    The amplifier received quickly. I did not try it.


  72. P***H

    Fast shipping. 10 days for delivery to France


  73. A***v

    Very fast shipping. I haven’t checked how it works yet.


  74. O***k

    I asked for a euro plug, well, i’ll solder myself. In the work has not yet tried


  75. V***o

    Everything works


  76. A***v

    The store quickly completed and sent the goods to the southern urals the parcel arrived in 12 days. Packed well nothing damaged. I have not checked the work yet, i hope everything will be fine. Connectors for the russian antenna cable are not suitable, they are pressed only for 2 threads badly hold, it is necessary to change either to those that come in the kit or look for and solder f connector on the device. Seller success and good luck


  77. S***v

    Got pts quickly!!


  78. B***o



  79. Customer

    Very good


  80. M***v

    It’s okay.


  81. I***v

    In the work has not yet checked, a little worked!


  82. A***v

    Another adapter would lay down would be generally good, and so check the additional feedback


  83. G***v

    Delivery 23 days. Packaging is excellent. I recommend the store and the store.


  84. I***m

    It came quickly, the amplifier works perfectly, the mosaic disappeared, new channels appeared, the connectors for the cable are very not comfortable, there was no thread on one


  85. R***r

    Delivery 3 weeks, product working, store recommend


  86. T***a

    Very fast delivery-in mo 10 days. Track tracked. How it works, write later.


  87. A***s

    The device works, the picture quality improves, not to the hd level but still there are changes.


  88. D***v

    Thank you.


  89. G***i

    Transaction excellent


  90. I***a

    The product looks serious. In the case has not yet tried, perhaps after the connection i will add a tip. The american plug is certainly for replacement. The store sent quickly, the track was tracked. I recommend.


  91. S***m

    Item received in good condition, satisfied with the purchase.


  92. G***y

    Very pleased with the order! Everything fits the description. To st. petersburg the order was 14 days. Thank you very much. Very satisfied with the order! Everything corresponds to the description. Before st. petersburg, the order took 14 days. Thank you very much.


  93. T***n

    Yeah, that’s what i expected and it works perfect.


  94. V***y



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