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Reusable Panty Liners Washable Napkin (3 pieces)

(99 customer reviews)

10,084 Orders

In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • Join the zero waste trend by using these reusable panty liners
  • Soft and breathable fabric that is safe non-irritating
  • Holds in place securely using the safety clasps, easy to wash and clean
  • Length: Approx. 18cm
  • Material: Cotton
  • Package Contents:
    • 3 x Reusable Panty Liners Washable Napkin

$18.20 $29.90

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Reusable Panty Liners Washable Napkin

Hygiene is very important but so is being environmentally-friendly. Women use panty liners to keep the panty clean and your private area fresh. However, the number of panty liners that go to the trash and landfills are unmeasurable. In this time where the continuous rise of trash is an ongoing and prevalent issue. There have been various initiatives to counter this dilemma. Reducing waste and creating more eco-friendly alternatives to single-use products is the new trend. There has been a whole new economy and industry is dedicated to sustainable products. More consumers are also leaning into buying more reusable alternatives to their regular items. Now, these reusable panty liners join the green movement. This panty liner is the better choice, just simply remove it every after use. This is what every woman needs to have.

Compatible to all Panty Size

No matter what your size is, this reusable panty liner can fit perfectly and securely. It is a universal size for all types of women. The liner does not use adhesive to secure it. Instead,  it uses a tiny clip that secures the liner in place. Notice how commercial panty liners damage your panties when you remove it. The cotton of your panties sticks to the panty liner and when pulled, the cotton goes with it. Avoid damaging your underwear from using those. Make them last if you use these reusable panty liners. It is not only good for the environment but for your underwears as well.

Soft and Safe to Use

A woman’s private area is sensitive and should be treated with the utmost care. This pantyliner is extremely comfortable and breathable. It does not feel hot around that area. Some pantyliners make you feel hot and stuffy.  It can be quite uncomfortable and dampens the mood. It uses safe cotton material that is not irritating to the skin. Rest assured, you can confidently go on your day using this. So, get yours now and join the green movement.

Based on 99 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. V***a

    For monthly will not go only as a daily or for meager monthly


  2. Customer

    It was about a month. All according to the description. If i understand correctly, they are reusable, but how to wash non-woven fabric? It’s going to fail quickly.


  3. Customer

    Insert as pictured. Przysłane without any packaging. Kind reusable, but after use on the top layer zostają spots, hard to remove them. General approx.


  4. M***a

    The goods came for a month. three pieces. On the one hand it looks like a hebaska on the other waterproof fabric. Rivets are good but i think if you sharply pull can break out of the fabric. I will try to add a tip. Thank you to the store.


  5. Customer

    soft cloth, fast delivery , good store , but packing should improve it’s ok all good


  6. K***a

    There should be more. Long to remove hard spots use degreaser as tip


  7. J***h

    Good laundry. Thank you for the gift of additional prakladka will not hurt.


  8. Customer

    Oooochen long delivery, came after the opening of the dispute. Cool things, missed water, did not get wet, but after the first wash, the threads, although washed with my hands, in the typewriter would immediately spread


  9. O***a

    It’s been a month. Lay just in the package of shipping, without packaging, for this minus *. Immediately washed, how to behave in “these days” i will add later.


  10. K***a

    Very soft, the material looks good quality, has no smell, seem comfortable. I don’t think they’re good for the period, i rather wanted a protective slip. It is true that for a hygiene product it is not properly packed (directly in the envelope, without any protection), i recommend washing them ant is to use them.


  11. D***s



  12. M***a

    I am very pleased with the quality of the product, thank you for your services. The shipping was okay, one month and two weeks.


  13. I***l

    Just like the description. The reverse is cotton and the upper face is like cellulose (to the touch). Very fine, like a salvaslip. It took him less than a month to arrive in spain. Not tested yet, let’s see how they work. I missed a wrapping (paper, for example) between the product and the envelope, although it is appreciated that there is no excess plastic in shipping. Happy with the purchase.


  14. T***t

    Soft, came in the usual package in the mailbox, thought will be longer, and they are more likely for a teenager, did not use, late for 2 days, went three months. On abundant will not fit


  15. A***a

    The goods came quickly, thank you. On quality: the button can be fastened on both sides, the fabric on the inner surface, and probably a waterproof synthetic substrate on the outside. Stitched on the edge and in the middle. How will i add later in use☺


  16. R***a

    Came for a month. Served. Thin. One layer of thin glue inside a thin layer of cloth and top jersey. I’m not sure it will last long. But that’s what i wanted. Happy. More suitable for every day. Small.


  17. A***a

    There’s a smell. Some rustling, but in the sock can not be heard like. They jerk on panties, if already panties. I think wide fit normally. After washing a little lost shape. And so normal. Let’s see if there will be an allergy or not yet convenience. A good alternative to everyday life. In the photo after washing first.


  18. E***n

    Same as in the picture. Were packed just in the parcel, without extra packages.


  19. N***a

    Looks like in the photo. Water absorbs, on the second side does not miss. As daily gaskets suitable. How behave in use i will try to supplement later.


  20. N***.

    The order fully corresponds to the description. Good packing and fast delivery. Good quality products. I recommend this store. Thank you very much!!!


  21. O***a

    Finally received my parcel. The delivery is very long, the parcel was tracked before arrival in the country, russia was not tracked. I already had a dispute opened, but on the last day of protection came the parcel. The gaskets themselves are pleasant to the touch, i have not tried it yet, but i think that i will be satisfied. Seller thanks)


  22. S***s

    The product corresponds to the description. Unpleasant smell do not have. The fabric is soft. In action i did not try, later i will add a tip.


  23. A***a

    Received)) went to moscow about 1,5 months. Packed simply-in two packages. They don’t smell anything. To the touch pleasant. I did not quite understand on what side to wear))) with one cloth like hb, with the second-a non-woven material, similar to the surface of the usual surface. Not for critical days, perhaps, rather, daily. (small and thin). Buckle norms. If linen with a very narrow base, they will ride freely. For linen with a wider base. Washed easily with a means for children and household soap, in the typewriter did not try. If the format of wearing and washing suits, the product is good. I recommend. Test only a week yet)))


  24. A***a

    Delivery 2 months. I thought they were bigger in size. Slightly larger ежедневок.


  25. S***i

    Looks good, arrived in 17 days in spain. No difference which side should be in contact with the skin, when i test it, i’ll do one side and the other side the other. They come directly in the plastic bag, but you have to wash them equally.


  26. K***a

    For abundant days .. hardly suitable)


  27. S***i

    Like on the picture. Just not really straight. It seems there are all handmade or the machine is pretty broken 😉


  28. N***s

    Like in the description, soft. I don’t test them yet but they look good for now, i’ll add usage comments later


  29. C***o

    I bought these hygienic cloths because they serve as panty liners and are practical and useful. I have for a long time others that I acquired many months ago wash in a washing machine and spin and continue the same as at the beginning. They have a cotton face and a plastic face. Very practical and useful. Happy with this purchase and with this store that I already have among my favorites.


  30. M***s

    Equal to the image, very soft material, the size is small to be a hygienic towel, but fit as a daily protector


  31. Customer

    Product according to the description.


  32. A***a

    I thought that all cotton, but the coating on top, as on ordinary gaskets seems, is not very pleasant. In the case has not yet tried


  33. N***o

    Very long delivery, the store extended the terms. Packed only in outer black package (see photo). For this i shoot stars in evaluation. After all, this is a means of hygiene and is not very pleasant that so carelessly the seller treated the package.


  34. E***a

    The gaskets are thin, very soft. Absorbent layer of non-woven cellulose, the buttons are strong.


  35. Customer

    I arrive in mexico in a month. It is accurate to the d is crypt and product photos; they are soft and thin, with good seams and button in good condition and functional. I recommend them.


  36. M***a

    Look cool, small, i will wear as insurance to the menstrual cup


  37. N***z

    Just like in the picture, they look good


  38. I***k

    The goods came in 20 days. All as in the description.


  39. G***a

    The goods received all as in the photo only packing oh would like to be more environmentally friendly because the same product intimate could and in individual packaging put so i put 4. i went a very long time already it was written that all the terms are over and the goods are not and there is no…


  40. S***u

    Thank you all as described


  41. T***a

    It’s been 3 weeks. Do not smell, stitched neatly, the buttons work, stretched the threads do not climb, i like it!!


  42. P***a

    All good. My only suggestion is that will be much more better to pack this product more higienic.


  43. N***a

    All ok


  44. Customer

    Sent 7.07, taught 2.08, looks good, synthetic top, the bottom is similar to knitwear, until i used it, then i will finish the review, i recommend the store


  45. Customer

    Fully consistent with the description, delivery is long more than 1,5 months, with the store did not communicate was not necessary.


  46. K***s

    Like in the picture.


  47. R***i

    All according to the description


  48. C***c

    I got it today. Before time


  49. T***a

    The goods did not arrive. The dispute is resolved in favor of refund. Insulting (


  50. C***e

    Send fast and as in the picture. Not tested yet


  51. M***a

    Looks great. I will use them with a menstrual cup.


  52. Customer

    They’re more absorbent than i thought. For mild and daily menstruation they’re great. It’s a little hard to remove the stains. They move, by hooking only through the center, and it is slightly uncomfortable.


  53. S***k



  54. E***a

    Very comfortable stuff. As daily or at the end of the monthly will go. On the one hand cotton, on the other non-woven material. Inside that gs is laid and stitched.


  55. O***a

    Everything is fine, thank you to the store. there is no irritation and smell.


  56. I***a

    Very small, it is more daily, suitable for the first and last days of the cycle. Quality is not bad washed easily. I recommend. Delivery month.


  57. N***b

    Everything is fine. The goods went long, but came! Put immediately in the mailbox. Thank you store!


  58. L***m

    Cute, pleasant for how long after reusable washing-unknown


  59. Customer

    Thank you. the goods came. although with a big delay. the quality is good.


  60. B***o

    I really liked the truth, it’s from a good material, it took them a while to get there.


  61. Customer

    Thanks to the store for the good goods. Gaskets in the package 3 pieces. Ultra-thin. The clasp is strong. Wings are comfortable.


  62. O***a

    It’s okay. Quality is normal. With its functions copes perfectly. Shipping fast, packed well, track tracked. Everything came whole. Thank you very much, success and prosperity to the store.


  63. Customer

    Looks like the description. Drukknoopjes go tricky open and the outer material looks like the material of a cheap plastic table cloth, I am wondering if this long heel remains.


  64. A***a

    Come! Small and cute


  65. S***a

    Ordered 8.07.19 thrown in the mailbox 19.08.19. Look very good


  66. E***t

    I’m delighted, disposable ones produce allergy and with these i go great


  67. Customer

    Nice light thin pads. Have yet to try and see how they wash up.


  68. U***v

    The parcel came very quickly, thanks to the store!!! I’ll sign it later.


  69. G***A

    Not yet used. Washed. Dry. I think it will be convenient.


  70. A***y

    Recommend salesman, inserts look for solid, not yet testowałam


  71. A***a

    Thank you store! Clean, white, pretty!


  72. E***a

    Delivery of a month and a half. I already tried it. It does not fit every coward, but it has already been written. Rather as daily, not as full-fledged gaskets at the beginning of monthly. I liked very much that there is no greenhouse effect!!! Washed heavy:, but in the typewriter did not try to wash. Hoz soap, and then a drop of bleach and how new!) i recommend. I did not regret what i bought!


  73. K***a

    Thank you. The material is soft, pleasant to the touch. Just received, it remains to test


  74. E***A

    The size is not large. 6×17 cm without wings. The track was not tracked, waited a long time. They threw it in the mailbox. Inside the fabric, outside the synthetic material is more like paper. I do not know how many washings they will withstand))).


  75. J***d

    Great low price! Soft and not too big. I think they will be comfy. Thank you!


  76. B***i

    To wash and try


  77. Customer

    Delivery took a month. Miniature, a lot of space will not occupy, it’s good. view, as in the picture. meaguie. not yet used.


  78. S***a

    Great diaries. i like the diaries of such a plan. one side of the tent is cotton, stitched, and the other is waterproof. I wash, dry and use as necessary before first use and after each application. In the party there are three pieces. The parcel was received in 2,5 weeks after the order. The store quickly sent the goods. I recommend!


  79. F***r

    Do not hold the only panty bamboo. WITH the rest is OK.


  80. A***a

    Received only today, inside cotton, outside non-woven material (like paper)-do not know how to behave when washing and after


  81. M***a

    2. the product was shipped, received-23.8. the store thanks and recommend.


  82. A***k

    All as in the picture. I even washed it in a tort in a typewriter-nothing happened to them. One of my jambs-i have all the underwear half-shorts, so the gasket is a little “chewed” hmm, 5 dots, and maybe a little go back. Xd but a pleasant thing, does not irritate the skin, as with the usual happens, and does not feel at all.


  83. M***M

    In general, good but weak buttons can be dropped in the toilet)


  84. Z***a

    Shipment arrived to me . Thank you for a good transaction.


  85. A***t

    dear God thank you for China offering something that I should have bought years ago. stop wasting money ruining underwear and buy these for the times you never know what’s going on❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  86. J***j

    Comfortable and easy up feathers! Recommend


  87. M***y

    Good and I have not tried it yet but I washed it with the washing machine and went out intact


  88. K***k

    As good daily but not for the red army)


  89. L***a

    The goods are good, i will order more, because for me three pieces are small-wash every day lazy. I liked, an excellent alternative to disposable gaskets-less waste, environmentally friendly and safe in personal use, unlike chemistry in the composition of disposable


  90. Customer



  91. S***m

    Save the earth. This method was used long time ago. I use this Cloth napkin at home.


  92. E***o

    Not bad! Wash well! But i ‘d really like to.


  93. M***s

    recu rapidement


  94. Customer

    you exactly get what you see on the pictures, you can trust the customer. I expected the product will be longer, but it looks good to be washed multiple times


  95. C***z

    Very quickly the office


  96. Customer

    Hmm. The goods never came than very upset.


  97. L***i

    Packaged unclean and hygienic. But once a first wash I think it will be fine. At the touch it has the effective area but for small rule little abundant. Either for the beginning of the period or end but it has the nice area. The seams have the simple area but for the price that’s good Arrival in 2 weeks very fast!


  98. V***h

    In appearance normal, in the case did not try.


  99. N***a



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