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Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream

(99 customer reviews)
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  • Can be used from the beginning and after pregnancy
  • Can be applied to the abdomen, legs, chest, buttocks, etc.
  • Improve skin elasticity to lighten and treat stretch marks
  • Main ingredients: Mango essence, glycerin, Centella Asiatica root extract
  • Net weight: 40 g
  • Package List:
    • 1 x Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream

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Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream

Get rid of the stretch marks right after birth with the Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream. The cream enhances skin elasticity to improve fading of stretch marks. Suitable for all skin types even for the sensitive ones.

Effective to Use

Sudden weight gain due to pregnancy is the primary cause of having stretch marks. You might not be able to get rid of the marks completely, but you can lighten it until its almost invisible to the skin. This cream will help the skin improve the skin elasticity help lighten the dark marks. And you can use this already from the beginning of pregnancy until after birth.

Made of Safe Ingredients

This cream is very safe t use because it mainly contains mango essence and a variety of plant nutrition ingredients. It is effortless to apply and very lightweight on the skin. Once applied, the cream gets easily absorbed by the skin which makes a treatment to achieve faster and more effective. You can use this anytime you like, and it does not feel sticky at all. It leaves the skin smooth and moisturizing.


Abdomen. It is the most typical part of the body to have stretch marks. Take a decent amount of the cream and apply in the gut. Make a circular motion until the whole belly is covered with the cream. Massage on the skin up to 4 minutes to make sure the skin absorbs the cream altogether.

Legs. You can also have stretch marks on the legs due to sudden weight gain. To prevent it or treat the affected area, put your palms on your knees with cream on it and push your knees to the inside of your thighs in 3 minutes.

Chest. Your breasts also get bigger because you even start to produce milk for the baby. With its abrupt change, it can cause the formation of stretch marks. You can also use this cream to lighten the imperfections. Massage the cream from the underside of your breasts going to the collarbone for 3 minutes.

Buttocks. Whether fro pregnancy or obesity, this cream can help treat your stretch marks. Apply the cream from your hand from the side of your hips going inside and out. Massage the area for 3 minutes for complete absorption.

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  1. A***v

    The basis of this cream: mango extract, glycerin, centella asian, water. Also additional components are absolutely safe for use before, on time and after pregnancy. This cream is quickly absorbed into the skin. Reduces stretch marks and other skin defects caused by pregnancy, promote cell regeneration and increase skin elasticity. The skin looks softer and lighter. With regular use, you can effectively reduce, and in some cases avoid such problems, the main thing is to start applying this cream early. The cream is suitable for any type of skin. Has a pleasant smell and delicate consistency. The method of application is simple. After the shower, apply the cream with light massage movements smoothing until completely absorbed. Can apply anyone who has problems with the elasticity of the skin, there are no contraindications. Especially i advise those who lose weight, so that the skin remains tight.


  2. V***l

    Shipping 15 days, track fully tracked. The cream has a light pleasant smell, quickly absorbed, softens well, moisturizes the skin, increases its elasticity, elasticity. Already formed stretch marks this cream of course will only soften, lighten. But for the prevention of strives, this cream is very cool. Allergic reactions did not cause.


  3. F***I

    The cream is proposed to prevent stretch marks and improve the appearance of existing ones. Stretch marks are a blemish skin which affects both men and women (in this are democratiche!!! !). It is real scars skin due to the breakdown of elastic fibers of the dermis. Occur in the form of streaks initially reddish purply and subsequently biancastre. Areas most affected are breast abdomen and hip for women (Especially after a pregnancy or a diet slimming) and internal arms, back and retro calf for all (men and women). Prevent the appearance of stretch marks mean especially provide always the highest moisturizing skin so that this will keep elastic and toned. the body cream anti stretch marks came with free plotted. Packed in a cardboard box came perfectly complements. The packaging is also fit for making a gift. Great perfume


  4. V***o

    Cream 40 mg, came in a branded box, there is an instruction. Also specified the composition, shelf life and product information. Cream is white, dense. It is applied easily, with a light aroma. Does not leave greasy traces, it is well absorbed. Apply the cream only to clean pre-dried skin (preferably immediately after the shower). Apply the cream preferably twice a day-meaning in the morning and evening can be before bedtime. Rub the cream is necessary until it is completely absorbed in those most possible problem areas.


  5. G***v

    Cream from stretch marks rich in natural components. The composition includes water, glycerin, iddick mangifer extract, centella asian root extract. Multiple nutrients that enter the cream are easily absorbed into the skin, reduce stretch marks, promote cell regeneration and increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. The cream has a pleasant aroma of mango, dense in consistency, is well absorbed, does not leave fat. I have small stretch marks from the fluctuation of weight, for these purposes it was bought and i hope it will help me. In the use of cremick is very pleasant, not for nothing it was developed for moms.


  6. V***a

    I hope for the help of this wonderful cream rtopr will help me in my problem. I have not large scars on the body, the field of operation, i really want to remove them. I saw many reviews on this cream, i decided to try it too, maybe it will help me. packed in a branded box + in mica. all the necessary information is on the box, as well as detailed instructions. tube cream is not large 40 gr., convenient to use, beautiful lid smell is very pleasant. i applied the cream today for the first day, first on my hand. i smeared it on my hand, To the touch the cream is dense, the color is white, the cream was absorbed freely quickly. allergies did not cause, i will safely smear my scars. the manufacturer promises, after three boxes will be visible effect, i only have the first.


  7. Y***o

    The cream is good composition and perfectly suitable for any type of skin! I do not particularly believe in the effectiveness of such creams, but i constantly try and experiment with this cream succeeded! Applied to one part of the thigh, where the most noticeable stretch marks and after a few weeks was surprised-it works! Stretching became a little already, pulled off and the color changed from dark gray to light with white. Allergies and redness did not cause, so i recommend! Caring store, very well packed my parcel, delivered by courier directly in hand in three weeks, thank you!


  8. N***y

    It is written that the cream for pregnant women, and i just have a weight, so i decided to try it. product composition: water, glycerin, polysorbate 80, pyridoxine, dikkali, dextranic, mangifer indian, centella extract asian allantoin root extract, methylparaben, propylene paraben. Suitable for any skin type. Clean the skin before use. Attach a small amount of product to the parts of the body on which you want to use this cream. Rub into the skin with a massage with circular movements, to completely absorb the cream into the skin. according to the consistency of the cream moderately thick, the smell pleasant and allergies did not cause. To understand whether it works or not it is necessary to complete a course with 3 packages of this cream. This is my 1 tube, i do not know how to account for the results but i like the cream itself.


  9. S***a

    The product contains the essence of mango and various components for the restoration and nutrition of the skin, which contribute to the regeneration and elasticity of the skin. Volume 40 ml. Shelf life up to 2021. The cream came in a beautiful box of white color. Packaging is not deformed. The box was sealed in mica. All necessary information and expiration dates are indicated on the package. Came in a beautiful box of white color. On the tube is a protective membrane of foil. Based on this cream: mango extract, glycerin, centella asian, water The cream has a pleasant, light smell and a fairly thick consistency, absorbed by the moment. Cream white, delicate texture with a very pleasant vegetable aroma. Quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving no greasy shine. The skin becomes soft, soft and pleasant to the touch.


  10. D***y

    Good shrimp, liked. I use a few weeks, stretch marks began to tighten and became whiter. Plus the consumption is quite economical, than the big plus


  11. A***a

    Cream of white color, with a pleasant and unobtrusive aroma. The consistency is very airy, similar to whipped cream) The skin is well distributed, and quickly absorbed, even if applied in large quantities. Ingredients: glycerin, water, polysorbate, dipotsium, dextron, allantoin, methyl paraben. The product should be applied often, preferably 2-3 times a day, for 3 months. For a visible result, you need to use 3 such tubes.


  12. Z***s

    The cream is excellent, after the first tube, the red stretch marks became pale, i did not even expect such an effect. The composition is harmless, so that pregnant women can use, but allergy is still worth a test. The cream is thick, but on the skin melts, light elusive perfume. The skin of the abdomen and hips is perfectly moisturized. i recommend. all with the coming!!!!


  13. S***a

    Cream against stretch marks. A beautiful, thick and nourishing cream for moisturizing and increasing the elasticity of the skin. Delivery about three weeks by post of russia. Packing branded box and mail box. Composition and shelf life is specified. The cream should be applied several times a day on cleansed skin. Such creams are necessary to prevent stretch marks, during pregnancy and weight change. Stretch marks i do not have, but a good nourishing cream is needed. So i use for hands and body, i really like it.


  14. K***s

    Cream was a month. The package was tracked. it was packed in a box and in a puffy. The cream lay in another branded box. On the box is written expiration date, composition, how to use. There was a cream and a booklet in the box. The cream was stocked. opening the cream i felt a pleasant smell. The cream is thick. Well moisturizes. Cream, not magical and will not remove you stretch marks from one click. Its mission is to moisturize, give elasticity to the skin. Why is it for pregnant women?! In order not to remove stretch marks, but to prevent their appearance. Alas, i did not know about him before and stretch marks have already appeared. Now i took it in order to give the skin elasticity, softness and in order to moisturize it. That is, i help the skin recover. i liked the cream. The store is responsive. To buy i advise.


  15. А***а

    The cream contains mango extract and other ingredients that increase the elasticity of the skin and prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. The cream is a good preventive remedy for stretch marks. Also, the cream can be used to combat already appeared stretch marks. It will help lighten them and make them less noticeable.


  16. K***k

    Excellent cream, aged certainly will not remove but fresh brightens. Pleasant smell and consistency of the cream, the volume of 40 gr, the readiness period up to 2021, delivery month, the track is tracked completely, the packaging is good. Thank you!


  17. E***h

    Cream with a good composition, aimed at anti-inflammatory effect, regeneration, moisturizing and improving the condition of the skin. Cream of good consistency with unobtrusive smell on the skin is distributed well, stickiness does not leave. The result is difficult to estimate because the store recommends a course of three packages


  18. T***a

    Excellent remedy. I really liked it. The store sent everything promptly. Packaging is reliable. I will order from him other means.


  19. S***a

    The cream came in the factory packaging, the box is sealed in mica. On the box there is a product description, composition. There is a shelf life, bar code. In the case has not yet tried, but on the outside the product produces a good impression. The store sent the parcel quickly. Track tracked. I recommend the product and the seller.


  20. O***a

    I really like the effect. After the cream, the skin becomes tender and velvety, as if it is soaked with moisture. The smell is very gentle and not intrusive. Fits quickly, sticky layer after no. Form of release-bottle of white color, volume 40 ml. There is a brand box on which the full composition and shelf life are indicated, as well as you invest in the way of application. The parcel arrived for weeks two things that are very fast. Delivered the courier to the house, packed in a box and a puffy bag. The store is sociable, responds quickly.


  21. M***k

    All excellent thanks, until i tried no need, i’ll see what will happen after pregnancy, while i stock up)


  22. Customer

    Took immediately a couple of creams, came quickly, the packaging is whole, the bottle is large, the shelf life is not expired and quite long


  23. M***r

    Delivery in 17 days. The cream is large enough, was well packed, including mica. Shelf life, as seen in the photo, is excellent. Also, the tip of the tube was sealed, which, in my opinion, is also a confirmation of the quality of the cosmetic product. The smell is pleasant, the allergy cream does not cause, although i have sensitive skin. I put the store five stars and express great gratitude!!


  24. E***A

    This cream attracts with what contains mango extract and other plant extracts that nourish and moisturize the skin, easily absorbed and contribute to the fastest regeneration. How to properly apply this cosmetic product: -Clean the skin -Take the required amount of cream -Massage movements without excess pressure and stretching apply to the processed areas of the skin -Do massage until the moment of full absorption of the skin cream


  25. Y***a

    Excellent cream for the prevention of striae (stretch marks). Of course, he will not completely rid you of them. But it will help make them less noticeable with daily use. Scars will become less inflamed. Will begin to acquire a lighter shade. One tube will be small. I advise you to buy at least a couple.


  26. Y***e

    Delivery of the order took a month. Track tracked. The cream is packed well, everything went well and safe. Cream in a branded box, sealed in mica. Shelf life until 2021. Weight-40g. The cream has a light and unobtrusive aroma. Absorbed cream quickly, stickiness and greasy does not leave. Allergies and irritation did not cause. I like the effect of using this cream: the skin is soft and velvet, has become more elastic and elastic. Stretch marks in place, but i use recently. It is written that 3 packages are required for a full course. I will continue to use it.


  27. T***o

    Good cream from stretch marks. It’s a pity i didn’t know about him before. Well whitens the skin. Moisturizes. Pleasant aroma. Delivery is fast. Packed in a branded box and mica. There is a shelf life. There is a quality mark. I do not know how he will cope with strong stretch marks, but with minor managed well. Purchase was satisfied


  28. S***y

    Delivery is fast, took about three weeks. The packaging is excellent, which is able to maximize the integrity of even the boxes. The box itself is packed in mica, as well as it has all the necessary information. Stretch marks are tissue breaks (namely collagen fibers with elastic) that occur in the form of strips on the skin. They can have different length, depth and width, have pink or red color. The task of the cream from stretch marks is 1. intensive skin moisturizing. 2. acceleration of metabolic processes and circulation. 3. keeping moisture in the skin. 4. increase the elasticity, softness and elasticity of the skin. I think we should try.


  29. Y***a

    The cream came quickly, it was packed well, everything came intact and safe, there is an instruction, shelf life until 2021.


  30. V***h

    Very good and budget cream from ties, useful, natural composition, cream thick, well nourishes the skin, and this is the main thing in the fight against stretch marks. Purchase satisfied. Shipping 3 weeks with tracking.


  31. O***i

    For the prevention and treatment of stretch marks on the skin. The cream has a pleasant aroma of mango. The texture of the cream is light, low-fat. The cream is perfectly absorbed, after it the skin seems moisturized, the effect of tightness disappears. It can be used for both prevention and treatment. Recommended course of treatment-3 packages of this product. I use it for prevention purposes, i like the effect on the skin. There are good acquaintances who say that the cream really helps-stretch marks become lighter, less noticeable. I myself can not say something specific about this, because. Such a problem has not been encountered, so i will refrain from recommendations.


  32. A***a

    Excellent cream. The tube was sealed with foil. The consistency of the cream is thick, the smell is pleasant. The skin moisturizes well, i use the cream for a week, after childbirth i have small stretch marks on the hips, i think it’s too early to talk about the results, i need to use more, but i hope that the cream will really help. Absorbed quickly, fatty traces does not leave.


  33. M***a

    Use the tool on a regular basis, apply daily morning and evening to problem areas (chest, abdomen, hips). The main active component is centella extract, which has a moisturizing and smoothing effect on the skin. The skin becomes not only moisturized, but also much softer, more elastic. I recommend this product!


  34. A***a

    The cream came in a branded box. There is a composition in english. The volume of the tube sucks only 40 grams. As a nourishing cream for is suitable for 100%. Especially now in the winter. But you have to save. Therefore, i apply only to the abdomen and hips. The smell is very pleasant. Very thick. Consumption seems to be small. But for a long time it will not be enough. Absorbed instantly. Perfectly nourishes the skin. I don’t believe in getting rid of stretch marks.


  35. L***y

    I get well he quick product i recommend the store to wait for results


  36. S***a

    I order the cream again. I really like working on the skin. Perfectly smoothes the relief and makes the skin smooth. Volume i want a liter. It is necessary to carefully use only on problem areas. Consistency is uniform creamy, almost does not smell. Packaging in brand style. I can safely recommend to order.


  37. A***a

    Fast delivery. Tube small-40 gr. I really liked the fact that it is sealed with foil. Shelf life is fresh. She took for the care of postpartum stretch marks. The package has a manual in english. The cream is thick, odorless, white. When applying allergies did not cause. About the result to talk early, but in general the product liked))


  38. E***a

    Immediately i will say that you need to really understand that today there are no cosmetic products that would remove scars or stretch marks. This is possible only by laser or surgical operations. But the means that can speed up the process of healing stretch marks and scars, thereby making them mene noticeable, is. This tool is to this and applies. After childbirth, i did not have special stretch marks, but small scars and stretch marks from weight loss are. The tool tested for two weeks, i can say that it works! Scars and stretch marks whiten, narrow and become less noticeable. Without the use of cream, stretch marks and scars will also be less noticeable over time, but the question is “when”. The cream accelerates this process, and also nourishes the skin, makes it more elastic, which helps to reduce the likelihood of the appearance of new stretch marks. The cream itself is pure white, very thick, squeezed out of the tube with difficulty. The smell is pleasant, cosmetic with fruit notes, not strong. I recommend!


  39. O***a

    I bought a cream for a friend, she likes very well moisturizes the skin


  40. C***a

    The product is like in the description,and very fast shiping in Romania, Timișoara aprox. two weeks . Now is remaining to see the quality of this product.


  41. E***t

    The tube is sealed. It contains 40g mango cream. I haven’t opened it yet, as I bought it to give away to a friend. The expire date is till 2021-11-23. Arrived well protected in a cardboard box, all good! See the full review on my blog user “FeelFreeDesign”.


  42. K***a

    During this time of stretching, of course, did not go anywhere. It is even difficult to say whether they became lighter. But here the skin became softer and velvety. Elasticity in these parts is difficult to achieve and in general i can not understand whether it is. Cremick brought only me pleasure from his “smearing” and improved the general condition of the skin, including the skin of the hands (they are grateful more). Therefore, after pregnancy and childbirth, it is not useful (although it all depends on the individual characteristics of the skin). But before pregnancy and during use it is quite possible.


  43. N***o

    This cream intensively moisturizes, increases the elasticity, softness and elasticity of the skin. In the composition there are enough vitamins and plant extracts, which is certainly very pleasing. delivery to st. petersburg is fast, only 7 days. Track tracked. Number of cream: 40 gr. The tube has a protective foil membrane. The cream is gentle, thick. Easily distributed over the skin, quickly absorbed enough. The smell is pleasant. I recommend to buy!


  44. A***w

    Delivery about a month, packed perfectly, during transportation nothing wrinkled and not damaged. The branded box is sealed in mica. The volume of the cream in the tube is 40 grams, the shelf life is good. Under the lid there is a metallized membrane. The cream is thick, has a pleasant smell, quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy traces. After applying the cream, the skin becomes tender, elastic, moisturized. Impressions after use are only positive. Order, communication with the store, delivery was very satisfied, i will buy in this store.


  45. T***r

    So, the delivery of the cream took three weeks. Track number tracked. Packed in a dense cardboard box, the product was not deformed. On the box there is information about the manufacturer. Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. information about the method of use and why use it is also available on a tube with a tool, additionally there is a liner with the same information as on the box. It was sealed in mica. Shelf life is available, you can use it until november 23, 2021. The cream is in a white tube, the spout is sealed with foil. The volume of the funds is 40 gr. The smell is very pleasant, it smells mango. So i want to eat it) The consistency is very thick, but the cream easily falls on the skin and quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy shine. The girlfriend has been using for about a month, for the effect it is necessary for longer use, the store writes that the course consists of 3 tubes, let’s see how much we need. at the moment we can note good hydration.


  46. V***v

    Stretch marks, or in scientific striae, are often the subject of panic of many not only pregnant, but also of spreading, or quickly slimming women in addition, stretch marks appear faster with a large dryness of the skin In general, stretch marks did not bypass me, i when i was very thin earned them in an unwanted place, although externally it is not visible to the eye… I know what they are And so i got such a super silicon This cream fights not only with stretch marks, but also scars and scars after acne In general, such a cream should definitely be on your shelf Delivery took 2,5 weeks with tracking track number, packed in transparent mica, delivered in a branded box, all expiration dates are met until 2021. After application, the skin is soft, soft and moisturized It is too early to talk about the disappearance of discharge as i use little, i will definitely complement my post I recommend this product and the store, do not forget to follow the instructions and try first cream for reaction


  47. J***k

    Pleasant smell and consistency, professional packaging, the result of course it is necessary to wait


  48. K***a

    The cream was taken to eliminate stretch marks on the body after pregnancy. One tube of course for complete removal is not enough. 3-4 tubes are required for complete elimination. After the first use, the skin becomes tender. Absorbed cream well. There is no stickiness. The smell is very pleasant.


  49. I***a

    Cream came to me quickly. From the moment of sending the order to receipt-12 days (ukraine) Packed perfectly, the product in the way was not damaged. The box is cute, was stocked in mica. Inside the cream tube and liner with information in english. The hole on the neck of the tube is sealed with foil membrane. I liked the cream myself. Thick, but not fat. Rather nutritious. Absorbed well and noticeably moisturizes the skin. Pleasant smell of mango, super. Light, unobtrusive and on the skin for a long time does not remain. While i like everything, and i will add about the effect later.


  50. O***a

    I used it on the chest. After the end of breastfeeding, two years have passed. Applied with massaging movements on clean skin. Smell, i really like the application process. For 3 weeks of stretching, of course, did not go anywhere, but became lighter, blue disappeared. The skin has become more elastic and moisturized, less sagging. The cream clearly improved the general condition of the skin. Allergy cream did not cause. I think that it is possible and necessary to try, although all the means are purely individual. This package has bought for a friend, she is just going to finish feeding. I think that earlier the beginning of use can lead to a better result.


  51. C***a

    According to the description, it comes in your boxes, i’ll try and leave comment


  52. F***a

    i haven’t used it yet but i can’t wait to used it and see how is work


  53. A***a

    I liked the cream! Thick consistency, pleasant sweet smell, easy to apply and quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy traces on the clothes. As for the action, i have been using it for a week and it seems to me that stretch marks become lighter, sorry the photo does not very well convey the difference. And the very condition of the skin improved, it became velvety and tender to the touch. I’ll take the whole course!


  54. Customer

    The goods came in a whole package, the shelf life is good, the store put a gift. I start to use and add feedback


  55. V***a

    Pleased with fast delivery. The cream arrived in two weeks. The parcel was well packed, during transportation nothing was damaged, the products were not damaged. The store sent the goods the day after the order. The cream perfectly softens and nourishes the skin, quickly absorbed, they can smear not only problem areas, as well as hands, neck, chest, anywhere in problem areas. After regular use of the cream, stretching steel is visually less noticeable. I recommend ordering goods from this seller.


  56. E***a

    Cream against stretch marks, very cool smells delicious. After a while, i will add a tip helps or not. But it comes quickly for 2 nelels. Thank you for the pleasant addition, a bag of serum for the face.


  57. V***a

    Wonderful cream from stretch marks. This cream acquired a friend, she gave birth relatively recently and she had postpartum stretching. The cream has a good composition, it provides some increase in the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, making it more moisturized and soft. The cream has an average pleasant aroma of mango. The consistency of the product is quite thick, the cream is well absorbed, leaving no greasy shine. The friend was satisfied, allergic reactions the cream did not reveal, and it will continue to use it. from myself i will add that good shelf life, a box in mica, also the tip of the tube had additional foil. Delivery is slightly less than a month.


  58. Y***a

    Cream from stretch marks helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, nourishing and eliminating its dryness. The cream is packed in a branded box, on which you can get acquainted with information about the manufacturer, composition, method of application. Shelf life up to 2022. The volume of the tube is 40g. Ingredients: water, glycerin, polysorbate 80, pyrodoxin, glycirricide dicale, dextranic, indian mango extract, asian centella root extract, allantoin, bled, propylene paraben. The product contains mango extract and various plant ingredients that nourish the skin and reduce stretch marks caused by pregnancy, stimulate cells to regeneration, increase the elasticity of the skin. Requires 3 packages for a full course of treatment. How to use: apply the cream to problem areas with massage movements until the cream is completely absorbed. The girlfriend uses the cream until recently, she noted that her dry skin after applying the cream is well moisturized, soft and elastic.


  59. C***t

    Delivery to the moscow region three weeks, the track was fully tracked. The packaging is good, everything came intact. The cream box is sealed in mica. Date of manufacture and shelf life, composition and method of application are indicated on the package in english. In the kit there is an instruction-you invest with information about the composition and method of application. The cream is designed for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks, smoothing scars, increasing elasticity and tightening of the skin. It also promotes cell regeneration, softens and nourishes the skin. Helps reduce puffiness. After applying the skin becomes smoother and supple. The lifting effect is very good, much better than the lifting creams for the body! For those who lose weight-this is an excellent option for the prevention of sagging and skin tightening. For pregnant women, as a prevention of stretch marks, i think, too, will not be bad. The skin strengthens very cool. Smoothes much better, we make simple maintenance tools.


  60. G***i

    The cream is packed in a cardboard box, wrapped in mica. The package has all the necessary information about the product. In english. Shelf life up to 2021. The cream is white, thick, has a pleasant aroma. Lego is applied, does not leave a greasy trace. The cream very well moisturizes the skin, for which i like it. Softens the skin, making it more elastic and elastic. The tube was sealed. Apply to problem areas of the skin. Massage movements rub until completely absorbed. A good cremaceous, which is perfect as a prphytochka from stretch marks, and just a means of care for us women.


  61. A***.

    Cream from stretch marks with mango screen perfectly copes with stretch marks and similar scars, and also has a pleasant aroma. The cream strengthens the skin and gives it elasticity. Weight: 40g The cream contains nutritious ingredients that allow you to quickly absorb into the skin, reduces stretch marks, promotes cell regeneration and increases the elasticity of the skin. The cream is suitable for any type of skin. For more effect, you need to undergo a course of treatment from stretch marks. As a rule, it is necessary to use 3 tubes of cream. The composition includes: water, glycerin, polysorbate, dextron, iddick mangifer extract, centella asian root extract, allantoin, methyl paraben. The cream should be applied to problem areas of the skin after the shower, and more effectively, after taking a bath, when the skin is most steamed, apply the cream need massage movements, until completely absorbed. You can also practice wrap. Delivery to kazan took two weeks, the cream came in good condition. Shelf life 3 years


  62. Customer

    The cream itself inside is thick and white. Extrudes very well and large with such a thick layer, specially wrote on the hand to be seen. Absorbed truth not immediately need to rub. What i can say for sure is that it perfectly moisturizes me, making it elastic and velvety to the touch. The cream only prevents stretching and fights with their appearance. Of course, he does not completely remove them, noticeably brightens the damaged area and thereby making it less noticeable.


  63. M***a

    The cream is thick enough consistency, has a pleasant aroma. The skin after it is soft and tender, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin well.


  64. J***o

    Excellent packaging all complete and on time recommend to store


  65. V***r

    Cream gentle with a pleasant smell came in intact put as a gift sachet for which a separate gratitude, to kazakhstan was a month, began to use the results i will write later


  66. N***N

    The main medicinal components are extract of indian mango and centella asian. I already wrote that these components are really very good for the skin, they increase its elasticity, nourish and moisturize it. I already used one tube and now i bought the second because the result is! Stretch marks i had fresh and the cream really noticeably removed them. Visually looks much better, although i did not believe at first that it is possible. Smeared only on problem areas and well massaged. The cream is perfectly absorbed, it smells nice. Allergic reaction did not cause. The volume of the product is 40 gr. Delivery 2 weeks to germany. I recommend to buy.


  67. Customer

    The product arrived fast in two weeks nice pleasant mango smell effective I have not used it yet I will have comments after using it. Suggestions to those who want to buy the product after using the product I will be communicating the first impression is the continuation of good comments future good purchases.


  68. Y***o

    Volume 40 grams Shelf life-3 years (specified on the package). Delivery-to ukraine, odessa about 2 weeks. Packaging-branded cardboard packaging of the brand, sealed on top and the tube itself is also branded.


  69. V***i

    The cream is thick enough, very well absorbed into the skin. I did not have any stretch marks during pregnancy and at the same time i did not wear a bandage, after childbirth, after 2 weeks they appeared and i was terrified. It was to blame, it was necessary to dress a bandage, because to the stomach quickly left, from this and appeared. It’s been a year, i thought they would disappear, but no. And soon summer and so want a beautiful tummy, found the store # rtopr and this wonderful cremick. After 12 days of use there is a small result, stretching steel is less pronounced and lighter. The skin has become more elastic, moisturized and tender to the touch. The photo shows. The store says that for the course you need 3 tubes, well, just before the summer a little less than three months, i think i will have time. The cream copes well with the task, stretch marks i do not have so much and i expect that i will need less course.


  70. A***a

    The cream itself is in a plastic tube, sealed with a protective film. Allergies when used did not cause. Consistency in the cream is dense. The smell is light and very pleasant for me. The action of the cream reminds me of the action of the emolent, it kind of keeps moisture inside. I apply cream on the stomach from stretch marks after pregnancy, on the hips and chest to prevent the appearance of stretch marks when changing weight. The consumption of the cream is small, absorbed quickly, does not leave fat. For 10 days of application, i noticed that the skin became more taut, healthy and moisturized. Stretching surprisingly became slightly whiter and less pronounced. I also have a fresh scar on my leg, which i also smear with cream. i attach the photo. I really liked the result. I ordered another cream to finish the course recommended by the manufacturer.


  71. J***a

    The order came in 10 days. The track number of the parcel was tracked. Packed was excellent. As for the cream, i will say immediately, do not wait for magic. Volume: 40g. Shelf life: 19.01.2022 cream contains essence of mango, centella, glycerin. to achieve the best result, the manufacturer recommends to pass a course that consists of three boxes-tubes. According to the consistency of the cream is thick, white. The smell is pleasant. Nourishing cream. Well softens the skin. How to use: apply the cream to the skin and rub until completely absorbed. The cream is good. Allergies did not cause, already good.


  72. A***e

    Got it on time. Packed in standard postal package. Track is traced. This cream decided to order after reading good reviews. I have very noticeable stretch marks after two pregnancies. I want to lighten them a little, that would not be so noticeable. The cream came in a branded white package. Packed in mica. The box is whole. The package contains information in english and chinese. The expiration date is specified. Plastic tube is not large. Weight 40g. The consumption is quite economical. Ingredients: water, glycerin, mango extract, iddick mangifer extract, centella asian root extract. The cream is nutritious and it does not need much. When applied to the skin quickly absorb. The smell is pleasant, mango. No sticky effect. The cream is best used 2-3 times a day. For a very noticeable effect, as i understand one tube will be small. I like the cream, and the effect of talking is still early. The skin becomes soft and tender. I recommend using the time of pregnancy.


  73. Customer

    Delivery medium, packing sealed, in use was not.


  74. E***a

    Cream of thick consistency, white color, with a specific smell. Absorbed well, but not immediately, stickiness does not leave. In the composition: glycerin, mango extract, centella extract asian, allantoin. Manufacturer’s statement: reducing stretch marks, regeneration of cells and increasing skin elasticity. In fact: the stretch marks really light a little, they did not disappear, but became less noticeable; the skin is actually more elastic, but i did not notice regeneration. The course is calculated on three tubes. One tube was enough for 11 days, the second for 12.


  75. D***a

    Shipping: month. The shelf life is specified: 3 years. Consistency is dense. I believe that if you start using the cream for fresh stretch marks, then they can not only lighten, but even reduce. If the stretch marks are old, then lighten them quite realistically, because there is a mango that brightens the skin well


  76. E***S

    Product received before the time excellent delivery cordination


  77. Customer

    Received in 25 days. Haven’t tried it yet. Thank you for the gift. Thanks store.


  78. A***o

    Thank you. Came quickly


  79. N***h

    Ordered on march 4 for 3.51 dollars, received on april 1. It came in a puffy bag, the tube is packed in a cardboard box and mica, everything is intact. The store put another probe as a gift, for which he thank you very much. On the package there is a composition, production time and shelf life. I ordered for my daughter, she had stretch marks on her chest. After application, i will add a review of the effect.


  80. E***a

    The package arrived in three weeks. Track tracked. Excellent medium from scars, stretch marks after childbirth i do not have, but small scars from acne yes, and i smear them with such creams, and this cream left only positive emotions.


  81. L***o

    I order the second tube, since for a full course of treatment you need to use 3 tubes, so it is written on the store’s page. After using one tube, i became a little lighter, not as noticeable as they were, so i will continue. The cream goes in a tube sealed with a fake, volume-40g. Then in the branded box, which is sealed in mica. On the box there is such information: composition and method of application in english, and shelf life (3 years, i have until 2021). I like him.


  82. O***a

    Fast shipping! The cream is quickly absorbed, it smells nice.


  83. U***s

    Delivery is very fast, less than two weeks. This company i already have a second mask from black dots, i’ll try also from stretch marks, i do not believe in a miracle and i know that they will not go anywhere without a laser, but i really hope, that at least shine and will not be so noticeable. In general, there is confidence in this brand, if the miracle happens, i will add a review of the photo;)


  84. T***a

    The product is smoothly and timely. Packing and shipping time is fine. I will also comment after using the product.


  85. R***v

    Everything came safe and sound. On application i will write later.


  86. T***t

    The order was satisfied. Delivery is fast. The track was tracked all the way. The store is sociable, attentive. Thanks to him.


  87. M***a

    Thank you. The order was a month. the goods really work, at night smeared the place where the stretch marks, they disappeared. I advise the store. put a probe for the face.


  88. S***v

    Received the goods. I don’t know the effect yet… Then i’ll add feedback…


  89. O***r

    Good moisturizing and nourishing cream, well absorbed, stretch marks are unchanged. it is possible only as prevention is effective


  90. V***a

    Thank you very much


  91. Z***K

    Hope it works.


  92. P***d

    The product came to me in good condition, well protected and fast, good product


  93. Customer

    Cream received until used Shipping long Packed well Thanks to the store for the plugs


  94. K***l

    I haven’t used it yet, will add another feed back after use


  95. A***s

    It came in a week in kharkov, took it in a new post, i’m shocked))) this is the fastest delivery! I ordered 2, as a gift put a cork. Everything is whole, not crumpled, the boxes are sealed in cellophane, there is an instruction. We will try, i will add feedback as i use


  96. T***a

    Cool cream, helps me. I take the third tube. Delivery to my post office a month. Track tracked


  97. C***o

    it arrived earlier , it all in good state …still have to try it ..


  98. A***a

    The composition is almost perfect. There are no harmful substances except two preservatives. But without them, too, nowhere. The cream is very pleasant, makes the skin moisturized. I use two weeks, but i think the effect is already there.


  99. O***a

    Shipping long, packaging is good, shelf life up to 2021 years.


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