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Portable Car Battery Charger Digital Display

(100 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • The Portable Car Battery Charger Digital Display is portable and ideal for traveling
  • It is a 3-stage battery charger that’s suitable for, gel, calcium, wet and AGM batteries
  • It has an automatic charging function that prevents overcharging
  • Size: 6 x 3.1 x 2.2 inches/ Voltage: 12V/ Output Power: 12V
  • Input Voltage: 110V-220V/ Output: 12V/ Current: 6A Max/ Battery Range: 2ah-120ah
  • Plug Type Variants: EU Plug/ US Plug
  • Package Contents:
    • 1 x Portable Car Battery Charger

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Portable Car Battery Charger Digital Display

Make sure to always have this Portable Car Battery Charger Digital Display in your car tool kit! It’s a must-have for all car owners! Whether it’s an auto or SUV, car owners experience a dead battery at some point. Batteries power several car functions such as air conditioning and headlights. It’s understandable why car batteries die especially when the weather is cold. But what if you’re traveling miles from home and anyone you know? Make sure that never happens by securing this portable car battery charger.

3-Stage Charger

A 3-stage charger is a type of battery charger suitable for AGM, gel, calcium, and wet batteries. This type of charger can also help restore sulfated and drained batteries. The 3 stages that this is referring to are bulk, absorption, and float charging stages. In the bulk stage, the charger returns the car battery to an 80 to 90 percent fullness. It maintains the current at a high level to achieve this until it reaches a specific voltage level. At this point, the charger switches to the absorption stage where it holds voltage. This leads the resistance to increase and the current to decrease. Upon achieving a certain current level, the charger will switch to the final stage. This is the float stage that brings and maintains the car battery at a 100% charge level.

Portable and Convenient

Most battery chargers, especially old models, are very heavy to bring on a daily basis. This leads people to leave it at home but this defeats the purpose of having in case of emergencies. Emergencies happen at the time and place you least expect it to. That’s why it’s best to get this portable version instead. It doesn’t take up much room allowing it to fit right in your trunk. Finally, it has an LCD digital display that allows you to read the results easily and accurately.

Based on 100 reviews

5.0 overall

Add a review

  1. E***V

    Everything came well very quickly recommend the store, like charges, let’s see how much is enough.


  2. I***n

    Until i realized what he was doing. As it charges, but does not cause trust.


  3. A***v

    Charging came pretty quickly, track number was tracked, check, add feedback…


  4. R***r

    The box of mint the device itself seems to be a whole until i checked


  5. Y***y

    The parcel came to minsk for a month. the track was tracked. connected to the battery-everything is ok!


  6. A***s

    Ordered february 9, the store sent february 12. Delivery was carried out by a transport company (courier to the door of the apartment). Box without damage. The device has not yet used, but soon i will check and supplement the feedback.


  7. V***l

    Order was received. Without Problems. Good quality as description. Recommend store. Thanks. *****


  8. V***m

    The goods were tracked to ulyanovsk for a month. Everything works. Crocodiles pleasantly surprised with their quality. The repair mode is also included. i recommend it.


  9. A***v

    The appearance is qualitatively manufactured. Works in automatic mode. Excellent product for such a price.


  10. M***p

    The parcel was two months old. Track tracked. Packed everything neatly, the box is slightly wrinkled, but in general without problems. I have not checked in the work yet, after checking i will write off. Seller recommend.


  11. D***v

    Delivery within a month, the charger connected, check, instruction in english, crocodiles are good, comfortable, the device itself is light, put on repair 7 ah battery, let’s see what will happen, russian post brought in 6 days, the store answered the messages.


  12. A***v

    Brought courier, store sociable, charging good


  13. S***o

    Small, light, comfortable, fresh, works! Shows temperature, voltage, amps. One minus-drove 1,5 months.


  14. M***v

    Item arrived, very long shipping! Included in the outlet, shows the charge and temperature! I have not connected to the battery yet! In general, i expected less charging, it is quite big! At first glance, everything is reliable! With careful use, i think will last a long time! The goods are satisfied, i recommend the store!!!


  15. A***y

    The charger came delivery by courier to the door everything works charged 75 ah battery when the charge is finished on the screen appears the inscription ful


  16. K***h

    The store is sociable. Fast shipping. Charging works (now the battery is charged, tomorrow i will check how well and complement). Temperature shows with error of one degree. While the device pleases


  17. V***z

    The charger came relatively quickly, everything corresponds to the description, the packaging for such a product is needed better because our post office is visible in the photo, but the charging is intact, turned on works, how will charge check later now not to check. thank you store.


  18. M***v

    I got in a month, brought the courier. all the crumpled (photo). i can not check yet. i turned on the outlet to glow and buzzing.


  19. S***s

    Everything corresponds to the description, the charger is super for its price is excellent, i recommend.


  20. D***v

    Charging arrived by courier, great thing, i recommend!


  21. A***v

    Ordered at the end of january 2018 came in two and a half months, the store first lost the charger, cheto mychal that somewhere the goods disappeared, appealed to the administration of ali, there he was punished by the seller then whether after that the seller began to communicate, the negotiations were going for a long time, draw conclusions whether it is worth ordering


  22. O***k

    It went to the stavropol territory 1,5 months. Packing is not broken, all whole. Charger works, store recommend


  23. S***o

    The goods were delivered by courier to the house. Packed well. I have not checked the performance yet. Cord and wires in full quality. Thanks to the store.


  24. R***N

    It came quickly, packed well. This fact is included. The temperature understates the degrees of etac by 10 ° c. There is nothing to charge yet. Later i will add a review.


  25. R***k

    Everything works, tried to charge 90 k. Everything is ok. i want to bury another one for my father-in-law. i liked it, i recommend it.


  26. K***a

    It all seems to work. What is the truth is that the carobka is wrinkled.


  27. Y***v

    Delivery 1,5 months to the apartment by courier, the device works, the battery did not charge because i bought a new one!) if that not later i will add a review))


  28. Customer

    It’s okay, it’s working. Delivery exactly month sdecom, goods and packaging in full integrity. More information on this z/u is easy to find on youtube, in the video everything is told in detail and shown. In general, quite a suitable charger, took and did not regret


  29. A***n

    Delivery more than a month. Brought the courier russian post to the door. Delivery from lyubretsy.


  30. S***a

    With sight well, check yet no possibility, shipping well.


  31. D***v

    Delivery as always long without tracking well except that very conditionally on the express in orders, packed in a standard package. The charger itself works whole, charges well to a full 60a battery tyumen mode desulphation is that exactly plus, but i have not yet understood whether it is useful in general liked to take for this money about 900 r i recommend


  32. S***v

    The parcel was delivered on time by courier. Charging working, checked. Let’s see how much will last). Seller thanks!


  33. I***v

    Delivered quickly, courier to the house. I haven’t checked yet. Thanks to the store.


  34. R***m

    delivery directly to the apartment. simple packaging. in appearance everything is whole. not yet verified. the parcel was not long.


  35. A***n

    On 23 days delivered by courier, delivery by cdek. All as in the description, fully automated. During operation alternately shows: temperature, charging current, voltage. There is a cooler for cooling. Suitable for charging any batteries, from lead to agm with a capacity of 4 ah to 100 ah. I recommend.


  36. V***i

    Twist, delivered by courier, the box was slightly wrinkled, immediately put the battery on charging, the charger works


  37. Y***n

    Zamoviv 19.02, came 23.03 to novu posta (kiev). Package maje is not shabby. Do not overdo it, ale ekran run down to 220 v. By charging the battery more dodam reviews. In priolomu, we will attach the enchantments. I recommend!


  38. O***V

    Weight of the goods. not 660 gr. And gram 150. check the work?


  39. S***v

    A small breakdown of the case packaging is weak in the rest everything works


  40. R***v

    The charger got, brought home, like everything works, tomorrow i will check completely and complement


  41. D***o

    Everything works as it should. Delivery to the apartment sdecom.


  42. D***v

    Came for 20 days, received in the warehouse sdek, everything works, thanks to the store.


  43. E***n

    The product corresponds to the description. Track tracked, delivered by courier to the door. Came in a box with instructions in english. Connected to the car battery terminals, it immediately showed the voltage and voltage. Then included in the network 220 v, the fan was spinning, began to show amperage and voltazh-up to 14.4 v, amperage from 5a dropped to 0.1a during charging. By the way, during charging takes into account the temperature of the environment. Everything was charged as it should. The goods are satisfied. I hope that will last a long time.


  44. V***v

    The box of mint, from the plane probably dropped off, the charger works, everything is like in the description. For this money, normul.


  45. M***V

    Before the nsk for a month sdecom. the courier brought to the door. the packaging was pretty good, but the goods were not damaged, the store sent the goods promptly.


  46. A***v

    Cool charger. Works well. I like it.


  47. E***v

    Delivered quickly, quality like normal, try to charge in recovery mode


  48. V***a

    Got in 2 weeks. tried to charge the dead battery. .. It seems to be able to revive it. with the temperature exactly lies.


  49. I***v

    Yes normalek. working charger. but the packaging is crumpled. that is, the box.


  50. B***v

    The product came three weeks before the kemerovo region. delivery by courier to the door. everything suits, easy operation of charging, informative display, good crocodiles stamps akb, automatic shutdown, everything, as in the description.


  51. V***h

    The thing is good, the battery sat in zero light forgot to turn off put on recharging after 30 minutes well charged the machine started immediately. the condition is good and it does not warm the fan works well, i recommend


  52. V***v

    Works great. Came from the russian federation 11 days before udmurtia. One minus the wires are short.


  53. S***v

    Charging came in a very crumpled package, thanks to the post of russia. It seems that everything works. The device itself smells like china, quite a persistent smell. During charging shows voltage, charging current, temperature. The cooler works very noisy. There is a function of “recovery” akb. Put on charging your battery, let’s see what will happen. Later i will add a review, if i do not forget.


  54. J***j

    The courier delivered to the house. the package is good. until he charged the battery, then write off.


  55. A***v

    Went long. Had to even Extend buyer protection. As a result, i’m happy. Tests on pictures. Akum was charged for 80 percent, and in minutes ten of this charge power of attorney to 100.


  56. S***m

    An excellent charger was tracked all the way to the delivery site. Khabarovsk reached for 4 weeks charged motorcycle and car battery charges perfectly.


  57. P***H

    Delivery is almost a month, packed normally, made qualitatively! I haven’t checked in yet!


  58. Customer

    Everything is ok. Packing-package-puffy. The device itself is in the box. Manufactured per month of order. Delivery month from the date of payment. I recommend. I will check in the work-i will write off.


  59. A***n

    It came quickly, the packaging is good, even the box did not crumple. Its functions perform perfectly.


  60. Customer

    Well, it took quite a while for the shipment, but i finally got there. Communication with the store was very good and extended reception time once. Even though the waiting period ended before receiving it, the seller always answered the messages. As for the product, the box arrived somewhat crushed but the product is intact. Now we’ll see how it works and maybe add a review later. 100 recommended seller.


  61. A***v

    The store need to pay attention to the packaging, constant comments, that the packaging is crumpled. I’ll check for a review. Shipping is not fast.


  62. N***i

    I have received the charger and it’s in good working condition. Fast shipping.


  63. S***n

    The goods are received, the packaging is a little crumpled but the charger is assembled qualitatively and works fine, the store advise everyone well.


  64. S***v

    Included in the socket-works, the battery did not charge, while there is nothing to charge, the device is compact, i liked it, the delivery time is a little more than a month


  65. D***r

    Works perfectly. Converted the plug to an Aus/NZ plug.


  66. Customer

    Ordered on march 28, 2019, the parcel came on may 6, 2019. With the store did not communicate, sent immediately, the parcel was tracked to the post office. The box is wrinkled, because. Packed only in a package with bubbles. In appearance the whole, did not check the performance. As i check, i will add a review.


  67. R***y

    Everything works


  68. A***a

    Came relatively quickly works as a charging supplement.


  69. A***n

    Until the st. petersburg was a little over a month. The track was tracked, on arrival to the post office a message came. As for the goods: a whole, not broken, stuck in the socket the display board lit up, something shows. There is an instruction, but in english. I did not check for charging, i do not want to get the battery out of the car. I hope everything works.


  70. D***o

    Shipping long!!! A little later we’ll see how it will work! The store is so-so, even pack well can not, it’s strange that after the post of russia the goods are whole!


  71. K***r

    It seem to be very good ~ but I didn’t use it yet. I will update soon


  72. P***p

    Hello, everybody! The device came in whole, without damage. Included in the outlet, like it works. No battery at hand to check whether it gives charge or not… The parcel came quickly. Track number tracked. The store is sociable, quickly answers questions. All successful purchases!


  73. D***v

    Good charge, even the old battery was able to swing. My money is definitely worth it-i recommend.


  74. V***o

    Delivery to kazakhstan about 40 days. The packaging is slightly wrinkled, but everything is intact. Many buttons, already two pieces, the instruction is attached, we will study)))). Recommend!!!!


  75. O***a

    To ukraine in 40 days. The quality is excellent, although there is a characteristic smell. Put on charging, everything shows. I can’t tell you exactly how much. I recommend.


  76. A***v

    Looks not bad. Included in the socket the screen is lit, only the fan does not spin, can need to connect to the battery…


  77. Y***v

    The store sent the order quickly. The parcel came crumpled, the order was a month. The product corresponds to the description. Charging working, in the case did not check yet.


  78. M***v

    Excellent charging. Thank you very much.


  79. A***n

    To the samara region 39 days. everything works.


  80. S***n

    Packing do not ochiem box all wrinkled but the charger itself whole working


  81. V***y

    Delivery of the parcel a little more than a month. A box of mint. The charger is not damaged. Charged battery. electrolyte density by areometer Showed 75%. Included the repair function and held the battery for 6 hours. Measured with an areometer 100%. As a result, good charging. Charges well. Seller of successful sales and more buyers. It is desirable to pay attention to the packing of goods, make some changes.


  82. V***v

    Charging works. There is a repair mode, while it charges normally.


  83. A***k

    Everything works. Delivery to mogilev about 1,5 months. Made well. True wire is short. Charge 75a battery on pyzhik. What will be next we will see. While i’m happy. Seller 5 stars


  84. O***v

    The parcel is delivered by courier. Corresponds to the description. During charging shows current, voltage and temperature. Seller thanks for the work.


  85. Customer

    Everything looks good! did not finish the test. but so far so good! as a bonus, it acts like a battery charge tester while not connected to mains AC/220v. has an internal fan that works when charging.


  86. A***o

    All OK. Tested works well.


  87. D***D

    Got quite quickly, for 3 weeks, everything works, i recommend the store.


  88. Customer

    Goods arrived, haven’t tested yet bul looks like description.


  89. I***o

    The order came in three weeks (sverdlovsk region), the courier delivered to the apartment. Well packed, everything works fine.


  90. K***n

    Packing wrinkled apparatus does not work strangely.


  91. R***t

    Came the parcel brought the courier carried the truth three days the box all the mint is packed terribly but everything works


  92. A***k

    Parcel came in 14 days


  93. M***d

    It looks good with your corresponding cables it only remains to be charged and used


  94. L***o

    Use do not know you’re a heart in the


  95. E***a

    Came in a crumpled box, the performance has not yet checked. The species has its own money.


  96. A***v

    Works as it should, only scares that at first 6a showed.


  97. R***z

    It was expected, it came super fast, the only one but no manual and i’m trying to learn to occupy


  98. A***h



  99. S***O

    Arrived well packaged and works right.


  100. R***r

    The whole has come, it turns on. But i haven’t tried it yet.


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