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Portable Air Purifier With Night Light

(70 customer reviews)

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  • A compact air purifier that is easy to operate; Press the button once to turn it on and press it twice to change the fan speed setting
  • It has a LED blue light that can illuminate your room at night; Can help you sleep well during nighttime
  • Can effectively trap air pollutants that can cause sneezing, asthma, and nasal stuffiness using the HEPA filter
  • Size: 12.5 x 12.5 x 20cm/ Weight: 0.55g/ Material: ABS
  • Application Area: 10 Square Meters Around
  • Power Source: USB Cable
  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Portable Air Purifier With Night Light
    • 1 x USB Cable Wire (Plug Adapter Not Included)
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Filter (Inside The Air Purifier)

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Portable Air Purifier With Night Light

Enjoy using this Portable Air Purifier with night light! You can place it in your office or while at home. Additionally, it can purify the air in your living space very well. It can help prevent and eliminate bad odors. At the same time, it can illuminate your room with warm light. This device can help get rid of dust, molds, airborne allergens, pet dander, and irritants. Using it can also let you sleep better at night because it will trap pollutants that can cause you harm. Most especially on areas that have minimal ventilation. Likewise, this is an advanced device that is easy to operate. You can simply press the one-touch switch. Then a blue LED light will turn on. Then it will turn off automatically after eight hours. If you want to switch the speed setting of the fan, you can press it again.

Compact Air Purifier

This is a compact air purifier that is very functional and it is applicable in small areas. You can freely use it inside your study room, living room, or bedroom. Aside from that, you can easily plug the cable wire on the socket using a plug adapter. It contains a true HEPA filter that can trap small particles of air pollutants. Moreover, it uses negative ions which can help filter elements efficiently. If you are a person who is health conscious then it would be a perfect device for you. In fact, air pollutants can cause health problems and we can prevent that with the help of this device. You can prevent asthma attacks, sneezing, and coughing too.

Removing Pet Odor

If you have pets at home. It would be nice to use an air purifier like this device. You can eliminate pet odors and allergic reactions won’t trigger.

Based on 70 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. B***h

    This is small and compact but very strong. I like how it doesn’t take up much space in your room. I like that it is usb powered. It does not make a lot of noise. I put it in my sons room because he has bad allergies. This purification performance and low noise air purifier to make sure our enjoy a high quality sleeping. It is small size and modern design make it easy to fit in any small areas or rooms, yet powerful enough to deliver cleaned air 10-30m³/h. No ozone and UV-C light. It only need one touch switch equipped with delicate blue LED light, and press the button again to enter into sleep mode to dim light, it will power off 8 hours later automatically. So, it create the perfect atmosphere in and usable as a soft nightlight. It has negative ions bring high efficiency air filtraction, it also is good for emotion lifting, no ozone. I’m glad the light noise doesn’t bother him. This is a great air purifier for a small room. It is very affordable and high quality.


  2. Customer

    This is small doesn’t take up a lot of space in any room. You can put it in a table or desk or on the floor. It’s quiet and doesn’t disturbed or distracted you while your enjoying your peace and quiet. It picks up all the dusty and polin or whatever other contaminated that are in the air.


  3. B***b

    so fast,high quality,good!!!!


  4. T***t

    Fast delivery, exactly the same as in the picture, nice


  5. M***m

    Gives the air a moisture that I didn’t know that I was missing. Great product. Makes breathing easier at home. I keep it in the living room because of all the traffic and germs that come in. But It also keeps the house a lot cooler. The auto shut-off is a plus as well!! Extremely simple to use. Just plug & push the button.


  6. S***s

    good,picture share


  7. S***s

    Emmm…I really feel better air after the use, quiet voice, I will introduce more friends


  8. Customer

    I like the air purifier! I adopt two cats. So, sometimes my home has some strange smells. With the air purifier, I find that my room air is obviously cleaner than before! Recommend it highly!


  9. Customer

    Fast delivery, 7 days, so good! recommend


  10. T***h

    Very quiet, USB interface, very convenient, I like it


  11. A***a

    This air purifier is nicely designed, and works quietly and very well on our computer desk. The blue LED light is soft and nice looking, and we use the 8-hour sleep mode/automatic shut-off feature nightly.


  12. S***r

    This air purifier works very well for small confined spaces, it does not take up too much space and very quiet. 2. It produces low invisible buzzing noise only at the highest settings. It does not produce any smell while working, but helps to reduce the smell of pet and allergen of animal. I feel better after using in my room.


  13. T***t

    Gives the air a moisture that I didn’t know that I was missing. Great product. Makes breathing easier at home. I keep it in the living room because of all the traffic and germs that come in. But It also keeps the house a lot cooler. The auto shut-off is a plus as well!! Extremely simple to use. Just plug & push the button.


  14. W***w

    This is the first time I bought an air purifier because I cannot stand the smoke like smell in the flat anymore and no one at home is even smoking. I was able to notice the difference even after a few days of use only. It’s also light weight and portable so I can transfer it from our room to my son’s room. Although, I am also thinking of buying another one for the living room. It’s very easy to use. The light cannot be turned off which is fine with me since I sleep with the lamp on with my son. It also makes a fan like sound but it’s not really loud.


  15. S***s

    As a student living in a small-sized room in halls, I realised I needed some air quality control. This simple looking device does the job for me – it’s discrete, quiet and most importantly – I can actually feel the difference. Of course, I still let some fresh air in on a daily basis. All in all, I’m positively surprised by the idea of having an air purifier in my room. PS. It’s really easy to use – there is only one control button with two modes.


  16. D***d

    The results of a few days of use, I feel that my allergic rhinitis began to improve, sleep at night is better, will not always have a stuffy nose.


  17. L***l

    I used to have a terrible problem of dust and this thick air in my room. My work mate suggested me to get a purifier as it helped him to clean his air u. And I can across this one, my room is 10 times nicer now than it used to be. I left the purifier running the whole time for the first few days and I have noticed much cleaner air around than before. Since my air around has got much different I keep the purifier on for few hours here and there and it does the job perfectly of keep the air clean. It’s helpful work really well. It has night light function and can choose different speed as well. Easy to use


  18. M***h

    Was getting sick of the dust in my bedroom so picked up this. Sits quietly behind my desk, is powered by the USB port on my monitor, and when I check the filter for what it picks up I can see it’s working! Wouldn’t go without it now, recommended!


  19. Customer

    It is very quiet in operation, and It’s very easy to use. To operate you just press the button at the top of the machine once. To enter sleeping mode press again and half the blue lights go out. If you press again it will switch off. Its small lightweight contemporary design, makes it easy to move to other rooms if required. Its powered via the mains, and it is supplied with a USB charger, which you can just plug into a USB plug or a USB wall socket, or your laptop USB etc. Full instructions are also included.It’s good value for a air purifier as some of them run into hundreds of pounds. This stylish device does the same thing and I fully recommend this product.


  20. K***g

    good Product. everything works fine. delivery very fast. recommend store


  21. R***r

    Fast,,,,, portable air purifier large size, perfect size to be really portable and move when and where necessary. I have an open plan kitchen, and this air purifier is located in the kitchen to prevent the penetration of odors and odors into the rest of the house. I think it works great and does its job. The device itself looks very smooth and modern, suitable for my decor and looks great in my house.


  22. M***m

    Looks very nice, the air purifier design is modern and high quality. He works great. Super fast air improvement. I’m so excited! Delivery is very fast. Perfect item!


  23. D***s

    Very good, recommended


  24. T***t

    Door-to-door delivery soon, when I received a look is very small, think it is not easy to use, but when I began to use, quiet, small and lovely, charge simple, the battery is very durable, feel very good, will buy another room for my daughter. Thank you


  25. Q***b

    Looks really good and affordable after all. Tiny but useful in my little little bedroom. Iᯭ thinking about putting it in my car now.


  26. M***o

    Its easy to use for just one button, its right fit my son’s bedroom, the air smell much better after using it, and its quite when its working, Really seems to freshen up the air.


  27. H***a

    At first, I have to say I LOVE its design, very neat and modern. The size is right fit for my desk next to my computer and its very quiet as well. The RBG light matches with my RBG keyboard pad I just bought as well! Love it.


  28. M***o

    tried this air purifier every day for ten days now, love how it makes the whole room’s air so much cleaner, my boyfriend and I always wanted one like this actually. mainly for the ones in the market to spray the room to make air fresher always got chemicals in there. but not this one and this is why we bought it, love it so much and highly recommend!


  29. J***e



  30. C***y

    I use this by my bed every night. I can tell a difference. The air feels so much fresher. It helped my congestion from allergies get better quickly.


  31. N***a

    Because the air at home is not good and the child is often allergic, so I bought this air filter and put it in the child’s room to filter the air. This air filter design is novel, small and delicate. It can filter air and improve air quality only by powering on and pressing the power supply. It’s been used for a few days. There’s no sound when it’s running. It feels great.


  32. P***k

    The size of this purifier is prefect for my nightstand. I left it on at night during sleep, and it doesnot make too loud of noise so I sleep comfortably. Its small but it works well for me, I used to wake up with sour throat and itchy eyes sometimes, ever since I started using this by my bed, that hasnt happened again.


  33. E***a

    I like it.thanks


  34. I***v



  35. T***o

    After a few days of continuous use, I feel that this machine is particularly good, and the ambient light can also adjust the intensity of the light. When I was working, the voice was very small. I felt that the air in the room was much better these days, thank you!


  36. A***v

    I tested this device in my bedroom for a few nights, it works really good. I feel the air is fresher than before every morning I wake up, and the noise can barely be heard. It is a very cool and useful.


  37. A***v

    A compact unit that I leave in my bathroom, turn it on whenever needed, works very quiet. I don’t get bother by the light, it’s very dim when in sleeping mode. I have been using it for couple days and it get jobs done!


  38. A***v

    Very quiet and fits right on my dresser. Perfect size for a small room. Great price for this.


  39. E***n

    I like is item .Easy to use ,not as big as I expect , it feel good


  40. A***v

    My study is 12 square meters, with a good effect. It can absorb 0.3 micron or larger particle pollution and filter PM2.5. When I am in the study, I can clearly feel that the gap is much cleaner.I really feel great.


  41. S***n

    We have a lot of animals in a fairly small house and we both have mild allergies so I have been on the lookout for an air purifier. Im so happy with this one- its super quiet and I love the blue light (not too bright) and we have noticed a difference. Great for small spaces, would definitely recommend!


  42. R***r

    I love it! Had a huge influence during the first hour in my bedroom. I can breathe again! One thing I don’t like is bright blue light. I can’t sleep with that. It’s too bright. I’m actually enjoying the noise he makes. It sounds like a white noise and soothes, and at first I thought that I would like to sleep, but the light destroyed it. But besides light and noise you can feel the difference in the air. This thing is amazing.


  43. T***t

    The first time I bought an air purifier, because the room was carpet, so I bought a room for children. The operation was very simple.


  44. T***t

    Amazing am so impressed with this product it is give you clean and clear air around your house


  45. L***l



  46. N***n



  47. S***s

    Being a severe asthmatic with allergies to dust and pets to name a few, this has aided with my sleeping, so much that I have been able to reduce my inhaler intake in the evening! Having been in and out of hospital most of my life, I am amazed with how much this has helped me in the last few weeks. Wish I brought one sooner!


  48. S***s



  49. G***v



  50. S***s

    Easy to use and works well


  51. Y***e

    This is so beautiful. There was no noise when I was using it. This looks very good and advanced.


  52. D***n

    Good product, small to leave the computer side. Arrived in 18 days calendar SP


  53. R***a

    Indeed, the air has become fresh, it’s a pity not to moisturize. Very quickly delivered. I recommend the store!


  54. X***k

    Cool thing. For a small room is perfect.


  55. H***C



  56. D***d

    We’re in an area known for allergies and cedar and mold hit me hard at night. This little filter is small and quite enough to keep in the headboard inches from our heads.


  57. T***t

    Ideal for my room because I like that it keeps the air very clean and I can feel the difference when it is not on. I love this type of air cleaners because I have asthma and allergies all the time keep me sick and now I feel more relieved. This air purifier makes no noise and emits a light that makes me feel that someone takes care of me. I actually bought it because I suffer a lot from allergies and now I’m getting better. Just plug it in and start cleaning your air immediately.


  58. B***b

    When I received the humidifier I was a little surprised of the size. I expected it to be bigger and thought it wouldn’t be sufficient for what I needed it for. I was wrong, and actually I’m glad its smaller than what i thought cause it’s less room it takes up and its works great. Currently located in an area where we have dust storms and this really helps purify the air in our room makes it feel more refreshing and easier to breathe since we’ve had it running. Very satisfied!


  59. T***t

    My son has allergies for dust. Purchased to reduce dust levels in the home and so far definatley an improvement in both levels of dust and air quality. This purifier does seem to remove a lot of dust, pollen and other allergens from the air. After a prolonged period of time waking up every morning with blocked up sinuses just after a couple of days he started to notice the difference. Blue led is a nice too and the unit looks good. Would recommend it for anyone with allergy problems.


  60. Customer

    Delivered quickly. The boxes were in bad condition, but the ochster itself is intact and works well.


  61. J***a

    thank you very musch!


  62. E***v

    Received works will see whether it will be good while satisfied


  63. I***

    It’s wonderful. understand, mega fast shipping


  64. L***e

    Seems good so far.


  65. C***t

    Arrived in it’s own box and well packaged. Includes usb cord and 5 language detailed manual. Also includes troubleshooting guide in the manual. I have just started it, and the fan is very quiet. I will update in the future.


  66. M***a

    received it quickly. good condition. seems to work fine.


  67. J***l

    He arrived fast, apparently performing his function I’ll put more comments in a month


  68. N***a

    Beautiful Goods came. met all expectations. works well, does not make noise. the store very quickly sent the goods.


  69. Customer

    Just arrived within committed timeline


  70. J***r

    Very good.


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