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Nose Cleaner Nasal Irrigator

(99 customer reviews)

8,113 Orders

In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • It can keep the nose clean and comfortable, It reduces the breeding of bacteria, and helps recover the normal operation of the nose
  • Gently removes pollen, mold, dust, mucus and other pollutants
  • Light, durable and environmentally- friendly plastic, easy for both adults and children to use
  • Capacity: 300ML / Nozzle Description: 3-hole nozzle (children); Single-hole nozzle (adults)
  • Package Contents:
    • 2 × Nozzles (1 adult, 1 child)
    • 1 x 300ml Bottle (Nasal Rinse Mix Salt not included)

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Nose Cleaner Nasal Irrigator

It’s hard to work when you are not feeling well. Especially if your nose is clogged. You need this nose cleaner to help you with that. We can’t function with our work if our nose is troubling us. The same goes for studying. Doing tasks with a stuffy nose is difficult.
Furthermore, if you are at work or in school, you can’t drink medicine for that because it will make you sleepy. The trouble with taking medication not only it makes you tired, but it makes you feel drowsy and all the more you won’t be able to do your work. So when you have a stuffy nose, use this nose cleaner to get instant relief.

It Recovers The Normal Operation Of The Nose

It keeps the nose clean and comfortable. Furthermore, when you use this nose cleaner, it reduces the breeding of bacteria, and recover the normal operation of the nose. Whenever we feel like there’s something wrong with our body, we find ways to make it healthy. For your dirty ears, you use cotton buds to clean it. So for your nose, use this nasal irrigator to get instant relief.

Know The Difference  Between Two Nozzles

Before you start using this nose cleaner, you have to make sure that your hands are clean. Furthermore, check always if you are using the correct nozzle. For children, use the three hole nozzle. Then if for adults, use the single hole nozzle. This nose cleaner doesn’t come with nasal rinse mix salt, so you need to purchase that separately. This set comes with two nozzles, one for adult and one for a child, and a 300ml bottle. For children’s use, an adult should accompany them while they use it since it should be with an adult’s supervision. Before anything else, don’t forget to purchase 2.7g nasal rinse mix salt so that you will be able to start using this set.

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Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 8 cm

Based on 99 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. Customer

    Ez jobb, mint a kis kamcsós. Még nem próbáltam ki, de minőséginek tűnik.


  2. O***a

    All match, as in the picture. The quality is excellent. At the bottom of the bottle a button. For the second time to buy this product, for a friend. Recommend, very convenient to wash the nose


  3. M***a

    They sent me the old version of the product, but hopefully the efficiency will not be affected. Looks like the picture. Goods and store recommend.


  4. M***a

    Packed well, whole and pure. If You have to try out, will add a review. Hope to live without a cold. What all desire! Thank you!


  5. I***a

    Track to track. Been looking for analog in our stores, but alas… Convenient bottle, water flow, when press the button on the bottom of the bottle, respectively, follows, and it does not strike jet.


  6. M***v

    Going For almost a month, packaging is not damaged, all together. Thanks to the store.


  7. A***a

    Moskvu went on for two months. Strong plastic. Sterile packaging


  8. L***a

    Fast delivery the items are well-packed, brought home by courier. Cleaner nose high quality, well washes nose. Pressure Jet medium. Two heads. IN general, all OK, the correct thing. Recommend buying.


  9. N***n

    Very happy! No bad smell plastic, all in the description. Seller fast process and ship your order. Track is monitored. Thank You Very Much! Recommend and store, and goods!


  10. A***Y

    Damaged goods did not come, the quality is excellent. Not tested, but sprinkles well, not flow rate for gentle washing nose. Seller recommend! Thank You Very Much!


  11. P***y

    Capacity is large. Plastic High Quality


  12. B***r

    Nose washes, pressure has more in the brain, then in the next, but after water flows down to where it is necessary. Feeling in the pool with chlorine, when water in nose заливвется. Резюмируем-nose washes, water can pour 300 ml


  13. E***o

    Is a good thing. Will be ordering more. Packaging is good. Delivery fast. Thank you


  14. Y***A

    Fast shipping. Quality goods. It works. included children’s head. Purchase I happy!


  15. S***v

    Ordered as a replacement дельфину, isn’t it. For the kids will do, pressure jet is no.


  16. M***k

    Just like in the description. Went a little more than a month. Packed well. Actually tried, after testing will add a. Did not communicate with.


  17. A***v

    Ordered 05.11. Received 19.11. Mos. region. Just like in the description. Product Content. Seller recommend. A + store put a present. -Was an unpleasant smell, which felt even after not printed packaging. But after unpacking it became clear that smell was on the tape, which was rewound goods. Everything else is odorless.


  18. M***a

    The Goods arrived in the description, the track is not fully, did not communicate, was not necessary. In fact, has not tried, later will add a review.


  19. M***a

    All according to the description, shipping month, packed well and do not damage, immediately ordered two products from this store and the seller sent all in one package. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


  20. A***a

    Cool Machine, useful. easy to use. to Komi came a month. packed well, all together. thanks to the store.


  21. I***a

    Delivery 10 days! As always-quickly and efficiently. Great device, advise. Eye Mask for free. Seller super, VERY important! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  22. Customer

    Received, all right, the whole! Thank You Very Much. Have not tried


  23. Customer

    Come in 3 weeks. Packed well, all together. IN a gift mask for sleep. Is cold, but tried in action-powerful stuff.


  24. S***v

    Goods and store can be recommended. After the order he wrote and provide track number. Packed everything was good. Good Plastic and does not stink. All match the description. You Can feel free to buy. Saline (the photograph) available separately from the same seller.


  25. H***n

    Good wuality thank you for the present


  26. V***h

    Shipping to Lviv-16 dnіv OD point of order, vіdpravka-kіlka dnіv oskіlki kupuvav 11.11. In Україні chomus прийняла “Nova Posta”. IN podarunok pokupets poklal “thing” to sleep-найпростіша. The промивку yakіsna. Bank іz hard plastic. Perevіryav: valve pratsyuє тиск in oboh nozzles good, not know CPM незадоволені deyakі коментатори nizhche. Nozzle іz 3 дірками robit тиск troch Mensch. All Techa I all витікає). I Shte, MENE немалий nіs)), Ale nozzle vserіvno povnіstyu закривають otvіr.


  27. R***a

    Osche e изпробван but good izglezhda IMA podark mask for сън thanks


  28. I***i

    Received is not trying. Think is a good thing.


  29. V***a

    Package came in 3 weeks, packed well in pupyrku, track. Large bottle, the appearance of high quality plastic, 2 heads, will try. Gift store put mask night light eye, thank you very much))) recommend to buy goods


  30. N***a

    Quality goods, and really works. Included are two heads, for different modes of irrigation nasal cavity. The bottom of the bottle has a valve to create the pressure in the bottle (to Water Pressure supplied in nose ). Packaged was just great, wrapped in a thick layer of foam and top with tape. All it safely. Padarok store put mask for sleep. Thank You Recommend! ☆☆☆☆☆


  31. Y***a

    An entire bottle, included two heads. Packed well. Thank You)


  32. M***a

    Order came very quickly, all is well packaged, do not hurt!


  33. D***f

    Покупко very happy. And instantly sent the pochylka came quickly. And a nice bonus.


  34. V***e

    Haven’t tried, but looks good condition..


  35. H***V

    Shipping for months. Izglezhda many good, but not sm of probval.


  36. A***c

    Arrived reasonably fast. Item is as advertised. No difference from stores photos. It was well packaged. I have tried it and I am satisfied so far. I should say I don’t have much experience with nasal irrigation and although I can’t compare to other products I can say this product is user-friendly and easy to use. Based on my limited experience I could reccomend it…


  37. Customer

    The overall picture is fine. Kullanınca, if see. Also for your gift also very thank you.


  38. Customer

    Order arrived in the past month, all together, was wrapped in pupyrku and package, the smell of plastic is missing


  39. Customer

    Samara Region To posting was little more than a month. Perfectly packaged all came in one piece. Tested with water (no nose)-сикает where necessary, not leak will not have, клапанок work out well. Seller put the package in a little bonus as a mask for sleep, garbage of course-not suitable for each person, but still, thank him, great human.


  40. E***n

    Harsh tips, but smooth, was present but better storage bag. As will use.


  41. G***a

    A great product. Performing their functions. Very fast shipping. Thank You Very Much.


  42. M***v

    An order was made 23.11.18 came 17.12.18 Mo fast, goods are packed well, all come together, odorless, store recommend


  43. T***y

    Will be delivered in 3 weeks. Quality is good, it works. Complete no special bags with beads components bear in mind, they need to be purchased separately. Product recommend.


  44. O***s

    Truncated normal troch Je smell plastic


  45. E***a

    A great product. Great for hygiene procedures, and healing. My nose and and a child of years. Sterilization packing is not deformed


  46. L***a

    Goods tracked almost completely. packed under the protection was. do not even check it in action. THE package is small bottle 300 ml., rubber Seal Gasket, tube and 2 nozzle (strong shower and soft shower). I knew one adult, other children. thank You, recommend.


  47. R***r

    Shipping to Len. 4 weeks. THE action is not tried. everything looks fine. no smell outside. made of durable plastic. recommended items and store.


  48. I***a

    Wonderful stuff!!! Washes nose safely, without causing edema. Recommend!!!


  49. M***Ç



  50. A***N

    Product beautiful packaged and eye tape gift sent


  51. N***a

    Thank You Very Much! It’s all together, going for a long time, however, by Latvia.


  52. Customer

    Thank you, well packed, a whole bottle came, there are two heads.


  53. Y***a

    Just like in the description and the photo. Button works, water jet is normal, the amount of good, two heads, including for children with.


  54. O***v

    Goods come pretty quickly. IN one piece. Satisfied.


  55. S***k

    Order 2 pcs. Things come to a whole. Normal packaging. Is not used. The first bottle hard, but once again, the action is not tried. The Seller sent a notice about shipping order. Thank You Very Much!


  56. W***v

    Convenient if you learn. Bottle Washing used water with salt. Ingredient is gone. The glass half teaspoon of salt (used йодированную salt)


  57. S***y

    Thank You very much! The correct thing! The Parcel reach the entire, does not hurt. Product quality. Thank you, kept feedback, answering questions. Do not send! Recommend! Honest store.


  58. M***v

    Decent quality, made with the mind, recommend!


  59. E***a

    A great thing! Very fast shipping. Shipping ukrainu 11 days, it’s the office New Mail. Quality is excellent, well packed. Complete two heads on one hole and the three. Easy to use, nice. When гайморите salt waters or отваром herbs great washes out the nose. Try for Child 5 years, which could not properly высморкаться, all super! Painlessly washed all too much from the spout.


  60. I***a

    Very fast shipping, order made 14 Jan 25 Jan received in St Petersburg. high quality plastic, no smell, no Burr. Srasibo store. Order more in his family.


  61. E***m

    Posting for 13 days. Quality packaging. product is not damaged. Match the description. The store is happy. Seller recommend. Thank you very much.


  62. O***o

    Product quality, for the second time. Seller put a present, for which a special thank you.


  63. A***y

    Mega fast delivery, store sociable. product description. check in everything is fine. recommend this seller.


  64. N***k

    23.01.2019 ordered, 05.02.2019 in house. Exactly as pictures. Very happy!


  65. J***a

    Did not communicate with, it’s safe and in time, has not yet been tested.


  66. G***l

    Order in Belarus came quickly. Ordered 12.01 received 06.02. Track to track. Package Wrapped packed in plain envelope, order-in a transparent bag reached by A. Order consists of baby bottle 300 ml, special cover with 2 nozzles (children with three small holes and adult with one big). Filled mortar, перевернули down and clicked on the valve. Everything works fine. Thank You Very Much! Seller recommend!


  67. Customer

    A great thing! Included are two heads, the bottom of bottle has a valve to create the pressure in the bottle, we will treat rhinitis, thank you.


  68. N***o

    All in the description, it works! Cheers! Thank you! Recommend product! Just check the operation immediately, and the first article I have was off-valve, but the store sent the new, for which he thanks! Nose wash very convenient and does not hurt!


  69. O***.

    Very handy thing. 2 heads in a set. Good store. IN terms of the order until it is clearly and quickly.


  70. V***U

    Super bottle, with its task.


  71. T***k

    Minsk region-a month. Sociable and attentive to requests, for a special thanks to the store. Fits the description of goods, packed well. The case is not used, but once, so your goal, as in the case. Bottle like bottles for baby feeding or поильники plastic, convenient.


  72. N***a

    Bottle Of 300 ml. Drive the whole delivery about a month. Working tested. Thanks to the store.


  73. N***a

    A great thing for home remedies, always useful, the Ned have not tried, but came quickly. Seller and recommend items. Return with shopping on AliExpress from 5% to 18% of the price together with EPN CashBack. Don’t be lazy,-go to the website, read and register the link http: Got. by the 21jaof It is very easy and absolutely real!


  74. E***a

    Very handy thing. Come without damage. Foreign odors. To wash the nose is very simple and convenient. IN season colds indispensable thing.


  75. M***y

    The quality is good! But today consulted with very good ЛОРОМ and she said, that is very dangerous so wash nose!!!!!!


  76. E***n

    A great thing! Took The family as included are 2 nozzle (adult/child). We Tried everything. Child 10 years helped get rid of a cold and long-term nasal congestion. Definitely recommend! Thanks for the fast delivery, good packing and product quality!


  77. A***v

    Parcel arrived for 25 days to Vladivostok. Packaging is good. Probyval wash nose comfortable ears lays over долфином.


  78. J***a

    Product Quality and works well! Went about 4 weeks to MO. Packaging reliable, no damage on the way. This wash like me more than Долфин! Recommend product and store!!!


  79. E***o

    It works, plastic of good quality. packaging is good. valve works by pressing, is under pressure. 2 heads one adult and shower. Satisfied Thank you


  80. T***n

    Seller sociable, product good quality I just tested it in fact, its functions are performed well and is really better than долфин. Thank you very friendly.


  81. V***v

    The нпсточщему product! Shipping not more months-where the days 28. SOMO device to geniality simple and effective. Nose wash become very simple and fast. Who does not know the favor, then say that this unit is prevention colds and diseases орви, bacterial infections. It should be in every family. Use sea salt and scale for weighing, need около5-6G. 300 ml (economically, salt enough) thanks to a quality product!


  82. N***k

    She received the parcel 5 weeks before Kazakhstan. This product corresponds to the description. Everything is fine, I recommend the store.


  83. O***a

    Goods supper. all works. store sociable. the correct thing in home remedies. delivery very fast I did not expect such a fast delivery. rekomenluyu this seller.


  84. A***v

    Excellent product, it’s all in one piece. Waiting time, month.


  85. A***a

    Very well packed, drive safely. Thank You Very Much!


  86. I***V

    Fits the description, a little more than a month, check add, I am satisfied, thank you.


  87. I***e

    works well… good quality plastic…. thank you


  88. Customer

    Thank you


  89. R***k

    Great device for промыванию much more than долфин.


  90. L***l

    A great product. Seller recommend. Shipping fast


  91. Y***v

    Super item, washed nose and all that close, recommend


  92. R***r

    Shipping to Ufa for 18 days. The track is not monitored. Description. Convenient, compact and easy to use. Tried-washes beautifully! Adjustable pressure. Goods store recommend!


  93. I***a

    Excellent долфин, compared with similar products in the form of pear softer effect, i.e. Poi press valve top water gently pouring in, all the washing out, suitable for small children I think, T. to. Again very soft action without pressure. Definitely recommend goods and store, delivery about a month to MO Even with. Super, thank you


  94. D***a

    thank you


  95. E***a

    And the great thing is very useful, it’s pretty quickly


  96. T***s

    All the whole of good quality. In fact, not try to Moldova long rode 2 months


  97. S***a

    Received on 6/ 3 /2019


  98. R***e

    Product as described. Fast shipping. Seller recommended.


  99. A***H

    Received in good conditions, not tested thank you…


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