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Motherboard Computer Component

(100 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • It is the most important part of your computer where other components can communicate
  • It has a printed circuit board, sockets, and slots which allows you to connect other parts
  • This mainboard sends electrical signals to make your computer work through a system
  • CPU socket: LGA 2011/Northbridge: Intel Sandy Bridge-EP IMC/ Memory socket: 4 x  DDR3/ Maximum Memory Supported: 4 x 16G  DDR3
  • Motherboard dimension: 282 x 220mm/ Weight: 1.6kg
  • Interfaces: 1 x RJ45/5 x SATA2.0/1 x SATA3.0/2 x PS/2/6 x USB2.0/2 x USB3.0/1 x PCI-E NVME M.2
  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Motherboard Computer Component

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Motherboard Computer Component

A Motherboard is the most important computer component in a computer system. Similarly, as you look into this material, you will notice that it has a printed circuit board. At the same time, it is the main part of the system where you can see the other computer components. These components are the CPU, hard drive, video card, sound card, network card, and memory. Likewise, these parts will communicate with each other through the mainboard. Similarly, the microprocessor’s supporting chipset. It plays an important role in determining the motherboard’s ability to perform its features. Additionally, it has sockets and slots where you can connect other components.

Incredible Computer Elements

This mainboard uses an LGA 2011 CPU socket which is also known as Socket R. It uses a point to point processor which is the QPI or QuickPath Interconnect. This will allow you to connect your CPU to a supplementary CPUs and it is a modernized generation of the socket. Furthermore, it has a DDR3 memory socket. At the same time, it can support non-ECC, reg ECC, and ECC memory. The ECC memory will easily detect and report system errors. Other than that, the power supply of this motherboard was improved for better performance. It has a large area of heat radiation and a close metal chip capacitor.

Importance Of Motherboard

This component controls the flow of data through its ports. It holds all parts that can allow your computer to function well. Aside from that, it has a 24-pin connector that supplies power to the small modules of this material. This mainboard allows all components to do systematic work. Through this, your computer will work better. Likewise, you can upgrade the computer RAM and CPU chip if you want to further improve its performance. It sends electrical signals to the other parts of the system. The power port is in horizontal style. It weighs one point six kilograms. With a two hundred eighty-two by two hundred twenty millimeter dimension.

Based on 100 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. A***k

    The package arrived quickly. The mother of the last audit at the moment, i understand, v2.49pb! Finally unfolded the 24pin power connectors and usb3.0 aside. Also on the board now 2 slots m. 2 (apparently both nvme, although hope will support sata m.2), 4 ports for coolers (2x3pin and 2x4pin), added backlight at the bottom of the memory chips. Radiators have become more massive. On pains and acceleration i can not say anything-i checked only the efficiency, the rest of the components did not reach.


  2. A***v

    It’s cool. It came in two weeks. Also on the try damage channel you can see the overview of unpacking it. Seller top!!!


  3. D***L

    Reached in 11 days in rostov. The box is a little wrinkled, and so the motherboard is intact. Collected everything started and works, percent 2650v2 two slats of 8 gigs 1866 mhz took everything from this store. Bios did not sew. Be sure to check the density of fitting the cooling radiators i had not finished. In general, an excellent choice for small money. You can still save when buying. The best, reliable and proven cashback service. Without kidals and mytarts with receipt. By code-zotov_2019 or topcashback_2019 (on the alley ~ 4% gives a pin and a withdrawal from 1 ruble) we register and save our blood- https://letyshops Point/soc/sh-1/? r = 983621 in the link instead of the word point put just a point.


  4. I***v

    It came in 15 days, took the kit with e5 2620 v2, and one die 1600 4 gb. The adapter does not fit all coolers, especially if heat pipes are strongly protruding. I had to whip him up.


  5. V***v

    Everything happened, 16 gb of ram, percent e5 2650 v2, in a money transfer shows the work of the processor at a frequency of 3.3, although the cpu should be 2.6, apparently overclocking and the bios is already configured, out of the box, the ram works for 1866, there are nuances with wood on windows 10, in general it seems to be good, We’re going to go further.


  6. L***l

    100% top 1.all clearly as described. Even better, excellent equipment! Second time i buy, 7 days delivery. I 13.03.2019 ordered. And took from the post office on 20.03.2019 st. petersburg. The store is just a bomb!!! I haven’t put it yet. Sign off.


  7. K***n

    Shipped the next day after order. Delivery to tashkent 14 days. Product quality is good! Green backlight slots ram!


  8. S***v

    All finished in excellent condition and complete as in the photo.


  9. C***n

    Excellent store, recommended 100%, always in contact with him, everything was sent according to the description, the components work properly.


  10. Customer

    Fast shipping. Quality product. At my request, the store sent the most recent revision, with two m2 slots, and six audio connectors. The legs in the socket are whole. Clamp the cpu power cooling system, good. It was nice to deal with the seller! 🙂


  11. M***v

    Fast shipping. Super. 2.49pb. Radiators stand well, under the ram on the green diode. Around the mycrux for the voltmeter elements are microscopic, the location is not like 2.49 t. In the biosis of ozu up to 1866. Double start appeared after disassembly/assembly, the first time was not.


  12. A***v

    Everything’s fine. What do you say? Shipping about 2 weeks


  13. K***7

    How beautiful she is this mother x79. .. Took it under the stone xeon e5 2690 from the same store, put everything in one parcel, the order came very quickly despite the fact that i jerked on it every track was tracked all the way! In general, i was very pleased with the quality of its details, by the way, i have an extreme audit (updated) a beautiful view that does not hang out all clearly neither dust nor hair quality is excellent, there are not many neunses so to speak, but these are little things like… 1) double start, but is the chip mat itself. the board is so that it is not even a jamb and as it is not usual not to consider it for a minus. 2) no sleep-in fact it’s a trifle. 3) does not correctly show the temperature of the sensor mat. the board is the same no matter about …. So the conclusion is one take unequivocally! You won’t regret it! Thank you very much to the seller! I recommend


  14. A***c

    Everything came as promised pretty quickly 15 days i’m happy with respect to the store


  15. A***v

    It came to st. petersburg quickly in 2 weeks. I ordered from the store a motherboard, a processor and 4 modules of server memory. The stand assembled on the knee for verification, cpu cooling time. The second memory bank did not start. Helped rubbing the cpu contacts. Installed a dozen ran tests. Works. Everything is fine!


  16. A***v

    Fast delivery, excellent quality product. Excellent store, not for the first time i already order, quality and service as always on top. I recommend


  17. D***v

    Took complete with e5 1660v2 and 4*8 ecc reg ddr3 memory. Ram easily took 1886, processor 4.2 in the factory firmware of the motherboard. Memory in four-channel mode. The purchase is generally satisfied, but the ssd in the m2 slot did not want to see, maybe for this you need a fresh firmware mat board.


  18. D***n

    Delivery 24 days through the mail of latvia. Packed very well. In appearance, everything is in order, as soon as i collect the system, i will add how it works. I recommend.


  19. A***h

    Came fast, packed well. With spare on the board where the fixing of the cooler scratches, but i think it’s not critical. I will add feedback as i collect the system and make a test


  20. A***v

    I took from this store a set of processor, motherboard and 16 gb of memory. Asked the seller to check before sending, everything came in intact, it happened immediately without going to the bios. Sending the next day, it came in 15 days. I recommend this seller.


  21. V***v

    Motherboard quality, thick textile, complete with 2 sata cables, rear strap, frame under the cooler, screws. The location of the connectors is convenient. Two m.2 slots working, with ice indication, the computer is loaded in 8 seconds. Ethernet port with ice indication. There are radiators on the power chain and the southern bridge. Memory and processor are easily overclocked. I ordered from this store the motherboard huananzhi x79, processor e5-2620 v2, ram 16 gb. The parcel was sent immediately, reached st. petersburg for 2 weeks. Seller recommend.


  22. M***v

    The mother came in 16 days, thought longer will be)) as new, everything works fine)


  23. S***s

    Delivery is fast, in latvia, the motherboard had to pay vat, there is an instruction in chinese, with some english names, in general it is possible to understand, the board is also signed. The equipment in the photo is visible. Now we are waiting for the processor and radiator, the memory has already come. Then i’ll add a tip.


  24. S***v

    Packed perfectly, all intact and safe. Took from the same sold stone and memory. Everything came in one box. Percent in the puffy. Syringe with thermal interface, a set of bolts for mounting cooling per percent. 2 satan cords, memory in the original packaging. I will not promise that i will add a tip, a cooler and a screw will come, i will run it, maybe i will write off additionally.


  25. Customer

    Do not recommend! Because for the same money you can take a new amd motherboard on am4 socket (with warranty), buy on ali ryzen r5 1600, about the same cost as xeon e5 1650, and get a much cooler processor with about the same performance in games. Where default (out of the box) will work all new technologies and standards: pci-e 3.0, many sata 3.0 ports and not one port like huananzhi, normally running usb 3.0 via chipset and not via separate old vl805 chip. The full speed of the m.2 connector at the speed of x4. And if you want to disperse the memory and processor, then you need to flash the bios (only through the programmer file 8 mb) because it is locked. Make volt mod. Remove the radiator of the power system and fix the thermal gasket. Install on the processor minimum tower cooler, because at a load of 3.5 ghz on all cores in the occt test, without volts fashion stands out 130 watts! And at 3.8 ghz = 155 watts. At volts fashion and 4.2 ghz = 185 watts. And in the test linx = 210 watts!


  26. F***n

    The motherboard in the tests shows 120 degrees! It seems to me that the sensor is not working, to the touch degrees 40. Time will show. Packed well, complete set, the inscriptions on the mother are even, the textile is quite thick


  27. D***o

    Everything came in one package: processor, motherboard, ram. Motherboard in perfect condition. Everything is super!


  28. A***v

    Super store! Ordered 2640 and x79, everything came in 2 weeks! As everything is clear, percent as new, the mother is perfect) in the stress test of 52 degrees, gta 5 on ultra 60 fps. The temperature of the mother is not correct, but it is not very important) tests in the photo. Definitely recommend!


  29. T***v

    A good mother. but on the back side on the mask incomprehensible points.


  30. D***k

    Delivered in 3 weeks. The box was wrinkled by mail, but the fee is whole. I did not check for efficiency. Mount the processor tight, on the back side of the small bending of the metal.


  31. D***v

    Ordered in this store kit. Immediately mother, percent, ram and vidyuhu. And now i almost regret it. What about the motherboard, then the green huanan is excellent. I came version e5 2.49pb quality soldering top. To whom it is interesting, the store does not put the battery. Придётся докупать. The store is not so expensive to scold for it. Thick textiles. No damage. Except that the box was a little wrinkled. Included to the motherboard 2 sata cable, thermal paste, plug, manual and brochure with 3 years warranty. I inserted the percent and ram and everything started with a half kick. Asked the seller to check all together before shipping. The seller himself is sociable. Answered quickly enough. I recommend buying in this store. I’m very glad that everything works without complaints. Ordered and did not regret.


  32. P***v

    The motherboard came in record 10 days, asked the store to pack more reliably, he packed in 4 meters of pupyrki, straight clearly! There were small damage on the box (in the photo) but not serious. Includes 2 sata cables, motherboard plug, driver disk, thermal paste (mini syringe), instruction (in the main in chinese, but you can understand the pictures), cooler adapter, 4 long screws for fixing the xs what (for stumps most likely). Everything fits clearly, the motherboard is not damaged. I had a new model, not the same as in the picture. In the new slightly different is pitalovo for the mother (looks in the side) and slightly other radiators. There are declared m.2 slots (2 pcs), a lot of sata ports like 6 and a connector for usb 3.0. All connected, everything started, bios did not look, tk video cards and ssd until they came, as i come, i will add. Post-code error is displayed for obvious reasons. Overall satisfied and pleasantly surprised 🙂


  33. N***v

    Mother’s class, arrived in less than 10 days. The package is simply elegant: 2 sata cables, thermal paste, bolvanka with firewood, booklet, adapter for this socket for conventional coolers, frame. Quality is excellent


  34. V***r

    Everything is fine double start is not always chipset b75. thermal pad under vrm changed. With xeon e5 2650 v2 is not heated by vrm. The chipset temperature is about 50-55 degrees. Me slots did not check anything (everything started with a box without dancing. Put the usual ram killesri 8 gb took here. Delivery 12 days to ussuriysk.


  35. S***n

    It came on the ninth day after the order, it works, although when unpacking noticed that the board curve, the box was whole


  36. O***v

    Excellent made, many chips are laid more expensive models. Everything started.


  37. E***a

    Delivery is very fast! I ordered june 9, came on june 18. All contacts are clean, nothing bent, except the box. In the kit thermal paste, disk, cables, instruction in chinese. There is not a weak smell. I will check in the work-i will add.


  38. M***s

    Top Product too!!! Without words, very cheap for performance that offers. Very fast, came very fast to Brasil, only took to be released by fault country customs. Came very well packed, highly recommend this store!


  39. Customer

    Everything came quickly enough 13 days to the urals chelyabinsk, Packed well in a puffy film, after opening the box was slightly pampered but not critical. The sensations of the memory latch are too soft, but when installing the memory latch well. Everything corresponds to the description, the parcel is brought.


  40. S***i

    Excellent mother! Delivery to sverdlovsk region. In two weeks.


  41. M***v

    The parcel came quickly. Everything is whole, everything works. Stone.


  42. N***v

    Everything came in 14 days. Looks great, packed perfectly!!


  43. N***v

    I took a set of motherboard + percent + ram, delivery for 10 days, packed perfectly, everything went well, everything works.


  44. A***v

    I came in my own box. During transportation, nothing bent and did not break. The board at first glance is well made and how it will be in work is still unknown, as i will try to write!


  45. V***n

    Everything works. naturally with their sores, but everything suits me. Shipping good shipment fast.


  46. R***v

    Miracle mother! I took the same percent of e5 2650v2 (it is generally as new) has not yet checked but i’m sure everything will start! The store sent the parcel in hours 5 after the order, it was exactly 12 days to moscow. as soon as the whole package will be supplemented by a comment. Seller thanks)


  47. V***r

    Quickly came, i will check on the efficiency of writing off.


  48. S***s

    Zero. Spike quality, without spills. I will collect a pc


  49. V***v

    Best store responsive Good packing Fast shipping To kaliningrad 13 days Fee is good Seller to all the rekominuyu)


  50. I***h

    Launched without problems with e5 2689, 16 gb × 2 1866 mhz, gtx 1050ti. The only negative is not fully laid thermal pad between the chips and the heat diverting by the hood, you will have to buy ter-ku and lay yourself, there was already a comment on this problem. and so everything is fine!


  51. R***v

    Everything came quickly, took not immediately simply, i will add a review when all the components come. Put 2689, got up like a glove.


  52. A***o

    The packaging is excellent, the card came in safety, the delivery is about 2 weeks, the quality is good until i checked the work, but i think that there will be no problems. Thank you separate store that indicated the price for the parcel is less than real. Thank you, i recommend.


  53. A***v

    26.07.2019 the order was made, and 03.08.2019 the mother was already at the post office in moscow. However, i ordered two mothers with different orders at an interval of 1 hour, the second is only at customs. Visually everything is fine, the processors and memory are still going, i ordered from another store, how to collect write off. There are no questions to the packaging, everything was done well. What else pleased, so on the parcel the price tag was specified $30 and not real, so i will not raise the limit and i can still buy another thread, for example, another order a couple of memory strips, for this a separate respect to the seller.


  54. V***v

    Mother came quickly to the krasnoyarsk territory for two weeks. Well packed and no damage


  55. R***v

    Matplata is quite suitable, put xeon 2620 v2 and ecc memory-works, windows 10 was put without problems. The store has packed the norms.


  56. I***v

    The motherboard came together with the ram in one box, packed qualitatively, 3 meters of pupyrki for stress relief) whole, nothing bent, works normally with the process e5 2689. There is a double start, but somehow after a time, sleep does not work. In general, satisfied


  57. I***.

    Delivery is slightly less than two weeks. Mother’s new. I can not check yet, i wait for a percent and a cooler. I asked the store to pack more, but… i do not know, the packaging seemed to me so: the package, the trigger of the turn of 4-5 and the box itself, but still our mail tried to destroy the contents. The place where the blow came or the pressure is shown in the photo. In appearance, everything is whole, new, without damage. I hope everything will work fine. I took the nostalgia recipe.


  58. I***i

    Delivery 10 days to st. petersburg. Sleep Not working, sensors mat. Boards 120 degrees. The bios of her 1650b2 took 4.2 of the memory box does not chase. Need перепрошиваться. The thermal gasket under the power radiator is not for all mosfets, i had to change.


  59. S***v

    Salom 12 Kunda Keldi 100% Yangi ishladi raxmat Tafsia qilaman


  60. T***v

    The goods are excellent, the chinese are good, the delivery to uzbekistan is fast, buy will not regret


  61. A***v

    It came quickly, 2 weeks to the sverdlovsk region, packed norms, check no possibility because. Waiting for the power supply, in the future i will add a review


  62. V***o

    It seems that everything is fine, it works but i had to reinstall windows


  63. A***y

    Just an excellent mother, ordered along with the processor and opera, everything works great!


  64. A***n

    From the moment of order to the moment of receipt it was 22 days. Only the motherboard box was damaged during transportation. The board itself is in appearance without visible defects. I immediately took the kit mother, percent, memory. i did not check the performance-it was not time yet. Later i will add a review.


  65. G***s

    Beautiful plate and becomes a little better than the description. Working quietly so far. Arrived very quickly.


  66. G***v

    Everything works, the only thing i do not know how to turn off the squeak when you turn on the pc


  67. V***v

    Not badly packed, delivered quickly, not yet checked


  68. D***n

    Ordered immediately with the processor E5-2640. The board is in a decent box, complete with an adapter ring for amd cooler, two sata cables and a cd with drivers under win 7,8. Everything works out of the box, win 10 with ssd started immediately, the driver apparently pumped. On the board there is a green illumination of ram and a decorative track in the lower left corner. Ozu in bios put on 1800. The order is very satisfied, thank you!


  69. A***v

    Very pleased, comfortable, fast delivery, well packed-5 stars


  70. A***c

    Mamka came quickly. Everything works. See the thermal pads. Great mom for his money. Works in conjunction with the processor e5 2670. Sata slots are working. Nvme is not able to check. Interesting illumination green on the contour of the mamka. Same color ddr 3 indicator in slot. Everything is on top. I strongly recommend. The store is sociable.


  71. A***v

    Everything at the highest level, it took about 22 days, packed qualitatively, it would be difficult to remember the post of russia, pleasant communication with the store, sent immediately, until connected, how to connect unsign, the seller advise


  72. E***v

    All ok Very tight connectors on usb 3, mother’s power. If you rearrange to be very neat and do not rush. Percent 2689 started. Memory 1866 server 4 channels. Ulyanovsk came very quickly 2 weeks.


  73. Customer

    Item was shipped the same evening after order! Before len. It’s gone in 10 days! The box is not metal! All contents are whole! Not a thing! In addition, everything is wrapped in a protective anti-vandal film! Seller recommend!!


  74. R***r

    Delivery fast (2 weeks), packed perfectly, like nothing damaged


  75. D***v

    To krasnodar came in 20 days. Asked to pack Better, the store wrapped in a two-meter gun. The seller is sociable, sent quickly. Came a whole base of jambs. I have not yet checked how i will check the review. Seller recommend.


  76. M***v

    The store is good, having resent duzha shvidko. It came to ciele and bulo duge garno packed. Definitely recommend. 5 stars


  77. Customer

    Good motherboard! Workmanship at a high level! Everything worked as it should. Full review with tests look on youtube channel china to help!


  78. K***a

    All goods came in one day and water box I ordered a motherboard (huananzhi), in a box, put the processor and ram. The box is a little shabby, but everything is whole. On working capacity, did not check. The goods came in 28 days.


  79. V***v

    In samara came in 15 days. Everything is tracked. Packed together with maternal and memory in one box well. I will collect a review.


  80. I***n

    Came for 10 days in the volgograd region. Packed well, although the post of russia apparently sat on the parcel all the way) but the fee came whole. The processor will come, i will turn on and additional feedback


  81. S***v

    Excellent motherboard is very high quality, took along with the 2690 process bustle it itself up to 3500 ghz. It came in 10 days instead of 20 promised.


  82. I***y

    While the flight is normal, the delivery is fast, packed normally.


  83. A***v

    Packed satisfactorily, the box is in the doll and in the package. Unpacking and subsequent launch shot on the video with one double, just in case. Started with the 1st time, everything is fine. I write a review after a month of use, works since august 1, 2019. Works with cpu e5 2689, 16 gb non server ram and gtx 1060 6 gb. Works perfectly no complaints, except for a double start, until i did nothing with it, the bios is possible to transfer later, the programmer is. All memory slots checked-work, m2 slots checked, also work, but could not check whether they work simultaneously, there is no second m2 drive. Chipset i got b75, sata 3 port only one.


  84. A***x

    The board started with e5 1650. Overclocking ram up to 1886 took immediately. From the first attempt, overclocking on the processor did not take. Gaskets in the vrm zone cover not all transistors. Vrm itself is hot, think about the extras. Cooling. All ports work. There is no double start. Nvme drives started.


  85. A***v

    Delivery is fast, packing is good. The xeon e5 1650 processor started without dancing with a tambourine. But there is one but, putting in the biosphere a multiplier of 40, the frequency of the process does not weigh 3.8 grc. There are factory jambs associated with biosis, namely: a double start, a cock-working sleep and hibernation because of which when turning off the pc, the power on the usb continues to flow well and not adequate acceleration of the processor by a multiplier.


  86. V***r

    Shipping 3 weeks, packing a little mint but inside all whole, packed well. Everything works, no complaints.


  87. C***c

    The fastest delivery of all the goods that took on ali… Ordered 15.08 in the evening, 26.08 took in the mail. 10 days to челяb. obl. Seller and i recommend the product!


  88. S***o

    Everything works fine


  89. A***s

    Until i checked, i’ll add additional. Feedback later.


  90. I***v

    Well-made cloth. I will collect the system and add feedback.


  91. F***f

    Sent everything quickly. It came in 12 days in Mytischi mo. We test, while everything is very good. To be honest, i did not believe that all this computer with ali will work. From not ali this is the body and bp.


  92. Customer

    Everything came quickly, packed perfectly, everything came alive


  93. M***v

    The board is of good quality, the only contacts on the socket are very gentle. Slightly drew a finger “against the wool”, as immediately bent two contacts. I had to bend. But the work did not affect.


  94. R***v

    Very fast shipping! To samara for 14 days. I ordered a fee and percent, everything was in one box, which was wrapped in several layers of pup. The box was with a small dent on top, but nothing critical, the whole socket is perfect. Liked the bolts for fixing the ring for the cooler in the kit. In the games e5 2689 holds its declared 3.3 on all cores, which is fine, the memory is heated from the bios from 1600 to 1866. No sleep, i.e. Coolers do not turn off when going to sleep.


  95. D***v

    Motherboard new, working, at the temperature of the process lies, and so everything is fine


  96. A***r

    It came to peter in 12 days, everything is perfectly packed, the processor as a new looks bombically motherboard in appearance and performance is not inferior to the brand only minus thought that the memory will come with radiators as in the picture but came without radiators, and in general the parcel is satisfied. Seller recommend!


  97. S***n

    Received quickly, packed very well thanks to the store, has not yet checked whether it works, i’m waiting for the rest of the components.


  98. D***v

    Delivery took 12 to kiev, the track number was tracked all the way, delivered by courier to the door (meest-express). Packed well-wrapped with polyethylene with pimples, the packaging was wrinkled but the goods visually without damage. Not yet checked and not included, not equipped with those information, there were no leaflets with the connection of pins… Product and store recommend!


  99. E***n

    It came in 10 days to kazan, very quickly i believe, thanks to the store


  100. A***h

    Ordered together with professor 2650v2. Everything came in a month. Connected, everything works


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