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Lip Balm Natural Extract Lip Care

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  • Keep your lips moisturized, soft, and plump using this lip balm natural extract lip care
  • Changes color according to lip temperature and PH value so it gives off a beautiful sheer color
  • Contains only natural and beneficial ingredient and no harmful chemicals are added
  • Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil; Daucus carota sativa (carrot) seed oil; Sodium Hyaluronate; Olea Europea (olive) fruit oil; Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea butter), Rosa Rugosa flower oil
  • Specifications: 1.8g per 0.06 fl oz / Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Variants: Hyaluronic Acid, Rose, Chameleon
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Lip Balm Natural Extract Lip Care

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ChameleonHyaluronic AcidRose
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Lip Balm Natural Extract Lip Care

Have soft beautiful plump lips with this lip balm natural extract lip care. keeping your lips smooth and soft is just as equally important as keeping your skin soft. Unlike the face, our lips are the first to show dryness when we lack moisture. This could be because of lack of dehydration or exposure to humid weather. It really isn’t attractive to have chapped lips. Especially because people pay more attention to our lips when we smile or simply talk. Also, directly applying lipstick on dry lips is not nice to look at. That is why keeping a trusty lip balm that keeps your lips soft is important. If you use this lip balm then your lips will become beautiful moist-looking lips. Having smooth lips will definitely boost your confidence. Now your lips will look healthy and hydrated all the time with this.

Changes Color

This lip balm does not only give moisture to the lips but give it a sheer color as well. When you swipe it across your lips, it will give off this sheer beautiful pinkish color. This shade will make your lips look more fresh and pretty. Moreover, it gives a natural-looking shade that anyone can pull-off. So on days that you are too lazy to put on lipstick, use this lip balm instead. Then, you can achieve that fresh natural look as if your not wearing any makeup at all. The color changes according to lip temperature and PH value.

Uses Natural Ingredients

The makers of this lip care want only the best for you by using only natural ingredients. It does not contain any harmful chemicals that might eventually damage your lips when you continuously use it. Instead, it contains natural extract of Rosa Rugosa flower oil, Bitter Cherry extract, and Sodium Hyaluronate. The three enhances cell viability and prevents lip lines, retain lip color, and repair damaged lip accordingly.

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  1. G***a

    It came very quickly, two weeks in the krasnodar territory, the package is well packed, all boxes are packed in film, on all jars original holograms, the composition in english, but still clear, shelf life up to 22 years. It smells very nice, on the skin gives a slightly pinkish mother-of-pearl shade. Allergies did not cause.


  2. S***y

    The balm has a delicate and soft texture, light and transparent, although it is blue. With an easily perceptible pleasant smell, excellent durability and long moisturizing, this balm i really liked. I use it with great pleasure and i really like it. Thank you very much for the fast delivery


  3. D***a

    First the color is beige, when applied transparent, and after a few seconds it becomes pink! The store does not hide this, the package says “chameleon”. At the same time has a very pleasant floral aroma. Sensations after application are pleasant, the product is light and not greasy, not sticky, i like it. The case is plastic silver-peach, on the case there is a logo of the manufacturer. When putting on the lid, a click occurs, so the balm closed tightly and will not open when not necessary. Weight 1,8 grams. The composition is good, a lot of oils, extracts and vitamins, as well as softening substances that so need lips, preservatives are in the last places, and it can not but please, almost all components are safe. I recommend!


  4. H***y

    Delivery 1 week to russia. Track tracked. Price at the time of purchase 194 р. The store has 3 options to choose from: with hyaluronic acid, with rose extract, hamelion. I chose with hyaluronic. The package came in a whole professional package. The balm is made in the form of a retractable lipstick. Excellent moisturizing, nourishing and leaving properties. 100% recommend to buy and the goods and the seller!


  5. A***a

    Balm is presented from the store in three types, i took this: chameleonchik) It changes color depending on the temperature: from gently to bright pink) Means of orange color, with a very pleasant berry smell) According to the consistency of the oil, when in contact with the lips, instantly melts and absorbs, leaving no unpleasant sensations, such as stickiness or film. Balm perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the lips, in general perfectly copes with its task) I recommend!


  6. M***w

    Good balm, decent quality, Review: https://ru.itao.com/item/10015996308563


  7. E***V

    Cosmetics of this brand was previously not familiar, but i really wanted. i made an order for this balsamchik-chameleon. balm came in a cardboard box as an ordinary lipstick. the smell is amazing. it’s a pleasure to apply on your lips. the texture is soft, gentle. the parcel came quickly. purchase is very satisfied. i will order unequivocally.


  8. A***g

    Просто обалденный бальзам! Убирает трещины и шелушения губ- они прям аппетитно выглядят!


  9. Customer

    Well moisturizes the skin of the lips, gives them a soft pink shade, has a pleasant smell, shelf life is excellent


  10. W***i

    A cool balm that changes the shade depending on the temperature. Delivery is fast. Stylish design.


  11. N***a

    For me, lip balm is a necessity, and then it is also with hyaluronic acid. I came in a box, it is quite informative. The tube is plastic, the balm itself is inside a little, only 3 cm and a thin stick is enough. But for the summer and autumn is exactly enough, if not smeared 50 times a day))) has a pleasant aroma of sweet lemon, on the lips is neutral. Moisturizing gives a beautiful. Delivery to moscow 3 weeks, track tracked


  12. A***P

    Very necessary thing, in the summer i use only such lipsticks. And the color of the lips is, and moisturizes perfectly. Comes balm in a beautiful box with brand name. The case is very beautiful nude color. Such a straight girly option. There are other lipsticks to choose from. Total 3. the weight of the truth content is not too large-1,89 grams. Lips moisturize almost immediately. Helps healing cracks and eliminates dryness. Delivery is fast. Shipment is customized. Very good product!


  13. S***a

    Wonderful lip balm, very delicate structure. The color does not change, the aroma is not obsessive, many useful oils in the composition.


  14. I***a

    Looks like an ordinary hygienic, smells nice. On the lips acquires such a nice pink shade. Lips become a little puffy, and more smooth. You can apply over the main lipstick, in this case works like shine and balm, lips look softer and glossy.


  15. D***y

    Lipstick super-cool! And in winter and summer i constantly use hygiene, i constantly bite my lips and pull my skin, a very bad habit. Lipstick came quickly, in just 8 days to moscow. Lipstick is very soft and pleasant, fat enough (i have not seen fat yet), but on the lips lies perfectly! Although fat, but it is quickly absorbed and looks very beautiful on the lips, there is no effect of fat lips from the first seconds of application. Lies just perfect! I also noticed that the skin regeneration on the lips accelerated, the lips began to look more beautiful and healthier, faster began to heal. Enough lipstick i think for a long time, tk i use it for a long time, and it does not end and does not end)) in general i recommend!


  16. O***i

    The best balm with ali! The box is cute, in a delicate pink-blue scale with a gradient. It has information in english. Also date of manufacture and shelf life up to 2022.03.14 The tube is beautiful. Made of glossy plastic. Bright and fresh blue hue. Open the lid and go to the balsamchik. By the way, the lid closes with a click. A little surprising that the balm is blue. Shade saturated For me, in addition to nutrition and moisturizing at the balm, the fragrance is also important. Here’s 100% luck. Not a strong lemon flavor, and most likely lemon candies or desserts. It smells nice to me. Apply balm well. Not greasy, of course, it has a share of oils, but there is not a pleasant layer on the lips. And the feeling of film or discomfort is absent, do not want to wipe it after application and this is another plus in its piggy bank. Although the balm has a blue color, it is absolutely transparent. A little gloss adds. On the lips is excellent. I also ordered balm chameleon!


  17. A***a

    Delightful shine! Incredibly gentle. Pleasant aroma. Moderately solid. Gives a very light peach shade on the lips. Lips instantly become velvety.


  18. A***e

    Got it on time. Packed in standard postal package. Track is traced. Packing is interesting. The design of the balm is beautiful. Excellent balm with a pleasant creamy texture. The choice in the store is 3 colors and the composition of different balms. 1. rose color with rose extract. Nutritious, removes dryness. 2. orange chameleon. Changes color under the influence of body temperature or ph. 3. blue with hyaluronic acid. Moisturizing, relieves dryness, long protection. I chose number 2. i liked that i should change the color. In the picture, the color is slightly brighter, more saturated. When i put the color on my hand is very similar. But on the lips of another. It all depends on our lips. But i like it. Just emphasizes the color of my lips. I just use it as a lip balm. I recommend! Good luck find your favorite balm!


  19. K***a

    A good balsamchik has no smell in a bunch of good oils. Not sticky keeps on the lips is not obsessively felt moisturizing. In the composition there is a hyaluronic. 1.8 gr. Shelf life 3 years. Delivery is two weeks.


  20. M***o

    Everything is fine, thank you very much to the store. More in the blog # missisgro https://ru.itao.com/u/367635764#post-10016220046346


  21. Y***a

    For some reason i wanted to try this balm. It looks so interesting that it is blue. The neat box in which he came, the box itself was covered with a strong film. But he himself is not as thick as usual lipstick, but thinner.


  22. T***h

    Excellent balm. Gently moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the lips! Heals microcracks!


  23. S***a

    It’s not lipstick, it’s a miracle! Perhaps one of the best. I ordered two at once: with hyaluronic acid and chameleon. On the lips both options behave perfectly, give an interesting shine, well soften the lips. Not greasy, do not stick. I have a gentle pleasant smell. Yellow changes color to pink from the heat of the skin. Tubes made of pleasant plastic, miniature, kind worthy. The rod itself is well worth, without backlash, smooth, without inclusions. Packaging-cardboard box with protection and information text in english. Boldly recommend to order.


  24. O***a

    Wonderful lip balm. I order a second time, i like it. Pleasant texture, the skin of the lips is soft, moisturized. Pleasant aroma. I recommend to buy, for winter just rescue.


  25. O***a

    Very delicate and silky texture. Nourishes and moisturizes for a long time, gives the lips a pleasant shade. Very delicate aroma of rose. By the way, now everywhere blooms rosehip, delicious aroma.


  26. N***a

    To the skin of the lips remained soft, smooth and well moisturized, it must be taken care of. That is why i bought for myself a novelty from the lanbena official store-balm chameleon. Delivery of about three weeks, in a common box with a puffy, a branded box securely sealed in mica, it indicates the desired shelf life, composition and method of application. Inside was the balm itself, in the form of ordinary lipstick The composition of the balm is the most useful: 1. jojoba oil 2. wild carrot extract 3. olive oil 4. tocopherol acetate (vitamin e) 5. hyaluronic acid


  27. Customer

    Balsam reached the kemerovo region record fast-in 23 days. I did not try, t. K. I took it for a gift.


  28. J***a

    This balm perfectly copes with its task: it nourishes and moisturizes the lips, soothes and protects them from harmful factors. And also restores already damaged and cracked lips. Once you open the cap, you immediately feel a pleasant, sweet aroma. The balm lies on the lips easily, after applying a sticky layer there, the lips instantly become tender and moisturized. When applied to the lips it is absolutely colorless, but over time under the influence of the temperature of your body, the shade becomes slightly pink. Very good lip balm I recommend!


  29. O***a

    I liked the balm. I already buy the second time. Really changes color. No perfume, which is very pleasing. Balm Saturated with nourishing and moisturizing components, so that the lips get not only a beautiful color, but also gentle care, become soft and smooth, sexy. Great option, comfortable tube, elegant design. I highly recommend.


  30. I***k

    Delivery took 17 days. Track tracked. The whole order was packed in an air cushion. This balm just melts on the lips, moisturizes and nourishes them well. The smell is very pleasant, unobtrusive, applied easily. The color of the lips has become more even, to the touch the sponges are soft, silky. Apply to the cleansed skin of the lips with a thin layer. Use as needed. I liked it very much, i will order other types of balm


  31. Customer

    I chose the ball with a shade. The higher the body temperature the brighter the balm on the lips. Shade pink. Moisturizes very well, the stickiness on the lips does not leave. The fragrance is pleasant.


  32. V***a

    Balm fights with peeling and small cracks, heals the skin of the lips. The composition includes jojoba seed oil, carrots, sodium hyaluronate, olive oil, fruit oil, rose flower oil. Balm is in a branded package with the store logo. Packaging came in mica. Shelf life 3 years, volume 1,8 gr. Balm in the stick, it is easy to use, just twist the stick and paint the lips. Balm without taste and smell. Quickly restores dry and cracked lips, suitable even for sensitive skin. Lips visually become more sensual and voluminous and look well-groomed and beautiful.


  33. K***a

    The bottle with the product was in a cardboard box sealed in mica. Lipstick or lip balm itself is in a bottle of celestial color. It also has the company logo. Lipstick, as well as heavenly color with a delicate light aroma. When applying it feels a light mint flavor and cold, it is very easy to apply, it is worth applying it to the skin, as it immediately melts on the lips. Just one thin layer is enough and your sponges will feel much better. After two hours my lips became moistened and not so dry, small cracks were smoothed and throughout the day i did not feel dryness on my lips.


  34. N***a

    Delivery to moscow took 3 weeks. The store’s choice of balm is presented in three variants: with hyaluronic acid, with rose extract and balm chameleon. I chose the third option. The balm was packed in a branded box and sealed in mica. The box has a brand logo, shelf life, which is three years and the weight of the product is 1,8g. There is also information about the product in english. The balm itself is in a plastic tube of pink color, on which the brand logo is printed in silver color. Main ingredients of balm: jojoba oil, carrot oil, olive oil, rose extract, hyaluronic acid. Balm looks like an ordinary hygienic lipstick, beige with a barely perceptible smell. When in contact with lips, changes color to gently pink. Perfectly moisturizes the lips. Easy to apply. After applying the lips acquire a light pink shade and a light shine. I liked balm. I recommend!


  35. E***x

    Chic lip balm. The texture is soft, not sticky. When applying the balm is transparent, but after a few seconds it becomes gently pink. Well moisturizes and softens the lips. I recommend to buy.


  36. A***a

    Comes balm in a branded box, there is a composition in english. Stick long, comfortable to hold in hand Balm pink, but on the lips of the shade does not give. Really well moisturizes. Not fat. The fragrance is slightly perceptible. The consumption is small.


  37. K***a

    Delivery about 3 weeks. Lipstick cool moisturizing. Leaves no color-is colorless. I think you will be with me not rozłączna. Póki what odkładam it for the autumn/winter, because stosuję other in summer. Only about what can I get the fault is a small capacity. Pokazałam its quantity the picture (has thickness as standard pen). Total recommend


  38. A***a

    Original balm blue. Very beautiful packaging, all in film. From this manufacturer i really like cosmetics. The tube is concise, thin, with one silvery inscription. Balm twists well, neatly. Thin rod, soft, flat lips. According to my sensations pink) moisturizing is noticeable, there is no taste of unpleasant. I’ll use it!


  39. L***a

    The delivery was not prolonged, the packaging is appropriate. Balsam arrived in a drooling branded box, which on the road did not crumple. On the box noted everything that we can interest-weight (1,8g), shelf life (up to 2022), composition, description, manufacturer. Balm is produced with a plastic bottle and in my version it is so cute-coral. Lips balm softens, nourishes, tightens. Of course, if the lips are already with problems, then the coating will have to resume during the day regularly. Balm i use as a nourishing agent, and as a light decorative-balm on the skin “manifests”, makes the lips more pink, but not bright. Such a light unobtrusive shade. Acquisition is satisfied.


  40. H***a

    Gentle balm with a light shade! Pleasant texture, easy to apply, perfectly moisturizes!


  41. A***t

    The box is covered with cellophane. The box contains information in english and chinese. Also indicated information about the date of manufacture and shelf life. At the store this balm is presented in three variants. I chose blue-with gealuronic acid. The color of the balm is blue, but when applied to the lips it becomes soft pink. The balm is designed for moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the lips. With regular application, the skin becomes soft and tender.


  42. L***o

    The most delicate balm, which when applied gives a slightly pinkish color to the lips. Some volume. Well nourishes sponges. Really liked


  43. A***a

    Packed in a branded box, sealed in mica. Stick is long, thin. Balm is perfectly formed, the structure is dense. Has a light, mint flavor. The case is retractable, the rod is 3 cm, the weight is 1,8 gr. I liked the application, easy application, does not spread, quickly absorbed, cooling effect convenient stick. The effect is almost instant, the lips are perfectly moisturized, the color is leveled, the skin is smoothed, it becomes softer and more tender. You can apply several times a day if necessary. Product and store recommend


  44. T***A

    Good balm, lips after it soft, only very small packaging.


  45. E***a

    Balm is amazing. Melts on the lips, smells great, moisturizes and nourishes. I recommend!


  46. S***a

    Good balm with shea butter, really liked, delivery fast


  47. E***a

    The order came quickly enough. Packaging is a normal package. I bought for 1,76 dollars. Hyaluronic. At the same time in the order in this store made an order for two positions. I bought more eye patches. Both items came in the same style. Boxes of pleasant blue-pink color. So girly. Very cute. A little wrinkled. But not for a gift, but for myself. I haven’t tried it yet. I will add a review of use. Shelf life is excellent, so there is no need to hurry. I bought, focusing on positive reviews of bloggers and buyers. As a gift, the store put small two bags until she knew what it was. For the gift thank you!! I recommend! I did not communicate with the seller.


  48. L***t

    The product is of excellent quality! Detailed review you will see in my blog on aliexpress


  49. A***a

    Very cool balm. With a pleasant smell and a cool effect of moisturizing the skin of the lips. I always use only such balms. I really liked this one. I will order necessarily the same. Delivery 2 weeks to yekaterinburg.


  50. O***o

    I liked lip balm. Gently applied, pleasantly smells. Well moisturizes the lips. Delivery month, track in russia was not tracked. I recommend the product to buy.


  51. M***y

    Super. Lipstick is oily and great moisturize lips. Shipping pretty long 1,5 month


  52. O***n

    Ordered june 1, received june 27. Delivery to murmansk. Pink smells nice. Blue odorless. The store put 2 probes of cream with hyaluronic as a gift. Thank you!!!


  53. T***s

    Balm comes packed in a branded cardboard box. Inside is a small bottle with a lid. You need to close before clicking. Closing is reliable, accidentally in the bag will not open. Dimensions are compact, convenient to take with you. Balm immediately smoothes the surface of the lips, softens, eliminates cracks and peeling. Actively fights with excessive drying and nourishes the delicate skin. Replenishes the amount of moisture and normalizes the water balance. Protects against the negative impact of external factors. Eliminates uncomfortable sensations, gives a sense of freshness and comfort.


  54. K***a

    Balm comes in a box that is hermetically sealed in mica. on the box there is information about the composition, method of application and shelf life of the goods (in english) In the composition: jojoba seed oil, red carrot seed oil, hyaluronic acid, olive little, shea butter and rose flower oil. Some usefulness. the consistency is greasy, as, in fact, all lip balms. it smells nice and unobtrusive. the colors have almost no, gives the lips a light pink shade. the sponges look more well-groomed and beautiful. The balm is wonderful, i liked it unequivocally, perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the delicate skin of the lips. To buy, of course, i recommend!!!


  55. K***h

    Fast shipping. I liked the quality. The photo can see shine. A lot of lipstick (twisted, the photo is) the smell is pleasant, soft on the lips. As a gift, a probe of moisturizing cream. Thank you! Order davolna! i recommend!


  56. S***a

    The lipstick was packed in a branded cardboard box, sealed in mica, indicating the shelf life and information in english. The volume is about 2 ml. Has a very pleasant delicate aroma of the rose, perfectly lays down, as if melting, moisturizing the skin of the lips, as well as nourishing it. Leaves a slightly pinkish shade and shine. Allergic reactions did not cause. Composition: диизостеарил малат, полиглицерил-2, триизостеарат, пентаэритритил тетраизостеарат, гидрогенизированный полиизобутен, squalane, фитостерил олеат, канделильский wax, castor oil, церезин, этилгексил palmitate, beeswax, olive oil, shea butter, rose oil, jojoba oil, tocopherol acetate, perfume, propylene paraben, ci77891, ci45410, ci15850


  57. L***x

    Balm really changes color when in contact with the skin. On the skin of the hand the shade of the swotch is warm, but on the lips there is a juicy, cold, pink tone. Pigment is not strong, but even after the balm was erased, the color still remains in the pigment of the lips. Has a light, fresh, floral aroma, no taste. Well moisturizes the lips giving them shine. Irritation and allergies did not cause.


  58. E***h

    A good balm, moisturizes and slightly nourishes the skin of the lips. The color in the stick is pink, but on the lips of the shade does not give. The smell is quite intense-like balm “bulgarian rose”. The volume is small, in the second photo the maximum length of the stick. Shelf life is in order. Delivery to the orenburg region is only 12 days, track tracked. Packaging is reliable.


  59. M***a

    Miniature lipstick, came in a month. Put the cream probes, thank you!


  60. V***r

    Order made 01.06 came to mo 11.06. Very fast shipping. The order was from several items, tracked by mail from the beginning and until arrival in the local liaison office. Packed as always excellent, in blown package. Nothing was wrinkled. I lost my account how many times i already ordered in this store. Everything is always fine. The first time i ordered this moisturizing sponge. Liked. moisturizes well. After there is no dryness and tightness of the skin, as other brands of moisturizing lipsticks there is such an effect. Excellent lipstick. I recommend.


  61. O***a

    Lanbena color hygiene lipstick at a good price today! Lipstick not only cares for lips, but also adds a pink tone. In its composition, really many caring components: beeswax and candelilla wax, olive oil, shea butter, jojoba, rose hips, carrots and wild cherry seeds. Pomfda is enriched with vitamin e, the lack of which is so palpable in winter. The shelf life of lipstick since the opening of 12 months, as indicated on the package, therefore the composition includes propylene paraben, as well as dyes. Lipstick is easily twisted from the tube completely and does not break into the heat. Has a pleasant orange smell, honey color, which on the lips is transformed into a pink potton. Lips do not dry, on the contrary, there is a feeling of moisturizing and nutrition. The package indicates that lipstick can be used under normal lipstick or lip gloss.


  62. M***a

    Lip balm came quickly enough, was well packed in a cardboard box, sealed with mica, during transportation was not damaged, did not melt. I chose a moisturizing blue balm with hyaluronic acid. The manufacturer states that the balm has a light texture, nourishes and moisturizes the lips for a long time, removes dryness and restores the damaged and cracked skin of the lips. Balm contains such useful components as rosehip extract, bitter cherry extract, sodium hyaluronate. Balm can be used as a basis for make-up before applying gloss or lipstick. It is recommended to store the balm in a dry place away from direct sunlight. The balm itself is bluish color, has a light unobtrusive citrus aroma, it falls well, really nourishes and moisturizes the lips, not sticky, allergic reactions did not cause. Compact, the tube can easily fit even in the smallest handbag.


  63. I***a

    High quality and service, first all very well packed, fast delivery, all products in the box, top film, all information in english about the composition, manufacturer, application method, effects, shelf life. Soft, pleasant balm, lips moisturizes, nn sticky, odorless, does not cause irritation and allergies.


  64. N***a

    Of the three varants, i chose hamelion balm in an orange tube. Balm has a gentle pleasant orange smell. Color as usual hygienic lipstick, well, can be slightly beige, but on the lips the color changes, transforming into pink, giving the lips liveliness and healthy shine and look. Well wet lips, cares for the skin. The composition of many wet components, including olive oil, shea butter, jojoba, rosehip, beeswax, etc. Which is important, there is hyaluronic acid, which keeps natural moisture and prevents aging. In general, i’m happy. Delivery also pleased with the speed, the track number was tracked all the way.


  65. N***o

    A good lip balm, ordered at once 3 different) as a gift 3 bags with a probe of cream with hyaluronic acid. Thank you very much to the store!


  66. E***r

    This is my second lipstick from this series. Last was with gilauronic acid and i really liked it. This time chameleon. There is still just a pink hygienic. But chameleon also gives a natural, more Delivery of the week 3 to russia. Came well packed .. Lipstick perfectly moisturizes the skin, smoothes wrinkles, nourishes. Just great lipstick. Sponges remain moisturized for a long time. Very satisfied and i can recommend


  67. N***N

    Very good and nice lip balm. The balm itself has a pleasant aroma and orange, but on the lips gives a pink shade. To buy definitely recommend.


  68. S***s

    A good balm with caring properties. Small 1,8g, the last photo comparison with the usual lipstick 3,5g. Cute tube design. The store sent quickly, put a bottle of cream, also with hyaluronic acid, thank you very much) to yekaterinburg for 1,5 months.


  69. V***o

    With hyaluronic only moisturizes the lips. A special shade does not give. I liked the balm.


  70. L***P

    Good lip balm. Balm with a delicate citrus smell, has a pleasant texture, moisturizes well. After application, a slightly pink shade appears, almost imperceptible. Very beautiful packaging, you can take for a gift. Delivery took two weeks, the parcel was tracked all the way. Very satisfied with the purchase.


  71. N***a

    Balm is excellent) with its functions copes. the texture is light, quickly dries. More suitable for the summer) and the smell abolden, and would eat)


  72. M***B

    I waited 24 days for the package. nice color, Natural. I recommend


  73. M***a

    Nice balm. Applied gently, slides well. Moisturizes. Has a pleasant lemon taste. The color does not add to the fur coats, only a pleasant wet shine. Tube in a box sealed in mica. The terms are good. On the box there is a warning about a possible allergic reaction, though in english. It came unfollowed.


  74. N***a

    It was a long time, about 2 months. As a gift, a cream probe. The smell of lipstick is pleasant, applied very easily and moisturizes well.


  75. Y***A

    Everything is very high quality and beautifully packed, moisturizes well, neutral smell. As a gift cream with hyaluronic. Of the minuses-long shipping, the track is not tracked.


  76. M***n

    Balm with a very good compound and beautiful shade


  77. I***a

    Excellent lip balm, the product fully corresponds to the description. Well packed, the box is additionally sealed in mica. The balm has a pleasant smell and light consistency. The store put a face cream as a gift. Before russia the parcel was a month, then the track was not tracked, and another month and a half the parcel was walking around the country. The seller is sociable, immediately at the request extended the protection, i was no longer hoping to receive the goods, but the day before the end of the additional protection time the parcel suddenly reached.


  78. O***t

    The order reached 1,5 months to rb. The store is sociable, sent immediately. I ordered 3 different balms at once. Packed aesthetically, in boxes. There are no annotations in the Russian language. Weight 1,8g. The smell is pleasant, not annoying. The lips are applied pleasantly, gently, gently, but gradually absorbed and dries. Chameleon gives lips a natural gently pink shade, do not wait for brightness from it! I am very satisfied, because i bought it as a balm! I recommend the product and the seller, but note that the delivery is really long!


  79. I***r

    The box contains all the necessary information in english: composition, shelf life. Balm inside has a gently blue pleasant color, there is a pleasant citrus smell. When applying the balm as if melts on the lips, but the lips are not greasy and not sticky. Effect-nutrition, prevention of dryness, moisturizing. Hyaluronic acid extract gives lightness to the texture, on the lips is not felt, nourishes and moisturizes for a long time, removes dryness and restores the damaged skin of the lips. I really liked balm. Delivery took three weeks, the track number was tracked, i recommend to buy.


  80. L***a

    Came balm, delivery fast, the box is packed in a film, there is a shelf life, the balm itself is whole, the smell is just super, we will test. the store put a gift, shcha this special thanks!!!!! Seller recommend!!! I will order more!!!!!


  81. N***a

    Delivery to spb 16 days. Branded packaging, all in english, up to 2022. The smell is very pleasant. The store is sociable, always in touch.


  82. E***a

    Hiper fast delivery for Romania, shipped on 31/07 and received on 12/08. As seen the product fits perfectly the description.


  83. V***v

    Great balm. Quality is good. Lips are moisturized and not dry after use. Delivery is fast. Recommend product and store!


  84. M***a

    Everything came intact and very quickly. All expiration dates up to 22 years. Nice balm. Neutral smell. On the lips pleasantly lies. It’s too early to talk about the effect, but i hope it will.


  85. I***A

    Balm miniature, odorless, well moisturizes. The goods are satisfied, and the delivery is not. The defense came out, extended several times. Opened a dispute, the store did not want to return the funds. The good at this time expanded to me balm. I’m writing to what… Shortly before the balm, this seller ordered serum for the face. Same story. The seller refused to return the money claiming that the parcel was in the mail. To this day the goods are not received. The money was returned after ali’s intervention. Uv spoke.


  86. I***a

    Good lipstick, the color on the lips is very gentle, not at all bright, softens perfectly


  87. K***a

    Very comfortable lipstick. Nice package. Recommend!


  88. N***a

    Good balm, there was a parcel for a very long time, two more months. Moisturizes well, but not for long. Color does not give, just moisturized lips. I liked it.


  89. A***a

    Delivery for 2 weeks. Amazing packaging. The box is packed with mica. Composition, shelf life, method of application all indicated. The balm itself with a light aroma of menthol. Applied very gently. On the lips is not felt. “Holds” effect more than 3 hours. Lips are soft, without feeling stickiness. Manifests itself in 30 seconds. The color is soft, not bright, the effect of “kissing lips”. Definitely 5/5.


  90. M***s

    It changes color slightly, pigmented to a very soft pink tone. Hydrates well. I recommend


  91. O***a

    Delivery 5 weeks, received at the post office. Quality is good


  92. B***a

    Went with tracking. The smell is pleasant, almost imperceptible, i can not say what it looks like. On the lips lie perfectly, moisturizes. The number can be seen in the photo.


  93. O***a

    Very fast shipping. Lays down gently and easily. No smell. Packing is not damaged.


  94. Customer

    Balsam arrived in three weeks track tracked completely. The box was sealed in mica, all the information in english, there is a shelf life, composition, recommendations for use. The smell of light is not attractive.


  95. Y***a

    Nice balsamchik. Moisturizes, looks beautiful. Put it in the mailbox. Shelf life up to 14.03.2022g. Two other types have not yet received, although ordered earlier.


  96. N***a

    Shipping 20 days. All boxes with galagrama, sealed in film, shelf life of all products until 2022. It has a fatty consistency and a barely noticeable citrus smell, on the lips absorbed and leaves a pleasant and moisturizing feeling. Cool thing. Stick thin and not big but economical.


  97. G***b

    Pleasant lip balm. Shelf life is adequate, packed well. The store put a small gift that is very nice. Thank You


  98. K***a

    Very cool thing. Very nice to lie on the lips, not very quickly “eats”. Well, it looks beautiful! Very satisfied with the purchase! Thanks to the store;)


  99. E***a

    Delivery is long, almost 2 months. Not tracked. I bought 3 items, the store, at my request put everything in one package. It came without damage.


  100. I***v

    Lipstick small. after application quickly disappears sense of hydration, it is necessary to update often, the smell is pleasant.


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