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Timer Kitchen Digital Cooking

(100 customer reviews)

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  • It can be used for measuring specific time intervals.
  • Keeps you on task.
  • It has an extended timing range, ringing time is longer.
  • Very attractive and easy to use as well.
  • Material: LCD; ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 35g
  • Color: Black, White, Red, Green, Silver

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Timer Kitchen Digital Cooking

A Timer can be invaluable in cooking, similar to measuring cups and knives. Some cooks rely upon precision over just natural instinct. To ensure that they are preparing the best quality food. This timer has a countdown, count up and alarm functionalities. That makes it easy and convenient to time precision cooking. Therefore, it is highly recommended for many multi-tasker. Ensuring that proper time tracking is observing is very important. Either be it in the kitchen, workplace, gym, in school and virtually just about anywhere.

How it works

This simple, fashionable and sleek digital timer can use during sleep, workout, and tracking productivity at work and business. Just about any other activity that requires time measurement. It has the minutes, seconds and stops/start buttons to help you track your time effectively and efficiently. The equipment has made of quality plastic that is durable enough to withstand normal daily usage. The LCD display is large and bright enough to be readable in most lighting conditions. The timer comes in different colors. Such as black, white, red, green & silver to suit your mood and ambiance.

Facts about Digital Cooking Kitchen Timer

Designed to be fashionable. It comes with a magnet that allows the user to stick it to any magnetic surface. Also for convenience and optimal visibility while cooking, working, exercising or even resting on breaks and/or lunch. This product is also CQI certified. Which means this equipment has passed a strict quality check and complies with industry standards. There may also be a meaningful difference in size by about 1-2 centimeters because of manual measurements. A slight color difference may also be noticeable. But it should be acceptable due to environmental lighting and the screen. Buying multiple units for use at home, at the office and just about anywhere is highly recommended for any millennial multi-tasker.

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Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm

Based on 100 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. S***o

    Fully satisfied with easy-to-use and large enough. With convenient magnet back


  2. R***a

    The ring is absent, can be used by pets, is ultrasonic, it’a a sheme because the items would be good


  3. G***s

    Very good for the price, the magnet is not very strong and it sleeps from the freezer


  4. B***s

    Haven’t worked out how to turn it off yet, but it works well and has a magnet on the back.


  5. M***p

    Nothing wrong witf the shop but i can hardly hear the timer. The sound is very softly, bad product


  6. K***n

    Arrived broken Damage


  7. O***v

    Shipping-the next day after the order. Shipping-17 days, that tracks-неотслежек just gorgeous. Track to track before arriving in Russia. Brought into the box. Packaging Is “no”. But it’s safe and sound. Timer description and picture, including the selected color. Made high quality and accurate, battery included. Compact, with magnet. The Figures Are very more (convenient), comfortable keys. Works fine. Writing in a review that sound weak, but for me, it is not so. Sound timer I hear around the home, (about 100 m2) even when the radio. I liked the timer, and its price is very attractive (1 USD, other stores-In 1,5-2 times above). Recommend and timer, and seller.


  8. S***c

    All OK


  9. A***v

    Pay 22.07. The Seller sent 06.08. Receive bag in Udmurtia 07.09. Fits the description of goods on the site. Signal medium. Has A magnet on the back. Battery included. Maximum setting time timer 99 Min. 99 s. There is no clock and turn off the display. AND so the normal timer.


  10. V***v

    Normal timer, only tihovat. Sorry hour it is no. worth the money.


  11. S***V

    Delivered quickly. There Is A timer modes (up to 99 minutes) and stopwatch. Sound Signal is low, but the apartment heard.


  12. M***v

    Small but convenient timer, the back cover has a magnet, question the decided, in the refrigerator


  13. E***v

    Works. Only quiet. Before Moscow 15 days.


  14. Customer

    Sorry that can not be it completely off. And it works.


  15. L***i

    Works great! Good store. Battery included.


  16. G***k

    Excellent timer. Good packaging. Very Long Service


  17. M***y

    Quality, shit! Goods come with a scratch on the front panel. Not tight battery to timer work, had to pull the tape… Do not buy this shit!!!!


  18. A***k

    Fast Delivery. Works great. Good Price


  19. J***n

    Alarm is very gently. Magnet is not very strong. Further good product


  20. M***n



  21. A***v

    Arrived. Dooolgo riding Beeps .. But тихооо. AND buttons off there. AND so, it is a good Device


  22. P***p

    IN Udmurtia (Izhevsk) goods delivered quickly. Can install the Minutes, seconds (1 second). Order 10 timers identical. 2 of them does not work, because the battery.


  23. Customer

    Good Product


  24. N***v

    Just like in the description, the quality is good, but the sound signal weak in my opinion. Thank You Very Much.


  25. P***a

    It works. It can’t turn off the display when I do not use the timer.


  26. K***s

    Everything is OK. Great flowers. Shipping – about 5 weeks to Poland. Thank you Seller!


  27. E***n

    Super. Timer magnets, can be on the hood or fridge.


  28. A***v

    A great thing. Perfect for 60 rubles.


  29. E***a

    Sound good, rests on the magnet.


  30. M***v

    Fear 2 months, small sound


  31. M***r

    Clear display. Soft sound, that is called a pity.


  32. D***y

    The package has not received the dispute for me


  33. Y***A

    Goods come quickly. The Timer Is good. Signal not loud, magnet is weak. Display is turned off!!!


  34. G***T

    Short Duration notice and a little too Quiet as per terms kitchen


  35. A***v

    Sent oooooooochen long, but in the past month came. Beeps softly. Next To hear. From another room barely. Even if the hours they were but this is nitpicking.


  36. I***c

    Great product as described, fast delivery to Serbia.


  37. V***a

    Delivery month. Omitted the order in your inbox. Small, окура ненький. Directly to the battery. Recommend! Thank you very much


  38. M***u

    I like it, it countdown timer when exercising


  39. N***s

    A bit tricky switching between timer and stopper function but it is ok


  40. Customer

    Can’t understand, how to turn on and off, good service, fast,


  41. K***y

    Ok. It uses AG10 battery, which is included (labelled LR1130). A bit cumbersome setting – you can just increase the time until it overflows back to zero. After stopping the alarm, it resets to last countdown value, so if you need shorter time afterwards, you have to hold the setting button half a minute – and it beeps all the time! – until it goes all the way to 99 minutes then back from zero (the same for seconds, but I don’t use less than minute precision in the kitchen – except for microwave which has its own timer). 28 days to Czech Rep.


  42. Customer

    The color blue that I got was more beautiful than on the picture. There’s so much a rammeltje in this wekkertje (the other I ordered had hasn’t that) I am so wondering how long this note goes. I am very satisfied with it


  43. C***e

    Recommended. Works perfect. Sound very low. I can not hear it in the living room if alarm would go in the kitchen. However I am using it a shower timer.. and that makes it perfect. It remembers the time you set it on from last time. 5 weeks to Holland


  44. A***n

    Very long service, less than 2 months. Envelope torn. Works, battery included


  45. O***n

    No reset to zero to flipping minutes up to 90.


  46. D***v

    1. A month before Volgograd. 2.про size-word, but actually “impressed”. 3. convenient: You put some time for Timer then he remembers it value and after “Start Stop” ETOGES time again is on display reset- first two buttons together press. 4. Which Need batteries, On the back is written. 5. just be more feasible magnet, but in 78 $ it probably doesn’t fit, but other stores this gadget at соточке! 5 stars!!!! Number should not be.


  47. M***v

    Goods received, checked it works, 4 put only because for a long time 14 days send the goods. Item received, checked all works, put 4 only because the store is very long 14 days return.


  48. Y***h

    It’s impossibile to turn it off easily to save battery, got no instruction. I understand that if you want to change mode, you have to Press min+sec together. Worth the money.


  49. P***v

    A Little more than a month to Kursk. Order the first time. Thrown into the box. Everything is fine! I am satisfied! A good thing. Take!


  50. L***l

    only problem is that cannot be turned off and you have to remove the battery. for the rest, works good


  51. A***v

    The Quality is quite good. The magnet is weak, the wall refrigerator slide. No button.


  52. A***v

    Good timer, if you press the button (MIN) and (SEC) at the same time the timer обнулится, if after Zero push button (STOP-START) it will take time from 0 to 99 minutes 99 seconds.


  53. I***D

    A miniature timer, come complete with battery. Working perfectly


  54. E***v

    Seller goods for a long time, but the Moscow delivery month. all works well, but bad display is turned off. Recommend.


  55. O***a

    Thank You, the store! Items like a light, compact. The battery in place, the back of the magnet.


  56. S***v

    Thank You Very Much! Package with electronic timer received. Very convenient kitchen thing. Success in business and have a nice day. Логунов Сергей


  57. Customer

    Timer quiet and poorly kept in the fridge magnet weak. Work well, 99 minutes maximum time.


  58. N***o

    Month went to the suburbs


  59. L***h

    The magnet is weak, and the sound is not very loud. But otherwise, normal timer.


  60. N***a

    Thank You, received. Shipping 1 month. Goods tracking. Externally everything, in fact, not checked.


  61. T***v

    All great!


  62. T***a

    Convenient timer. It works. Just not выключантся-all the time is 00:00. Can I not know just press? Start/stop timer only stops or starts to readout. Together press Min. and S. = resets the screen. Squeaking standard as the electronic alarm clock. Battery included, comes with protective film.


  63. J***n

    It is small, great font size, easy to use, practical etc.


  64. R***v

    Description!! Big numbers can be clearly seen… to slightly louder signal at all would be great. Recommend


  65. M***v

    Works fine, but there is no button reset or off at all.


  66. I***a

    Size appear larger than it actually is, the sound would be louder


  67. O***v

    Very long service. A chipped edge display, the corner crack millimeters 5. are not used. The whole package. Obviously this and sent.


  68. M***f

    It’s perfect. I got a bunch to use as gifts. the only thing I don’t like is: 1) the ring is low, so i often don’t notice it. 2) it’s doesn’t have a button to clear, so if I want to start from zero, I have to go up to 99… 3) it fell once and the back that holds the battery is chipped. now it’s doing fine with scotch tape. but for this price it’s a BARGAIN!


  69. D***v

    Excellent timer, has a battery, works well.


  70. H***n

    Color slightly different but not less beautiful


  71. T***o

    Not really, quiet and barely holding magnet


  72. A***a

    All OK


  73. M***v

    Silent alarm clock, in the next room almost inaudible, if in the same room with timer is less heard. IN comparison, sound-squeak as a calculator.


  74. V***N

    Timer working, big and clear. Battery installed (for it is necessary to take out the film). Reset to 0-Simultaneously press the S and Min. Button press min/sec-increasing indications min/sec to 1, the excess of the 99 min or 59 s-refund in 0. Maximum 99 min: 59 sec. When remembers the last time. To reduce the testimony or reset with a new installation or go around buttons min and SEC. Disadvantages: 1. Sound Signal-intermittent “Squeak” very quiet (шумящий kettle full muffles sound); 2. hold on the refrigerator bad (one magnet top case)-slip (bottom timer set magnet for refrigerator, that would not move).


  75. G***A

    Slim Watch, on the back of the magnet, well kept in the fridge. Pleasant soft touch buttons.


  76. A***a

    All the fun. Advise. Only the color not white as in the description, and silver


  77. S***v

    Great kitchen timer. Recommend.


  78. Customer

    More common battery like a CR2032 would be better, but it does the trick! Thank you!


  79. S***n

    Got timer for 32 days. The contents of the parcel is fully consistent with the site. Even was a battery. You Remove The protection of battery discharge and the device immediately work. No instructions in any language. Magnet on the back of the hold on the metal surface, but is rather weak, when peeling off no strong attraction.


  80. A***w

    Delivery Eagle for 34 days, that is not a record speed, for me it is long. THE other complaints. Track to track only in China.


  81. A***n

    Timer is ok, the sound is not so loud – sometimes hard to hear in a busy kitchen.


  82. A***o

    The quality is good. Timer is easy to operate. Beautiful, on the back of the magnet. Battery included. Just like in the description.


  83. C***g

    Works perfectly. It can go forward n backwards. Thank u. Very cute. Can attached it to refrigerator


  84. F***n

    Ordered 3 timers, 2 of them worked, 1 was defective (display). Got a refund immediately after sending pictures of the defective device.


  85. K***k

    Exactly as described, big and clear, recommended!


  86. Customer

    Working properly, I am happy, fast delivery.


  87. Y***a

    Received, satisfied, bad, the display is turned off and it would be cool if were and watch


  88. R***C

    It took almost 2 months to reach. Contact store about delivery status but no response at all, poor service. Items are average, can stick well… flaws: Low ringing sound( doesn’t serve a purpose as timer), unable to turn off.


  89. V***a

    Arrived well packed. Looks okay. Still not experienced.


  90. N***a

    Excellent timer. Small, thin, light, large numbers. Come with battery, only to remove the protection and it’s ready to go. Working properly, you can set as straight, so the countdown. IN general, I’m happy, unless the magnet is weak, but with refrigerator does not fall, so that the rules.


  91. V***a

    Order received all fine thank you recommend this store


  92. R***e

    it’s cheap it works the delivery was in the time frame


  93. Customer

    Going for a long time, but make it in the end. Quality very satisfied.


  94. O***a

    Sent nearly a week. Before Moscow reached 1,5 months. Works fine. Magnet normally holds. The Only negative-you can not turn off. Always Burn the numbers, it is unknown how much is enough batteries


  95. G***y

    Good product, but weak magnet. Slide with refrigerator.


  96. A***v

    The mailbox, everything properly. Thank You Very Much!


  97. E***r

    the ring is very weak and we can barely hear it


  98. Customer

    Very fast performance, good store recommend, it works, the battery has been included under the protective film


  99. K***n

    Timer great, performs its functions (battery included)


  100. Customer

    The Product Is in working condition, staffed by battery. Sound signal is weak, but it’s clear make stronger-battery just enough. Delivery one month, riding secret paths to Russia via Austria? IN general, normal gadget.


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