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Kitchen Board Cutting Tool

(99 customer reviews)

7,960 Orders

In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • Good flexibility and bendable chopping board
  • Frosted Surface design to avoid slippage when chopping
  • Material: Food grade PP plastic
  • Color: Blue, orange, yellow, green
  • Sizes Available: 30.5 x 23.5 cm/20 x 15 cm


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Kitchen Board Cutting Tool

This high-quality kitchen board is food grade material. It’s very safe to use plus it is also flexible and bendable because this board is made of plastic. You can hang it in a hole because of its hanging hole design. In addition to that, it is also portable too because you have to roll it if you would like to bring it somewhere. There are four colors to choose from which is orange, blue, green, and yellow. The size is 30.5 x 23.5 cm, 20 x 15 cm which is pretty big and convenient to use. With this board, the food that you are chopping will not fall out from the board.

Safe For Foods

Food grade material is very significant when buying any tools that will have direct contact with your foods. It is to make sure that the purity of the food remains and to avoid food poisoning. Health is something you should not take for granted. You would not want yourself or people in your house to get a stomachache or to get ill. Aside from that, hospital bills are costly. Make sure always to take precautions in buying food-related products to avoid any complications. Only buy high-quality products like this kitchen board.

Frosted Surface Design

One of the good qualities of this kitchen board is that it has a frosted surface design. You will not have to worry about slipping the board or the food that you are chopping. That way, you’ll be able to protect yourself from getting cut with the knife. If you don’t want to get hurt or cut your self, you should get this cutting tool to prevent them. But remember, you still have to be careful when chopping something. This kitchen board will help you avoid having wound from knives, but it doesn’t mean that you would not get hurt.

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Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Based on 99 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. D***v

    Goods to Kursk area went 40 days, by ordinary mail, size has been specified exactly, but the picture of the goods on the site board in 2 sizes larger. Real size I sfotkal in scale than a matchbox. Dosochki hard to резрезать her knife should try. Goods and happy.


  2. A***a

    Order 09.11, received 17.12 in Irkutsk, placed in the box, took over 23,33 rubles in the other board (if it can be called) is very thin, so the time Apple cut open, thank you, recommend buying.


  3. I***o

    10.11 ordered. 26.12 received. Not monitored. Good thick plastic. Recommend.


  4. R***a

    Thanks for the goods! All OK! Shipping to Krasnoyarsk of payment was 43 days. Recommend shop goods


  5. S***s

    Shipping within 2 days, shipping to Moscow and a half months. Ordered the 1st time, already had the same, only red. Very handy thing-you can use not only at home in the kitchen, and took on vacation and picnics-weighs small, flexible and small, but its function is carried out. Took for $23,33 in savings on two-Great! Thank You Very Much!


  6. V***a

    Come in less than 2 months, product davolno


  7. L***a

    Order come without much delay. Still intact and unharmed. The Board did not order the first time. Comfortable. Quality of goods no complaints. Thanks, success in business and my recommendation.


  8. N***a

    Димочка probably would be good, but our mail decided on a different envelope перегнали in half and stuck to the mailbox, as a result I have now two small dosochki. Chinese store is not to blame, so thanks to him and five stars.


  9. D***v

    Average delivery. A Little plastic smell. It ‘S a little defective, but it is the fault of delivery (


  10. D***v

    Goods come to quality pritenzy there but there is one thing. I ordered two big board and come a little one big, the discovery of the store responded immediately asked to close the debate, said that he would return the difference. As a result I closed the debate and the money I didnt see, more will not open the amount is not much, well and hope they have it somewhere stuck, happiness and prosperity!


  11. E***v

    As you and me dosochki like, no smell, it is the biggest size shown from store, took for slicing any vegetable salads or bread, made of fine гнущевося plastic Pattern green as I wanted, and grass, in the dishwasher to clean fine in Perm edge reaching out for about a month, buy to buy other for 48.71, I am happy to my kitchen useful for sure. Thank You dear seller!!!


  12. S***v

    The order was almost 2 months. The Russia does not track. Took the Joint Purchase for 50 rubles. Thought it would be more. Vegetable cutter standards.


  13. D***v

    Tight flexible board, good, recommend.


  14. M***a

    Service for two months. Description. Can be hung.


  15. L***a

    Small, but size fits. In has not tried, plastic is tight


  16. T***a

    Shipping almost 2 months, is not very convenient, slide on the table while cutting.


  17. E***a

    Convenient plastic dosochki, only delivery, 2 months to the suburbs.


  18. 7***7

    Very long service, but finally came today. good dosochki can keep the table for cutting any products


  19. N***k

    Easy cutting mat. Slim. Well bent. Let ‘S See how long will.


  20. N***a

    Shipping two months, the board is fully consistent with the good


  21. G***s

    Goods received. Waiting for two months. Seller recommend.


  22. N***a

    Dostochka regular, thin transparent plastic. The price is too high.


  23. E***a

    Normal board. There is a hole that used to hang.


  24. G***a

    As the picture of the store. Normal small board, no defects. Fast shipping. Shipping-60 days in Rostov-on-Don.


  25. L***a

    Funny thing, slim but tough. I like at this point to see how to use.


  26. S***a

    Item arrived broken, the store immediately returned the money.


  27. R***s

    Went on for two months. 20*15 Неожиданномаленькая, although subscribed big size-Udabno for fruit


  28. L***o

    As expected, 20х15, tiny, crawl on the table, though reverse side is more rough. pretty dense, egg cut in half come down… Quail))


  29. T***v

    Goods received, thank you. All together. No smell. Take hiking, travel on the environment. Think functional. And for home cuts normul. Recommend store.


  30. S***a

    While all like, come tselenkaya, not wrinkled. Thank you!


  31. L***V

    Size 20*15 small, just cut the sausage and сырок. Flexible plastic. I liked. Thank You


  32. Y***a

    Excellent! Delicate and durable! On the table and how much does not stop! Recommend!


  33. E***a

    Knife stay next. came quickly


  34. P***a

    Going for a long time, not monitored, but the thing is like, store recommend!


  35. S***s

    Small protnaya


  36. E***a

    A quality product. Thanks to the store.


  37. S***a

    Buy with other for $51,13. Shipping 50 days with payment, of which 2/3 in Traced. Length 28,5 cm, width of the narrowest point 19,5 cm. Color according to your order. THE package not сворачивалась and does not add up. Good


  38. M***o

    11.12 sent, received 22.01 in mailbox


  39. T***a

    When ordering, please pay attention to the size in the product description, in fact a small thing, as a mouse pad


  40. A***o

    It was more than a month, quality is good but thought it would be a bit more


  41. Л***а

    12.11 ordered the 23.01.19 received, the track is the same, dosochki good, THANK YOU


  42. V***m

    Quality is excellent, thanks, Tips come in time


  43. A***v

    I like, not know how enough, will use carefully,


  44. A***h

    Tiny) but I know that ordered


  45. G***u

    All in a time it


  46. G***d

    Shipping 50 days. item was purchased in joint purchase of 50, 78. took a large size. the goods are delivered a full-size, so no creases had. personally I like goods, what was needed. very easy thing, especially for lunch at work. AND board, and cloth… traces of knife are (and where they are not?). most Importantly, not! this is my fourth order from this store did not let the all. the quality of the product I liked it!!! Recommend!!!!


  47. M***a

    Board excellent. Shipping 1,5 months.


  48. I***n

    03.12.2018 came 26.01.2019 fine, slightly transparent, slightly Bent… similar to a modeling clay (for children) pattern-,, carrot, but think it long нарежишься, and that’s on her нашинковать very convenient to…. Tracking no, everything in the description was used ceiling would have been a good thing and only for нашинковать her vegetables.


  49. T***a

    Order issued 05.12, received the post 17.01. Live in ST. The Board had a whole, no wrinkles. Thin plastic. I also think the price is too high. But you can use I found, it is small, lightweight, convenient for picnics. Seller recommend.


  50. E***a

    7 weeks, took together cheaper, it stated, size small, the photo shows the price penny


  51. A***a

    Came with a strain. Not critical, but sorry. Waiting for a very very long time. Though and come to terms, but I still wanted to get it to NG holidays… In general did not take off points, although deformation me upset. Mail bent parcel in half and a small kinkiness with edge… The photo does not show and if not look closely, it is not obvious. The operation is not affected. If no further will break.


  52. O***a

    Thin flat plastic. Cut on it can be. The price is quite good. Size-matched


  53. Y***a

    As in the description and photos. But very thin.


  54. O***n

    And sent an order issued almost immediately, reached the Bratsk per month and 10 days (very fast) track by Russia not tracked, packaging was simple, but it is not marriage and creases (thanks to the manufacturer and our friend), goods to its description, without any odor, taken together with other Board big size for 54,94 rubles, store and store recommend, after use will add a feedback)


  55. O***a

    Very small and thin. As a toy.


  56. A***a

    Thin. Thinner match four times. Pattern printed paint.


  57. O***a

    A good product. To Magnitogorsk was 2 months. Thank you.


  58. I***A

    Just like in the description. Think it is larger. Easy to use and wash. Goods store recommend.


  59. G***s

    Thank you all matches the description


  60. N***o

    To Murmansk for 1,5 months reached a. Very small, for vegetables suitable. Do not mind 28 p. For this product, the economy will come in handy.


  61. T***t

    Good thing but not enough. For order more


  62. Customer

    Small, fun. There was a month.


  63. S***a

    Good flexible dostochka kitchen… But small. To compare my hand…)) but as for 26 $, then will come down. Seller and the product is recommended.


  64. T***a

    Items like. The mailbox. Took over 60 rubles. The Joint Purchase


  65. G***d

    Goods come with a crack, a dispute-store good debate closed immediately for a full refund. Recommend.


  66. H***h

    Sending to SF came a month. Board in the description. At First it seemed a little, but then compared with his former and turned, that it is less at all a little bit. The Old myself very well established, very useful thing, when little space. Now it has a U.


  67. V***y

    Parcel not monitored, shipping 1,5 months. Description, small, like his wife.


  68. O***a

    Everything is fine, posting a little more than a month Krasnoyarsk region, store recommend


  69. I***A

    Обчныя crap their polymer. Pay attention to the size. I do not see, result in the photo. Going for a long time for this ball is negative


  70. S***s

    Go for three months. It was not expected. As normal. Took to travel. Small, lightweight. Go for these purposes. Thank you very much.


  71. O***a

    Good service, petite, something quickly cut and rinse


  72. G***a

    Shipping a month. Looks good, thin plastic.


  73. I***a

    A small, for cutting lemon will do.


  74. O***a

    This cool, Small board. THE farm is useful .. Size 20х15… Buy to buy other for. Although there was a long but blame our mail.


  75. N***a

    60 days to Territory. Small in the description. Can fit


  76. E***a

    Was about 1, 5 months, not monitored, came a whole, will serve as the Mini pad don’t know)


  77. R***r

    Order will be sent within six weeks to St-Peterburga. Parcel not monitored. Good transparent board, convenient. Store and store recommend 5 stars


  78. L***l

    Best dosochki. Very convenient, took the smaller and more. Discount for two small 27 rub


  79. R***w

    All of it! About a month, but it seemed better. Very thin itself and does not stick to the surface of the table it can promote resistant during use… Thickness 0.3mm


  80. A***v

    53 days and the goods delivered to track packed well look fine. Drawing more interesting is necessary.


  81. V***i

    If you take, it is large size, and quickly cut into small products it is possible and convenient, thank you very much.


  82. M***a

    Good small chopping board. And order his mother to cut them fruit children. Shipping in Rostov-oblast.Prodavets 1.5 months.


  83. V***k

    Long Service. And product standards. Thin. No smell. A little more thought. But still thank you.


  84. V***n

    Good-looking. As in fact-check.


  85. K***k

    All write nonsense, and I liked it, thank you


  86. A***o

    Board as Board…. Nothing unique


  87. V***l

    It is very small! Look at the size! Tonyusenkaya! Riding ~ days 45.


  88. O***v

    Delivery within the, material thick, hard, knife cuts accurately advise.


  89. V***v

    Thanks to the store sent. wife happy. Very comfortable, no smell.


  90. E***a

    I liked the cut on it comfortably. Not


  91. D***v

    Everything Is good. Shallowly)


  92. L***a

    Have not tried.


  93. N***a

    The product has passed, but the money back.


  94. Z***a

    Normal cutting store recommend thanks


  95. R***r

    Love collection chopping досочек.


  96. N***a

    Thin small fits the description, no smell.


  97. G***n

    I did not like. In store to buy quality better


  98. S***K

    Product description. Parcel put directly to the mailbox, was 1,5 months.


  99. S***a

    Very quickly. The order, but smaller than the earlier, so it still somewhere walking


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