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Keratin Hair Treatment Plus Shampoo

(99 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • Can smoothen and straighten your hair from roots to tips
  • It can effectively prevent dry and frizzy hair in just a few minutes
  • Makes your hair manageable and attractive, easy to use at home
  • Ingredients: Keratin
  • Package Includes:
    1 piece 100ml 5% Brazilian Chocolate Keratin Treatment
    1 piece 100ml Purifying shampoo

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Keratin Hair Treatment Plus Shampoo

Keratin hair treatment products plus shampoo can effectively beautify your curly hair. It is very efficient to use because keratin is popular for smoothening and straightening your hair. It can repair the damages in your hair precisely. The shampoo can reduce possible signs of breakage and split ends. It will allow you to have a beautiful looking hair all day because when you pair this treatment with a shampoo, it can provide a positive and elegant feeling.
Similarly, your hair is your crowning glory. You should always take good care of it because it can instantly boost your belief in oneself. Many people can have a lot to say about you from your hair structure and facial features. In conclusion, it’s the very first thing that people can get everyone’s attention. They can quickly notice it first before anything else. When you have beautiful hair, you will feel great.


When you start using the ideal treatment for your hair, you will notice that your hair is manageable and smooth from its roots to the tips. Each strand of your hair is vibrant and healthy looking. It will attract other people’s eyes. Aside from making your hair straight, it can also eliminate dry and frizzy hair. It can help you to manage your hair efficiently easily. In fact, with a healthy glowing hair and vibrant look, you can be confident for an overall attractive appearance.

Proper Usage

First of all, blow dry your hair. You can wash your hair with keratin shampoo twice if it has been treated once and wash your hair thrice for virgin hair. Secondly, try to comb your hair thoroughly. Then shake your keratin bottle and apply two to three ounces of the hair treatment using a hairbrush. Afterward, you can wear a hair cap. Lastly, you can wait for twenty to 30 minutes before rinsing off with water. You need to let your hair absorb all the solution.

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Based on 99 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. V***a

    Делала self. Before that, she herself did botox, according to vonism the same. The mask was not worn and the window did not open, there was enough on the hood in the bathroom, there were a couple of moments when drying, that the smell hit the nose and eyes, the eyes were watered. Endure it is not difficult))) we and more tolerate))) the effect is visible, after 72 hours i will add a tip. Of course it is better for someone to help, behind it is not very convenient to pull out the hair with an iron. In principle for such a price chic!!! In moscow botex composition in the same amount for 2000 took. At my length of this quantity should be enough for two times.


  2. S***g

    Everything is super, came to estonia finally!! I have not tried it yet, i will write it. Thank you.


  3. L***.

    Good remedy). Bottles are small. On medium density, medium length-enough for 2 times. The whole thing came, three weeks of the way. The smell is strong. But it’s worth it. I recommend.


  4. M***a

    The goods did not receive!!! I don’t know why they wrote that the order is executed. I’ll open a dispute. The post office says that there was no such parcel.


  5. K***a

    Everything came whole, well packed, thanks to the store and for the warm communication) the hair became smooth, all like


  6. E***a

    Hi well packed i just rereceived it very happy with the store was quick delivery i recommend you i give them 10 estreya because they are very good thank you


  7. A***a

    Girls super remedy, very much. i will still order. i will add when i wash my head, let’s see what happens and how long the result will last. thank you to the store!!!


  8. E***a

    Everything came whole until i tried it. Seller put gift hair oil


  9. T***a

    Everything came, there is instruction in russian, well packed


  10. K***s

    I arrive in 20 days in peru, well packed, the two bases, instructions and a pair of gloves. I still don’t use it. i’ll add comments after i apply it. Thank you very much, i recommend the store


  11. S***e

    The store sent the product quickly and perfectly packed, i’m sure that if following the instructions the hair will fit, they also send the 5 star gloves 🙂


  12. N***k

    Cherotin has come, my orders already once the 3rd, it seems to be caif


  13. E***a

    Thank you! Came the parcel, was not tracked, went for a long time, but came) the store himself extended the protection, answered the questions. I plan to deal with the process of hair restoration in the spring, then i will add. Excellent sales!;)


  14. S***a

    I wanted to shoot a star for a long delivery, but the store umnichka, asked to wait and the track apparently crossed the border and began to be tracked. I will add a review when i do)))


  15. O***o

    Thank you, i recommend the store


  16. A***a

    After three days when i wash it out my hair are really soft and straight. I really didnt expect that it will be THAT effect for that money. Good job my friend 😀


  17. A***r

    Arrived in good condition with Good and safety packaging


  18. M***o

    Received within a month. Bottles are not large. As a gift promised oil, oil did not report apparently. Not yet used. Later i will try to supplement the review


  19. V***a

    Delivery was long-almost 2 months to moscow, but the track was tracked all the way, so it was not worried. The jars were very well packed in a special air pillow, but one still came a little mint. But it’s not critical. As soon as i unpacked, i immediately felt a wild hymn smell. Inside the glove, apparently, a gift. And instruction in russian. No declared gifts, like “buy 2, get the oil as a gift” the store did not put. The product itself has not yet tried, then i will add a tip.


  20. A***a

    Yes, the smell of tinplate… but i did kuma on curls while it turned out well to add after 72 hours the photo i attach 1do and the rest after use


  21. I***a

    Received quickly! I kept my hair long 8 hours before straightening kind of eyes did not hurt at all.


  22. I***n

    Today I will effects will be shown later


  23. N***v

    Wow hair really became even and shine well, though the process itself is very unpleasant for the eyes and nose but it can be survived, thank you very much))


  24. V***a

    My long-awaited order came. 4 stars because, well, a very long time there was a parcel (traveled around the floor of russia and only then got to me) and there is no promised gift bottle. Everything was packed in an air bag, there are gloves and instructions in russian. as a test supplement to the review. before grodno went from 15.01-11.11.


  25. Customer

    Shipment compatible with your order. Firmly packed. Recommend salesman. The parcel czekałam over a month.


  26. V***a

    The parcel came in 36 days, the description is fully consistent, throughout the way the parcel was tracked. Bottles were packed qualitatively in a inflated case, there is a manual for use in russian. The store is responsible, the goods are good, the store advise.!!!


  27. S***e

    Arrived very fast, packed very well. Let’s see how it works. I will leave additional feedback after usage.


  28. G***o

    Everything is fine as always the parcel lost a little but in the end i received. The producer is super. I take already once 4


  29. O***o

    Ordered for 11.11 the parcel went very long received 15.01. Packing of course for 5 +. How in fact i do not know what i expect from my wife to say after the test.


  30. Customer

    In the absence of delivery, the reception of three sedatives in the early, good condition. Thanks to the sale!


  31. O***a

    About the size and consistency i will not write, everything in the store’s description 100%. Following the instructions and reviews, she cut the hood in the bathroom and forward. There was no wild stench to tears, everything is tolerable if not put the composition under the nose. All, strictly according to the instructions. I will only add that i applied the composition to the hair, painted two days before that. Fuzzy will understand what happiness to wake up in the morning with straight hair, which are combed in one movement! Personally, me 72 hours did not leave the feeling of a dirty head, but externally very healthy hair, shine. After 3 days wash and voila! Not perfectly straight, but soft and combed also, with one movement. Let’s see how much time is enough, i will add a review. Photo 1: normal hair condition after natural drying, photo 2: after applying the composition, photo 3: after 3 days, natural drying.


  32. N***a

    She took to smooth down from growing hairs. My hair is straight, but because of the fact that it stimulated growth, a lot of protruding hairs that were not smoothed. Stony was not afraid, used a mask for scuba diving. The first photo before, the second, the third after, 72 hours passed, washed with a sulfate shampoo and its usual mask. Creases from gum after sleep. I liked the effect, the whole fluff was not invited, but at least it’s not dandelion, three times i did the procedure at the girls at home, the last time the master turned out to be with my hands. and i got the tips like a scorched blonde. Since then, to the “masters” to walk i’m afraid, there was a fear that from this composition the ends will suffer. But no, it’s okay. Hair became smooth and elastic, and this for 500 rubles) did only on the upper half of the head, took 1/5 bottles. Comb with small teeth combed to remove the excess composition, acted according to the instructions.


  33. E***a

    The goods were allegedly shipped quickly. But a month later it turned out that i was sent a foreign tracking number. Contacted the store, agreed that i will send with a new number my goods. This time i was very worried that there was not enough protection of the goods, but the seller at my request extended the protection, the track was cut off and the goods came in a month. I’m very glad that i managed to solve this unpleasant hitch. Everything is packed perfectly, came neat, whole)) the bubbles are really small, but i read the reviews, was ready for it. The rest will be added after use.


  34. S***i

    Delivery took more than a month, bought on sale 11.11, most likely so for so long. The kit includes 1 shampoo and 1 keratin, + gloves and instructions in russian and english. Means of wrists in mica, bottles of not large size, i expected more, but i think that for a couple of times enough. I will try keratin, according to the instructions the procedure is not complicated. After use, i will add a review, i’m very interested in what will be the effect for my hair.


  35. S***e

    Amazing! Still it is interesting for how long it will last. I will leave comment after a while. But for the first sight it looks really nice. Before & after pics 🙂


  36. G***a

    A very good hair product!I buy it a second time! Here is the result of my first use.COMINNG VERY FAST TO Spain just for two weeks☺️ Thank you very much. Recommend!!!


  37. M***i

    Received the goods. Instructions and gloves are attached. Instruction in places even in russian, surprised. I will not try until spring comes, because now it’s cold, i read that it is worth doing with an open window because of the smell. Jars are some small, i expected them more. On the quality of course i can not say yet. But i hope it works


  38. T***a

    Yakishti good packing super delivery is outstanding ale one time shampoos flow ((


  39. Y***a

    The parcel came quickly. Packed goods well, the bottles themselves are covered with film. Nothing spilled. I haven’t used it yet.


  40. E***e

    Ireland is about 20 days away. The size is small. 100 ml. Instruction in both english and russian. I will try


  41. Customer

    The goods went almost 2 months, the store reliably packed the goods. The product externally corresponds to the description, with the seller did not communicate. The order was tracked. I ordered the first time, not yet I tried it. About quality, feedback I’ll add later.


  42. Customer

    Delivery is fast. Tiny packaging. 100 ml.


  43. E***a

    The package came quickly, well packed, attached instructions and gloves. When applied and before drying, there is a caustic smell, from which it is poured in the throat and tears of the eyes, so you need to conduct the procedure in a ventilated room. The result is wonderful. I wait three days to wash my head and see what happens next.


  44. A***o

    The order came for a month in omsk. Everything is packed well, so nothing was damaged. Included instruction in russian and gloves. Not yet used.


  45. E***a

    Excellent remedy, but it was 1,5 months. Instruction in russian, everything is clear, easy to use, the tool works.


  46. Z***a

    The goods came 9 days before the end of the delivery period, packed qualitatively, the volume on the advertising photo seems large, in fact two bottles were in one palm, previously ordered the goods of this company no complaints.


  47. M***a

    The goods came perfectly packed. Each bottle separately, then in a tight package and in a delivery package. Everything showed in the photo ….


  48. A***i

    Awesome packed, look at the photo. Delivery took 4 weeks to krasnodar, from china. Track tracked. The whole came. Many thanks to the store for the care. In the set shampoo, a product with keratin, disposable gloves and instructions in russian! I order this remedy for the second time, i liked the effect very much. I recommend!


  49. H***o

    It arrived in U.K. after 3 weeks. The package was well protected. I strongly recommend to read the instruction and if you can find a good YouTube tutorial video, that’s made much easier for me. My hair is thick and long and it took me a good few hours. If you could get somebody’s help for the back of the hair, it’s much easier and better result but I did myself and I’m satisfied with it. I paid £200 in the salon for this treatment but it was only £9. So I couldn’t complain. This comes with shampoo, a pair of gloves and keratin but I strongly recommend having a comb, a few hair clips, hair dryer and hair iron and towel all ready for you. And I would also recommend to have a pair of glass or goggle as this chemical is so strong and it irritates your eyes. And I would do in the garden rather than inside the house as it smells ! After the treatment, it feels sticky but the smell and stickiness will go when your hair is completely dry. You can see 2 BEFORE photos and 2 AFTER photos.


  50. A***a

    Received quickly, in less than 3 weeks. Thank you. I haven’t tried it yet.


  51. M***x

    Nicely packed!! Fast delivery. Product have not used.


  52. Customer

    Its so very nice to my hair its so soft in shine


  53. I***i

    Goods already got it and yet in Trials, hopefully result satisfactory. Terimaksih


  54. L***l

    The order i waited for a long time, since my first parcel was lost and the waiting time came out, so i got in touch with the store and he sent me the parcel again, arrived within a month, excellent packed and good quality product, i am very satisfied, the seller is very decent person, i recommend!)


  55. K***i

    its completely changed my hair.. i like it very much


  56. Customer

    100 ml, pts small) less than a hand) i’ll try, i’ll add a tip, there is a manual in the Russian language


  57. G***n

    Packaging is good, all whole, bottles full, we will try ….


  58. L***l

    Everything is sealed perfectly nothing spilled. Tracked. There is a manual on the Russian


  59. A***i

    I bought the product today tomorrow I will test my feedback let’s see if it’s there as they say


  60. N***c

    Supply pretty fast, ordered 25.03 and came 09.04. Very well packed, secured.


  61. A***k

    The product corresponds to the description, well packed. Was delivered in 4 weeks. I haven’t tried it on my hair yet.


  62. S***a

    Delivery less than a month to kazakhstan. In fact, i have not tried it yet, i will later sign it. Packed everything is fine))) thanks. There is a manual on the Russian. Bottles are small, i hope for a couple of applications enough for medium hair. for 100 ml bottles


  63. A***a

    Ordered 31.03, 04.04 sent. Received 18.04 sverdlovsk region. Bottles of 100 ml. There is a instruction manual for Russian and english. I will visit in june, t. K. I’m leaving. While reporting for delivery. Thank you.


  64. A***a

    Walked for a long time. Enough half a bottle on the hair to the blades. Washed hair with shampoo. Dried. Keratin. Held under a bag with a towel for half an hour somewhere. Dried with a hairdryer. Then straightened the iron. It took about 2 and a half hours. Because. Hair liquid-not thick. Washed in 3 days with the same shampoo from the set. So far, i like everything. I attach a photo. First 2 to. The remaining 3 after applying keratin


  65. N***a

    I did everything according to the instructions! The result is not worse than professionals in the salon with expensive compositions! I did not regret it once! Attach the photo before and after!


  66. K***z

    I haven’t tried it yet, i hope i don’t stay bald


  67. A***D

    Not yet testowałam but very good product delivery time and credibility.


  68. L***a

    The order came for two weeks, as for the effect has not yet tried, i will write an addition to the recall, the store was well done very quickly delivered and free of charge a separate plus package, it is so stable that it will withstand the impact of kamaz.


  69. G***g

    The parcel came for 3 weeks before nefteyugansk perfectly packed thanks to the store!


  70. G***y

    Not yet, it came quickly. She took the shares for 492 rubles. Later review will add


  71. K***k

    As only will use, this wstawię comment;-)


  72. O***a

    Put 5☆ in advance. Everything came safe and sound, packed super reliably, nothing spilled. I will try, i will add a tip!


  73. I***a

    Everything came, in action has not yet been, packed well


  74. A***a

    Good remedy, hair smooth, how long will the effect look! Delivered quickly!


  75. N***a

    The parcel came perfectly packed, everything corresponds to the photos. The only negative is a very long delivery, and so everything is super


  76. M***E

    Not used yet but consistent with the photo. Great packing.


  77. D***r

    fast ship nice ❤ But how to use it ?


  78. A***a

    While everything is fine, how will it stick on my hair-let’s see. The first photo before the procedures, the second after applying keratin (after washing forgot), the rest after leveling. The smell is, without a mask and an open window strongly in the eyes falls.


  79. L***a

    Before. After. I order for the third time. Hair does not deteriorate if you do mind. Holds 2-3 months perfectly. Shipping 28 days.


  80. M***a

    I already did something similar, bought in moscow, a little technique of application is different, but nevertheless: washed my head with shampoo from the set, dried with a hairdryer, applied the composition itself (two or three times there was a small feather in the throat, but passed after seconds 2-3). The hairdryer was dried at maximum temperature and minimum power-it took about 15-20 minutes, too, there was a feather, as if you want water to drink, and once one eye was watered, it passed immediately. Straightened the irons-everything was fine, but only after the procedures realized that in the room a terrible fog, the smell flew in 20 minutes. I went through with the feeling of a dirty dog on my head for three days (from the side it is impossible to say that your hair is in something, but the feeling is present). Washed everything, and voila! Smooth hairs. I didn’t complain very much, but my hair is flushing from birth. Than i helped this composition, i advise!)


  81. Customer

    Time for test


  82. D***o

    This product is amazing!!!! The pic is after a used it. It looks like i had a fresh haircut. The smell wasn’t so bad for me but is is definitely strong. I’ll post new pics after i wash it!


  83. F***u

    It works, fast shipping to canary islands, freshly applied, i’ll tell you how long it lasts.


  84. S***a

    The goods came, well packed, i will perform the procedure additional feedback


  85. A***a

    The goods came well packed, delivery within seven-space to tyumen. The smell of shampoo did not like. The effect after keratin is not worse than in the salon. I do not have too long hair, just below my shoulders, i think that 2 more procedures will suffice.


  86. Y***a

    A good remedy, the hair really became straight.


  87. Customer

    Came quickly 16 days in voronezh, washed the head first ordinary then with this in the kit, applied to the hair, stepping back from the root cm 1-2, when you pull the stench terrible, the eyes flow, the throat fart, after you have to wait 72 hours, i still go, did not wash, let’s see how it will be, my hair is wavy, But not too, the instruction on the Russian including, in the photo after as the exhaust


  88. E***k

    Very fast delivery for EN. product very well protected for shipping. Recommend sprzedawce 100%. Not yet użyłam, after testowaniu uzupełnię feedback.


  89. T***a

    Keratin came perfectly packed, there is an instruction on the Russian, jars are also individually packed, when i try to add feedback, the parcel came very quickly


  90. P***a

    In the case did not try, packed perfectly, came quickly


  91. R***i

    It’s working. Smell is awful and eyes hearts.


  92. E***a

    The smell is normal, nothing terrible. Some hair dyes smell worse. Seller thanks!!!


  93. J***a



  94. B***r

    43 days delivery to volzhsky (volgograd). the wife took. kind of presentable, and there the dick knows him. i put 5.


  95. A***z

    Fast delivery. Very well packed. Feedback on product napiszę after use.


  96. K***k

    Bottles are small, until used, everything came


  97. G***r

    Keratin is a good yakosti, i will be robiti in a friend, the result is pre-satisfied…


  98. R***z

    All very well wrapped, fast excellent store


  99. N***o

    Delivery is fast. the package is good. the package and the package is puffy. not yet used. then write off.


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