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iPhone Charging Station with 3-in-1 Function

(280 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • No worry about your tangled wires
  • Charge your devices in one place at the same time
  • Protects your devices from scratches and falling
  • Compatible for: iPhone3G/3GS. iPhone4, iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPhone6, iPhone6+, iPhone7, iPhone7+, iPhone8, iPhone8+, and iPhone X, Apple watch and Air pods
  • The package does not include charging cables, adapter, and devices

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iPhone Charging Station with 3-in-1 Function

Are you tired of using many different charger and cable for your Apple devices like your iPhone, Apple watch, and Air pods? Using an ordinary charger can make a hassle while using, its wires can easily tangle. But this iPhone Charging Station with 3-in-1 Function makes your life more comfortable because you can charge 3 different devices in just one dock with no the tangled wires.

Quality Material

You don’t need to worry about your phone protection while you are using this charging dock. It is made up of premium high-quality silicone material with a soft finish.  Using this kind of material it will keep your Apple devices from scratching. Because it is made of premium silicone material it is also non-slip so you can ensure the safety of your device from dropping and falling.


This iPhone Charging Station with 3-in-1 Function is compatible on many Apple devices. You can now charge your iPhone, Apple watch, and air pods on one place at the same time. In iPhone, it is compatible in models like iPhone3G/3GS. iPhone4, iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPhone6, iPhone6+, iPhone7, iPhone7+, iPhone8, iPhone8+, and iPhone X. You can use it even your iPhone is naked and no case or even it has a dual layer thick case. Because it has the 3-in-1 function, using this dock you can also charge your Apple watch all bracket. On the other side, you can also charge your  Apple Air pods. You can easily place it on your desk and then charge your phone.

Charging Cables

You don’t need to worry about tangled wires. This dock can make your charging cable more organized. Because it is designed with precise cable management holes. For best result, you should use the Apple original cables only. But take note that this Charging Dock with 3-in-1 Function does not include charging cables, adapter, and devices.

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm

Based on 280 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. L***M

    Very nice


  2. Customer

    Fast, very good quality. Like it


  3. T***h

    Super easy to recharge my devices at night. Highly recommended.


  4. P***a

    This is the best affordable dock. If you are having problems with the small holes don t worry you just have to ouch it it harder and it only works with apple cables.


  5. K***s

    I love it helps me keep my chargers orginized its a heavy rubber which seems weird but fits and looks perfect…just be aware only official apple chargers fit this which is cool to no bootleg stuff good job guys 5 stars all the way


  6. E***a

    Just what I needed on my nightstand. Everything in one place is the best way


  7. G***s

    Only comparable with original charger, but works as expected!


  8. M***a

    Awesome product, Thank you for the cable gift


  9. M***a

    Charging my devices without them being all over the place


  10. K***z

    This is perfect for a desk and by the bedside. I will be ordering more of them for my other house!


  11. J***n

    I like this stuff!it looks easy and we can put more stuff on it


  12. L***s

    Looks amazing, hides wires nicely. Love it.


  13. R***y

    Product was as described. Looks great next to my bed.


  14. Z***n

    Great place to put your Apple items in one place.


  15. R***a

    Good product, so functional and well made.


  16. W***n

    Awesome all in one stand. Perfect fit and has very good cable management.


  17. S***a

    Bought this as a gift for my son who has multiple apple devices. He is always losing his chargers and this device is perfect as it keeps everything in one place.


  18. L***k

    Love the product, Finished product is very nice. it’s very easy to assemble this stand station for me. Great design and quality.


  19. P***a

    bought this as a gift for my husband. loves it!


  20. M***i

    product exquisite! but for three cables splitter require


  21. B***a

    excellent quality. shipping fast.


  22. A***l

    This dock is great if you have the pods and the watch. Just have to make sure you have 3 USB ports to plug your charging wires into,


  23. C***s

    nice stand, I love it, thank you for the cable gift


  24. I***y

    This is a great product to handle charging of all your apple products in a nice neat package. I like how your cords are all managed neatly through the cord keeper cut outs in the back. Thank you


  25. T***a

    If you have an iPhone, AirPods and an Apple Watch then I would recommend this. Even if you only had an iPhone and one of the other two products I would still recommend it. It’s a very nice touch on my night stand since it keeps my watch, phone and pods all in one place. Plus it has really nice cable management. No more trying to fumble around your dresser looking for cables, just plop your devices down on this and you’re good to go.


  26. L***d

    I use it right on my night stand. Love it so far!


  27. L***l

    It come with 1pc cable, very convenience to use. Thank you store


  28. A***a

    Just Perfect . Does and holds everything as advertised nice and compact. Sturdy. Well worth the purchase.


  29. J***n

    It’s perfect for exactly what I needed it for. I like that you can change out the cords just in case one stops working. I have a smart watch earbuds and iPhone it’s nice to put them all in one place together.


  30. G***s

    This makes my nightstand so much less crowded! Nice to have everything on one thing. It works great! I like how I can charge everyrhing at one time and I don’t have to worry about cords all over my table


  31. Customer

    Just like in the description. Great product!


  32. B***r

    Arrived quickly “moskvu for 10 days”, very soft to the touch, original wire fit perfectly.


  33. V***v

    Cable is not very tight it, must be followed when removed from her something, but fashionable prisabachit her cable 🙂


  34. A***a

    Great for charging. All convenient


  35. R***a

    Super neat It s not hard like all the other ones are but it s sturdy so you even if you have a thicker phone case on it it ll flex with your phone so you don t have to take it off to charge your phone


  36. Y***n

    Nice to be able to charge 3 things in one unit! Perfect for the apple lover. Keep your nightstand or desk clear of cables and clutter with this charging station. A good buy!


  37. S***v

    This is very handy to keep everything in one spot. It keeps everything organized, which I love!! It does not take up much space, so it fits easily on a nightstand.


  38. B***d

    I bought a lot of stand and nothing was working good until I found this one !


  39. O***a

    This is pretty cool because all of my things are in one place! I kept my phone by me, my watch and earbuds across the room. Sometimes I d forget the watch or earbuds. Now I can grab them all at one time and out the door I go!


  40. P***p

    so much happier with my husbands night stand now, nice and neat and orderly, holds his watch and iPhone and a spot for ear buds


  41. O***t

    Very very fast and perfect item and quality


  42. G***y

    So far I like the organization of it.


  43. G***l

    I love the convenience of charging everything together and this does the job great. Also very good quality


  44. J***t

    This stand is everything I could want. It s lightweight has 3 possible charging points. The three points that are accessible to charge all have to be pluggged in the wall and have to have separate cords to be charged with. I really like it and would reccomend it to others.


  45. V***a

    I was so impressed with this premium charger it looks so cleaner on the desk. There are no wires can be seen when you installed properly with all the Chargers. It looks so organize on that desk.


  46. S***a

    Works great,thank you for the cable gift


  47. V***o

    “The 3 in 1 dock is definitely a lifesaver for my messy table/ desk at work. It is perfect for my iPhoneX. I was worried when I first got it because the hole for the charging cord is very small and super tight. However, it all make sense after I put my phone on the stand. It looks great and sturdy.”


  48. F***o

    Product arrived within its date of delivery, serious store. The silicone support is done with quality nice and came with a gift of a charging cable. Seller recommend, very happy with the purchase thanks.


  49. D***r

    This thing is great. All my devices in one place!


  50. Y***a

    I like it so much. It organized my desk perfectly


  51. P***n

    Love this product and the ease of having all of my electronics in one place


  52. A***a

    Great, I absolutely love this charging station. I have all apple products and to have something look so nice to charge all of my products is nice. This is much better than I expected. It’s convenient.


  53. S***i

    The product feel top quality comes with long cable. Delivery very fast


  54. W***i

    This is a great stand. I already had one stand and needed another for my wife. She has iphone 8, apple warch and air pods. Everything fitted perfectly. So no more mess of wires.


  55. K***s

    Works great! Only original Apple Cable work fine. Makes the organization much easier with everything in one place!


  56. V***a

    This stand is freaken awesome! It does exactly what it says and not difficult to put together.


  57. C***p

    got this for my wife and she loves having it by her bed to charge all her devices at night


  58. C***n

    Love the stand after using it for a while but do wish it was a different material.


  59. U***a

    I ordered this product because I was sick of the chaos on my nightstand! I liked that this seemed compact. I was very impressed with how sturdy it seemed when I opened it. I like how the cords are secured within the back of it. My cords are going to stay organized, and my phone and watch will actually get charged each night! I would definitely recommend this item!


  60. S***t

    If you own a iPhone, watch, and airpod then this is a must. Saves space and clutter on the desk. Useful product!


  61. J***h

    this is perfect multifunction iphone charging stand. At first I thought it wasn’t good fit for the cord but I realized I was using a usb charging cable I ordered online. I tried the original iphone cable and it well fit better than the first one. This stand is made in durable silicone nice and smooth to touch, perfect not to scratch my iphone and the cord. This makes my table looks organized and neat. And can charge airpods and apple watch all together.


  62. K***e

    This stand is just very simple and minimalistic. I dont really like stuffs that you need to fix and install it. The great thing about this stand is the silicon case, it is very lightweight and looks perfect. Great product!


  63. N***n

    Really organized !!! Saves a lot of space on my desktop. My cables always messed up before. Now I can put my iPhone X, iwatch, and air pod at one stand. Silicone material, looks fancy!


  64. S***o

    Awesome product!!! Keeps my table organized!


  65. O***a

    Amazing charging station love how it blends in with my room like how it’s make from silicon, it’s pretty good and gets the job done


  66. P***c

    The Product is as described.


  67. A***v

    All the rules


  68. P***a

    it is a stand and does its job


  69. M***s

    very good! I would definitely buy another one for a friend. this one did and I was glad for that. Very easy to use over and over again. I would suggest this product to anyone


  70. V***h

    This stand is everything I could want. It’s lightweight, has 3 possible charging points. The three points that are accessible to charge all have to be pluggged in the wall and have to have separate cords to be charged with. I really like it and would reccomend it to others.


  71. N***a

    This changing stand makes my office desk so neat, no more cluttered ! Even it’s silicon, it’s still heavy enough to hold everything stable. It works great! Definitely want to recommend it to friends.


  72. J***s

    This charger is a very simple dock that work with my iphone and airpods. It comes with 1 charging cable and this black base. I use it as a base on my night stand and they securely hold both my phone and the airpods. The thing I like about it is it holds my cables in place and I no longer need to hunt for the cables whenever I need charging anymore.


  73. J***n

    Overall this was a good product. I felt like the backing to the phone holder wasn’t tall enough and the phone can easily be tipped over if bumped. However, I really like how the watch rests on the stand but I haven’t tried putting my ear pods on yet. It does come with one cord for either the phone or the ear pods. met my expectations.


  74. B***s

    The rubber seems very durable


  75. T***d

    Love that I have a station to charge phone, watch and ear pods. Looks good too.


  76. D***e

    It’s great to have one stand for all three


  77. I***e

    “pretty slick design; i like how my table looks now, at first was figuring out how to put the original cable in; i just had to force it in real hard and it works perfectly now. “


  78. Q***s

    Works great and 1 cable gift included


  79. P***a

    Simple stand and work with my Iphone and Airpods great


  80. M***n

    I use it every night best place to put them.


  81. V***a

    Great Product, as described and works GREAT!


  82. E***a

    Great customer service and great product. Would recommend​ and would buy from this company again! Great look and perfect for my apple products.


  83. G***o

    I am an Apple Fan and I have the whole apple family products. I like this product! It’s such a organizer and saves a lot of my desk space.


  84. L***n

    This product is very suitable for my iPhone. It is very convenient to use and recommends friends to buy.


  85. I***n

    Product was easy to setup. Nicely hold all my devices in one place. Small foot print so it fits perfect on my night stand.


  86. R***k

    Organizes all my apple wires. Great for your desk or office.


  87. S***a

    Thank You, convenient, but need to get used to all the same)


  88. L***r

    Love this to organize my devices and charge them all in a neat and organized fashion. Easy to use and great price


  89. R***a

    Great, product! Prefect for traveling, wrap and bag it and go. More convenient than have three cables to untangle.


  90. R***d

    This is great for me since i have so many apple products. Good quality and works as described. Glad i bought it.


  91. A***a

    This apple docking station is a great all in one charging station for the iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods.Don’t have to worry about multiple plugs.It is a great product at a reasonable price.


  92. Z***z

    It ‘S for 3 weeks, all packaged well)


  93. B***e

    Great Product, as described and works GREAT!


  94. C***n

    A lot of 3 in 1 charge of selling is very expensive, this is very affordable and material looks good, actually this charge is more suitable for use in the original iPhone cable, with other data will be very tight, of course, you can force is plugged in.


  95. T***l

    This apple docking station is a great all in one charging station for the iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods.Don’t have to worry about multiple plugs.It is a great product at a reasonable price.


  96. K***e

    A pretty good Stand that can simultaneously have all three device on it


  97. I***a

    My son loves it.. definitely help organize his electronics


  98. M***r

    This item is ok. It s made of a silicone material.


  99. C***y

    Connected to one outlet. Everything works great. The clock in my case well, this does not prevent them from doing well. everything works fine.


  100. D***y

    Just what I needed on my nightstand. Everything in one place is the best way


  101. M***h

    This is a really nice small charging stand for next to the bed. I really like the sleek and smooth touch design off the base. All the charging cords fit nicely into the slots. Good buy for the price.


  102. M***l

    So far is nice.its silicon or rubber and good to my apple gadget!


  103. V***l

    very useful. I can watch moive and play iphone when charging.


  104. W***z

    I truly liked this product because it lets you use your original wires. This unit is well made of rubber material with matte black color. The openings are firm to fit the wires in. The package includes one lightening cable. I wish they would’ve included a two-sided sticky pad to fix it on the table.


  105. A***a

    A second time, great! Are satisfied! This time more Lightning put as a gift)


  106. T***k

    Works well! Note that the product is a rubber material and it works with your existing iwatch charging cord. The nice part is that it keeps the watch in place so it’s not sliding off of my nightstand.


  107. D***i

    Love it. Works with my phone, watch and air pods and they fit fine


  108. R***a

    I really like that all items are in one place and all the cords store neatly in the charging stand! It is built lightning cables already, Don’t need to install any more. No more trying to fumble around your dresser looking for cables, just plop your devices down on this and you’re good to go. Love it!


  109. V***n

    Very fast delivery!!! Silicone dock cable fit tightly, all well-kept. Two: must hold to take off the case or phone and stick dust. IN general, are satisfied. Bonus cable Lightning)


  110. Customer

    Came with charging cable although it says it doesn’t. I assume for the airpods given they don’t come with their own. Cable fits snug in silicone build, has handy cable routing holes in the back. The airpods and watch look very nice on the stand. Works with iPhone 5s although it doesn’t specifically say so.


  111. L***a

    The product itself is very sturdy and durable price also acceptable


  112. V***t

    Simple. Cute. Arrived on time. I love this thing. This dock cleared up a lot of space on my night stand and looks great keeping wires out of the way. Also – I never lose my devices anymore haha.


  113. N***a

    best dock in the world


  114. Customer

    The photo and the lives of two different material, to be honest, but the description and stated that Silicone dock, so the claims to the No. Complaint is, to the silicone-stick to it all, just get out of the box and has views of tarnished. Tightly inserted native cables, and a gift without tears will not look))) in general, device holding in one place-that’s good, but due to the fact that all sticks assessment.


  115. D***k

    I like it, probably gonna use an apple usb c fast charging cable (even though it is a little bigger it still fits with more force)


  116. E***a

    This product is great! I don t have air pods so i only use it for my Apple Watch and iPhone and it works great! I love having both of my things in the same place to charge The Material it is made out of is durable. I would recommend everyone with at least two or the three Apple products to buy this item for sure!


  117. H***n

    This holder is excellent, strong, It’s a great item to have it next to bed and let the phone and watch get charged over night. The holder has soft polished finish that can be cleaned with one quick wipe.


  118. S***a

    Perfect Silicone stand. Made Of high quality material. Small holes had to work hard to insert the wire, overall pretty, only the phone stand behind it was too small, phone has held only on the mount with the wire. Shipping with tracking three weeks to SF


  119. R***r

    Very practical, light, elegant and meets with expectations. Very practical, light, elegant and meets with expectations.


  120. M***y

    Good thing!


  121. M***v

    Excellent stand


  122. Z***s

    Coming quickly and very pretty! Very funny!!!!


  123. A***v

    Keep in mind when ordering this product, you will get a piece of bendable material (blank) with cut-outs for wire connection for your devices, and not even a complete charging adapter (only 1 cord lightning came). Thing is good, as a stand-charge-why not, but not for the money. If the design docking station would be of material in rigid and were included in a couple of adapters with cords-was 5 stars, for the money. + Shop (sent quickly) + Delivery (fast, fun-8 days in MOS. region).


  124. I***n

    3 weeks to Moldova. Recommend!


  125. Customer

    Super convenient, would recommend to anyone who uses a lot of apple products. You also get an additional charging chord for an iPhone which is a plus


  126. E***a

    Get very fast. Has the correct weight for not to move


  127. C***a

    Very fast the reception of the order


  128. Y***n

    Excellent kachesvo. Recommend


  129. O***a

    25 days minska


  130. H***n

    Arrived very quickly. Come with a cable and that like me. Very good furniture material is strong and durable


  131. I***n

    Just like in the description, well, it’s stupid band with holes for the cable. Phone case for earphone hold only the торчащем cable, but the cable it comes very tight, think not shatter and vypadyvat won’t. Separate respect for the gift of a Lighting.


  132. V***v

    Everything Is tight, excellent packaging, 8 days


  133. D***v

    Everything is fine, but not indicated, that article is quite strongly unpleasant smell of burning…


  134. T***a

    Stand up to its price


  135. U***t

    It was pretty good! For the price.


  136. P***i

    Great product arrived in 10 days ….. WOW


  137. A***n

    All Class


  138. K***v

    All is very cool, it’s fast, satisfied!


  139. M***v

    Like everyone. Hold wire, flexible, and at the same time elastic, all hold and confident


  140. D***z

    Love this product keeps everything organized and shipped really fast !


  141. Customer

    it’s difficult to insert the lighting cables


  142. A***a

    Nice, simple, high quality.


  143. A***y

    Cool stand was 21 day. Holes for plug tight. The rest of the good селектона.


  144. R***N

    Thanks dear store!


  145. S***i

    Good , but too expensive.


  146. S***s

    Was very quickly in Netherlands all work well also with a plus iPhone


  147. L***a

    Very practical and even comes with a cable charger!!!


  148. V***o

    All great product and very quickly brought about days 10-14


  149. E***a

    The quality is excellent. A cable to charge put as a gift. Delivered quickly approx. 2 weeks


  150. Customer

    Super quality and best service


  151. D***v

    For the money could be charging led watch


  152. A***n

    Very good


  153. D***o

    Fits perfectly foremost, going with an extra cable


  154. D***d

    Good product, very good quality. Recommended!


  155. J***n

    The lightning charger cable sent with the dock is not charging


  156. D***n

    great product fast shiping


  157. E***k

    fast shipment and excellent quality!!


  158. M***h

    quality is very good,,, will try very soon


  159. A***n

    I really like the only thing Q is a single cable and I I expected 3


  160. K***n

    Moskvu it for 2 weeks. Just like in the description, excellent docking station!


  161. D***v

    Goods are good, but very small hole for wire. Very difficult to Push wire


  162. A***v

    The money is great) To the Moscow Region City Королёв order went a month! Seller recommend)


  163. N***v

    Better than I thought, according to the photo. Very convenient, beautiful and stylish fit into the interior. Cool dock station for gadgets.


  164. M***g

    I really love this product. First time i bought from AliExpress. N i glad i have it. Reach Malaysia within 2 weeks.


  165. I***n

    Arrived in perfect state and very fast, now only missing try


  166. S***z

    Good packed. Fast shipping. İ İlked it but only phone part is a Little bit bad


  167. A***o

    Very good product, has come in exact time.


  168. E***a

    Very cool thing was complete wire more. Stand rubber very pleasant to the touch


  169. Customer

    Excellent quality, soft to the touch rubber. Free cable for iPhone


  170. E***n

    Very nice product, fast delivery


  171. Customer

    Delivery fast, there is smell from the stand, put cable, cable are tugovato, sit tight


  172. M***y

    Super silicone stand: 3


  173. D***v

    The rest of the rubber


  174. S***n

    Super quality product. Fast shipping


  175. Y***t

    amazing Seller and high quality product customer service is very good I highly recommend Best store ever !!


  176. J***O

    Cable one for, recommended ~ ^ ^ cable hole to put the high life but this price in fully satisfied ~!! Recommended ~!!


  177. A***a

    Very fast delivery, 10 days! Stand super-duper! Very cool


  178. F***f

    Super Dock, charge line free there at


  179. Customer

    Falta information should indicate that each independent outfit is loaded with Cable and not one single Common


  180. C***c

    Excellent Quality highly recommended and practical


  181. S***r



  182. C***a

    Good material, Fast shipping But the phone not kept straight


  183. M***c

    Really great product, for such a low price… amazing


  184. A***v

    Plate as stinks. IN general, all that is written. The Rules but expensive for a piece of rubber


  185. A***e

    I loved many thanks.


  186. Customer

    It’s very good! Smell is bad, but cables fit snugly and it looks nice


  187. Customer

    Superfast delivery, product exactly as described. Silicone but feels heavy and sturdy enough to prevent from falling over. Ships with an additional lightning cable for either iPhone or AirPods


  188. O***i

    Excactly what it’s says. Arrived fast!


  189. C***n

    Great!!!! Get well packed very nice time and before I got, highly recommended store


  190. K***a

    Shipping wholesale Alibaba coming from going faster and products like yo


  191. H***r



  192. V***s

    Perfect and simple


  193. M***z

    Super Fast shipping. The product is fine beautiful. Content with. Writer to comment again after use. Inshallah


  194. D***z

    When the stuff is made well recognized. Good quality and in house in a week. 100% recommended


  195. S***n

    Looks very presentable laces are tight, but due to this and stay. Gift lace work


  196. O***i

    fastest delivery i ever seen, i love that product


  197. L***U

    Touch gum, good furniture organizer, 15 days arrive Spain.


  198. Y***a

    Product description. Fast delivery, thank you)


  199. A***v

    Docking Station great. Material durable pleasant to the touch. Lace set cheap, firmly hold the nest. IN general, buy happy!


  200. M***d

    Free delivery, product comply with the description, real silicone. I recommend


  201. V***n

    Kickstand Silicone. Complete a cable.


  202. Customer

    Items come in time, well packed, in set went USB wire.


  203. O***v

    It quickly davolno, for 18 days. Quality is excellent, really sticks rubbish but that’s okay. AND yet there was additional. Charging cable)


  204. D***n

    Great, good quality, fast shipping


  205. K***i



  206. D***a

    Great product and shipping blisteringly fast


  207. C***z

    Very good quality! Product very helpful.


  208. I***y

    Great product, ukrainu came quickly, store also wire put, recommend! 🙂


  209. C***a

    Super fast shipping! 20 days to Brazil! Great quality!


  210. Z***n



  211. H***a



  212. C***a

    All great! The Goods of good quality!


  213. I***n

    Made of high quality material. Think over time mounting holes charging cranky and stand will be useless for phone and earphone. But it must also check. AND yes folding mobile phone is very small. Phone is not very stable. Complete power delivery very fast 8 days to Sochi.


  214. K***a

    The quality is very good, though it is silicone. Like it is, that would use their wires.


  215. L***l

    Super!!! Plus cable!


  216. Customer

    I love it! And i love the quality as well


  217. R***n

    Went to Moscow 17 days


  218. B***i

    The charging port was tight I had to wide it up but in general it is good quality rubbery


  219. N***a

    Goods arrived very quickly despite the fact that was black Friday! Well packed, pleasant to touch a thing! Recommend this store!


  220. J***z

    The heads of the cables are not firmly anchored to the product and often leave the site when you try switch off the devices


  221. I***n

    All match the description.


  222. M***n

    Awesome Dock. Included lightning cable isnt that good quality. Was damaged while putting it into the dock, orginal works great.


  223. J***a

    Arrived in less than a month to Canada regardless Canadapost Strike!


  224. M***G

    It was fast, very practical


  225. Customer

    great works ya


  226. A***n

    Normal holder for your money


  227. K***a

    To be honest: hole for wire is very small, had to make the hole larger with a knife (design is composed entirely of silicone. Complete went wire to connect the phone or headphones. IN general, the description of the goods! Goods arrived for 16 days in Moscow))) store very polite :)! ALL ADVICE!


  228. M***m

    It is a little difficult to insert output cables because the holes are a bit tight. But it is stable and comfortable


  229. Customer

    I’m very satisfied


  230. I***e

    Very nice material. Super fast shipping and a quality product. Didn’t expect that it’ll be so premium to touch. Thank you for selling a product as good as this one


  231. T***s

    Great quality product


  232. N***h

    Nice dock, makes my table so much tidier!


  233. S***a

    Moment product and super fast shipment, congratulations to the store.


  234. S***i

    Good quality


  235. A***v

    The Parcel was a couple of weeks, complete Lighting cable, certainly not native. Silicone is very much stink


  236. S***l

    This is an amazing holder! It holds your iPods, iwatch, and iPhone. It’s a nice soft plastic.


  237. A***m

    Everything is fine.


  238. A***i

    Good but very tiny holes had to push very hard and cut through with a razor but it look fablous


  239. B***s

    Good Product But the out holes for Insert cables are more young, I had to expand it with a knife.


  240. H***h

    Excellent item. Fast shipping


  241. Customer

    Fast, good quality


  242. Customer

    This is not useful the wires for the AirPods and the iPhone are not fixed in the dock so always have to replace it.


  243. S***U

    Well arrived but not yet tested The carton is abîmé but without consequence for the product


  244. C***s

    Product done silicone, be adjusted well to Orginal Apple cables. Includes a loader


  245. J***k

    Just going for. Cable is for PCs. Adapter is additional purchase doesn need… tidy in well write with key


  246. J***s

    Very good quality!!


  247. D***d

    To Kiev for 5 weeks (((


  248. A***v

    Quality is excellent, pleasant to touch and with moderately hard and flexible. Shipping for 2 weeks in Moscow. Thank you, very sociable! Highly recommend


  249. G***e

    Product arrived in 14 days. Very good product excellent workmanship.


  250. V***o

    Posting accurate time. Product quality. Recommend!!!!


  251. K***a



  252. C***a

    Nice item. As described


  253. C***o

    Very quality nice of Product


  254. J***o

    It is perfect just what he wanted.


  255. R***a

    This pretty good quality price


  256. E***i

    Very good


  257. O***z

    Good support, a school there, cutting off the phone rip with plug. We Have To return the wire back. It ‘S not convenient


  258. J***l

    Excellent product, shipping Super fast, 100% recommended 🙂


  259. B***u

    Much regular stands.


  260. W***n

    Nice one


  261. A***v

    Very cool. the Seller sent immediately. as a surprise, almost worked very quickly. after ordering, to the delivery of mail, shipping take weeks to Moscow. as regards the stand, then it is very high quality made and very easy to use. the same stand, in the same package, in the office. store Restore Apple is 3400р) so be careful friends when buying) thanks ogromennoe store for a small gift as a charging cable, Very nice! Good luck to everyone! No doubt 5 of 5 points!!!


  262. Customer

    Arrived in 16days high quality silicone…


  263. D***z

    Very fast delivery. Not yet tried the product because it is for a gift, well I can’t comment on their performance.


  264. R***i

    Excellent Product.


  265. A***v

    Excellent product


  266. S***g

    Simple @ good


  267. J***e

    Best product for iPhone and super fast delivery!


  268. J***e

    Very good!


  269. S***n

    Think more quality a little thought than dark pray cooking ㅎ but price contrast make you satisfied!


  270. T***k

    Pretty fast delivery, but can better do. Product at the top with a small cable iPhone provided with. I recommend without problem.


  271. A***v

    Perfectly fixed, convenient use for charging multiple their devices


  272. M***v

    Good thing. Cover rubberized.


  273. Customer

    Posting came a month later, good product for your money


  274. A***l

    Good quality


  275. I***n



  276. Customer

    Hard holder, though slightly visible Soldering joints and pungent smell of rubber.


  277. A***v

    Packaging wrinkled was. But all together. All the rules


  278. V***v

    Siistin oloinen, alkutuntuma hyvä. Toimitus kesti n. 1kk, toki jouluruuhkat hidastivat toimitusta.


  279. R***z

    Perfect. Todo is well matched. They sent me a gift cable.


  280. J***i

    Very well is sending and receiving super fast


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