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Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

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  • Herbal hair growth serum
  • This hair loss treatment accelerates hair growth.
  • 3 years shelf life
  • The Herbal Hair Loss Treatment prevents hair loss.
  • Fragrant as the ingredients are flower and plant seed extracts.
  • No allergic reactions as this is a herbal hair serum.
  • 20ml

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Herbal Hair Loss Treatment Serum

Hair loss treatment should not be embarrassing as treating our hair right is like treating ourselves right. Hair loss shouldn’t hinder you from feeling beautiful or proud, which is why we present you this Herbal Hair Loss Treatment Serum! Hair loss is part of aging or a hereditary trait, so anyone can use this hair loss treatment. Hair is one’s crowning glory – especially for girls who spent hours on salons for effective hair treatments. This is safe as it contains herbal ingredients, and it is easy-to-use even if you’re far from home. This treatment serum prevents hair loss, plus it repairs hair bifurcation, dry, and rough hair that will give you supple and bright hair.


Effective Hair Loss Treatment

This Herbal Hair Loss Treatment Serum, aside from preventing hair loss, also nourishes hair roots! This treatment serum contains ingredients like:

  • Saussurea involucrata extract – this is anti-inflammatory, so you don’t have to worry about skin infections. This extract makes your scalp resist infection.
  • Helianthus annus seed oil – also called the “sunflower seed oil”, moisturizes your scalp from deep within which makes your skin hydrated. This is can prevent dandruff, and softens your hair.
  • Linum usitatissium flower extract – this conditions your hair, and is proven to grow hair.
  • Cocos nucifera oil – this is coconut oil which is widely known for its hair growth powers. It also cools the scalp that protects the hair from itching.

Herbal and Safe-to-use

There are a lot of hair growth products in the market, but what makes this product stand out is that it’s herbal. The ingredients used in this hair serum are plant extracts, so you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions when applying this hair loss treatment. Aside from accelerating your hair growth, this also nourishes your hair roots and deepens hair follicles. Make your crowning glory stand out again with this Herbal Hair Loss Treatment Serum! Stand out, and stand proud!

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  1. V***l

    Volume bottle 20 ml Shipping 14 days, track tracked. Agent came together with others in a cardboard box, carefully укутанные pupyrchatuyu. Сочтав: Oil Sunflower, Соссюрея wrapped extract, linseed oil, Rose extract, coconut oil, gardenia флорида extract, ДИМЕТИКОН Way Of use: 3 ml diluted in 100 ml shampoo. Good shake and wash this mix hair 2-3 minute массажируя scalp. But I think is best to add such funds in hair mask. Protects roots and restores dry split hair, nourish and make hair more energized, Stretchy, shiny, accelerate growth.


  2. A***v

    Goods taken very quickly in the post office! Track number! Cream came well packaged and without damage. A very good tool! IN addition to the treatment and of course hair loss treatment such a tool, as it is based on the plant will not more than. Therefore recommend to pay attention to it. Oil 20 ml. Shelf Life of 3 years. Instructions for use and composition in English are the product packaging. I like to use. Hair started less. Recommended items and store!


  3. A***a

    Oil is completely based on the medicinal herbs ✅To strengthen hair фоликул,✅Prevent or stop hair loss, ✅Enhance the growth of hair. ✅Also it makes the hair more smooth and shiny. ✅If your hair is growing, but slowly, it means will accelerate their growth. ✅Suitable for damaged stripped elasticity hair. THE COMPOSITION included some extracts a variety of flowers and plants and coconut oil. Can again Inglish all see themselves. Generally no chemicals as part of! In my opinion, means all great and a magical, though with hair loss I do not suffer. Most want to strengthen the hair, make them more thick and fluffy. Achieve natural shine. I absolutely love to care for the hair as the nature of they have thin and prone to breakage tips.


  4. S***a

    Is The oil vegetable based, medicinal herbs: ✔Long maintained great looks hair ✔Provides moisture and elasticity, protects hair from dryness and loss by excessive heat and solar radiation. ✔Strengthens the hair, strengthen their height, restores the structure. ✔Allows without recourse to the expensive покупным means make hair smooth, obedient and shiny. IN the oil are: Oil sunflower seeds, Соссюрея, Linen plain, Flowers Wild Rose, Coconut oil, gardenia Жасминовая, Demitikon. Composition is very good. It ‘S excellent plant tools helping stop hair loss and return волосяному покрову natural thickness and beauty. Personally I like to breed is oil with shampoo and wash the head. My hair really преобразились, укрепились, steel docile and healthy, showed up shine. A fully satisfied. Recommend


  5. I***a

    Tasks of oil are: nourishing, moisturizing, strengthening and protection of the hair. I use it, adding a few drops of shampoo, noticed that the hair become much better comb. Bottle small, but most do not as consumption when using minimum, A pair of droplets need mix with shampoo on the palm of your hand.


  6. T***h

    REMEDY FOR LOSS, TO STRENGTHEN the GROWTH AND TREATMENT HAIR # RtopR Shipping in Belarus 2 weeks. Track is monitored. It ‘S a beautiful white box, sealed in mica. Item Description and instructions for use in English! The Product is rich in various vegetable composition, stimulate hair growth, regenerates hair follicles, restores dry and brittle hair, removes shedding hair, returns the health and shine. main ingredients: sunflower oil, соссюрея, linseed oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil, гордения jasminoides, диметикон. store in a cool dry place, avoid sunlight. If you have an allergic reaction to stop using. How to Use 3 ml add in 100 ml shampoo. AND wash as normal shampoo. Either put 2-3 drops of the palm and evenly applied to the hair roots. Used for healthy and damaged hair. Can be mixed with hair mask, provides double the effect. Time-limited to 13.06.2021.


  7. A***a

    Excellent маслечко. This Is not the first such Tool Company, therefore can tell for sure-piece effective! We have with her husband допользовали one bottle of similar маслечка-it in shampoo your straight put, and I капаюв hand drop to шампуньке. I have less hair began, and pieces of straight brand new grow. I HAVE a RS, so the hair now oh what s going on)))


  8. N***N

    Very interesting means, to improve hair growth and its structure. Used look like a means of other stores, very happy. Later will add a review on how it works. Can only say Is that pleases fast delivery, good packaging, shelf Life and product information in English. Recommend buying. Brand is very high quality.


  9. M***a

    Oil cool. Speeding up the hair growth, reduce their loss. Use recently, but the result is already evident, hair became more manageable, easily combed after washing. Will continue to be used, then added a review.


  10. A***o

    Good oil. It can be added to the shampoo or just rub the hair roots. First option me much more. It ‘S still oil and at independent use it very greasy hair. There is a distinct smell of some herbs, so that the natural. After use hair easier to comb. I liked it.


  11. Y***o

    Excellent oil дляволос smell neutral. The texture of oil. Recommended items and store. Description.


  12. G***v

    Volume 20 ml, shelf life of 3 Years Suitable for all skin types. Oil Rich Natural herbal ingredients: oil sunflower seeds, coconut oil, linseed oil, соссюрея. Tool restores dry Brittle Hair, hair elastic and bright, reduce hair loss, reduces oiliness hair roots, stimulate hair growth, strengthen the hair фулликулы. Application: Add in shampoo on the basis of calculation 100 ml shampoo on 3 ml. Or you can directly drip 3 ml on hand or a mask, and then evenly distributed at the hair. I take the first option, but thinking try another conditioner. Oil has a very nice herbal aroma, the very name of Essential Oil says about itself, it is oily. Hair more docile and less fall, I like!


  13. I***k

    Delivery about a month. All packaged in a box and film. It is of essence. It is oil. Instructions for use and composition in English are the product packaging. I like to use. I add shampoo and a mask on a few drops. Hair soft and manageable. After use hair easier to comb. I liked it.


  14. A***y

    Cool effective after use hair more supple, soft, less магнитяться, strong to look more healthy. Use is very simple, you can add the 100 ml shampoo, 3 ml. Also can do as I, rub the hair roots.


  15. V***a

    Good tool for травках. Smells good. THE fact is not tried


  16. V***H

    Package in Belarus came for 3 weeks, track. Good Hair Oil Based on natural ingredients. Hair after using it is shiny, there was a healthy shine, easier to comb. More serious questions oil can be solved only after a long time using. As components of natural, the effect накапливающийся.


  17. J***a

    A great part of funds. Some oil and екстрактв. Like that you can just add 3 ml in your shampoo and effect. Shipping 3 weeks.


  18. Е***а



  19. S***a

    Excellent витаминное tool for hair with lovely smell. Is fully consistent with the store has stunning composition. Use the instructions. I like. Hair not electrified, напитанный and shiny. Very satisfied, can recommend.


  20. S***a

    Allergic reactions are caused, has a nice herbal flavor, texture oily. Hair looks more tidy, oil well restores-dried hair, makes them feel soft, obedient


  21. A***S

    Bought for 6.58 $. weight 20 ml. excellent hair oil, it is well packaged, do not leaked. Shelf Life of 3 years, until 2021. Full bottle, when opened, very strong smell, floral fragrance, very rich. Oil жирненькое. A part of different flowers + coconut oil. How to use? Add a little oil shampoo and wash your hair. After the hair is very shine, not dry and less fall. strongly felt the cleanliness of the hair. Use 2 times a week. Very satisfied with the quality. Shipping only 10 days on the new mail. Recommend!


  22. Y***a

    Ready-made tool of oils RtopR it contains: oil, sunflower oil flaxseed, coconut oil, Rose extract, extract соссюрея and gardenia extract. Oil Flax saturates the scalp necessary nutrients, stimulate blood circulation, struggling with hair loss. Coconut oil contains a variety of fatty-acid and triglycerides, so it is quickly absorbed into the scalp, deep into the hair root and gives them nutrients. Use this oil convenient, I rub it into the roots is more effective than just add the shampoo. Capacity 20 ml.


  23. L***o

    Cool essence the oils, or rather mostly blend oils medicinal plants and vitamins. Perfect пересушенным, секущимся hair. If your hairs thin and prone to fat, like mine, then advise use 6-8 drops essence 100 mg shampoo (instead of 15-17 as written on the tube), and certainly not use essence dropwise adding in shampoo wash every time, because this is a lot. I pour 20 drops to 250 mg of shampoo my hair is greasy fast, at the same time get extra excellent food. Use tool for about a month, and see the effect-the less climb, and healthier look. Of Course such funds are designed for long term use and storage effect. When first использованиях hair responded enhanced сальностью, after 3-4 application used to essence, and now get dirty as usual-after 2-3 days, and the next. Not cause allergies. Highly recommend to try this essence-maslitse. Shipping to SF about three weeks


  24. A***k

    Parcel arrived for 14 days ukrainu. Well packed. Texture oil, has a nice herbal aroma. Removes dry skin. After using the hair smooth, obedient, not electrified. Recommend :))


  25. S***a

    Delivery: 2 weeks. After use hair nice smell, easy to comb, even when they are wet, my way, with this is always a problem-hard to comb and constantly confused. The effect of the oil is definitely there, it very well smoothes hair, moisturizing and nourishing it, shine and radiance. Hair much укрепились and passed volosopad.


  26. Z***G

    Means it is in the original packaging, sealed in mica. The package is as usually all the necessary information in English. Time-limited to Jun 2021. Bottle capacity 20 ml. There are several possible ways of applying the product; ▶Rub in problem areas head (with High Temple) ▶3 ml mix with 100 ml shampoo (Loss Prevention) ▶Mix a few drops with a mask or balm for hair (When this procedure I recommend to put down a special cap to create heat effect. The heat helps nourishing nutrients to deeply penetrate the structure of hair). ▶Use after washing hair repair hair follicle I use this tool with my hair mask and add a bit of the shampoo. Hair become softer, easier to comb. Especially recommend product blondes as blonde hair is the most thin and brittle. A Good budget means-recommend


  27. I***l

    Shipping 3 weeks to Tula region. Packaging, as always, on top! IN transit damage arose. The facility is located in original box, sealed in mica. All the necessary information, including, good shelf life, her present. Oil has great composition! It mainly natural components. Aroma clearly marked floral-Grassy. Oily texture, hence the economical consumption: Add two drops in shampoo and my head. Hair soft and well combed. Need the balm for hair have disappeared. Recommend to buy!


  28. Y***a

    Remedy for hair loss, had recently, only started to use. Will Try later to complement the review. I can say at this point. Can be used in several ways. 1) Add 100 ml shampoo 3 ml and wash your hair. 2) You can add conditioner or hair mask. 3) a few drops of funds to rub in wet ends. Texture oil, smell is not sharp, but significant, like perfume. Shipping 3 weeks, track completely.


  29. T***a

    The means of Essential Oils straighten hair, strengthens, prevents breakage,, saturates hair moisture, hair root, recovers the structure of hair and most importantly prevent hair loss.


  30. S***a

    Use just for hair. Really become better comb. Pleasant fragrance and great part of!!!


  31. T***a

    Essential tool like the smell nice, Not obtrusive. Delivery is 3 weeks, track to the post office, excellent packaging. Will enjoy happy, hope the good effect.


  32. E***a

    When using oil menthol smell and herbs, very light and smell. I chose a method drip on Palm 2 drops, rub your hands to heat, the oil is absorbed quickly, and light трепательными movements to the hair. After using the hair was better comb, steel docile and published a healthy glow. the jar is very small, but a week spent 5 drops of up, let’s not forget about that hair wash time 2-3 days! Yes, it is the TIME in 2-3 DAYS, and all because the chemical elements contained in many shampoos, negatively affect the condition the hair. Curls can start split, quickly get dirty, lose luster and vitality, this oil will help to return the health of your hair. Jar cover cover, which remove, and another shaped earplugs, that you could safely carry oil with a very convenient, because small jar.


  33. D***a

    Shipping 3 weeks. Packaging mica. The jar is made of hard plastic, light, transparent. Capacity 20 ml. No funds long enough! I have thick hair almost to the waist, take 3 weeks, израсходовала less than 1/4. Yellowish liquid, like a sunflower oil. As a part of коксовое and linen oil, sunflower seeds, сюсерея. Can be used in several ways; -Mix butylki with shampoo in advance and wash as usual -Add a few drops directly when shampooing in shampoo or conditioner -Rub the ends. A dealer recommends that applied to the scalp, But it apparently as a mask, because the hair will жирниться strongly. Cap screw cap, inside the plug of white plastic. Don ‘T let the oil spill. Drip convenient, only need a little shake.


  34. G***a

    Order 1 sept received 24 Sept. Have not tried. Shelf Life is good up to 2021 years. Gift store put emulsion face. Thank You very much! Recommend this seller


  35. O***a

    Действенное maslitse and pleasant. Fragrance like very. Hair after use smooth and shiny. Recommend to buy! Cool store


  36. E***a

    Means it in a box, which was sealed in mica. The box all information in English, there is a composition, shelf life, way to store, indications for use the way of using. Inside plastic bottle, weight 20 ml. Lid unscrewed, inside the tube, its top part is removed, a hole in the lid, so convenient dosing means. Smells nice smell not sharp, the hair does not feel. After using the hair soft and shiny. Shipping 18 days.


  37. A***a

    Girls, is the bomb!!! Well Maintained, smooth hair keratin and ботекса! There Are several ways to use it. You can drop oil directly to shampoo or conditioner/hair mask the rate of 3 ml to 100 ml. Or directly rub to the tips of the hair. I like the second method. But for emergency реанимирования I overnight wiping oil into the hair roots. The morning washed head shampoo, before drying a couple of drops растерла in лядонях, applied to the ends and-Voila! It is what you saw in the first photo


  38. V***t

    Shipping took 17 days to office New Mail, track number to track all the way. Bubble packed in a box and sealed in mica. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years, all information in English. Jar with double lid and with dispenser, which gives the funds to 1 drop, it is very convenient. Oil has a nice and very familiar fragrance, floral-Herbal, cause pleasant association. Liquid consistency, oily, transparent with a yellow tinge. Skin feel nice, moisturizes hair, but not greasy. Most often, when shampooing I dialed the right amount of shampoo and added to it 2-3 drops of funds. Experience of use essential oil the most pleasant! After the first application I feel the difference, hair more vivid, увлажнёнными and pleasant. Easier to comb and stacked. After shampooing smell oil does not feel the hair root is not greasy, but the condition of the hair is definitely better!


  39. E***o

    Oil for hair loss. I have postpartum become much hair fall, fell almost bundles. I AM very scared and began to snap up all possible means, so not much slow the process. Longer hair so much fall out. Now I want to do, from experience know that hair become dry and brittle. Decided to order here is oil. I did not come to a large glass butylek 20 ml. Smell nice, not sharp. The Hair after the first application became more docile, better steel comb, soft and shiny. can recommend to people who have dry hair, if you have oily hair oil will amplify the effect.


  40. A***a

    Oil mix for beautiful and obedient hair. Thanks To The natural oils hair put more tidy, smooth, soft and shiny. It reduces hair loss, promote the growth, nourishes, but at the same time reduce oiliness of the hair roots. Has a nice floral fragrance. As a part of the oil as: Olive, coconut, linen and sunflower. Oil deep moisturizing hair. Massage the scalp with this oil only goes to better health scalp, and прочесывание strands to him as ─ makes them more vivid, soft and smooth.


  41. O***o

    Today tried adding 2 drops in the shampoo. do not know about the anti-shedding, but after washing the hair become noticeably more obedient, not so much pushatsya. action on the hair like, make more. 5 + + +


  42. L***a

    Oil has natural composition. Shelf Life of up to 21 years. Oils have several ways to use. The easiest is to pour a few drops in shampoo and wash head this mixture. It Is so do I. All the information about the timing of production and life, and also composition is present on the box in English. Will continue to use every wash head. Let ‘S See what the result will!!!))) Great helpful store!!!❤ Safely # recommend this product and the store. # Shipping ukrainu about a month✈ Track number.


  43. O***a

    The Purpose Of oil: acceleration of growth, hair loss, gives the thickness, reduces breakage,, facilitates рассчесывание, protects against the damaging effects of тенмической processing and UV rays. Hair become smooth and silky. Oil forms тончайщую обволакиваюшую film, hold the moisture and making hair smooth and elastic, not allowing bundle hair. Components Of oil: oil sunflower seeds, Соссюрея, Linen plain, flowers Wild Rose, coconut oil, gardenia жасминовпя, Demitikon. Methods of use: 1) Mix 3 ml to 100 ml shampoo and wash this mixture of head. 2) 2-3 ml applied to the palms and rub the tips of the hair. 3) Apply means on dry hair before heat treatment hair dryer or ironing. 4) Mix 3 ml with your hair mask and use the resulting mixture. By the way, I am using the second version of the application. I put the clean wet hair tool throughout, avoiding the root zone. Рассчесываю, land and наслаж


  44. D***a

    The pleased me, because several kinds of oil plants must give positive feedback to my dry hair, that little pushatsya and confused. The more I recently made an aggressive coloring, and similar care need. A transparent liquid, slightly oily, with a yellow tinge. Can through the cover with a hole, can this Krushka clean and easy to pour. Top thread wound silver cover. After first use hair slightly better comb and a shine. Will continue to use. Means I added hair conditioner and a little kept without washing.


  45. H***o

    Great product for natural basis. Strengthens and nourish hair follicles, the skin head. Use very simple-add in shampoo or nurse hair. No fat roots, facilitates the Combing Fast shipping with отслеживаюшимся track.


  46. I***r

    Because of the frequent use of hair iron for my tips are dry and began to split, for their recovery I decided to try it fine oil. It Is sealed in mica home delivery courier. Capacity 20 ml, composition of a great many oils and plant essences. You can use 3 ways: 1) 3 ml oil add in 100 ml shampoo (effect: stimulating the hair follicle and strengthening) 2) 2-3 ml applied to the palms and rub the tips of the hair (effect: hair not electrified, are smooth and soft, restores the split ends is also very good to protect the hair before use hair iron), 3) 3 ml oil Add a hair mask, applied to the entire length (Gives double effect for better recovery and power). I use all methods. The Effect was seen immediately: the hair is soft, ends stopped split, easier to do packing, began to grow faster, less fall out and to my surprise hair became slightly thicker. definitely recommend it


  47. S***a

    Oil in bulk 20 ml. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years. Has A natural composition. It includes: oil sunflower seeds-speeds increase, makes hair silky and strong, Соссюрея (горькуша), linen plain-moisturizes and restores hair texture, Flowers Wild Rose-strengthens the hair bulb, promote the growth of hair, Coconut Oil restores the split ends Gardenia жасминовая-adds a smell, oriental flavor. AND all this in a small vials and all it’s natural. AND it is suitable for hair. Bottle of plastic. Looks great. Large in size. Enough for a long time. As using need only 3 ml 100 c shampoo. I do everything easier. Pour the palm shampoo and Drip Drop, or even more of the oil. AND usually my head. Don’t know how much they grow, but the hair become docile and silky-that’s for sure.


  48. A***a

    Delivery month Service Posti Finland, monitored. Unpacking the parcel⤵️ The//youtu. be/giE89ceA9O4 Packed in pupyrku and box. Product type-Essential Oil. Natural composition. Good effect, hair преображаются, come to life. Are silky obedient, much less began. Gain is not visible, but think the long-term use vyrostut. Recommend to buy, good service, good shop


  49. O***A

    Shipping via Finland took just over three weeks, parcel tracking. All order arrived in a cardboard box, cosmetic products were wrapped with thick coat pupyrki. Original box sealed in mica, a bottle of oil 20g plastic. THE bottle has an additional plug-plug, which is the product of flow. Time-limited to Jun 2021. All information is given in English. Oil yellowish color, not very fat, has a pleasant unobtrusive flavor, which reminded me spa treatments in high-end hotels. Composition is almost completely natural: mix of sunflower, flax and coconut oils, plant Extracts rose and herbs соссюреи and gordenii. I absolutely love the funds and always add a few drops of your primary care (usually in the mask, you put a mid length hair and to tip). Dry damaged hair very quickly absorb oily texture.


  50. Y***i

    Fast shipping with tracking. Packaging is beautiful. Because of the frequent dye my hair become brittle and dry, but I decided to try it масличко, like the effect. Oil gives healthy shine to the hair. Well combed, do not get confused. Oil has a pleasant smell. Manufactured based on natural plant oils. For dry hair I think is very good choice. I am adding the shampoo a drop of oil. AND wash them. And the tips of the hair on the drop put. General Oil recommend.


  51. E***a

    A great tool!


  52. A***a

    Very like. Use it once in four four days. put on the roots of an hour, wash off, my head with shampoo. Before going to blow-dry put on the ends. Hair shiny and soft.


  53. K***a

    This Is my first experience with oil for hair. My hair grow very slowly and every month exposed paintability, wanted to use an extra care in addition to shampoo balm. Oil very nice smell, hair after application became more voluminous, shiny, soft and became less fall. Oil was satisfied. Oil Liquid consistency, transparent-yellow or lemon, with a pleasant herbal aroma. Shipping to Kazakhstan month track tracked.


  54. N***n

    Oil for hair like! Recommend buying.


  55. A***R

    Oil elegant! Very glad to order. The Effect is much better than many алишных funds. Moisturizing and nourishing the hair. Split ends become less noticeable, hair shine, took place dry and brittle. Smell! Add three drops in hand with shampoo long hair. Very happy! Recommend!


  56. E***a

    Seller put a present! Emulsion face with mango. Thank You very much! Very nice! A well packed. Similar to the factory production is not tried


  57. E***A

    All of it. As act will look. Additionally come probe has any medium.


  58. G***g

    MO posting for 20 days.


  59. B***e

    Order came within a month. Very well packaged, do not damage. Smell extremely pleasant, herbal. Hope the result will not take long.


  60. A***A

    Shipping in Kiev very quickly-20 days tracking track. Courier brings home. Packed in pupyrku + carton box. Still an ideal. Very good tool. Moisturizing, nourishing, treats, prevent hair loss, stimulates the bulbs to growth, ленко comb, beautiful shine to the hair. A few drops. Completely absorbed instantly. Smell обалленный. As men’s perfume. Very convenient dispenser and pimpochka anti-shedding. Recommend!


  61. O***a

    Shipping 18 days, not a track. The present any probe. If possible, to add a review after application. The expiration date on the package happy.


  62. I***a

    It ‘S for a month, all together, we will try


  63. I***a

    Smell really, very nice. See how it works


  64. O***a

    It ‘S a MO for two weeks, to look like in the picture, we will try to accomplish your goal


  65. T***A

    Everything is fine, try the hair becomes thick, shine. About the new hair do not know, after use will write additional review.


  66. A***a

    Shipping 3 weeks track Branded packing Nice herbal fragrance Bulk 20 ml shelf life of up to 2021 years⚪A great tool to strengthen the hair restoration.⚪Has A very interesting, pleasant smell.⚪A Includes only natural ingredients.⚪Oil consumption is not big, 3 ml 100 c shampoo.❗After a week of use hair comb was much smaller. We’ll see what happens, but the beginning of me like)))


  67. E***a

    Very good tool! I recommend to buy


  68. I***n

    Ordered a friend.


  69. D***a

    For prevention of super


  70. A***v

    Everything is fine, it’s in a short time. The Seller is pleased with a gift. We will try.


  71. Z***s

    Hair Growth serum excellent, a second time. Box come sealed in mica good shelf life. состпв is excellent: coconut oil extract, rose hips extract, flax seed, flower extract gardenia. composition promotes nutrition and wetting hair helps rapid growth. oil with a pleasant aroma. I put a few drops on the clean wet hair. The result is good.


  72. O***a

    All Is super, plus put a present.


  73. Customer

    Sent pretty quickly. Even sent a gift! THE Force has not tried .. Thanks заботливому store!


  74. S***h

    Received but not yet Used. Results will share.


  75. Y***k

    Delivery fast, good store. Oil like very! Smell divine, hair from it soft and manageable


  76. T***k

    Very cool Maselko, smells good. Not add it in shampoo, use a few drops after shampooing to wet ends. Heavier, not greasy, but the hair become smoother and healthier.


  77. L***t

    I smear belly in the night, after a shower. Before first use, be sure to do the test on an allergic reaction, who knows what. But mostly it could be applied even during pregnancy, usually for the desired effect need to use 3 tubes, well there at your convenience.


  78. A***g

    Oil cool, hair more easily combed, less whipped and two weeks began to grow подшёрсток, very satisfied, will continue to use! Shipping 14 days with the track, packed in a cardboard box.


  79. G***o

    It’s fast


  80. V***i

    Butter me much. My hair came up. After use they more vivid, there was a healthy luster. Easy to comb. Delivery month. A great tool. Composition of natural ingredients, it is me and bribery. Good store.


  81. D***a

    Shipping took no more than 2,5 weeks It ‘S a safe packaging The maslitse pretty in tiny volume, only 20 ml Convenient to take with you on the road Lid Is reliable, nothing to leak will not To use this product can be in multiple ways Rub the hair roots (especially the weak spots such as whiskey) Little hike and смываем shampoo in the usual way It can be added to the shampoo (3 ml 100 c shampoo) And of course the usual way is put a few drops of the palm, A good grind and apply on wet hair clean Thanks to this method of hair saturate, comes to life and become brilliant Consistency is not thick Smell pleasant, herbal A Includes only natural ingredients such as coconut oil extract, flax seed, rosehip Extract


  82. N***A

    Delivery within a month. Packed in box and air bag. Shelf Life is excellent. Smell nice. Need To add this tool 2-3 ml to 100 ml shampoo. Hair soft. Notice hair growth. Means I like. Can recommend to buy. It is perfectly fit.


  83. L***’

    Good store. Order more than once. All like. The quality is good. The Result Is good. Delivery fast.


  84. S***y

    Oil cool, many useful components in composition. Use of long hair before washing the hair, after hair good shine, soft.


  85. Y***o

    Use oil in a month after each wash head. Can’t say that hair began to grow rapidly, but having ухоженнее and beautiful so it is fact. Oil can be used in various ways: -Add in Shampoo (300 ml shampoo-3 ml oil) -Add a hair mask -Drip on Palm and rub (available at ends the length or the roots-looking effect желаешь reach). I use it 3 way-so the hair is much easier to comb and they are much obedient. Oil has a nice herbal aroma and composition, if use without fanaticism (only a few drops) hair Do not greasy, opposite gives a healthy glow. Will take more.


  86. M***a

    Shipping 17 days Oil has a packing box, with information in English, with good shelf life (up to 2021), as well as the original mica. Bottle is small size. Capacity 20 ml. THE oil is very nice sweet flavor. consumption is small, it is enough for one use 3-4 drops. Seller recommend adding oil shampoo, but I don’t see the point, so adding it to hair balsam or mask, very much. Try to put on a dry, clean hair, effect too much, the hair will become more smooth, shiny, good comb. Oil them without weights. Hair Growth did not notice, for this probably should, at a minimum, oil applied to the hair roots. Me enough that the hair shiny and healthy looking.


  87. O***k

    Oil has a strong masculine scent. A Little need to add in shampoos and mask. AND so, good


  88. O***a

    Shipping less than a month, well packed. In fact, has not tried. Smell nice. More complete probe oil. Thank you!


  89. N***o

    Lovely store and the store. Ordered a few products and was all very happy. Delivery fast, safe packaging (pupyrchatuyu film and carton). This oil is in effect try. But sure it, like other products, will not let you down.


  90. L***r

    The Main component of funds-sunflower oil. It dissolved extracts of plant that оздоравливают and strengthen the hair. The Penultimate listed диметикон is silicone polymer. It is non-toxic and safe, but has the negative cumulative effect for hair. Silicones bad washed бессульфатными shampoos, but fine rinse shampoo, as a part of which have кокамидопропил betaine or lauryl and лаурет sulfates. Actually silicones on hair even helpful. They not only smoothness and luster, but also protect your scalp, prevent it from irritation aggressive cleaning components (same sulfates, for example). Most Importantly, not accumulate it much and wash off correctly))


  91. A***a

    The consistency of the oil, the oil) As a part of a natural ingredients, so the use of oil, at 100 per cent, would be safe! Oil can be used as: Applied in pure form on the hair, 20 minutes like so, wash it off, and rinse hair shampoo. I use it a bit different! Add it to shampoo! So the effect appears 2in1 and hair immediately clean (no greasy), and scalp напитана useful chemicals! And of Aroma Oil, interrupted шампунькой)


  92. Y***a

    Until you have tried, but packed very well. Seller put gift, very nice. Thank you very much.


  93. O***a

    Have not tried, service was a month to Novosibirsk. Track to track, two weeks will write a review on like effect or not


  94. T***a

    Means it is in original box with name brand. Inside the box instruction manual in English and Chinese language. The box include the time-limited product. Volume-20 ml. The Jar is made of plastic and has a very small sizes. Inside The oil, which has a very pleasant fragrance. Cap screw cap, of no. Fortunately shedding hair I do not suffer from, but that’s because of the frequent окрашиваний, break the hair, the ends are whipped. It means I tried myself. AND tell you honestly, I liked it. Hair really become shine and look more healthy. About height can not say anything, I just started to use it!


  95. K***a

    Try to wash hair children hair silky soft and do not get confused wonderful tool


  96. I***a

    Thank you


  97. D***y

    Very cool hair oil! Use this oil in conjunction with other means and masks, as well as the clean dry hair full length. Hair has gained a healthy looking, shine and beauty, as well as smaller fall out. Excellent oil!


  98. N***a

    Let’s talk about use oils for hair and Hair Treatment Oils. base vegetable oil is a natural concentrate vitamins and biologically active substances. Use oils for hair колоссальна! They are important components of many masks for hair, used for massaging the scalp, and also serve as a basis for use of essential oils (which, as you remember, pure does not apply). To start treatment hair oils, pick up oil, perfect fit your hair type, and the result will exceed your expectation! THE composition of this product includes nut essential oil from Morocco, oil ginger, oil taken from core араниновой спинозы (easier-argan oil), oil flower Oenothera biennis, oil nuts Macadamia ternifolia, гидрированный palm glycerine. Oil Tools add to mask, used to enrich the balms, shampoos or in procedures for plant growth.


  99. O***a

    Oil is great. Excellent moisturizing hair, gives them a shine and softness. Hair less “hear” and look good. Smell some spicy. The shelf life is normal, great Packaging


  100. A***d

    It Is a small oil on 20 ml, which came in the original, and sealed package. IN Box small liner composition, and by applying it. The bottle is very securely closed The past закручивающееся cap, there is more and dispenser. So that it can be easily take even somewhere along .. Certainly not spilled A Includes only natural ingredients like: rosehip extract, coconut oil extract flax seed and. t. n… They contribute to the rapid growth of hair, and their recovery. Performance oil unfortunately just will not say, but more than confident that the result is


  101. M***v

    Haven’t tried it. And wait effect should be only after 3x months use


  102. A***o

    Good oil for hair treatment, the ingredients are all natural, as уходовое can recommend


  103. X***a

    Good oil. The first purchase of store so the effectiveness of don’t worry. Then everything is always good. And shipping fast. Very recommend


  104. T***a

    Over the past three months, I double осветляла hair and three times painted, in order to get free from Henna. Hair looked like a washcloth (. To the oil treated skeptical thought, hair greasy will. But, interested in an unusual way to use-together with shampoo, ordered. The Result-full! The photo hair washed. No styling I used. Hair smooth, crisp, no fat. I ‘M just happy! Lie will not! Applied: poured in Palm shampoo, as usual, dripped a few drops of oil. Moskvu it for 3 weeks.


  105. K***k

    Excellent oil moisturizes hair and scalp. Delivery three weeks, the track to track all the packaging is good. Shelf Life of up to 2021, texture creased with pleasant smell. Used as a mask for hair, put on hair, укутываю, washing after 30-40 minutes.


  106. Y***o

    Smell nice, not very thick. THE jar 20 ml. Hair more shiny.


  107. T***a

    Packed in a bag, a product, shipping new e-mail, did not communicate with, there was no need, try and through time add a review


  108. E***v

    We will try


  109. O***a

    Structure entirely of natural ingredients. Tool provides a special hair care, applying it, You увлажняете dry scalp, предотвращаете of dandruff, section and hair loss. Hair soft and manageable. The kind of oil yellow and liquid, pleasant fragrance. A lot of positive feedback, some girls write that get to the second and third time. Oil is suitable for both women and men. After two uses my hair softer. Not cause allergies.


  110. A***a

    Good product, long enough, it’s in their original packaging! Thank You for the gift


  111. S***a

    Lightning-fast delivery in Kiev-two weeks tracking track. Packed safely in carton box. Oil I order for the fourth time. I just love it. Add in shampoo + put 2 drops to washed wet hair. The effect is. Began To grow young hairs. Hair smooth and боестящие. Рассчесываются easily (my hair up waist) delicious fragrance perfume. Recommend!


  112. A***a

    This tool can be used as a hair mask, and as a leave-in conditioner. i, for example, essence use before extending hair ironing. AND with the help of it I could усмирить their unruly curls! Hair soft, moist and elastic. AND not electrified. The Only negative, the hair will become fat.


  113. L***a

    Well packed, the store has put a. And See whether the result


  114. N***t

    Shipping 3 weeks, to track all the way. Bubble packed in a box and sealed in mica. There Is A sticker certification and shelf life of up to 2021 years. All information in English.


  115. R***X

    The smell is very nice!!! Bought, since become much hair pull.


  116. E***a

    A great tool for hair. Buy a second time. Just pour the bottle to bottle of shampoo and use. Hair unique steel obedient and more shiny!


  117. E***a

    Oil interesting, does not leave a greasy, absorbed instantly. Convenient to use with shampoo, so say lazy option. It should be noted for buyers-Do not be afraid of reviews bloggers. Most fair testing products and writing the truth. Especially, if products company would be bad, no one would take them again.


  118. S***a

    Cool tool for hair. Delivery about three weeks by mail. Package mail box and original box. Composition, shelf life and method of use is indicated on the packaging. Capacity 20 ml. Agent oily, composition of natural. Ingredients: nut oil, oil ginger oil various colors. Used as an additive to шампуням and mask for hair. I add a few drops of shampoo, my as usual. The Hair easy to comb, have a healthy glow. Care and nutrition to hair needed, especially in our time. When so many harmful factors. Recommend buying. Try oil natural, and easy to use.


  119. N***a

    Very small butylёk, smelling herbs. Not use more


  120. A***a

    In the store is not the first production, yet has never let me down✅ Therefore decided to try hair oil. AND who does not love beautiful and well-groomed hair? I at the time the tainted their inks (EH, hands to me tear for it), so now hard to recover The store pretty fast (no more than 15 days). Oil was well packed, it in one piece. The box contains all useful information about the product-composition, shelf life, methods of use I enjoy the product-oil really on herbs, nothing bad in it. Also have a pleasant aroma oil. Jar 20 ml


  121. A***a

    Very cool oil! Parcel arrived quickly and well packed! Under the Protective Cap also had an extra protection valve for exact confidence the product on the form in which was sent and contents of bottle will not go anywhere! Wants to mention composition. Only good and useful компаненты! It is a pleasure for hair! Despite the small volume, this content will last for a long time! Oil Well “runs” and distributed. Thank you very much! Autumn happy!


  122. T***a

    The smell of this oil is amazing. A oil includes many natural ingredients: nut oil, oil ginger oil органии, oil flower Oenothera biennis, oil nuts Macadamia ternifolia, palm glycerine and dr. Oil can be added to the shampoo, can be on the tips of the hair and distribute throughout. Or how do I add a mask and hold for 20 minutes as written on the mask. Сбываю with warm water. Oil completely washed away, hair after not greasy. Use them for a week hair fine comb, showed up shine, became more obedient or something. About the growth of new hair think too early to talk about it, for a week Use do not grow. Oil painting fully satisfied, good care of the hair.


  123. S***h

    Waiting For 1.5 months. Box and bag. Read reviews and decided to try. Paint so tainted hair …….. Hope will not be worse. Good luck to all.


  124. O***a

    Delivery about three weeks, some cosmetics were packaged in air cushion! Very like to note-this butter stunning perfume fragrance! Means you can add in the shampoo, and the wet washed hair, растерев several drops of palms. Excellent oil, I like luster and smoothness of hair after its use and, of course, fragrance


  125. S***a

    Bottle well packed in sealed box. Seller put probe face cream. Thank You Соответствеует description. Oil is not checked.


  126. K***G

    Box of oil was sealed in mica. There were marked production date, shelf life and all the necessary information. THE composition of funds are nut oil, oil ginger and oil of different colors. In vials 20 ml. 100 ml shampoo and/or other means of store recommend apply 3 ml. I use a little differently. After shampooing I put a few drops of the entire length of the wet hair. My hair is very dry and brittle at the tips of the that I always use hairdryer and ironing. For two weeks can use to say that hair become less dry. A beautiful shine. And посечённые ends become less noticeable. Me a very much. Will continue to continue to use it


  127. E***a

    Received the goods on time, well packed, is fully consistent with the store recommend, thank you very much


  128. E***.

    Delivery fast, it’s still three weeks! It Was very well packaged, do not leaked or damaged Consistency in essence oily, faint odor Hair after washing it becomes smooth and shiny Is fully consistent with the description! Recommend as goods, the store in general!


  129. A***k

    It’s like trying new hair care products! Composition is simple. But it’s so convenient that everything is ready, mixed and carefully packaged. The oil can be taken and myself, and as a gift! THE base oil sunflower, coconut, flower essences, all for power, remove the irritation. Used in shampoo, and as part of the pre-hair mask (based on репейной). Hair so soft with this oil. To test the growth needs more time, but me and now are satisfied)


  130. Y***o

    My favorite in the hair! IN the autumn of my hair really need a recharge Different oils that only I tried! Oil has very, very pleasant fragrance, this is important! Cause I it together with shampoo, by a couple of drops of, sometimes added to the air conditioning and I liked it, know, does have the effect of! Not so much began to fall, and the long hair is very noticeable. Incredible smell and become more shiny and healthy! Super, I am happy and willing to recommend!! The packaging contains all useful information for buyer, I liked it, all you honestly and transparent! Quality on top! Elegant packaging, in дуэтом bag, so as the remedy was not a single with this store! Thank You for the reliability and care to the buyer :).


  131. E***A

    Main of ingredients: -Coconut Oil -Oil Sunflower -Oil соссюреи -Linseed oil -Flower extracts According with the promise of manufacturer, from those who would regularly use this oil, will be observed the following changes: -Hair start faster -Hair will become thicker -Hair texture won’t porous -You can forget about dry hair -Hair will become beautiful, well-groomed and shiny As manufacturer offers three options for use: 1-add in шампуть (proportion-100 ml shampoo add 3 ml oil) 2-rub 2-3 drops of oil directly in hair (wet) 3-add маслецо to your favorite mask (весго several drops will be enough)


  132. S***a

    Goods tracking. But came quickly. We prbovat.


  133. N***a

    Oily agent, smells good. Hope helps


  134. A***a

    Don ‘T try. Smells nice. Small jar is


  135. Y***a

    MSK came for 2,5 months. Thank You for the gift. Have not tried.


  136. V***b

    Fast delivery. Not monitored. Fits the description, but the bottle so tiny. Gift store put cream sampler. Will try. Thank you!


  137. M***a

    Oil fragrant, sweet smell, flower. Convenient, cap, which is under the CAP holding strap, faces her lose during washing) the oil is added to shampoo based 100 ml shampoo and 3 ml oil, if after don’t use balm, is still on the tips of the wet put the hair becomes softer and shine.


  138. A***a

    Fast shipping 23.10 ordered it 9.11


  139. Y***y

    Excellent oil with a good natural composition. If applied to a little, the ends, after washing the hair, the hair is not greasy. But helps combated with секущимися tips. They Are certainly not срастуться, but the process is stopped. And indeed the hair in good condition.


  140. E***a

    Delivery 3 week Service Posti Finland, oil comes in a cardboard box, which is sealed in mica. The box contains detailed information about the product, composition and time-limited to 26.09.2021 Years, as the store put a brochure store. oil is a transparent bottle, 20 ml, closed the закручивающуюся cover in silver color. Such A beautiful and stylish bottle! oil yellowish, texture as a conventional oil, and it smells delicious, you just beyond words. method of use: 3 ml add in 100 ml shampoo AND wash as normal shampoo. Either put 2-3 drops of the palm and evenly to the hair. Can be mixed with hair mask, provides double the effect. Advise you to look at this means!


  141. P***a

    Can say about the effectiveness of funds, use the second week. Complementing The later, if the result is.


  142. Customer

    THE nature of my good and thick hair, but in the off season climb. Try this hair oil. I like effect, nourishes the hair! Order my went 3 weeks before. Track to track. Packed well.


  143. S***t

    not tried yet. hopefully my hair can grow thicker.


  144. L***a

    Oil it for three weeks. Box SRL is complete, sealed. Until you have tried, but the откликам very good. Try to write.


  145. O***v

    Packed with very high quality!!! Shelf life is very fresh


  146. M***h

    Oil very like, add in the mask. Convenient dispenser, smell


  147. K***a

    As many people know, the person on the day, with head, fall of about a hundred hairs. It can wash and not noticeable. But when you every time, combing hair, see that on the comb remains a significant amount of hair… It means that it’s time to feed Vitaminka my hair. AND more hair луковицуПопробовав oil RtopR, I was convinced that needed it. the лысине hair is certainly not to grow, but remaining strengthen exactly. oil can rub the hair roots, the tips of the hair or add in shampoo, balm or mask. I HAVE added in the shampoo and conditioner. AND after washing more tips and smeared (since they whipped) Because in this product, includes several kinds of essential oils, which promote nutrition and restoring your hair☺We will wait for effect, continuous use will be sure it is.


  148. N***n

    Goods come quickly, about of weeks, packed well, reliable. IN bag lay probe. Is not used, later will add a review


  149. S***a

    Oil Well, very pleasant smell. Thank you for the gift!


  150. Customer

    Arrived in perfect state! It rich odor!! Now… to use!!


  151. G***g

    Goods to come for 22 days, store put the gift, very nice, the packaging was sealed in the film. have not tried, but the bubble, very small, and in general all good.


  152. L***a

    Shipping and packaging to abuse will not-everything is normal and stable. As you can see-and small not leaked, and box not hurting. The box indicates all that our concern, including the amount of (20 ml) shelf Life, use method and composition. As a reference-oil. Silicone is, but at the end of the list, and that’s good. But lots of goodies, in the form of oils and extracts. The benefits of each of these ingredients information in Google rife-all useful and Bottle with tight screw cap and extra protection dispenser-капалки. You Can add oil shampoo directly before Wash, drip into the hair mask in (including the home cooking). As an option-applied directly to the hair, for example on the tips of the hair. The effect is, means I was satisfied.


  153. F***I

    Arrived in Italy in 18 days with free plotted. Packed in a cardboard box arrived perfectly intact. On the packaging are given instructions and the ingredients in English language, packaging date and expiration date (3 years). The content listed is 20 ml. The product is a real toccasana sciupati hair from hair loss treatments and in case of essential Oils essential oils. The change of season especially spring and autumn it makes life needed a boost to the hair that usually appear without elasticity, dull and Aridi. This product is perfect. Constant use of this product returns the right level of hydration to cute leafage to giving luster and softness, repairing hair and accelerating the growth. Helps reduce hair loss. The product is contained in a small transparent plastic bottles equipped with convenient dispenser and screw cap.


  154. R***k

    Oil like the hair after the use of steel smooth and even showed up volume. In General I satisfied, although the first impression was not very. The photo shows that the label on the bottle are blurred. Probe of too much, face Gorny. General Order, you will not regret. Delivery about a month


  155. V***v

    A good product. The smell is very nice. Grass citrus. Well-packed. Nothing has elapsed. The Effect is not too intense, but improvements there. Track code to the Chinese border. Shipping to Симферополя take months. Goods sent a day after payment. IN a gift cream sampler. Also nice. Smells good, buttery. IN general, recommended.


  156. Customer

    Oil pleasant odor, liquid consistency, not greasy. Waiting for the result


  157. Customer

    Very nice, pleasant smell


  158. A***a

    Super Oil


  159. E***a

    Goods come by a month. Bottle 20 ml., the shelf life of three years, until 2021. Oil has a smooth and easy oily texture. As part of the oil and extracts of herbs. Gift store put cream sampler. Thank You Very Much. Seller recommend. The Product has not been tested


  160. Customer

    Came to Australia for 3 and a half weeks. Also thank you for small bonusik. Has not yet been tested product, so as it is.


  161. S***a

    The oil will help stop hair loss, strengthen them, make hair less brittle, rid of split ends besides this tool powerful activator growth for our hair. Capacity 20 ml. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years. Масличко came in a decent manner. Packaging is not deformed. Box was sealed in mica. All the necessary information and expiration dates are listed on the package. IN the oil are: Oil sunflower seeds, Соссюрея (горькуша) Linen plain, Flowers Wild Rose, coconut oil, Gardenia Жасминовая, Demitikon. The Contents Of The yellow.


  162. K***k

    It’s) try to grow or not)) store gift mask which is put)


  163. V***n

    Very happy with the store, a pleasure-expensive with the work, shop excellent, worth look here again and again. All good quality, packing, delivery of goods. We will use. Thank You for the gift.


  164. E***z

    Don’t expect that this will come soon for 3 weeks. Balm track. Smell nice. IN fact, has not yet been tried. Put a present.


  165. A***a

    I here, thumbing pages # AliExpress accidentally stumbled on good уходовое tool for hair-Hair Oil Based on grass and with essential oils! Because of its composition, it is perfect as a hair care in winter. Oil nourishes hair moisturizing. After using the hair become smooth, shiny, appear amount! The effect is stunning! Shipping not long in coming. Parcel to Omsk was less than a month. Parcel arrived in ordinary mail package. Product was packed in inflatable “Mattress”, so do not hurt. Oil was packed in original box and encapsulated in mica. Suitable for both personal use and to give as gifts! I AM very happy with the order and recommend to buy!


  166. A***a

    Use method is very simple… I just my hair shampoo with oil, the rate of 3 ml oil 100 ml, and all. It Is excellent washed away, making hair docile and more vivid, and skin like moisturized. Oil has yellow, it is liquid, тякучее, oily, has bright perfume fragrance, as it is still, concentrate. The right proportion, fragrance is combined with the smell of my favorite shampoo. With regular use, I get even more impressive result-hair shiny, effect straw gradually took place. THE roots appeared “hedgehog” of young hairs. Dyed hair purchased healthy looking and steel easy comb… Split ends stopped me bother… I just otstrigla ones that were, and new, thanks to care no longer appear… I am very happy! That is very important, this oil can apply not only women, but men. Recommend!


  167. V***a

    It ‘S like the picture. Another probyvala use.


  168. I***a

    Come in a small package with pupyrkoy, very small. There is a small zakryvashka, is very good, and expended small amounts. Smell pleasant, easily absorbed. Keep the long hair, such as masks, so more convenient. Washed away is also very good. Смазывала ends after washing, before drying, so not much hair spoil. I liked. Popolzuyutsya longer, let’s see.


  169. L***a

    Oil to hair Effect: Stop hair loss, moisturizing dry ends. Hair after use shiny. Composition: oil sunflower seeds, Соссюрея, linen, flowers Wild Rose, coconut oil, Gardenia жасминовая, демиктон Shelf Life: 3 years Weight: 20 ml Color of the contents of yellow, texture oily. Application: Before wash your applied to dry hair and a cap on the hour maximum. Moscow took 9 days. My opinion is that after the result of the application is not much noticed. Maybe you should use on, will add a review.


  170. E***a

    Goods arrived very quickly. not поврежлен. color packaging slightly different from the picture. small bottle more I don’t try to use review


  171. H***a

    Put 5 only for honesty and care of the store, my parcel lost in the mail, visible stole was available that I received but we have it happens Russia mind do not understand… sorry…


  172. A***a

    It ‘S for 2,5 weeks. The Smell of oil pleasant.


  173. K***k

    Delivery fast, a little more than three weeks. All in one piece, packed carefully. Seller put more gift. Is not used. Later will add a review


  174. A***a

    Good smell delicious. Until rasprobovali.


  175. J***a

    Like reviews and trust. Items come in 20 days! Is the sample, the result will say then IN gift store put like some masochku, thank you) The Bottle is not leaked, was in a box and pupyrke from yellow packaging bag. In addition to cover her silicone (like) cork, very convenient. As well as instruction in English. The liquid yellow, oil and very pleasant smell.


  176. V***a

    Very cool hair oil. I use it before, how to wash the hair. Minutes 20-30 go, then wash off as usual. Hair soft and manageable, easy to comb. Пахнёт herbs, not very sharp. TO the Shop No complaints, well done!!!


  177. A***a

    It’s fast, for 3 weeks before RB. After the first application for davolno. Not know it will act on strengthening hair system, but after adding the shampoo and a few drops of the ends after wash hair silky, crisp, moist. Thank you for the code, which I used and ordered a)) plus a present, not even tried.


  178. K***a

    Not tried, but nice bottle, Packing Dear, put a probe emulsion skin-friendly, cool)


  179. M***d

    Good packing didn’t use yet will left comment later after use


  180. R***v

    Thank you very much. Quickly. Whole. Pleasant.


  181. N***n

    Oil for hair. You Can add in shampoos. Can Be a hair mask. Shelf Life of 3 years. Comes in yellow mail box. Shipping Courier New Why. I recommend store and product.


  182. S***a

    Excellent oil. A Bunch Of utility for our hair. Buy a second time-very happy! Small Flow-3 ml to 100 ml shampoo, conditioner, mask. Hair comb, become softer. Highly recommend! A super!


  183. E***a

    Shipping-less than a month, no tracking. Bubble small, but the flow is very economical. A pleasant, but the effect of whether a better grow hair reduced or loss-so far, only time will tell. Seller put free probe moisturizing emulsion with mango.


  184. V***a

    Exactly a month later they brought me goods to the door) perfectly packaged + put a gift that is for hair, I understand this mask) Super, i’m glad) Will try)


  185. Y***a

    Excellent essential oil for hair. Delivery about a month. It’s safe. IN a jar 20 ml. THE flow rate is 3 ml to 100 ml shampoo. Very sparingly. Hair after a few uses become more docile, easier to comb. A Includes sunflower seeds, flowers Wild Rose, flax seeds, coconut oil, etc. Всеэто strengthens root system and normalizes condition cover skin.


  186. S***a

    Composition is very good, completely natural! Consistency oil straight oil-not oily liquid. Smell nice. My very dry from regular окрашиваний hair and I usually get my shampoo, and then put the mask with a couple of drops of oil on your hair. Hair much obedient, become more smooth. Delivery two weeks, packed well


  187. L***i

    Good, I liked it. Smell pleasant, flower. After use fat. Hair easier to comb. Packed as the store, to tightly sealed film. Shelf Life is present. Shipping within three weeks. Track tracked. Apply recommended together with shampoo or balm, effect will not wait long.


  188. Customer

    Very satisfied, thank you for the gift


  189. M***a

    It’s well packed, the result is early has never tried. Seller put a gift that is that it does not know the translation into Russian No


  190. V***h

    Essence like the hair become more docile and soft, roots after coloring grow faster, add in shampoo, 3 ml to 100 ml shampoo, costs are very economical.


  191. M***o

    Delivery about a month. It was packed safely. Bottle is with cap dropper. PR Instructions need to add 100 ml shampoo 3 ml. As de fashionable Add a mask or balms. Fine промываются hair after the use of resources. My hair is like after using the smoothness and softness. Recommend store and store.


  192. T***s

    Oil бомбовое! AND hair and nail and cuticle! AND what flavor-MMM))) Thank You very much!!!)))


  193. I***a

    Excellent essence!!! After using the hair become docile, well combed, not confused. Seller in gift put the probe face cream.


  194. Customer

    As in the description product well packed fast delivery thanks to store I n’ai not yet tested the products thanks for gift


  195. A***a

    Track depends on message “ready to ship”. IN general, not monitored. Goods came a month in Omsk. Match the description. Have not tried it in practice. Seller put a gift as a probe and many 🙂


  196. Y***a

    To Yakutia went a little more than a month. Packed in bag pupyrkoy. Butylёk small, but says in a review that have little to put it. Package put some more balm at one time. Nice. V probyvala, feedback then added. Thank you


  197. N***a

    Oil it in box sealed in mica. The box has an expiration date, composition and use method. Bottle transparent plastic, Volume 20 ml. Dispenser No. Oil has the right way oil texture) smell is specific, but not too sharp. As a part of some oil, which is good. Oil can be used in several ways-add in shampoo/mask or наносись hair. I love the way to apply on wet hair, a couple of drops of rubs the palms and put on the ends. Method of adding a few drops in a mask I like, but use it less often. With regular use manufacturer promises hair growth, strengthen the hair follicle, reduce hair loss, restoring dry hair, придание smooth and shine. Can say, that oil it gives the hair smooth and shine, and contributes лёгкому расчёсыванию.


  198. O***a

    Definitely try! Thank you!


  199. A***E

    Just want to mention the smell, this oil it is simply amazing! Means you can add in shampoo, can be on the tips of the hair and distribute throughout. Rinse with warm water. Oil completely washed away, hair after not greasy. Take the couple, enjoy them for a week, with her words, hair fine comb, showed up shine, became more manageable. Oil it was fully satisfied, agent, real, good care of the hair. Nice time shipping accounted for only two weeks in Belarus to the track.


  200. A***a

    https://ru.itao.com/item/10013770458853 review here This means composition is very rich and natural: Oil sunflower seeds, Соссюрея (горькуша) Linen plain, flowers Wild Rose, Coconut oil, Gardenia Жасминовая, Demitikon. Composition is very good. This long famous vegetable tools for hair loss, helping stop hair loss and return волосяному покрову natural thickness. This oil will not solve the serious problem of hair loss, but in addition to the treatment and of course hair loss treatment is the agent will not more than.


  201. O***A



  202. A***a

    Cool tool, already tested in the case. Smell amazing! Hair soft and shiny after him. Will take more, and the small bottle) Good composition and shelf life for 3 years, released recently. Delivery fast, does not occur on the road


  203. O***r

    Shipping✈ 2 weeks. Packaging Box, pupyrka. Box was sealed in mica. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years. Agent in a bottle, has a pleasant fragrance. It can be added to the shampoo 3 ml to 100 ml shampoo and just wash your hair, and can be used as part of the mask or add to бальзаму. I used the oil a week-it’s about 4 shampooing. Hair is better расчёсывания, showed up shine. Loss completely stopped, but by half a head of hair climbs, and it has a small victory!


  204. A***a

    Shipping 2 weeks. track to track. packaged bottle in original box. which contains the shelf life and composition. Plastic bottle. Oil yellowish, watery. smell reminded me of smell арганового oil the same company, very similar notes. oil can be added to the shampoo, balm or mask based 3 ml to 100 ml. very economical consumption is obtained. there Is another way to put 2-3 Drop the palms and rub the hair. Personally I am adding a few drops of shampoo directly before Wash head, намыливаю and a couple of minutes wait then wash off. the results are pretty hair softer and shine.


  205. E***a

    The hair is really more. Do not expect getting rid of bald, but the hair growth accelerated, especially in conjunction with vitamins. In this time of year hair always more dry, but this year all OK. Think through these эссенциям.


  206. M***o

    Copes of hair loss. Hair look better. Thank You Very Much.


  207. S***i

    Great! Pbrigado for gift


  208. A***Z

    Parcel received 23 days after order. Stays more than try.


  209. Y***a

    Parcel arrived for a month. Pro tool can not say anything, is not used


  210. Customer

    arrived safely. speedy delivery. thanks for the gift included with the package. have to try it yet.


  211. Customer

    Thank you very much for the fine contact. I have received the product. You deserve 10 stars on each part. Well packed and thanks for try product. Kind regards, Rozawil


  212. G***e

    A little over three times enough, escho should be ordered to добытся result. Seller good упаковавал.


  213. A***E

    وصلني product يحالة good after a month twenty days. The bottle is very small. Responses of extra after use


  214. A***a

    Order to Estonia came for a month. Закованно all well in the box. The Seller sent the order quickly. Oil tried until then did not feel and smell barely barely herbal. Let ‘S See what happens next?. Thanks to the present put the probe. We will try.


  215. M***a

    Thank You Very Much! All great! As a gift-probe emulsion face!


  216. V***r

    Very fast shipping


  217. E***a

    It’s fast, to present the store put probnichek. Oil do not try. Packed well, has an expiration date.


  218. V***l

    Oil received, well packed, free probe, is not used.


  219. O***o

    Vіdpovіdaє goods, packaging nadіyna I akuratno, Yea детальне markuvannya anglіyskoyu мовою. Seller poklal podarunok sampler of cream. The олія Got priєmny flavor. Schodo ефективності nіchogo skazati not mozhu. Судячи s іnstruktsії олійку requiring nanositi on hair, and not the shkіru голови. I яким rank won зможе зупинити облисіння when such способі нанесення-not уявляю. Ale задля експерименту почала намазувати one залисину cholovіka.)))) later deyaky hour порівняю result.)) Seller recommend! Shipping Shvydko: приніс chicken ‘єр Нової Why directly to the door.


  220. S***o

    It ordered 11.11 New Mail 06.12 taking this product for the first time, will try right today, then Unsubscribe.


  221. E***n

    Goods received, have not tried, later will add a. Seller recommend


  222. O***a

    Перевранное, accurate description. Bottle full. Thank you


  223. M***a

    Very long service, extended thought no rain, but cheers! Packed in pupyrku, but box still hesitated (well inside the whole and do not break. Seller put in gift emulsion face. Nice smell of herbal tea. After use will add a review more


  224. A***n

    Add the shampoo and mask, hair is much softer and very well combed


  225. I***a

    Order now will constantly, very much cleaner, I before Wash head add 5 drops of funds and mix with shampoo. Put on the head and hold for 5 minutes. Then wash off, use balm, ополаскиваю, wipe towel on damp hair put in the same store argan oil, only the length of the oil. The Effect of it means can be seen immediately. Hair soft, shiny. As if I did never painted. AND I paint them once a month in light color. I almost blonde, that is, hair dry. But it means magic. Recommend


  226. Y***a

    Delivery in about a month, in gift attached probe cream. As understood by instruction, which is written in English, 3 ml oil should be added in 100 ml shampoo. You Can add conditioner for hair. Manufacturer says that from this effect will be better. Do not try, Write later


  227. D***z

    All perfect, thanks store, shipment fast and good price.


  228. E***a

    Characteristic: strengthens the hair, helps reduce hair loss, new growth, gives a healthy glow. Composition: oil sunflower seeds (sunflower) extract соссюрея wrapped, мамло flax flower Extract rose столистная extract, coconut oil, flower extract gardenia Флорида, диметикон, fragrance. Method of use: 3 ml add in 100 ml shampoo and hair balm. The oil can be added to the hair mask. Means to me like a second time. Hair after it became less fall, steel thick and three-dimensional. Lighter-combed and have healthy look


  229. O***a

    Delivery very fast-only 13 days to Kharkov. The package contains all the necessary information: production time and date, composition, methods of use. Texture oil thick, have to wait until the kapnet, very nice smell. THE instruction is offered three ways to use: 1) added to the shampoo and 2) Add conditioner; 3) apply to wet hair after washing. I chose the latter. Two drops of oil rubs on his hands and put the wet clean hair, avoiding the root zone. Hair immediately become shine, makes a smooth and soft to the touch, easily combed. But, to increased density and growth rate, I did not notice. Probably want a lot of three use. And see what will happen after more time. IN a gift probnichek a moisturizing emulsion facial. Thank You very much!


  230. A***a

    Well packed. Seller put a present, probe. Very nice. Will try. Thanks. Recommend store.


  231. A***f

    Not monitored, came a month. Have not tried, but it smells good. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years, natural composition.


  232. G***a

    Unfortunately, the goods to try. Not to, so it does not come back the money.


  233. N***a

    It came together. We will try. Gift put emulsion face. Thank you. Very nice


  234. A***u

    I m using it for my daughter. too early to know if it’s working but it looks genuine


  235. W***i

    Excellent oil, resulting in order and gives a healthy looking hair.


  236. D***o

    I havent tried yet. Fast delivery. Thank you for the gift


  237. N***a

    Oil I add in daily shampoo and conditioner. I enjoy! My problem hair (карвинг and regular coloring), so I always use an extra care.


  238. Customer

    Very good recommend the all good


  239. M***v

    Fast shipping, good packaging, until you try.


  240. N***a

    Satisfied with


  241. A***a

    It’s all together, ordered the first time, so the effect is not know. In a gift face cream.


  242. K***a

    Waiting For more than a month, pick up today parcel, opened, looked okay, not wrinkled, not spoiled, pleasant fragrance in the liquid, scary go, do not know what the reaction will be, but try to confirm a review.


  243. O***a

    Excellent packing! come to order very quickly. thank You for efficiency. THE action have not tried, hope, that will not disappoint.


  244. G***z

    In the past month. Packaged well. Put gift, nice) box is very small.


  245. V***i

    Product was more than a month, sad, but the appendage store put the probe, change-but nice! after first употреблений hair rose, INE засверкали, but… We hope and suddenly!!!!


  246. E***a

    Shipping IN Murmansk just over a month, not monitored. Order came in a paper bag with pupyrchatoy. No damage. Seller put a present, emulsion mango moisturizing and осветляющая long-acting. Yet only write about receiving the product, only come from the post, about action during use Write later. Thank you for the efficiency and thank you gift, very nice)).


  247. L***a

    The Seller sent agent immediately after payment, before the Altai edge package was one month, not monitored. Additional dealer put in bag small gift-probe cosmetic facial mask (detail, nice!!!). Thank you so much for efficiency and attention! Put 5 stars, store-best advice! Thank You Very Much!


  248. D***a

    Interesting oil. It ‘S pretty quickly for untracked parcel. Is being tested.


  249. Customer

    In the past month where, in the form of standards.


  250. K***a

    It ‘S well packed, neutral smell nice, we will try


  251. A***r

    It is much faster than expected deadline, in this thank you! Well packed, did not communicate, was not a necessity, not yet tried, how to accomplish your goal…


  252. S***a

    Goods came quickly, just over a month. Box well packed, without damage, bottle also. Smell nice. As for the property too early to say, need time to understand. Everyone is happy. Seller put the probe, thank you!


  253. S***a

    Shipping Surgut to 2 months. IN fact, don’t try


  254. A***a

    Means it is in original packaging. Oil Painting in a tube Volume 20 millilitre, but small flow. Therefore commendeth for long. WITH this tool you can go too far. If you apply hair oil like me, do not recommend to put more than three drops even for long hair. They can purchase in bad condition view (rather to say непромытый view). This product makes combing and gives shine to the hair. Aroma is very nice. Oily consistency, but liquid.


  255. K***k

    Came a month later, bought for 334 rubles. See now fell goods)). Thank you for the gift. Has not yet been used.


  256. S***a

    Track went a little more than a month, store put small gift cream on trial for which he thanks


  257. T***o

    Thank you for the gift


  258. M***a

    Order from 10. 11.В Murmansk delivered 2. 12. The Seller sent quickly. Ordered several funds from this store. put small gift-probe serum. tool for hair is used-only received the order. the standard package. by all means in sealed containers. thank You Very Much.


  259. A***k

    Order 11.13, received 12.19. Packed well. Seller put the probe emulsion. As shall try complementing the review


  260. M***m

    After first use hair good comb will continue to try


  261. C***e

    the item arrived in time and it was a good one thanks


  262. M***a

    Item arrived ahead of time!!! Right in your inbox!!!


  263. A***a

    Very cool oil! Add a few drops of shampoo. Hair soft and shiny. will order more


  264. V***v

    Completely fits the description! Read The reviews and understand that it concentrated oil. Well packed. Unfortunately does not track. Product content.


  265. T***o

    It’s all perfectly packed. With the time-limited. In fact, don’t try, then Unsubscribe. Thanks for the probe.


  266. Customer

    Come quickly. Home delivery. Everything is fine. Thank You


  267. V***o

    Order received, everything is fine. THE action has not yet been tried. Thank You for the gift, very nice.


  268. A***e

    Makes hair shiny and heavy. Easy to brush trough. Can’t say about growth yet. Need more time.


  269. D***a

    Todo arrived in perfect state and also a gift. Now try to watch how effective it is.


  270. V***a

    Delivery about 2 weeks. Packed well, without damage. The package has a shelf life and all the necessary information on the application of the English language. Until you try.


  271. V***r

    As always with gifts. Going for a long time.


  272. S***z

    The Ca product description was adequate, took a while to get But received foremost, now will prove it, many thanks


  273. E***a

    Order to Moscow was delivered through 26 days. Thank you, put the probe from wrinkle free.


  274. J***a

    Oil, hair a little more three-dimensional. Nothing special.


  275. A***i

    Fast, high quality, store recommend


  276. K***a

    Order Kostroma went more than a month. Means it is in original box, the oil is in the tube. The package have expiry date and all the necessary information on the application of the English language.


  277. Y***r

    Product Information after using them. Packaging that are beautiful.


  278. H***n

    For thanks gift and fast delivery


  279. Customer

    The remedy was sent on the next day after payment. Order went a little less than a month. Smell nice, after first use effect is not visible.


  280. E***a

    Smell is normal, but not my taste, someone might like, add conditioner for hair hair myagenkie and easy to comb


  281. Customer

    Liquid hair ordered with cream for action on the day of. Service took one month before the Yaroslavl area. It was packed to last, the store is done. All come in original box, sealed film. There Is A production date Oct 2018. Then straight from the tin))) Bottle fits in the palm. The liquid yellow buttery consistency, has a nice floral smell. Until you try. After use will add a review. Thank you.


  282. T***a

    Long Service. Zakaschala 11.11 received 25.12. In probyval.


  283. N***a

    I don’t know how much it will too little bubble. Going for over a month.


  284. Z***N

    It’s safe, thank you for the gift, a face mask. I have used previously, excellent results. Will try now hair oil.


  285. U***v



  286. A***a

    All packed fire


  287. E***h

    All good connections, a little dolgovato shipping. Thanks to the store.


  288. A***a

    Well packed after all not broken, have not tried. Smell nice


  289. E***a

    The Parcel was 6 weeks, thrown into the box. The estimate is can, do not use.


  290. L***a

    It’s safe


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