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Headphone Amplifier Portable Device

(80 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • The Headphone Amplifier Portable Device supports iOS, Android, PC, and Mac
  • It is compatible with many headphones models; It has a play time of 10 hours
  • It is convenient and easy-to-carry
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy
  • Size (WxHxD): 120 mm x 65 mm x 13 mm 
  • Output Power: (balanced) 150 mW or 32 Ohms/ (unbalanced) 120 mW or 32 ohms
  • Package Contents:
    • 1 x Headphone Amplifier Portable Device

$319.90 $489.99

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Headphone Amplifier Portable Device

Improve your headphone’s sound quality with this Headphone Amplifier Portable Device! It is compatible with many gadgets! Nowadays, almost everyone wears headphones or earphones all the time. That’s how much the influence of music and technology has changed society. With that, many models of headphones–from cheap to expensive–are available in the market. But with the different components that comprise it, its sound quality varies as well. With that, its volume range also differs and sometimes, it’s just not enough. No need to worry anymore because, with this device, you’re sure to get the best out of your music.

How it Works

A headphone amplifier is a separate device that improves both the volume and quality. It works by connecting to a source device which is usually a phone, PC, and so on. The other end then connects to the output device which is usually a headphone. Basically, it works as an amplifier for speakers but on a lower scale. This amp supports both PCM (32 Bit, 192 kHz) and DSD (DSD 64, 128) coding. Also, it supports many operating systems including iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Additionally, it has dual decoders, dual amplifiers, and Quad Crystal Oscillators. You can play it for approximately 10 hours once fully charged. It has buttons on the sides for easy access and convenience.

Portable and Convenient

One advantage of it is that it has a compact size that’s portable and convenient. You can keep it in your pocket when in use for easy carrying. Its output is a single-ended 3.5 mm stereo and balanced 2.5 mm. It can provide a resolution of 120 dB. The device’s signal-to-noise ratio is -122 dB. For the frequency response, it is 0 to 50 KHz. It is also rechargeable and easy-to-use. Finally, it has a cover of 2.5 D tempered-glass which prevents scratches and dents on the surface.

Based on 80 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. J***v

    Great dac. Sound at the level of hiby r6, which costs around $500. I’m taking the second dac for my friend. For this money it’s just a gift. Thank you tempotik. Ordered for dac balanced cable, i will try. Works with all devices, smartphone, tablet, laptop.


  2. M***h

    Everything works. Thank you!


  3. L***V

    For this money is fantastic! In conjunction with fiio X3-2, the growth is obvious immediately. i do not know how much will be the rise in the link with android. but not for fans of bass. for those who appreciate the details, nuances in music.


  4. A***v

    Thank you, the device is excellent! There is one feature of working with apple smartphones, now i solve this issue with the store, i recommend to buy!


  5. A***r

    Without taking into account its price-an excellent device with beautiful sound (especially at the upper frequencies) and a premium case made of glass and metal (resembling the iphone 4). Taking into account the price-just a bomb! Take everyone who wants to get close to premium sound almost for nothing! The store is excellent! Sent the parcel on the day of payment.


  6. V***y

    Great dac. The best sound at the moment of all the devices that i had. I didn’t want to play with mac… i was sad, but i was picking up in settings a + and he sang, and even how. With the iphone played without problems, which was amazing. Recommend to buy


  7. Customer

    Very nice device, the sound is beyond praise! Not bad swings even full-size headphones. I recommend!


  8. A***r

    exceptional product with exceptional customer service, I am using it with android phone using tidal & other streaming apps. This SQ on this is at par with Chord Mojo with better Bass Control, Balanced mode is best till date i have experienced. kudos to Tempotec Team for Tuning it this way. Steal at this price, must have if you are in to Android Music on the go. Bought Two of them using one with my android TV seamless integration, watching netflix on this is like Dolby Atmos feeling where sound is very accurately positioned in a stereo soundstage which is Huge


  9. A***y

    Dac is just super! Previously used fiio e10k. So now he goes to work, and at home i will leave sonata (source-mac mini 2012 from the audio vane plus). If short-very cheerful dynamic sound without porridge even on fast and complex compositions (checked on sabaton’e). Overall plays at the level of my thebit opus #1 s. But they have several different feeds. In detail-approximately parity, with the only difference that opus i took for 500 rubles. Taking into account the discount, and the sonata theme cost me 5 800 taking into account black friday and other bonuses. With the phone has not yet checked, i’m waiting for sabaj da2 for comparison. As a resume-for the money that i took, undoubtedly and unconditionally the best device from the dac, as well as the best my purchase in 2018. By the ratio of price/quality. B100 $-om segment produces sound in quality from the upper middle range of about 400-450 $. I hope it will work more than one year.


  10. D***r

    Excellent product.


  11. L***r

    Just super dac. I highly recommend to buy. Workmanship at height! The sound is super. I liked more with hybrids than with ordinary dinams. Delivery is fast. The store is handsome-packed on conscience! Very satisfied with this device.


  12. A***n

    Just a gorgeous dac i recommend to everyone, too, that from hidiz, but it costs almost 3 times cheaper. Really great device!


  13. B***n

    Great store! High quality product! Works perfectly with LG v20 and Samsung note 9. Good sound quality, big stage , nice layers, smooth sound ,need more warming . Decent shipment time 3 weeks, Excellent packaging!! Highly recommended!!


  14. C***r

    Great dac/amp considering the price. Amp is not that powerfull, but it has a balanced output (2.5mm) wich can be usefull with high impedance headphones. Dac, on the other hand, is incredible. Battery is nothing especial, but it is ok.


  15. B***j

    Best DAC under 150 dollars..! Firstly I want to praise the store for his excellent support and communication. The seller is one of the best in AliExpress. About the DAC as per confirmation received from the seller that its basically a rebranding of hidizs dh1000. I can also confirm this by the listening tests. The build quality of DAC is average as it’s made up of glass and prone to cracks. The sound is balanced across all frequencies. The highlight of this DAC is the high frequency reproduction and soundstaging when compared with cayin n3. The highs never seem harsh yet highly detailed. The mids and lows are also very good and better than n3 but the high frequencies are exceptional in this price range. All I can do is praise the product and seller for selling such a excellent product for affordable prices.


  16. D***s

    Super store. One of the best on the site, super responsive and very appreciate the buyer. I have not had such a purchase experience. Just super.


  17. A***k

    Everything is well the parcel came quickly to ukraine in 16 days.


  18. M***v

    Chic dac, as confirmed, divine hf! Good build and packaging quality, buttons plus and minus different shape (conveniently blindly add/reduce volume, change smoothly, if press the button, then change until you let go, no need to click many times) the key stroke is pleasant, when charging the blue led lights, when it goes out, the charging is over. Chic design, glass and metal, film glue is desirable immediately, otherwise we collect scratches and prints on the surface. I use in conjunction with the iphone se, it’s nice that you can use a complete charging cable from the iphone. Also there is a non-original from hoka, also works. Iphone does not charge from dac, if nothing is working, try to charge the dac at first. Packed very neatly all. Fill for a couple of hours at the first audition. Ordinary inserts from the iphone sounded very much even.


  19. R***g

    Very impressed with this unit, money well spent. Was lower then as is now; price. Great upgrade to make your components 1 level up.


  20. V***n

    The store quickly answered all questions of interest and sent the goods. There are some features of the dac with different devices and players, now i understand. Recommend product and seller


  21. Y***v

    The thing is standing, excellent density of the bottom, texture, and impressed high, very accurate, outlined. Excellent detail, scene and sound depth. The middle is excellent, emotional. Definitely head above many devices, in fact, while the best device that i heard. Great combine. The store is adequate and polite.


  22. Customer

    The best store on ali, the parcel sent in an hour.


  23. W***e

    The DAC is not too big. The sound is great. love it. Did not have communication with the store.


  24. D***o

    Everything corresponds to the description, fast delivery, store thanks!


  25. I***w

    Delivery to the mo 20.01-06-02. Set in the photo. You can go to the manufacturer’s website to install drivers for the computer. True how to customize foobar under dsd-a mystery. Androyd does not need anything like that. According to the description of the instructions should work on obsolete devices, through the application hiby music. I have such a device, but the application itself does not work on it-it flies when you start. Well, by sound-this thing really shakes your headphones to a tangible level, rather than directly from smart. But here, if you compare with a single-clad-q1m2, then it becomes not so obvious. We need to make more comparisons. Without problems except that all technical aspects are distinguishable between them. But i can call a common line at once-these irons very often like to hang! Only the winding of the wires helps to blow off. There is an opinion that it’s a smartphone. In any case-5 stars for an affordable cool sound.


  26. A***a

    Excellent amplifier quality! Very fast shipping. Sociable salesman! I recommend


  27. D***o

    My first order for Tempotec Sonata IDSD Plus was with some faults and was replaced after my conversion. The store provides the highest level of support and fully complies with the guarantee agreement. I recommend to everyone.


  28. J***n

    Simply floored by the Sound Quality. Chord Mojo level Quality but at quarter price. Good integration with Android. I’m using it on Note 9 Android Pie. Have to reseats usb sometimes, but that just it. Knowing many other dac out there that doesn’t integrate well with android, this one feels like a lucky find. Pairing my Fiio FA7 with balanced cable, sound is more detailed. Open up. Bass slams more harder. Everything is more in a good way. Sellers is quick to response. Even though I am upset by the courier service which took my item to Sweden first then sending here to Malaysia. Took ages to arrive, but it is worth the wait. Thank you Tempotec for this great value dac. Hope you do more wonderful products like this.


  29. M***a

    Item received and works great. Awesome sound quality. Tempotec responded quickly to my inquiry and assured me this unit will not have the Blue LED problem that my previous DAC had.


  30. A***k

    Good store. Fast shipping.


  31. Customer

    Great product.


  32. D***v

    I recommend to buy, but the ears buy the same decent! the store is a decent person! all on the shelves, well done and not the seller!


  33. A***k

    The package reached 21 days in moscow. the package is a cardboard box without a doll, but everything is intact inside. True back panel with inscriptions with a small gap from the case around the perimeter, i do not know everyone so or only in my copy. I’m afraid it will get dust inside. With the phone (axon 7) through hiby music connected normally, other software players need to try. With the computer, too, everything is normal driver stood up without problems. Let’s see how it will work. Read reviews about frequent glitches-failures. By sound, there is clearly an increase, but so far i listened little. The store is good sociable. Shop recommend.


  34. S***v

    I tried with the smartphone xiomi a1 and headphones hifiman he 400i. the sound changed for the better. super! the purchase is very satisfied. But the bgvp dmg 2dd + 4ba hybrid drivers in-ear did not fit.


  35. R***o

    One minus Drivers without a signature, so that it earned on win 7×64 had to learn a little


  36. V***h

    Thanks to the store. Checked, all works and with Андроидом, and with ноутом.


  37. D***v

    Ordered 24.02 received 11.03. The store sent the parcel immediately after payment. Before the review decided to test. I listened with headphones axelvox hd 242 and smart honor 10. the effect of wow is present, although smart and so plays very well, but with tempotec there was a sound, scene, details and nianses on the records many times overwritten. Also tried in conjunction with acoustics zensor 1ax. I can also state a sharp improvement in sound. In general, it sounds more expensive than it costs. But there are newness regular type c cable constantly loses contact is worth moving it. Also, the sound is constantly lost when using the hiby player. I hope the seller will tell you the solution. Thank you very much for the goods!


  38. E***n

    Cool inexpensive music box! The store is cheerful and not greedy,! For 90 with a small baku i think just a gift!!! Everything works clearly, the sound is excellent!!!


  39. N***y

    Everything is fine, in excellent condition, came quickly. On some android devices (huawei y9 2018, such as) sound everywhere (aimp, youtube) except hibymusic (using usb debugging mode and exclusive mode), it goes with audible interruptions (10-50 ms), but it’s more like an android problem .. In windows 10, too, everything is fine. In the reviews write that there is no charge indicator, but it is not needed-the led is enough. The sound is chic, i’m happy!


  40. S***e

    “Must have” device!


  41. H***Y

    Works properly, there are no complaints.


  42. A***v

    Fast shipping. I’m testing for now.


  43. G***g

    Dac is great. For their money plays more than worthy. Kul at the price of 6 100 rubles. Unfortunately, during transportation, the box turned into a mesivo, and the box of the dac broke. Hooked stickers and instructions in. Definitely, music plays better than without it. More came with ios, android-effect improvement less.


  44. O***a

    Good dac. Wow effect was not, but the quality of playback compared to meizu 16th is better. Through hiby plays well, uapp cranked hisses after switching the track (problem in the software player). On windows put asio driver from the site. Everything works well. Sound on smart and pc goes from all applications. Party without constantly burning led. The assembly is excellent. Axelvox 272 (superlux 669) swings with stock. It took 20 days to tmb region. For 5400 on the action cost, but it would not be more expensive to take. In youtube there is a video about jambs in its filling and how to fix them. I got caught like normal.


  45. S***v

    Everything’s fine. Delivery is fast. The store sent quickly. The very thing is super simple!!!


  46. Customer

    Got it. Until everything is fine! Thank you to the store. The sound and variety of connection options are pleasing!


  47. M***v

    Excellent quality and the device itself and sound. Wait for a review on youtube-in search write r7ge.


  48. Customer

    The store is excellent! Just exemplary, reference! Payment for the order was made on 31.03.19 at 17:15, and at 18:02 (the same day) the goods were already sent. I didn’t even expect that speed. Everything corresponds to the description on the site. The package is packed in a cardboard box. Dac of excellent quality. The sound of smartphones and tablets improves at times, both in volume and in detail. On the laptop, the sound (conexant smartaudio hd) was initially good (with sennheiser cx 3.00 headphones), but there, when listening through sonata idsd, tangible progress. The sound became more transparent, with more pronounced details of the sound in the entire frequency range .. In the sound itself i would like softer (with sennheiser cx 3.00 headphones) and deeper high frequencies. They sound sharp (felt with increased volume) and a little simplified, and the overall sound in places is slightly dry. But in general, everything is fine. As a result, i did not regret buying sonata idsd (taking into account a good discount). I recommend to everyone!


  49. Customer

    Quality assembly, nothing superfluous: 2 volume buttons, 2 leds (on, charge) volume reserve-very large: on the limit, according to my sensations,-headphones do not bubble, there is no wheezing. Koss sporta pro-sounded brightly, in detail.


  50. S***v

    By the ratio of price-quality i think this is the best entry-level dac


  51. A***n

    Everything corresponds to the description. Sound decent-listened to ipone 8 plus through the native charging cable. I have recorded on the phone aas 320kb. Stale from flac. Compared with astell & kern ak 70mk2. The upper frequencies are at the same level. Detail is similar-an excellent result. The original application on the hibymusic phone when scanning the library flies on about 4450 tracks to reboot. I have 23000 tracks. And the equalizer does not work. I listen through a regular player.


  52. D***n

    I don’t know why my product has so many scratches right after I opened the box. I don’t know if this is a recycled product. all works well. .


  53. A***o

    one of the best AliExpress stores!!! amazing value for your money… DAC easily competes against Cayin n5ii , fiio x5iii, etc. Very happy with the tenpotec sonata idsd plus!!!


  54. Customer

    Excellent portable dac and very fast shipping. The parcel came to kiev for 2 weeks, the track was tracked throughout the delivery time. I liked the sound-good detail, the bass is flattering, all headphones-plugs and many full-size. What would the dac fully reveal its capabilities in the player (i have poweramp) you need to include hi-res output. I did not expect such an excellent sound quality from such an inexpensive device. Many thanks to the store!


  55. O***h

    Thing! I did not expect such a sound for this money. Really, pleased.


  56. A***i

    Dac sent quickly, came a couple of weeks before peter. I do not know how to describe how the device sounds, but it sounds very detailed and good. It is worth its money unequivocally. Thanks tempotec for the excellent sound, at a small price!


  57. D***v

    Super! Use balanced output. Differs strongly especially on good headphones.


  58. S***o

    Best sound for devices of similar plan. Very satisfied with the purchase.


  59. M***l

    Bill koymadigindan icine gumruge takildi go now but


  60. V***v

    Quality thing.


  61. M***k

    Delivery 30 days, high-quality assembly, sound detailed bright, the store is reliable and fully complies with the warranty agreement.


  62. I***n

    92 dollars on sale minus 2 dollars coupon store minus coupon aliexpress total 80-5400 rubles for hidizs h1000


  63. G***r

    Device fire, sound quality for 80 bucks, which spent multiple times better than this money. one problem, the device after 5 days of use stopped issuing sound, audible clicks on the off in the headphones, the blue diode just does not burn, but the sound goes through the main speaker and everything, does not work on different players with multiple devices, laptops, Phones, computers. that is, marriage, unfortunately, the store has not yet answered, the dispute is open, i hoped to carry me because of the marriage of these devices is heard, but no, even the film was not removed, i knew that it might be defective. sending the goods was also not fast, although before the seller praised, i hope it’s just an accident and i do not throw so then i recommend, but at my own risk.


  64. E***o

    Great dac. Arrived quickly, packed securely. I am happy with everything, the store and i recommend the product.


  65. N***v

    Thank you store! He made me a good discount. The goods came quickly, the quality is satisfied. This thing works perfectly-when listening appeared a distinct scene and depth, the tools sound clearly. Thanks again.


  66. Customer

    The sound is correct, detailed, smooth. Tools in porridge do not fall off. The assembly is excellent. Those who decided to buy, keep in mind that on the product there are no icons qpassed (analog of our otc). I.e. Quality control of the product at the output, to put it mildly no. And be prepared that you will not come to the condition. But if you’re lucky, you’ll be very happy. On charging then add, there is a good usb tester.


  67. Customer

    Delivery 21 days. The first impression is just fire. In a week i will write in more detail.


  68. P***a

    Pretty, cost less than a hundred dollars.


  69. E***e

    For the first dac in use will go. but miracles do not wait.


  70. S***o

    Excellent sound, best store.


  71. S***s

    Well, i did not even expect this! Sound is just a bomb! I re-resell, constantly overflowing, my collection of headphones! I did not even expect this from my headphones, they really opened up with this amplifier, the sound is magical, delicious!!! Take it necessarily, do not disappoint!!! Thanks to the store and the store for the fast delivery of quality goods!!!


  72. D***n

    It came on time, everything is safe and sound. Until i tested the sound


  73. E***o

    Fast delivery, excellent dac. At the cottage through it i listen to music and radio stations with applemusic at the music center technics SA-EH550. Sound-fire!! Thank you to the store, i recommend.


  74. O***a

    Great sound!!! For inexpensive 🙂


  75. I***B

    There are no complaints about the sound, but the appearance of the headphone input is crooked. When connected to a pc works perfectly with both speakers and headphones, but with android devices strange with samsung a5 2016 does not want to work, with the tablet works normally only sometimes for some reason the sound disappears when reconnecting everything is fine (maybe with devices of newer problems will not be)


  76. L***C

    Fantastic and perfect device. dac and amp together. all in one. I am completely satisfied. I recommend this device and the store who is so cooperative and honest. Thanks.


  77. G***m

    You don’t hold water Small


  78. A***n

    Excellent sound)


  79. Customer

    Great store, recommended!


  80. R***n

    Excellent service! Fast shipping and great packaging! Perfect device!!!


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