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Face Serum Skin Nourishing Liquid 

(80 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • Comes in small molecules that provide strong penetrating capacity that provides anti-aging and moisturizing abilities
  • Fights the signs of skin aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and eye bags
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Size: 0.53floz = 15ml
  • Bottle dimensions: 8cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5cm
  • Shelf life: 3 years

$25.14 $34.26

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1pcs Hyaluronic acid1pcs Retinol firming1pcs Rose nourishing1pcs Soothing repair1pcs VC whitening
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Face Serum Skin Nourishing Liquid

The Face Serum Skin Nourishing Liquid contains only the best ingredients to repair, rejuvenate and pamper your skin. Every bottle of this serum contains a specially-formulated skin care regimen that will take care of your skin for you. It will make your age precisely what it is, just a number. The small molecules make it easier for the serum to penetrate your skin. It also has macromolecular HA essence that forms a protective layer on your skin which keeps potentially damaging agents in the environment at bay.

Serum Series

There is a specific Face Serum Skin Nourishing Liquid available that will cater to your every skincare need.

We have the Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum which contains Hyaluronic acid. It is all-natural and is considered as the best moisturizing substance currently. It effectively hydrates your dry, dull skin, and restores the elasticity and moisture of your skin.

We also have the Rose Nourishing Serum which contains natural rose essences that helps keep your skin fresh. It deeply penetrates and nourishes the skin surface to keep it energized. It also eliminates roughness and dryness of your skin with its natural active plant agents that induce dead skin to fall off more quickly.

Another is the Vitamin C Whitening Serum which affords your skin antioxidant protection and prevents melanin formation. It does not only whiten your skin, but it also helps brighten and remove blemishes in it.

On the other hand, if it is tight, smooth and elastic skin without any fine lines that you are after, the Retinol Firming and Lifting Serum is for you, Commonly known as Vitamin A, it is fat-soluble alcohol that promotes collagen production,

Rounding up the incredible series is the Soothing repairing serum which contains a variety of plant extracts.  It has chamomile which deeply soothes and repairs damaged skin. It enhances the ability of your skin cells to self-repair. Thus ensuring that they return to a healthy state.

You only need to apply a minimal amount of serum to your face two times a day. One in the morning and another in the evening. It makes one 15 ml bottle last for as long as one month.

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Based on 80 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. I***o

    All come with gifts. Try 1 time is super did not see the result. Bottle glass, excellent packaging. Quickly all of it. Thank You Very Much.


  2. O***a

    Very beautiful design and nice smell. Moisturizes. Recommend


  3. L***a

    Delivery fast. The box in mica, do not break the bottle a little is not. There are instructions for use and ingredients in English. Until I used. As a gift eye patches


  4. O***a

    Serum has unobtrusive pleasant smell, does not form film after applying and excellent moisturizing. The color of it, along with transparent bottle is amazing. Pipette allows convenient dosing means. I really like it!


  5. O***o

    Safe and sound! Jar 15 ml, all matches the description) Shipping 3 weeks to LO) distributed evenly with dispenser, missing 3 drops on his face, which is very economical) will try all gradually))


  6. E***a

    Parcel arrived quickly, before Moscow 15 days. It Was packed in the bag pupyrkoy, some boxes get crushed. Package open and was zakleyan tape, but all the content on the site. Serum in plastic vials with pipette, has an unobtrusive rose fragrance. When applied to the skin first stick dry the skin moisturized becomes. More divergent information in the box and bottle. The box is the symbol that since the opening of 12 months can use, and the bottle 6 months. This is such a bong)


  7. D***h

    To SF for 18 days. Track to track. Packing good-mail and pupyrchatoy packages. Serum is not thick, it did not cause allergies, has no peculiar smell, absorbed quickly. The box indicated much information in English, including on the composition of the appointment, the effect, time-up to 2021. Bonus store put 2 pairs patches eye. It was nice.


  8. V***h

    Thanks to all the super. Very fast 14 days. Everything is fine. Recommend store and goods. Thank You for the gift.


  9. A***o

    The Parcel was 2 weeks, track! It Is supper!!! Bottle is not complete, the photo shows. Try supplementing a review


  10. B***o

    Smells so good, the only thing the bottle is very small, I really think was a little bigger, now I need to see if works, very fast shipping.


  11. E***a

    Very well packed. Received without damage. Timing is good up to 21 years. Seller generous gifts, put 4 different patch eye. Thank You, it is nice.


  12. N***a

    Ordered 13.10.18. Received 30.10.18. All the whole box.


  13. N***n

    Thank you store, excellent product, good packing, fast delivery, all clear, professional, recommend product and seller, good luck and prosperity, very happy and grateful!!!


  14. N***k

    The store and goods. items come packaged in plastic with pimples, do not wrinkle, not пробилось etc. d. Whey is packed tightly in cellophane, manufactured 13.07.18 shelf life to 12.07.2021. After opening the shelf life of 12 months. In fact, has not tried, UNSUBSCRIBE later. IN a gift Patches


  15. G***a

    Came very quickly, for two weeks. description. IN a gift under the eye mask. thanks to the store. don ‘T expect, nice.


  16. K***t

    Package watch luxury น่าใช่ very fast ใช้แล้วเป็น anyway need to ask long look before you if used good will order another


  17. M***a

    All match the description. take the first. expiry date. gift store put patches eye. items are well-packed. delivery fast. thank you!


  18. N***z

    Such a product which is Swatch on the page. Seller shipping gift 3 masks collage or for eyes. Thank You. Product and highly recommended. Will buy.


  19. S***s

    Thank you, put two products in one parcel, put patches shadow to gift a small bottle have not tried results later write


  20. E***e

    Good day, serum, the order was to Bashkortostan in one month. Standard package, the serum in a beautiful box, sealed in a protective film. Shelf Life of up to 2021G. Volume of 0.53. Bottle plastic, but beautiful, dropper glass. Filled to shoulders, peculiar smell, color blue. We will try. And even the store put packs eye, very nice!!!


  21. J***n

    I can’t wait to use this product. Quick delivery. Great products. I couldn’t ask for more. Seller you are awesome.


  22. M***a

    Purchase this serum made first. Order 13 Oct 2.50 €, and received 12 nov in Post Office of Рига. Transportation order moved safely packed in boxes covered блистером and yellow zip bag,, pupyrku,, -Do not wrinkle, and can be a gift. Very pleased with the time-limited to Jul 2021. Many thanks to the store for the gift of patches, very nice. All of the investment of funds and good luck!


  23. S***a

    Don ‘T try. Track tracked, put the package in your inbox. Small bottle


  24. A***v

    Excellent serum! Sturdy plastic bottle with dropper, which is very convenient to use. Absorbed instantly, without leaving a sticky residue and moisturizes the skin, it becomes a velvety to the touch. Serum was sealed in mica, the package is term-limited. It’s all in one piece, do not wrinkle. Gift store put eye patches, for which he had a special thank you! Recommended items and seller!


  25. A***a

    Delivery is very fast, but all of it before the end of the period of protection, store put free Patches thank you very much. Little bottle, but looks presentable. Later will add a review the effectiveness


  26. N***h

    Expiry date to илюля 2021 years, Carton sealed in plastic, thank for fast delivery!


  27. E***a

    Order came quickly enough. Normal-packing bag. Do not break and not damaged. Hesitated the box. Bought for $196,91. It Is Difficult To judge, until you try product. The appearance of all the wonderful. Jar AS JAR))). Try, when will the previous serum. Bought the trial, having read the good reviews. On the Use of complementing the feedback it is good product. Did not communicate with. Recommend everyone to try for the price)) shelf life is long enough.


  28. I***a

    Good serum, approached me. Come in nepomyatoy box, full bottle, dropper is comfortable. Information on the box in English, expiration date to 2021/07/12, made newly 2018/07/13 Parcel tracking, 3 weeks flying minska.


  29. Customer

    All OK. product well protected. the effects Serum need wait, see whether da Rade smooth over my zaczerwienioną skin from popękanych naczynek on cheeks, chin and skrzydełkach nose. As for now recommend.


  30. V***a

    The box came a bit dented but the bottle is intact.


  31. Y***a

    Win I these sera already 4 kinds, sewn with patches eye’s happy, that is allegedly prod gives a gift, and the guys are, he just sells us kit for money and pushes to залежавшиеся patches .. The price is too high for a tiny vial, pictures are made as if it is big, already cheating Sama led The serum is good, but they are for the summer, now useless, care does not feel I don’t comfortable, all left for the summer, there is suitable. Shipping to SF for 3 weeks. Well, that part denezhek returned! PAY ATTENTION! Ali constantly played with rates кэшбэка, but found I one service, which holds the highest rate return is still (there is nothing to compare!), and beginners gives 8.56%, so no need to save thousands of for status, as the other. Can recommend-payment received repeatedly, it works! It is here-(goo). GL/qTcXC1 (Copy this link to your browser, remove the brackets as shown on the photo with no space)


  32. K***a

    Took the green… Serum comes packaged in sealed mica box, expiration dates are. Vial with pipette dosing, consumption economical, face lack a drop. Serum has a light, faint scent. A Includes natural plant extracts that personally and to buy this serum. AND really, serum was excellent! Very moisturizes, softens, little mattes skin, remove light redness, promote healing acne. After 4 days of my zit just dried up! Tested without cream to really appreciate the action. The skin soft, smooth, easy peeling disappeared! I came in 100%. Another nice moment, put the store in patches. Goods and store recommend!


  33. T***s

    The serum is good, all as described, thanks for the present! recommended


  34. A***a

    All super, excellent serum. Bought himself and the gifts, very much.


  35. C***A

    Shipping in MO three weeks, track. Whey liked. Thick with the smell of rose oil. Very good composition. Ordered the trial, now want to buy up Asya ruler)))


  36. E***a

    Shipping in Murmansk month. Come pupyrchatoy. Perfect condition. Took myself, but reached great, can and gifts. Use will later, then write the effectiveness. Order the store is not the first time, the quality of the goods. IN a gift eye patches, for which a special thank you. Seller is good, delivery fast. Seller and goods recommended!


  37. Customer

    Excellent serum! Color and light fragrance dazzle) Use should be regularly, then you can see the effect


  38. M***i

    Thank you very much, dear…..


  39. E***a

    Delivery on time, bottle with plastic dropper, smell like the smell of oil paint, texture slightly viscous


  40. N***S

    Serum excellent me much. think will ischo recommend the book is good goods. store in gift put падчи under eyes.


  41. C***z

    ‘Ve been using it 2 weeks, he has recovered the skin much dryness, moisturizes and lights up nicely. I I have mixed to fat skin with acne, but yet well helped me much the product using 2 to 3 times a days by 2 weeks. Now that I made a recovery intensive the comenzaré to use once in the morning and again in the night. Excellent. Many thanks. Will Be attentive to their others products!


  42. A***a

    Parcel arrived quickly, all together. Bubble Plastic, moisturizes.


  43. C***c

    11.11. Ordered, 23.11. Only sent, 03.01.19. Received. Product corresponds to the photo. Each bottle in his box. No odor почуствовала. Can be when applied to the face will be appreciated. Plus to the set of Sera a bag attached with collagen mask for the eye.


  44. K***a

    All of it, all like, one drawback, posting was almost 2 months‍♀️


  45. Customer

    Order 11.11, and had 29.12. Come to the whole package, do not shed. The texture is soft, no smell pleasant there. Gift store put eye patches)


  46. Customer

    Parcel arrived exactly one month. But our mail decided to report it only 3 Jan smell not felt patches. IN general, happy.


  47. N***a

    For this price is quite good, my allergy causes. The Smell is not very nice, I somehow like cod liver oil, but it is unstable and quickly escapes. Take two different serum, but no differences felt. Absorbed well, no sticky. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years.


  48. T***t

    It is very long gone. More than two months. Not really tried, but the smell is very nice. AND consistency is not particularly fat, not like butter. Try to put in as a foundation.


  49. K***a

    Bubbles are well sealed. Skin does not contract. There is little noticeable effect. Wrinkle eye become less deep. I just started to use. Then further talk about efficiency. Seller put gift. Patches of skin eye


  50. L***a

    Got well, still have not begun to use, when you do will leave comment further


  51. M***k

    All the goods intact, do not break, not leaked. Seller put in gift eye patches, very nice, thank you.


  52. V***a

    Serum received, was well packed, have protective foil, the small bottle, dropper is comfortable, the consistency of oily Is absorbed quickly peeling removes. Will test the review.


  53. L***a

    Fast delivery. Items as described. Good ingredients. Recommended!


  54. M***m

    Parcel arrived for a week to Novosibirsk, this was not there. You tried to put serum of roses, apply good, soft, fine texture, quickly absorbed. After applying a little pinched face, which surprised me.


  55. J***a

    Good serum, particularly no smell, the person does well, thank you for the gift-Eye pads, very nice


  56. A***n

    Ordered Set whey and essence whitening. Put in one package, Krasnoyarsk went on for 10 days. Serum did not have storage effect, but using-gives immediately visible results. Skin and освежается. A little thicker than water. Buy a second package discount in the set.


  57. T***a

    The Parcel was long, Ng, generally packed well, box even not wrinkled, thank you


  58. K***a

    Very much serum) pink very soothing skin. Indeed, even pimples on morning are reduced, redness go away. I happy)


  59. O***t

    Delivery within promised time. The Bottle is not complete (IN fact, do not know how, then Unsubscribe.


  60. S***n

    All had not yet tried, validity at all until the second half of 2021


  61. V***.

    Fast Shipping. Came earlier than expected. Just 12 days to Germany. Nice packing. Serum is like a fluid, not too liquid. Expiry date in 2021. Cruelty free. Usable 6 months after opening. I like it very much! Thank you. Might try other serums from this brand.


  62. K***k

    Is not used for all kind of decent, thanks. Smell Just weird)


  63. I***a

    Very happy shopping. Well packed. Recommend product and store.


  64. S***o

    Order took a long time to get but I finally got it. The bottle is not as large as I thought but it’s the perfect size for travel.


  65. G***U

    Received in good condition all 4 serums, fast shipping,about effects later.Thank you store!


  66. E***a

    Nice serum, beautiful bottle, but the action, it is not clear for me-It tinted vodichka)


  67. I***a

    Excellent serum with vitamin C! Whiten skin and pores. My first Freebie!


  68. A***z

    I received it today. Tested only once. My face feeling is good and moisture. Thank you.


  69. V***o

    it is very nice, fast arrived nicely . hot recommend!


  70. R***a

    Everything is perfect, the package has arrived in , well packed, there are all items, I bought again, very satisfied


  71. J***y

    Super Fast shipping, and I am very happy with my new product;)


  72. L***a

    I am very satisfied this serum. It leaves skin soft and well hydrated.


  73. J***g

    Fast delivery, thank you very much, recommend store


  74. O***a

    Very nice serum. Used for most of the bottle, soft texture, conductive seconds. But except moisture no special effect. After the skin is not shiny, not peel off, looks good. But no flaws or eliminate. Packed properly. Simple package, box sealed cellophane. Composition of the English Instruction No. In general, happy. It is the best of the sera, which I took on Ali.


  75. B***b

    Very good serum, only a small amount, think enough for two weeks, will order again, the effect is good


  76. L***r

    Is very small bottle, I hope it is nice production


  77. A***r

    ok good


  78. Y***v

    Superior soothing the skin smoothes it vials small מבתמונה


  79. Customer

    Not received POS 2.5 months of waiting, store безлишних talking back money


  80. V***e

    Super! Ordered 16.01 it is 28.01! Look at work! Recommend store


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