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Eyelash Enhancing Serum Lash Growth

(97 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • It can effectively enhance the growth of your eyelashes
  • This serum allows you to achieve long, thick, and healthy lashes
  • Can help repair damaged lashes by nourishing and moisturizing it
  • Ingredients: Polygonum Multiflorum, Hydrolyzed Silk, Egyptian Blue Water Lily
  • Net Weight: 3ml
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Eyelash Enhancing Serum Lash Growth


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Eyelash Enhancing Serum Lash Growth

An Eyelash Enhancing Serum is a lash growth essence that you can regularly use to achieve thick and long lashes. Similarly, it comes in a three-milliliter bottle that is small and handy. You can carry it inside your handbag because of its travel-friendly size. Aside from that, it is safe to use and it can effectively give you wonderful results after using it for how many weeks. Some women want to have attractive lashes. If you have this lash growth serum, you can achieve your goal as it provides nutrients that will help enhance the growth of your eyelash.

Applying Your Lash Growth Serum

To apply the lash growth serum on your eyelash, you must first wash your face with soap and water. If you have a skincare product for cleansing your face, you can use it. Afterward, pat dry and make sure that your eyelash roots are clean. You can use it in the morning and evening. Apply an ample amount of this serum near your lashes’ roots. Brush it inside and out for two to three times daily. If you use it regularly, you can keep your lashes healthy and free from breakage.

Achieving Beautiful Eyelashes

With this serum, you can enjoy having beautiful eyelashes daily. Furthermore, it will nourish your lashes and make it sleek. After using it for a couple of times, you will notice that your lashes become long, thick, and curly. Additionally, your eyelashes will become strong and it will not easily break. You won’t have to use false eyelashes while attending occasions if you have real lashes that are strong and long. This serum contains Polygonum Multiflorum which can encourage the growth and development of healthy eyelash follicles. While the hydrolized silk and Egyptian blue water lily can provide amino acids that can help nourish your eyelashes.

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Based on 97 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. A***a

    I really like this brand. All cosmetics of high quality and are available not only this serum for the growth of cilia. The product in a bottle of transparent color, a brush for applying to the eyes is small and thin. It is necessary to apply the serum carefully so as not to get into the eye. About the result i want to write later, only began to use. The packaging is not wrinkled, all the products from this store come in an extra box, and the goods are kept in excellent condition, even for a gift fit. The store is very responsible and attentive. Shipping standard.


  2. L***a

    Ordered 28.03, received 18.04 in the post office of russia, the track was tracked. This store buy not for the first time, the quality of the goods is always excellent! As a gift put the essence)


  3. A***R

    Delivery three weeks, the track is alive. I buy a second time, the first bottle was enough for almost three months. Eyelashes did not grow, of course twice and from the brown did not become black)) but thicker, elastic and strong steel uniquely. If i did not paint them every day, perhaps the result could be even better. I like serum. Effective. Seller thanks! I recommend!


  4. Y***h

    I order this product again. First the daughter used, now the wife asked, liked the result. Within a month the eyelashes stopped breaking and falling out. The effect is. But do not take a lot of funds, use carefully, so as not to get into the eyes. My women are happy and recommend to buy. And i recommend shop and store, excellent fast service.


  5. O***a

    I write about the result. I order this product again. First i used from time to time, now, seeing a clear improvement and strengthening, i want to achieve significant growth. After a month, eyelashes stopped breaking and falling out, got a healthy appearance. The effect is and i like it. The consumption is quite small. Thank you for the nice gift. Good before buying to use a probe. I am happy and recommend to buy.


  6. F***K

    It didn’t come, the money came back.


  7. L***o

    Delivery took 3 weeks, the product itself in a bottle with a brush-3 ml., then the bottle in a branded box, sealed in mica. The box says the shelf life-3 years (i have until 2021), and in the box a liner with such information: the purpose of the serum, the composition and the way of use. The bottle with a brush is very convenient to use. The serum itself is transparent, slightly oily, almost odorless. What can i say about the effect of such serum-i often after washing the carcass, eyelashes fell out, and after using the serum, i noticed that eyelashes began to fall out less, but i continue to use. I like it!


  8. I***s

    This item i received as a gift on free! This is my first win in 5 years!!! Packed all well, delivery months. By effect i will write a review later. But i want to say that i use a similar product right now and the effect is excellent!


  9. O***a

    Packed in bubble wrap. The store put the gift? Thank you. I haven’t tried… I’ll sign it later.


  10. N***a

    Serum for eyelashes is a transparent bottle with liquid. Serum on the eyelashes is applied with a thin brush. Absolutely not felt liquid of transparent color has no smell. After a week of serum use, the result is, eyelashes stopped falling out when removing makeup, or rather mascara from eyelashes. Delivery is fast within two weeks. Packing standard, package arrived without damage. Serum i really liked! I recommend to buy!


  11. A***g

    Serum is cool and effective, the first effect you can see in two weeks, but you may need two months! Why? And this is due to the fact that the growth of eyelashes consists of 4 phases and takes a certain time: Anagen: 2-4 weeks-active growth phase КАТАГЕН: 4-6 weeks-slow growth phase Exogen: Up to 3 months And the phase when the old eyelash dies and a new-telogen is formed. The average life phase of the eyelashes takes 70-200 days. And nature is laid that the length of the upper eyelashes can reach 12mm, and their qty is up to 200 pcs, and the lower reach up to 6mm in length and their quantity is 150 pcs. The tool works if used regularly!!! Thick and long eyelashes to everyone!


  12. V***v

    The parcel came quickly, tracked all the way. Packing is a cardboard box and a layer of pup. Serum is in a beautiful tube with a comfortable brush. All the necessary information about the composition, shelf life and method of application is on the corporate box. Serum is better to apply at night at the base of eyelash growth. Perfectly strengthens eyelashes, reduces their loss, promotes growth. The consistency is liquid, transparent, odorless. I did not cause allergic reactions. I liked it.


  13. K***k

    Very cool serum for eyelash growth, i have been using for three months eyelashes have become much longer and thicker. Shipping is 1,5 months, track is tracked completely, packing is good. Thank you!


  14. X***a

    To spain came quickly, only 25 days. The package was well packed: in a box and in a protective film. Serum in a very beautiful bottle. I really liked the design. And it’s good that the bottle is transparent: you can immediately see how much serum remains. The brush is thin, very comfortable. I tried the remedy several times. In fact, the effect is noticeable both on the eyebrows and on the eyelashes! I think if you use serum every day, then enough for a month or a half. It is accompanied by a detailed instruction in english. I’m happy with the goods. With pleasure i will order more.


  15. Customer

    Exactly like in the picture. Haven’t tried yet, so will get back let say 2-3 weeks if there has been any results.


  16. L***a

    The box was sealed in mica. It has a shelf life and information in chinese. The brush is thin and very comfortable, it is easy to apply the product to the eyelid along the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Consistency: Oily Fragrance: Pleasant, barely perceptible. Volume: 3 ml. Cost-effective. In the composition of the means of natural useful components. I apply in the evening along the line of eyelash growth and on the eyebrows, the product nourishes and strengthens them well. Allergy remedy does not cause me. I recommend.


  17. Y***e

    Delivery of the order took 3 weeks. Track tracked. The parcel is well packed. Shelf life is in order. Volume-3 ml. Spent economically. The consistency is oily, has a light aroma. I apply for the night along the line of eyelash growth for 2 weeks. Growth has not yet noticed. You need to use at least a month to see the result. I will continue. Apply carefully so as not to fall into the eyes. Allergies did not cause. All nice shopping!


  18. T***h

    Excellent serum, i buy several times! Eyelashes have become thicker!


  19. N***n

    Great. Very fast shipping. Shelf life 3 years to 2021.


  20. V***k

    A good serum, anodes the eyelashes strengthens them, makes them thicker, it is convenient to use a brush on the cilia. Comes quickly in 2 weeks. In good dense packaging.


  21. T***h

    Great product Actually increases the lashes Great sérum


  22. Customer

    Delivery very fast-if it works do not know-napiszę as poużywam.


  23. A***a

    Serum is in a beautiful branded box, sealed in mica. On the package all information in chinese. There is a composition, method of application and shelf life and a protective hologram. Inside the package is detailed information in english. Serum is in a convenient bottle with a brush. The volume of serum is small, 3 ml, but the consumption is minimal, enough for a month or even more. Serum should be applied to the eyelashes along the growth line, avoiding eye contact. the consistency of the serum is watery-oily, the smell is almost not. Allergy serum did not cause. Absorbed serum quickly, fatty does not leave. Suitable also for use on eyebrows. Serum perfectly nourishes eyelashes, they become more pigmented and dense. I can not say whether your eyelashes will become wings, but will strengthen and heal unequivocally. I have a place where cilia do not grow after intensive build-up. I only use the tool for a week, but there already appeared fluff.


  24. V***a

    Delivery for 3 weeks to sochi. Came in a branded box with all pointers in english and chinese. Exclusive, high-tech formula of the product, created on the basis of molecular peptides and natural natural ingredients, activates the processes of regeneration and growth of eyelashes, provides delicate care and recovery. Safety and efficiency of use is proved during clinical trials. Eyelashes become longer, thicker and thicker, guaranteed growth stimulation, strengthening and giving volume, maximum efficiency. The effect is really very good, the cilia became longer and thicker. I use the second time, i bought it again. The effect appears somewhere in a week after 3-4. The bottle is transparent, you can always see how much money is left, it is very economical spent. I put on the line of eyelash growth before bedtime every day.


  25. T***a

    Excellent remedy! I use it for a long time. Cilia strengthens to makes them longer.


  26. N***a

    The package came in a box the product itself is packed in a layer of puffy individual packaging and factory mica. The composition and method of application are indicated on the package, shelf life up to 2021. Transparent liquid bottle Which has no smell, the consistency is oily, the volume is 3 ml. The brush is thin and very comfortable, it is easy to apply the product to the line of eyelash growth and eyebrows. Be careful if the product falls on the mucous will pinch! Should be washed with plenty of water. I put in the evening on the line of eyelash growth, you can also in the morning. The product nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes well, They become denser and a little darker. It is good for those who often increase eyelashes.


  27. L***a

    Good remedy, i liked it. I have been using it for three weeks (i apply only on the upper eyelid), and the result is quite satisfied. The effect of false eyelashes, as in the photo of the store, of course, did not receive, but the eyelashes became more dense, and bulky. And even before, i always faced a problem when i painted eyelashes with ink, one eye turned out to paint just perfectly, and on the second eye they stuck out like sticks. Now the eyelashes became more obedient or something. In general, i felt the effect of the means for myself, i will try now and in the lower century.


  28. V***i

    After a week of application, the effect of course will not need a long time of use. But cilia “say” thanks for moisturizing and nutrition, and even noticed that new ones began to grow much faster. The product also prevents from frequent loss. Makes them thicker and darker. I also use serum for eyebrow growth. I apply in the evening, cilia and eyebrows should be cleaned of makeup. I apply and evenly distribute from the inner corner of the growth of cilia to the external. On the eyebrows i apply along the growth of hairs -Allergies did not cause, no unpleasant sensations and redness. -Smell barely perceptible -The base is oily and absorbs well, the color is transparent -The bottle itself is a glass volume of 10 ml -Comfortable thin tassel -The box was sealed in mica. The product is excellent and can recommend


  29. Y***n

    Ordered 06.06, took it to up 19.06. The box is a little wrinkled. The product description corresponds.


  30. D***v

    The order was received within 15 days, everything came perfectly packed, nothing was wrinkled. I order from this store various cosmetics and always very satisfied with the quality of the goods. Each time the seller puts a small gift in the form of probes of emulsion cream. Thank you very much for your promptness and responsible attitude to your customers. I recommend


  31. E***a

    Everything came in good condition and quickly. How does i not know yet


  32. O***a

    Serum for growth, strengthening and treatment of eyelashes, which contains natural components-natural vitamins for eyelashes) Delivery was 3 weeks. The volume of the product is 3 ml. The bottle is transparent, it is a plus, as you can control the expense of the tool. Serum is also transparent, according to the consistency a little thicker than water. The brush is thin and elastic, the serum is distributed evenly. The serum includes such components: silk, glycerin, blue lotus extract, highlander multicolor. How i like the natural composition. The manufacturer recommends 16 weeks of use to achieve the desired result. And the result is thickening, strengthening, nutrition and growth of eyelashes. I use a little time remedy, but i noticed that after washing off cosmetics with special means, the cilia do not fall out) and the hair of the cilia became as stiff.


  33. R***l

    Haven’t tried the product yet but overall well packaged and It came with a gift.


  34. Customer

    I really wanted to try, the tube is large, the brush is thin to apply comfortably, and besides, the smell is pleasant)


  35. I***a

    Order came for 2 weeks Tube in mica. On the box written all the expiration dates, composition and method of application. There is also a halogen talking about 100% licensed goods 10 ml. There is a thin brush that economically distributes the essence around the century. Summer is a time when you can and need to take a break and rest your cilia. This essence i take not the first time and not the last. After childbirth, my cilia very much began to fall out, became less black and strongly visible spitting between the hairs. The result i saw after two weeks of application. Applied 1-2 times a day. Well, i forgot about twice. Cilia significantly increased, but i do not know how but they became darker …. My spitting began to shrink.


  36. K***a

    Serum is good, i use the second bottle. It is convenient to apply, apply on eyelashes and eyebrows. As i think there is an effect. I’ll use more.


  37. N***t

    Delivery 3 weeks, well packed in thick cardboard and bubble film. Just started. I’m waiting for the effect.


  38. S***a

    It works like air conditioning. Excellent brings eyelashes in order, aligns them, removes creases, tangles. Friendly to layers of carcass. I also make eyebrows. Hair shiny and obedient. Care is sensible, i can recommend to restore eyelashes and those who use tweezers.


  39. E***a

    I tried it, but i did not see the effect from the photo. What is laid, then will grow, do not wait for miracles. Maybe nourish your eyelashes and everything. Delivery of a month and a half. Without damage.


  40. V***k

    The package came. All as in the picture. The brush is comfortable. Started using from today. Let’s see the result. No smell. Shelf life up to 2021. As a gift, a cream probe.


  41. I***o

    This is the second serum, the first finished to the last drop. I use it daily for the night. I just walk along the line of eyelash growth, like eyeliner. Eyelashes do not grow as promised. And in general, these photos are exaggerated to indecency))) But my eyelashes serum noticeably strengthens, and they really become thicker and longer. I use curling irons every day, and eyelashes really rarely fall out, and the ones that fall out, i think, just survived their own. To use or not, it is up to you, but if you use it, then daily. Even the famous expensive serums also need to be applied every day twice. Details in itao and fan zone-iren_ka, and instagram iren_ka_ali


  42. E***.

    The goods came very quickly, in just three weeks. Everything was very well packed, nothing flowed out. The volume is sufficient, the instruction is invested, there is also a shelf life. To understand the effect, you need to use at least a couple of weeks. Serum has a pleasant smell, medium consistency. Definitely recommend product and store!


  43. N***a

    Great essence. No smell. Conveniently applied. Brush thin, natural pile. Bottle 25gr. Cost-effective. The action of the serum is aimed at moisturizing, lengthening, twisting and thickening of the cilia. The first impression is positive, let’s see what the cumulative effect will be


  44. I***k

    The parcel came standard delivery. Was in a beautiful packaging with instructions. The most important thing is that on the box is the date of manufacture and shelf life. The serum itself is transparent without any smell. The brush is very thin for easy application and saving product. Consistency is thick enough. According to many girls, serum should be applied twice a day and morning and evening, i listened to their opinion. Since i do not dye mascara, i applied serum at the base of the growth of eyelashes in the morning


  45. K***a

    I take serum not for the first time. Liquid, well applied with a brush. The main thing is to avoid getting into the eyes. Well strengthens eyelashes and look healthy. I really like it. Delivery month.


  46. E***t

    Serum i liked, for a long time i bought a similar, the effect was noticeable in a month or two. I use this for a few days, it is as transparent as liquid gel. I apply 2 times, in the morning before makeup and at night. The tube is very stylish, comfortable. The brush is soft, enough one movement to hold completely on the cilia line. I will wait for the result, i will add a review. Delivery 3 weeks, not tracked. I recommend!


  47. Y***a

    Delivery month, partially tracked. I took it at the post office. The package was packed perfectly, the mail box and the puffy film. Good remedy, cilia stronger. No smell.


  48. A***a

    Super-remedy! I buy it for the second time. Very convenient and economical to use. I apply once a day, at night daily along the line of eyelash growth. After about two weeks i noticed the effect-eyelashes began to darken, in length, too, a little grown. I advise you!


  49. R***a

    A good remedy for eyelash growth. I put the same on my eyebrows. Cilia grow faster and eyebrows slow. Don’t wait for super long eyelashes. But the eyelashes will be longer than usual. You only need to smear 2 times a day. Then the result will be exact.


  50. K***a

    3 ml bottle. Elongated, transparent, with a golden lid on the thread. Essence transparent, liquid fluid consistency. The smell is light. When applied, the feeling that the water on the cilia, they are so wet, but then dry and all the norms. I smear every day, morning/evening. Although i paint them like ink, it increases the expense of the money, but i like it so much. After 2 weeks of continuous application in the morning and evening i notice the result. Cilia become darker, more elastic and elastic, they are smaller and less likely to fall out than usual. Increased growth of new cilia, become thicker. The effect is temporary, that is, at the end of the essence, everything will return to the original version. Therefore, as soon as i’m not satisfied with the kind of cilia i use such serums. From this brand i use already 2 bottles of such essence. The bottle is enough for a month, +/-. I like the remedy. Delivery to kazakhstan month, track tracked.


  51. V***o

    The essence arrived in a branded box. There is a shelf life, composition and all information in chinese. The sensation is transparent, without a pronounced smell. Apply the product with a thin brush. We apply carefully, so as not to fall on the mucous twice a day, morning and evening. (You can and once, an hour before sleep) All cosmetics are pre-tested on the hand. If there is no allergy, redness, irritation, pimples, you can use The product really works, i take 5 bottles already


  52. M***a

    Serum for strengthening eyelashes. Eyebrows can also be smeared. Miracle growth of eyelashes is not waiting to be honest. And the cilia can be strengthened and eyebrows. Serum came in a box and a beautiful bottle. Pleasant aroma. Who wants beautiful, healthy cilia i advise.


  53. A***a

    Cilia became thicker. I apply as a eyeliner along the line of eyelashes. Delivery took 19 days.


  54. O***a

    Very good serum. Use conveniently. I recommend to buy.


  55. I***a

    Pleasant packaging and a neat brush, which is convenient to apply the product on the eyelashes. The consistency of the essence is slightly gel-like, liquid. When used, does not flow into the eyes, dries quickly and absorbs. You can apply not only at night, but also during the day, the hairs do not glue and leaves no traces. Does not have a pronounced smell. Eyelashes strengthen well. I use the second week, i really like the result.


  56. A***v

    The tool really works. Cilia grow and strengthen. Serum of transparent color, slightly oily, has a pleasant smell. A tube, like a carcass, only instead of the brush we are familiar with is a brush, which you will apply to the eyelashes and the place of their growth. Means 3 ml. Cost-effective. All this is packed in a branded recognizable box of the famous brand. Shelf life 3 years. The composition and application are indicated in english. Also in the box is the instruction on the use of the tool in english. Delivery is fast.


  57. K***a

    The remedy is excellent! Fast delivery, track number tracked, packing reliable. Good composition, beautiful design. I use it with pleasure, allergies did not cause, i will take more! Thanks to the store.


  58. K***a

    Excellent service, prompt delivery! The product compacts and moisturizes the cilia well-it was able to estimate it, as recently removed the groomed: my own eyelashes were in a deplorable condition. Very comfortable tube with tassel


  59. Y***e

    package arrive safely hopefully works as advertised


  60. T***a

    Sdek came to the door. I will try, in a month i will write as a result.


  61. E***a

    Want long, fluffy, and most importantly healthy eyelashes? Then this post is for you! Excellent remedy for maintaining the health of cilia! I buy the second bottle. I love this brand very much. After using this essence, eyelashes begin to grow at a huge speed. And new cilia, please with its long and volume. I apply this remedy to cleansed cilia twice a day. Essence is well absorbed, leaves no greasy traces. Does not have stickiness. The smell is pleasant, unobtrusive. Composition of natural ingredients. The composition includes a huge amount of oils, due to which there is a rapid growth of hairs. On my own experience i can say that this essence helps to solve the problem with eyebrows. Enough a couple of weeks, and rare eyebrows, will get a healthy look! Very comfortable bottle with a brush made of natural pile. The brush is thin.


  62. A***a

    The cost at the time of purchase is 263 rubles. Delivery 14 days from payment from tracking to novosibirsk. Excellent packing in a box. Box in mica. All quality. Shelf life is normal. There’s a description. How to use from the store’s page: Gently rotate the end of the tube so that the brush enriches the amount of product (or a little overflow), and then massage on the root of the eyelashes. If it is invisible contact with eyes, please immediately rinse with water. Serum has a barely perceptible, pleasant smell. Most of the cosmetics resembles the consistency of water. It is transparent and liquid. Sticky layer does not leave. I use 1 week. I put it 2 times a day in the morning and evening on the roots of eyelashes along the line of their growth from the inner corner of the eye to the outer It’s hard to talk about the result. It should always be evaluated with prolonged use.


  63. I***a

    Delivery to the door, the box rushed a little, but it’s not scary. As a gift put the mask probe. Thank you store!


  64. O***a

    I really liked the goods, eyelashes really grow, but i advise you to use constantly. I recommend both the product and the store. Put a gift, face mask


  65. E***a

    A good tool, helps to make the cilia more smooth, less fall out, the brush is thin convenient to apply. Came quickly without damage. As a gift, the store put the serum.


  66. M***a

    Good remedy. Pleasant aroma. Gave a friend, she was very pleased))) I recommend to buy!


  67. T***a

    The parcel went for a long time, the tube is not full, the brush is comfortable, odorless


  68. M***a

    The parcel came quickly-tracked. The boxes are slightly wrinkled, but everything is fine inside.


  69. E***o

    The product comes in a nice, glass bottle with a volume of 3 ml, but thanks to a thin brush with long hairs it is convenient to apply, and the consumption is minimal. I take the serum 2 times already. 1 package i have enough for a month of daily use. Serum has a barely perceptible, pleasant smell. It is transparent and liquid, reminds me of water. But if you drip the product on the skin, it is absorbed and moisturizes it like oil. Sticky layer does not leave. I use serum for the 2nd month. I put it 2 times a day in the morning and evening on the roots of the eyelashes along the line of their growth from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. On the eyebrows i smear it along the growth of hairs. The face must be pre-cleaned from makeup. Now my cilia does not fall out with eye makeup, as before. Hairs do not stick out in different directions, but became more elastic and got a more well-groomed and healthy appearance. And now my eyelashes and eyebrows are brighter and thicker. Due to the more pronounced pigment, the first look longer


  70. A***a

    Essence for the growth of eyelashes perfectly nourishes the cilia, stimulating their growth. After the application of this essence, my cilia began to fall much less often and at the same time it grows much thicker!


  71. G***t

    I think the remedy works, i put a week, the effect is


  72. A***a

    Incredible, but the serum really works! I use for eyebrows, hairs become more dense, dark. Light, invisible hairs become darker.


  73. L***i

    Strengthens eyelashes, restores damaged, improves appearance and growth. We all want to have long, fluffy, in general, beautiful eyelashes. To do this, we resort to the use of mascara, false eyelashes and other means. All this plus time makes our eyelashes worse, losing their natural beauty. Help to cope with this will help this remedy in the composition of natural nutrients for eyelashes: highlander multicolor (due to phospholipids provides the hair follicle adequate nutrition, promotes healthy growth and development of follicles, a melanin makes eyelashes darker) hydrolyzed silk (contains a large amount of silk protein, which is absorbed by eyelashes and accelerates metabolism), Egyptian blue water lily (contains 17 kinds of amino acids and protein, nourishes hair roots). The consistency of the product is liquid, without stickiness and fat. The color is transparent. A convenient brush for application, which in the process of opening the lid is scrolling inside and is well fed by the composition.


  74. G***a

    Delivery month to Poland. well packed. texture gel. if it works I have no idea. not yet pròbowałam.


  75. B***b

    All ok. Not тестила. But the bubble and brush are very good


  76. S***o

    He came with a gift that has not been tried yet but the shipping is fast thanks to the store


  77. I***a

    Today I recived the order. It took less that a month since I made the order. The product corresponds to description and the store put a little hydrating emulsion to test it. Have not tried it yet but I will do an update after.


  78. O***i

    I have not used it yet, i can not evaluate the quality of the product.


  79. A***n

    Essence for the growth of eyelashes i really liked. The brush is soft pleasant, the feeling of cooling when applied, after the procedure there was no irritation. I really liked it, i recommend the store.


  80. S***a

    Delivery fast, as a gift cream, until it is possible to use, later write off the results


  81. T***v

    Delivery to the amur region 3 weeks. Everything came intact, not a lot of 2 boxes were wrinkled, but it’s not critical. The liquid is completely odorless.


  82. S***s

    It came quickly to minsk, in two and a half weeks. First indicated the wrong address, but in correspondence with the store asked to send to another address. And the seller sent me the address, for which he thanks! Plus pleased with the gift. Very satisfied, i recommend!


  83. R***r

    The goods came quickly, everything is whole and well packed, in a doll. Tried a week, began to fall less cilia… Let’s see further)))


  84. S***a

    With the store did not communicate, the order arrived on time, packed well. Use only the beginning, look at the result and add feedback. As a gift the seller put the cream.


  85. E***n

    Item delivered in 26 days in Kazan. The product corresponds to the description. Seller recommend.


  86. Customer

    Delivery more than a month. The liquid is transparent, without interference. I’ll be there. Thank you for the gift!


  87. F***r

    Now unpainted, gift a moisturizing thank you store


  88. B***b

    Complies with the description It remains only to try it


  89. Customer

    It came, a box of mint, but the bottle was not hurt, it was made of plastic, the great-grandfather put a gift, some cream))), a trifle, but nice, thank you very much. If there is a result, i will add a review


  90. L***a

    I received the parcel, the store put another cork, i have not tried it yet, thank you


  91. A***y



  92. O***l

    Everything is ok, i did not stay yet. Thank you)


  93. N***

    Girls, took for trial!) smeared in a day (when i remember) And in the morning, began to paint eyelashes and saw that they became longer)))) i’ll try to use the whole bottle and order another one


  94. E***a

    Tpvar did not come to sajileniya… But the great-grandfather without problems returned everything… Sociable… Good… I advise… Just apparently we have a mail like this…


  95. Customer

    The packaging is all wrinkled. But i’m not a gift, it’s not critical


  96. A***a

    I haven’t tried it yet. Delivery week to tatarstan


  97. R***r

    The goods came quickly! The store was well done, he tracked the parcel! i sent a message that the parcel in the post office!!!


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