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Eye Wrinkle Cream Anti-Aging

(99 customer reviews)
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  • Made with herbal essences combined with probiotic technology
  • Repairs damaged skin cells
  • Made of herbal prebiotic; is anti-aging and moisturizing
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Weight: 15g

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Eye Wrinkle Cream Anti-Aging

Keep your eyes wrinkle-free for a more extended period using the Eye Wrinkle Cream. The eye wrinkle cream is virtually perfect in reducing eye-puffiness, dark circles, and age lines. Perfectly natural and organic, this eye cream is very safe to use. Not only does this eye wrinkle cream prevent wrinkles, but it also eliminates dark eye circles, fine lines around the eyes and dry eyes. Additionally, it will help in hydrating your eyes. This improves the smoothness of the skin and also tightens and repairs the damage so you can bring back the glory in your eyes.

Naturally Made

Beauty experts and scientists have crafted this eye wrinkle cream with precision. They used a combination of herbal essences and probiotic technology. Rich in natural ingredients, the cream is composed of Aesculus Hippocastanum Seed Extract, Butyrospermum Parkii Extract, and Portulaca Oleracea Extract. Other compositions include water, betaine, sodium hyaluronate, Saccharomyces lysate extract, and glycerin. These ingredients form into a powerful eye cream that is able to repair and regenerate the skin, soothe the eyes, relieve tension, increase moisture, tighten the skin and tone the area around the eyes. This then prevents skin breakage that leads to dark circles, wrinkles, dryness, and puffiness. Also, you can use the eye cream twice a day for faster and better results.

Varied Applications

To use the product, hygiene should be a priority. Before the application, wash your hands thoroughly to ensure cleanliness. Then gently massage the area around the eyes with water to ensure that the surface area is clean as well. Made for various uses, you primarily apply the eye wrinkle cream around the eyes by massaging a small amount of cream around the eyes using your fingers. Massage the area around the upper and lower portion of the eyes. After that, in a circular motion, start from the corner of your eyes and start massaging until the cream is absorbed.

Based on 99 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. V***h

    Cream tube, which comes in original box. Box was sealed in the film. The box all information on the composition and use method specified in English. Time-limited to Jul 2021. Volume of a standard for cream eye-15 grams. The Tube Is also standard for such creams with sharp nose. Cream anti-aging. Reserved for the mother. Has A pleasant aroma of. White. Consistency Of light. Quickly absorbed, it leaves no greasy. Need To use 2 times a day. Seller promises that the cream will help get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes, smooth fine lines, protect from aging, but also moisturize the skin around the eyes. The results so far. Used until a few days. But your skin it moisturizes fine and makes less visible dark circles under the eyes. Even for the sake of it you can take! Let’s hope for a great result in future! Shipping in Belarus took about three weeks.


  2. A***a

    Use 2 times a day: night and in the morning. Puffiness and dark circles under the eyes have decreased. Recommend to buy!!!


  3. K***a

    A great tool. Will order more! It’s only for 2 weeks!


  4. A***a

    Delivery fast track. Cream very much.


  5. G***v

    Herbal eye cream cool. Packaging of sealed in mica, top has all the necessary information. Anti-Aging herbal cream with пробиотиком diminishes dark circles around the eyes, intensive moisturizing dry skin, prevent wrinkles. Cream provides long-lasting moisturizing skin, improves dull complexion. A water, betaine, sodium hyaluronate, extract лизата сахаромицета, glycerin, exposure of Chestnut, extract purslane. Cream is recommended to use 2 times a day. The Clean clean skin apply a small amount of cream, apply massage movements and leave until completely absorbed. THE tube is very comfortable thin nose to apply the cream. Cream has a light texture, almost odorless, quickly absorbed. Leaves no sticky and greasy, leather soft, soft and moisturized.


  6. N***N

    Comfortable small upakovochka, great composition. Cream pleasant, light structure with a grassy smell. Applied easily and nice, quickly absorbed, leaving no sticky finish. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years, Volume 15 ml. Good reliable brand, use their makeup for a long time. Recommend.


  7. M***v

    Cream probiotic advised girlfriend. decided to order a sample, as her friend helps a lot. tube convenient size, will enter into any makeup. needle the pressures on the tube out small dosage. cream is made on the basis of avocado, valuable vitamins. delivery very fast about 11 days. will still be ordered. can some items from this store.


  8. A***a

    Cream shadow from their favorite store. The Parcel arrived as always quickly. Gift seller put probnichek emulsion. The box composition and shelf life of. Smell pleasant, unobtrusive. Cream light texture, not oily. Was pleased with.


  9. P***y

    Very cool serum for skin around the eyes. Very like this firm, use different it means very long. Gift store put the probe. Flavor faint, nice. Absorbs quickly, perfect skin around the eyes.


  10. I***l

    Shipping 2,5 weeks to Tula region. Reliable package, damage in transit have arisen. The shelf life is normal. Cream has a delicate texture and light fragrance. Easy to use. Provides good hydration and nutrition. The skin becomes healthy light signs of fatigue disappear. Recommend to buy, good cream.


  11. G***L

    Good cream. Delivery fast, for 3 weeks, sent fast track all Cream packed well, in the air bag, the cream in mica, good shelf life. Cream smell grass, there is no chemical отдушин, who like Chic smell creams, not your version, I personally like natural. I like gel structure, color cream yellow, very easily absorbed, leaves no sticky, it’s great. Will test, but at first glance very Recommend.


  12. K***k

    Excellent Gel Cream tool has a lot of useful extracts. perfectly absorbed, leaves no greasy and sticky effect. The skin around the eye, smoothes wrinkles and moisturizes skin. Delivery month, track to track all the packaging is good, store considerate. Thank You, will take more!


  13. T***a

    Shipping was within a month. Track number. It was packed well. IN a box and a film pupyrkami. Volume Of the tube 15g. Shelf Life is good up to 2021G. The back of the box there are instructions in English. Still have liner composition and instructions. Seller promises that cream eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes, smooth fine lines, good увлажнит delicate skin around the eyes. Cream should be applied to clean skin in the morning and night patting movements. A Includes:✅Water.✅Betaine.✅Horse Chestnut Extract.✅Shea butter karite.✅Extract purslane.✅Hyaluronic Acid.✅Extract live yeast.✅Glycerin.


  14. O***a

    Gentle cream for sensitive skin age. Absorbs quickly. Moisturizing, nourishing, smoothes wrinkles. Very much. Улобное application. Recommend to buy


  15. S***a

    Delivery about three weeks by mail. Branded packaging box and mail box. Composition and expiry date shown on the package. Cream nourishing, moisturizing, smoothes wrinkles. You need to put the clean face morning and evening. Sticky сдедов leaves smell pleasant, absorbed quickly. Like to buy recommend.


  16. Y***o

    Delivery in the city of Moscow 20 days. Tube with cream packed in original box and mica. Characteristics Of: Regenerates and restores damaged skin cells. Relieves stress eye skin, moisturizing and восстановливает skin. Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. At the same time he performs functions remove dark circles and anti puffiness. Омоложивает and accelerate the regeneration of skin texture and intensive moisturizing dry skin. Composition: Water, betaine, extracts of horse chestnut, shea butter, purslane, sodium hyaluronate, extract Live Yeast, glycerin Method of use: Apply on the skin around the eyes and massage until completely absorbed. It is recommended to use 2 times a day.


  17. L***o

    Cream ukrainu come in 3 weeks, packed very well. Like the fact that it is made on the basis of herbs. Tube with easy-to-use, cream has a neutral smell. After use not only start to fade dark circles, but also well moisturized skin, and becomes soft. Me is like cream. Will continue to order in the store.


  18. D***a

    The shelf life is normal. Cream good. The store sent a probe. All instructions in Chinese. Delivery Time for about a month. Track number is not monitored. Did not communicate with.


  19. V***v

    Very Cool Cream serum from отёков and wrinkle skin around the eye, me very much. Shipping was very fast, less than a month. An excellent package, air bag, box does not wrinkle. Tube big enough for a long time. THE flow rate is very cost-effective. Flavor chic, smell the cream. Take a few days, during which time the skin significantly tightened, table more soft and light. Highly recommend this cream and this store.


  20. Customer

    Seller promptly and quickly processed and sent the order. Packed well, anything damaged during transport. Trek made traceable. Delivery of 2nd week. Sealed in mica. Shelf life for good. Absorbs quickly. No allergies. Thank You Very Much.


  21. L***P

    Herbal cream for eye area. Is in a tube with spout dosing, very easy to use. Did not cause allergic reactions. The creamy consistency has easy structure, has a nice smell, moisturizes the skin. Fast delivery: About three weeks, parcel tracking. Gift store put emulsion face. Very happy shopping.


  22. S***t

    The goods are delivered in three weeks, the store sent immediately, brought home by courier. Neatly packed in bubble wrap, without damage. Cream made 10/2018 years, fresh, shelf life of 3 years. Cream texture delicate, easy pleasant smell, easy to apply, the result will see later. Recommend seller.


  23. Customer

    Came quickly, do not wrinkle. THE gift was emulsion facial. Shelf Life of 3 years, but made recently. Capacity 15 ml, using 1 time per day should be enough for about a month/week 3. I put it just this morning, as read that the night/night better not burden. Texture delicate, after soaking skin moisturized. Allergies or there was no redness.


  24. N***a

    Herbal eye cream cool. Packaging of sealed in mica, top has all the necessary information. Anti-Aging herbal cream with пробиотиком diminishes dark circles around the eyes, intensive moisturizing dry skin, prevent wrinkles.


  25. O***A

    Shipping via Finland took 2.5 weeks, parcel tracking. Order arrived in a cardboard box, cosmetic products were wrapped with thick coat pupyrki. Original box sealed in its original mica, inside plastic tube cream 15g and instruction in English. Shelf Life of Jul 2021. Cream is light consistency, closer to the gel, white color, with little or no smell. Very quickly absorbed, leaving no stickiness. The skin instantly moisturized and smoothed, becomes very soft to the touch. Cream removes отёчность, brightens the skin and prevent premature aging. Great product, will be happy to use!


  26. T***a

    I liked the cream, use a pleasure. Air in texture, it is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving behind a pleasant feeling of freshness. For my dry skin fits perfectly. AND yet this slightly subtle fragrance, is thin and delicate! Certainly recommend. Packaging-zip bag pupyrkoy, delivery fast.


  27. A***S

    Contains probiotics and hyaluronic acid. tube full cream milk color, thick, very nice smelling herbs. you need to apply eye massage movements. after use, clean up the swelling, pass the dark circles, dark circles, moisturizing dry skin and powered пробиотиками. Shelf Life of 3 years, until 2021. Good quality and price. Use 2 times a day, morning and evening, the clean skin. Delivery 10 days New mail. Recommend!


  28. E***a

    Cream Texture soft and light, pleasant aroma. After application does not leave adhesive film. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin around the eyes. Use in the morning. For my dry skin went perfectly!


  29. Customer

    15 grams capacity, whole box came composition written, did not long shelf life much more, a great tool for a small price


  30. E***a

    Excellent light eye cream, come quickly. Texture light, gel, absorbed quickly. Packed well, the packaging cellophane. Time-limited to 2021 years, that pleases. IN a gift Sachet emulsion. She liked me and I order it separately. Thank You for your order. Shop good


  31. L***a

    Traded on coins and $0,01. IN fact, has not yet been tried. Seller Thank you


  32. O***a

    The texture is very light and non-greasy. Instantly absorbed. About long term effect is not say anything. The First feeling is very good.


  33. S***r

    Have it only since three Weeks can still not really what people are saying


  34. E***a

    Cream came in a box, which was sealed in mica. The box all information in Chinese, is composition, shelf life. The cream in a small tube 15 grams. Plastic unscrew. U Tube comfortable neck, with pressure out drop of cream, very easy to apply. Apply The drop of the finger and massage движеньями втираем in eye skin from the inner corner of, to external, repeat the procedure until absorbed cream. Cream smells good, quickly absorbed and leaves no fat. After using the skin moist, smooth and delicate. Cream me much, for daily use is perfect.


  35. I***k

    Delivery about a month. Original box sealed in its original mica, inside plastic tube cream 15g and instruction in English. Shelf Life of Jul 2021. Cream is light consistency, closer to the gel, white color, with little or no smell. Very quickly absorbed, leaving no stickiness. The skin instantly moisturized and smoothed, becomes very soft to the touch


  36. N***a

    Ordered 26 Nov, came to New Year Holidays 5-6 Jan. IN a gift emulsion. Try write an additional review.


  37. S***y

    Probiotics sate skin vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and useful elements. Capable for a short amount of time to remove wrinkles (Lifting) and withdraw toxins. Has anti-inflammatory effect and heals scars the dermatologic Diseases Delivery fast, took about three weeks. Packing in inflatable polyethylene, which is capable of up to keep the integrity of even the box. The box is sealed in mica, as her present all the necessary information. Instruction manual with a full description of, including the composition and method of use. Smell pleasant, little perceptible. Cream me much.


  38. D***a

    Moisturizes well. Take a week. The result is not particularly clear, the further


  39. K***a

    Eye Cream received. Everything is fine. Pleasant smell. Only emerged


  40. A***k

    Cool Cream serum from оттёков and wrinkles around the eyes. Packed well in air package. Tube big enough for a long time. THE flow rate is very cost-effective. Flavor chic, smell the cream. After two days of use leather significantly tightened. I liked it.


  41. H***a

    Cream excellent (results about early talk), skin moisturizing, easily absorbed (not fat), the smell is very delicate, skin after application, velvet, hope all that наптсано about composition-though Thanks for a wonderful product


  42. A***a

    Excellent cream for the skin around the eyes. Moisturizes the skin and slightly brightens dark circles. Take a week very like. Firm excellent recommend. Delivery fast. Packed all super


  43. K***n

    Shipping to Moscow just over a month (+ holiday season). Track to track all. Quality cosmetics fine. The Wife enjoyed a year.


  44. I***a

    Love makeup this brand, but then not notice much effect. A nice cream, economical.


  45. N***a

    Smell product really nice! The creamy consistency is very light, pleasant. Perfectly absorbed Attach you photo composition. when using the cream no adverse reactions were found by me, but I don’t have allergies. Use the product is very easy and simple-apply to clean skin and втирайте until completely absorbed. When applying the feel very nice chill skin after cream soft and moisturized This cream promises to rid the region around the eye wrinkle, bags, bruises. Use means I for a brief period, nothing concrete can not say As cream more goes as age-I will give it to my mother or granny.


  46. T***a

    IN this store ordering products constantly. It Is still being tested. Review later


  47. V***o

    Cream is designed to hydrate and supply eye area and sent to fight with the first signs of aging: mimic wrinkles, early pigmentation and deficiency of moisture in the skin. Cream contains components, similar with липидами skin that effectively promoting her deep nutrition and regeneration. Light texture of instantly absorbed, to the skin, giving it a elasticity and firmness. The Skin around the eye becomes smooth, taut, tone and color are aligned, fade signs of fatigue, that gives the look of clarity and depth. Method of use: 1-2 times a day light movements apply a small amount of cream on the skin around the eyes and patting movements вмассировать until completely absorbed. Composition: water, betaine, эскулюс, BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII (shea butter), purslane, glycerin.


  48. V***v

    Gift store put a sampler of cream, shelf life of up to 21 years. Took to moisturize the skin around the eyes and придание fresh after sleep. Bags under the eyes, not wrinkle deep too, so about them can not say anything. But moisturizes and in some way brightens the skin perfectly. Convenient dosing, allowing sparingly used, so that will last a long time. Recommend)


  49. I***a

    Like cream. Brightens circles! Also smells nice, herbs, cool.


  50. T***o

    Good cream. Moisturizing. Pleasant fragrance. Seller put gift. Delivery three weeks to Moscow. Sealed in mica. Shelf life is. Will use


  51. M***s

    The Goods ordered the stock 11.11.18 Came in MO 15.01.19 (2 months! Longest Service) for it to take a Star! Excellent product, ordered the cream of the series, best cream not found! Therefore decided, order a whole series of product! Hope like everything else! Later will add a review!


  52. A***k

    Delivery fast. Packed carefully. Cream thick, white with a pleasant fragrance. Absorbs quickly. Moisturizes the skin around the eyes. The shelf life. Recommend)


  53. T***a

    A great tool. Thank you. All packed safely, sending in 17 days. Means use, the result is.


  54. A***a

    Light and delicate eye cream from famous for all brand MeiYanQiong (I have already full cosmetics from this brand). Packing for transportation hesitated, but not critical. Fresh cream, valid until 21G. Claimed as a preventive tool from first facial wrinkles. Packed in mica. Tube 15 C. Part indicated: shea butter extract, purslane, glycerin, etc. Gel with a barely noticeable odor (can’t even say that resembles), consumption is economical. Not so I use to judge strictly, but: absorbs quickly, leather eye after gentle, no irritation.


  55. D***y

    Excellent cream, do not take the first time and this time took just 3 pcs! Excellent moisturizing tender skin around the eye, разглвживает fine lines with a bang!


  56. A***n

    Order came fast store put gift, probe serum book with a long, never let


  57. S***a

    All good, but a long delivery thank you for the good goods


  58. I***a

    Nice cream excellent moisturizing and smoothes the skin. Tube Small 20g, will take more


  59. M***o

    Fast delivery for about a month. Track number to track. Packed safely in carton box. Cream with good shelf life. Nice soft consistency. Smell sweet unobtrusive. My allergy causes. Moisturizes the skin, refreshing. Interesting used later. Seller and shop recommend.


  60. O***a

    A great tool! Completely natural composition! Any harmful ingredient. IN this shop never had problems!!! Super!


  61. A***v

    Very nice cream. Excellent moisturizing. Absorbs quickly! I liked. Use small pro circles is not say anything, but very nice cream. Delivery fast.


  62. K***a

    Cream me much. It is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Refreshing and moisturizing skin. Lightens dark circles, at least for me. Fine lines are smoothed, but no more. Cream leaves no greasy and effect film, not “feel” on the skin, there are some funds after which помажешь and it seems that tons of something on you. I personally like the effect of lightness. Use 2 times a day, morning and before bed. The Experience of using only positive. No allergic reaction time use. Cream transparent white, gel resistant consistency. Has a pleasant unobtrusive flavor. Shipping to Kazakhstan month, track.


  63. E***a

    Excellent eye cream. Good moisturizing. That was the result should be used regularly.


  64. K***a

    the product not came, but the store returned money


  65. Y***a

    Like cream, smells nice features easy тающую structure and quickly absorbed, leather after applying soft and pleasant to the touch. Will use.


  66. S***a

    Delivery month Track number Packed in the Air Cushion Price at the time of purchase of 329 rubles. Means it is in the original carton box, sealed in mica, with the term-limited and information in English. Capacity 15 ml. Designed to hydrate and power, soothes tired eye skin, reduces dark circles. First decided to try this product, a lot of positive feedback, sold as many as 2054 PCs. Has little pleasant fragrance, light and non-greasy texture white, well distributed on skin, quickly absorbed, leaving no discomfort. Did not cause allergic reactions. Use 2 times a day in the morning and evening. Feel moisturizing effect, but the dark circles are hardly removed a week use, but the skin is much better


  67. D***a

    Shipping 3 weeks, the track number. Cream packed in original box and sealed in the film. There are instructions in English. Printed shelf life: 3 years. Cream has easy pleasant smell. Not greasy, quickly absorbed, leaving no stickiness. Cream tightens the skin around the eyes, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, struggling with dark circles under the eyes and отчётностью, restoring skin structure. Cream me very much, after it feel ease skin soft and moisturized. Good composition and instant effect. Recommend! Not cause allergies


  68. D***a

    Eye Cream pointed anti-wrinkles, reduction and dark circles under the eyes and припухлостями, and also the skin moisturizing. AND I believe in it, because the composition of lovely, all components are safe, they насытят skin beneficial substances and vitamins. I will be happy to use. The cream came in a cardboard box, set sealed in mica, design the usual for this company, memorable. Medium white with unusual scent. When applied to the skin around the eyes have a fresh feeling, as if the skin is tightened. I liked it means. You recommend!


  69. C***c

    Delivery 2 month to Moscow. Packed well. Quality is not know.


  70. A***o

    Very like, cost-effective, very light, quickly absorbed, super!!!


  71. O***a

    Shipping took 18 days. Cream me very much! The Tube has a convenient spout dispenser. Consistency of light, gel. Absorbs quickly. Cream has a distinct smell herbal medicine. I did for you pictures before and after applying the cream. All photos are made by the hour night. Naturally, tired eyes, отёчность is present. After applying cream very much that lines become less noticeable, spala and opinion посвежел. Recommend!


  72. K***a

    Cream for eye skin from MeiYanQiong Official Store, with avocado. Avocado is an exotic product, which stands out for its oil texture, allowing you to receive from his healing oil, possessing some positive action. Extract it from bone and dried pulp fruit. Through the use of cold press technique can keep all useful substances. Avocado Oil beneficial properties are caused by the presence of: Фитогормонов who lead anti-age pigmentation and slow down the processes of aging; Vitamin E, required for beauty and health skin, all thanks to its увлажняющему action; Vitamin A, which resists негативному influence of free radicals and other hazards; Linolenic acid, which is of lifting effect.


  73. L***.

    In principle foremost well. The cream has a texture nice, well absorbed, no odor, the tube is is very practical. Very fast shipping. Thank You. As to the results of can not say anything, is the first days of use. When used by some time will add extra comment.


  74. D***h

    Pretty Dense Texture cream, will try. For my skin better Gel Texture, let’s see. Delivery month. All goods in my order super excellent! Подпишусь on this store, really enjoyed it! Thank You very much for goods!!!


  75. T***a

    Excellent anti-aging eye cream. Smoothes wrinkles. Like this shop. It is constantly buy different cosmetics.


  76. N***a

    Cream for eye area. Took The milking mother, T. To. This cream for mature skin. Love this product, in its composition mainly natural components. My Mother is 2 times a day, morning and evening. Texture light, minimal consumption and will last a long time. Shipping to Moscow 3 weeks, track.


  77. V***a

    Delivery month, track number is not monitored. Cream I got in a box, on which the composition and the expiration date on the English language. The cream is very decent and natural, although there is hitch… The picture of the store drawn avocado, but it is not a part of. Cream has a nice light texture. On my dry skin absorbed very quickly, does not leave no shine, No sticky, no tightness. Not cause allergies. I like cream, at least the skin moist and soft to the touch. I do not believe in is that regular cream can remove wrinkles… But hope that it at least for a while will prevent the appearance of new, as part of this cream me much. and gift seller put great hydrating emulsion-for which he had a special thank you)


  78. K***a

    Composition of money good, most of the components is plant extracts. Thanks to them, and occur qualitative changes in the skin, which gets from extracts useful substances. The cream light, perfectly absorbed, not leaves sticky, fat, the effect of the mask. By The Way, flow he is very cost-effective, is the amount that I выдавила on photo, enough to be applied to the skin around the eye (both eyes). But it is individually of course, if you have dryish leather, it will require a greater amount of cream.


  79. A***k

    Goods arrived very quickly for 2 weeks, brought home, There are instructions in English, normally packed, without damage, store put probnichek cream, nice Unsubscribe after use


  80. A***a

    Order 4 names (5 ind.) goods on sale 11.11 parcel arrived in Rostov-on-Don 28.12 (longest waiting in China), track. In that Store Thank you! Packaging air bag, all boxes tselenkie. Shelf Life is excellent, excise in place. This product is waiting for their turn (many cosmetics нахапала), so the review will be COMPLEMENTED with time. Cons of: Each product promised probe emulsion. Emulsion, 10 bags, I ordered separately. Expect to get a gift 5 bags, was one of order. This slightly offended. Nevertheless, to order a product for the first time, will buy in the future, just given this fact. THE other stores this brand me to orders of single product probe put…


  81. A***a

    Excellent cream! Fast delivery! Recommend! Review!


  82. Customer

    Delivery three weeks, reliable package. Box was sealed in mica, shelf life of three years. Composition and instructions indicated on the packaging in English. Pro this cream I learned of the reviews bloggers, like composition: Chestnut, avocado and other natural ingredients. Cream light unobtrusive aroma is absorbed quickly. Intensive moisturizing confirm immediately after using the skin becomes напитанной and radiant. Cream use at night.


  83. E***o

    ✔Cream remove dark circles around the eyes, has anti-aging effect, moisturizing. ✔As a part of the same gialuronka and glycerin, which provide moisturizing and smooth wrinkles. ✔Plant extracts, Chestnut, purslane, лизата сахаромицета. Shipping ukrainu 3 weeks, track. Kremchiki works well. I love the alternate cream, to avoid getting used and to each gave its effect. Recommend!


  84. P***.

    RESTORING CREAM FOR FACE ADVANTAGES: packaging, safety SHORTCOMINGS: No DESCRIPTION: Moisturizing, power, not the film, tack, applicable before applying make-up. Cream Based on minerals, vitamins and herbs. Features Of this cream removal acne scars. Time is normal, in tube 15 C. CONCLUSIONS: This brand MeiYanQiong Official Store received many awards for his achievements.


  85. O***i

    Parcel arrived in Ukraine for 17 days. Courier New Mail. Box was sealed in mica. Design Box corresponds to the brand, red with gold. The box can see information in English. Shelf Life-to 2021.10.28 Also inside was describing the funds. Cream is in a tube. Weight-10g. But since it’s eye cream, the minimal consumption. Cap unscrewed. U Tube thin nose. Love the packaging. Giving a bit and not need to climb with your fingers or a shovel in cream. Cream is very delicate, just like cream cake whipped mousse. Very easy and absolutely not greasy. Contact skin straight well-read melt and absorbed by the skin. Color white. Flavor delicate, have associated with smell soap. I use cream night. The Clean put the eye cream. Excellent moisturizing guaranteed


  86. N***a

    Shipping to Moscow took less than a month. Product was packaged in a box garnet color sealed in mica. The box have information on the composition of the instruction, how to use it and shelf life, which is three years. Product Volume 15g. A leaflet, on which there is information about the English language. The cream in a plastic tube, design, which repeats the box design. Have dot dispenser. Cream White, has a light texture, without a strong odor. Quickly absorbed, moisturizes the skin. Product composition: WATER EXTRACT SEEDS BETAINE AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM, EXTRACT BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII, EXTRACT PORTULACA OLERACEA, EXTRACT ЛИЗАТА, SODIUM HYALURONATE, GLYCERIN. Method of use: After washing the face, apply this product on the skin around the eyes and massage until completely absorbed. It is recommended to use 2 times a day.


  87. N***a

    Receive your order-cream for eye area. Shipping to Moscow was about a month, parcel not monitored. It’s a package, without damage. Small tube, in original box, sealed in mica. There Is information in English. The cream is excellent, reduces swelling after sleep, tightens the skin, remove dark circles. Soft texture, not too fat, no discomfort. Satisfied with the order.


  88. E***a

    Long time use creams skin around the eye, as suffer from dark circles under the eyes. So can say with confidence that cream good. Think, is on the same level with the more expensive counterparts. Of Course, the problem will not disappear like magic, but and tender skin care eye has not been canceled.


  89. E***a

    Means it in a box, which was sealed in mica. It was not the composition, shelf life, product function, the method of use, stored and precautions. Like cream, light, feel good, skin velvety and moisturized, little smoothes wrinkles. AND composition also good. Delivery 23 days.


  90. T***a

    Nice cream, good to go to the eye, eye misses, not spread


  91. N***a

    Tube 15 C. Individually wrapped and плоткой box. Still intact. Packaging cute, not a shame to give


  92. N***o

    Buy zadovolena. Cream Chudovo зволожує shkіru, зникає відчуття стягнутості. Just знахідка for quiet, who суха shkіra. Куплятиму sche. Time s cream otrimala probe зволожуючої емульсії. Recommend.


  93. A***v

    Gorgeous cream for moisturizing and smooth fine lines around the eyes! Sending to Germany in the past month, perfectly packed in vacuum package. It safely. Store has become one of the most popular. Buy this cream is not the first time. Very like effect, which gives this cream. Tool has a delicate texture, does not clog pores. Nice, a subtle floral fragrance. Absorbs quickly. Apply, as a basis and before going to bed. The Skin around the eyes is very delicate and requires regular care moisture. Better prevent the formation of wrinkles, than to deal with them. The pre-clean, Put dot movements and fingertip распределяю over the surface of the eye. Cream has a cooling effect. Fine and reduces fatigue in the end of the day. Removes small swelling in the morning. Leaves no greasy. Completely absorbed in the skin. The composition of the unique. Total weight 15 grams. Buying definitely recommend!


  94. M***a

    Cream went for a long time, more than a month, thought, that is not enough. But he came. Was well packed, not damaged during transport, without a break. IN a cardboard box, sealed mica are elongated tube Volume 15g. THE tube is elongated spout for easy and economical dispensing cream. The manufacturer claims that cream reduces dark circles, bruising and swelling under eyes, reduce fine lines, smoothens, nourishing and moisturizing tender skin age. As a part of contains natural ingredients, such as leaves Chestnut and avocado. Cream White, quickly absorbed, not greasy, not sticky, it has a pleasant парфюмированным flavor. Did not cause allergic reactions. After a few uses is difficult to assess the effectiveness of, but after use pleasant sensation, will continue to further testing. Shelf Life is long, before Oct 2021. Fresh, is made in Oct 2018. As a gift to the order store put sachet moisturizing emulsion facial.


  95. R***i

    Very fast shipping, shelf life is normal, the present probe cream. Track to track. Recommend store


  96. A***m

    Great. Very fast delivery. Well packaged, do not wrinkle. Can Be a gift, box beautiful and in the original film.


  97. M***a

    From togozhe Seller one parcel arrived. Quickly. By Finnish. And the other is not otslezhivaetsya or where. Due to the store. The svom channels its tracks and giving evidence. That it is. RECOMMEND.


  98. E***o

    Shipping virtually lightning-16 Jan ordered, and the 29th has received, is not even keep did not expect so soon. Packaging Box help Cat. Umnichka. All very carefully has been laid, do not forget, Do not mistake, though the order was great. Took the “winter sale”, when prices are much lower, and with coupons and discounts me all that’s cheaper happened almost five dollars ($4,86). Order 10 bags emulsion, 11th put as a gift. Sorry, no inserts in the Russian language. While it is not tried, buy decided, after reading the responses. Myself and my mother. The store is very happy, add your favorite. Seller-well done, thank you.


  99. I***a

    I really like уходовые means this manufacturer. Their common good cosmetic effect and very nice faint fragrance. This time took care products skin around the eyes. Quality packaging, box sealed in mica. Capacity 15g. Sufficient for this type of. Convenient spout allows you to accurately dose cream. Англоязычная instruction printed directly on the box. Sure, it is not my last order from this store that work out with each buyer at 100.


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