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Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Mini Shaver

(92 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • This eyebrow shaper is the best tool to use in maintaining the shape of your perfect brows
  • It has a rotary head with a protective cap for a fast and painless eyebrow shaping
  • Slim and pocket-size design, just about the size of a pen or lipstick
  • Rechargeable through a USB cord
  • Material: ABS +Stainless Steel / Product Size: 17 x 2.5 cm / Product Weight: 85g / Head Weight: 55g
  • Package Content Variants:
    • 1 x Electric Eyebrow Trimmer (Head and Body)  + 1 x USB Charger +  1 x Mini Brow Brush

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Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Mini Shaver

Eyebrows are one of the things that a lot of women care so much about. It has to be well-shaped and maintained because you have to look good in it. This electric eyebrow trimmer is a mini handheld eyebrow shaver. It’s about the size of a ballpen or a lipstick. It’s an automatic shaver that smoothly removes excess hair from your eyebrow. What’s great about it is that it leaves a seamless finish. It’s almost like you thread or you pluck your eyebrows! Moreover, it’s automatic so no need to shave back and forth just like what you do with a blade shaver. It’s also completely painless, and it would only take you a few minutes to finish shaping both of your brows! This eyebrow trimmer is rechargeable.

Ergonomic Design

This eyebrow trimmer has an ergonomic design. The shaver’s head makes 12,000 revolutions per minute! The fast rotation of the head makes it easy for you to remove excess eyebrows. Its protective cover protects your skin and prevents you from getting cut by the blade. Moreover, this shaver is also waterproof.  You can use it while you are in the shower or even if you have wet hands. It has a single power button in front for easy on and off. It also has a cover so you can close it after using it. This eyebrow trimmer has an easy-grip handle too. You can also easily adjust your grip on the trimmer because of its ergonomic design. It’s portable and very convenient to use. It’s the perfect eyebrow trimmer for every woman!

Gift Idea

Are you looking for a useful gift for the special woman in your life? Then, this electric eyebrow trimmer is something to try. It’s very useful to keep her brows in shape. Plus, it has an ergonomic design that allows easy usage and it’s portable too!

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Based on 92 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. C***o

    Super rapide merci


  2. B***a

    Really easy to hold and remove the hair, I felt more safely with that when compare to the usual knife for removal and it’s also easy for bring to anywhere in your purse. Its a good choice for who would like to do that fast, safety and have a great and pretty product!


  3. Customer

    I am not good at trimming the eyebrows when I use the knife to trim. This gives me relatively convinient and easy way to trim. I just want to give it a try in the beginning, but the result comes out very well. 1. It can evenly trim the hairs. 2. I feel super safe while using it compare to the traditional knife. I just move it around the place I want. 3. Surprisingly, it’s also precise enough to trim the detailed shape Because it will not move very fast, so you can slowly remove the part you want. *Please note it doesn’t come with the battery. And it will become a little warm on the head if you use it too long, but it’s fine and harmless.


  4. Customer

    After using I can tell, Gets little hot after 2-3 minutes of using, but nothing I can’t handle, also felt good the hot was not unpleasant. Use one battery (not included) The esthetic of the eyebrow trimmer pen is stylish and looks good. Great for substituting other eyebrow techniques used also for have eyebrows on point. After do my eyebrow i can tell that adding mini brush, mini eyebrows scissors and this item, my eyebrows are practically as beauty salon. Photos and video illustrating actual product received.


  5. Customer

    I’ve always had bushy brows and been looking for something like this. It delivered, it did the deed and now I’m happy I can fix my brows anytime and anywhere because it’s so lightweight. It requires AAA battery so make sure you have that in handy.


  6. Customer

    It is easy to handle and you can trim your brow so easily. This will save me from getting eye brow wax every couple of weeks! I am getting one for my nince.


  7. Customer

    This item is a blessing in disguise, it’s great for other facial hair as well and nose hair too. It’s a little difficult to know that your getting the hair, but when you open it up, you see what you’ve accomplished. It’s great if your in a hurry and even if your not. Nothing like not having to tweeze or wax. I’m thrilled with this new little fix.


  8. Customer

    I don’t like pain. Period. With that being said I avoid going to have my eye brows waxed a whole lot and definitely don’t pluck. This thing is magical. I’m not good enough to shape up my eyebrows so when I bought it I went straight to get my eyes brows waxed and fixed. This thing is perfect for upkeep. Now when I see stray hairs growing back I use this. Completely pain free. I’ll never have to go back to the salon again! Well, at least anytime soon. So glad I found this product!


  9. Customer

    Overall, it works well in trimming but I think waxing is still the best way to go if you want a completely hair-free area of your eyebrows. Again, this is only to trim your brows and will not cut fully that is close enough to the skin but it works like how it’s intended to be. I used it to trim my lip hair because they were kind of getting obnoxious to see. The product is fairly quiet with a little buzzing sound from the tiny machine. It operates with one AA battery and the blade is fully replaceable and detaches fairly easily too. It’s easy to grasp because it’s thick enough for your hand. It won’t cut your skin because it has a protective covering that protects you from nicks and scratches even if you press down hard on your skin. Great product and I will continue to use it for my lip hair and eyebrow trimming needs.


  10. Customer

    Girlfriend needed this so I let her use my aliexpress, and i had asked why she bought this compared to the others, because I wanted to write a review, she said that the colors and description is exactlyt what she needed. She used it for a bit and really enjoyed it. She says, ‘tell them I would recommend this, because the color is cute’.


  11. Customer

    It works great. The first time I used it I didn’t read the instructions first and cut myself. But after that I realized that you are supposed to do it under 90 degree angle and that it was totally my fault. After that I didn’t have any problems. Really fast touch up. Well don’t do it fast though, you need to be careful with the lines – you don’t want to end up with different brows. Also it’s very important to clean it after use so it will work properly.


  12. Customer

    I used to use the eyebrow trimmer knife to trim my eyebrow manually, but I am not good at the eyebrow trimming. I had been to the store that the lady will help you to trim the eyebrow if you asked for this service. But I do not have that budget all the time to go to the store many times. And then I saw this great eyebrow trimmer online and I ordered it. This is a great tool that trim my eyebrow and this is very easy to use, at least I won’t cut myself accidentally.This trimmer is easy for me to hold it. I like this eyebrow trimmer.


  13. Customer

    This electric eyebrow trimmer is really premium quality and it’s perfect for doing eyebrow. You know doing eyebrow trim is always a tricky job and it requires lot of attention. With blades it become even more difficult and you end up having eyebrows that doesn’t look good. So this little device is very handy in that case specially if you are doing it yourself. By the way this is pretty lightweight you can carry that even during travel.


  14. Customer

    This trimmer is nice for eyebrows, nose, and ears. I was a little nervous at first, thinking that it would pull the hairs as it cut, but it never did. It gracefully cleared out the troubling hairs and didn’t hurt at all. The only complaint I had was that it didn’t come with the battery. I had to take one out of my TV remote. Lol. I put it back before anyone noticed.


  15. Customer

    This is a great tool. Saves so much time. I have been using tweezer for so long and although it gives a very clean look if you have the patience but it really hurts. My friend recommended this so I gave it a try. It is so much easier to shape my eyebrows now. I just need to be extra careful when using it so I won’t accidentally trim my eyebrow because it is sharp. All in all I love it!


  16. G***n

    Item does work well. For now on I can do my own eye brows.


  17. Customer

    Wife loves it. Says it’s so much easier and faster then plucking. More comfortable too.


  18. Customer

    I’m enjoying using this item. Doesn’t remove hairs as I thought but I’m.


  19. Customer

    Bought it for a relative to trim her eyebrows. She loved it so much , we had to get another one .


  20. Customer

    Love this tool for my eyebrows and it nearly eliminates the need for tweezing. This is my second one.


  21. Customer

    Works great! I was skeptical to use because you never know if something will truly work. It took a few times going back and forth but shaped and cleaned up my brows. On my corse hair I still plucked to get the root out but I’m still super happy with this product!!!


  22. Customer

    Great Product!


  23. Customer

    I have always been meticulous with my eyebrows until the last couple of years. My lupus had gotten so bad that plucking was painful. I stopped tweezing regular and the brows got out of control. I needed something with good precision as Im not as coordinated these days. Thought the typical brow trimmer was too bulky..I’d accidentally take of an eyebrow off. I was surprised by how easy and fast this works. I have thick stranded hair and this buzzed them right off. My eyebrows look like my eyebrows again!! Definitly worth the money.


  24. Customer

    Easy and painless to use.


  25. Customer

    Very easy to use. Cleans up brows perfectly. Pulls a little bit when it’s cutting/ shaving but still less pain than wax or individual plucking.


  26. Customer

    Love this little tool. It trims slowly so if you go to high you dont shave your eyebrows off. I found this to be very easy to use and no tweezers needed. YEA! So far impressed.


  27. Customer



  28. Customer

    It’s gentle to touch and gets unwanted hair away (even peach fuzz). Easy to hold.


  29. Customer

    I once paid $20 per month to have my eyebrows done by Katherine at Belk’s in Columbia SC. I have moved and in 3 years have not been able to find anyone to shape my brows nearly as well as Katherine. After purchasing this product, I am so impressed. My brows look fabulous. The product is easy to use and does an excellent job


  30. Customer

    My brows have never looked so even. Unwanted hair gone with no pain.


  31. M***S

    I’m in love with this. I have generally pretty good eyebrows (not too bushy lol) but there are some hairs here and there id like to get rid of, but not too much that I can justify getting them waxed and I’m too scared to pluck. this little pen did the job and then some! My eyebrows look so much cleaner, all the little hairs are gone, it didn’t hurt AT ALL. Very easy to use! Buying another one for my husband lol 10/10 would recommend!


  32. Customer

    perfect for a mini-shaver. Marketed as an eyebrow shaver, but could easily shave any sensitive area on the face. The noise is surprisingly lower than any shaver I’ve ever used. As the instructions say, just make sure your face is completely dry before using and you won’t be disappointed. Smooth removal and comfortable grip. Only downsides I can derive are: – Shipping was a little slow from aliexpress, but I suppose that’s not the stores fault at all – I thought that it runs even a little TOO sensitive and need to do small areas at one time. Since some may prefer this/this is subjective, I can’t really call this .


  33. Customer

    It’s convenien. I’m a lazy girl and just beginning to learn how to meak up. So this one can help me easy to Eyebrow trimming.


  34. Customer

    I wanted a new way to do my own eyebrows without the mess and irritation (sensitive skin). Being Italian and Hispanic I have naturally curly and course hair. This is perfect for it! My eyebrows look so clean and flawless!! (No pun intended). I was hesitant at first till I looked up some reviews on other women using this product to get an idea before purchasing. A lot of other Hispanic womenloved it as well. I have extremely sensitive skin due to laser hair removal (do not recommend!!!) . These are worth the buy! Price isn’t bad either. It doesn’t hurt, no nicks, no redness even for me. If the hair is longer I recommend going in at an angle first then circle over it. My eyebrows look better than getting waxed! So smooth too! The name truly defines what the finished result looks like. I highly praise this product and highly recommend to those who do not want to go through the hassle of tweezing or waxing again.


  35. Customer

    Works good for touch ups. Nice small and compact. Good for touching up eyebrows


  36. Customer

    perfect eyebrows every day. its very easy to use and you will save a lot of money.


  37. Customer

    Wow I am very happy with this product! Nice small size that doesn’t take up too much space with your cosmetics. I was a little skeptical, but it works better than imagined. You don’t feel anything while using, but can definitely see the results. Also, since you use batteries, you don’t have to worry about it’s charge capacity diminishing over time- just replace the battery as needed. For the price, I definitely recommend this product for its ease of use and good results.


  38. Customer

    Great product, this pen does the job! All you need one AAA battery and careful slow circle movements if you do not want to remove too much hair lol. Can’t complain at all.


  39. Customer

    I really like it. Need to be careful for first time lol I messed up my eyebrow. Cleaned well. Just need training 🙂


  40. Customer

    Truly painless.


  41. Customer

    Better than I expected! I use it to clean up my eyebrows once a week and plucking them in between. It works great for me. I also used it for my husband’s eyebrows and he was so surprised how good it was!


  42. Customer

    Easy to use. Works great. Love it. I can go weeks with out getting my brows waxed.


  43. Customer

    Nice design and easy to use. When using it, it cleans the hair very well and smoothly.


  44. Customer

    I never need to ask a cosmetician to trim my eyebrow again. Nice little trimmer pen. Easy to use and carry.


  45. Customer

    Loved this eyebrow trimmer. Easy to use without risking zapping your whole brow because the tip is small. Cleaned up all the crazy brows and mine looked like they had been waxed!


  46. Customer

    So much easier then tweezers. I will never go back! Easy to use and convenient.


  47. Customer

    I must say I’m very impressed with this little device. It came well packaged with easy to read instructions and I could use it right away. As there is no contact with the skin there is no Irritation. definitely recommend.


  48. Customer

    nice and easy to use… pretty handy and easy to carry as well. can be used anywhere, at home or outside!! love it recommended!


  49. A***

    Super market very much no need for batteries


  50. A***i

    Often drop dead gatau why GA can be worn.


  51. M***a

    It’s like the description purchased on January 10th received on the 30th, still unused for now all good


  52. N***s

    Thank you very much, the product received, works well, the store recommend


  53. R***r

    The goods received today at the post office. Works. in fact I tried.


  54. Customer

    super. polecam


  55. S***T

    Exact product to the description. Product identical to the tele-purchase for less expensive. Delivery less than 1 me to Belgium.


  56. M***a

    Excellent thing, fun buzzes and perfectly copes.


  57. S***v

    While 4. got today, decided to immediately try in the case and about the miracle, extra hair on the eyebrows disappear before the eyes. It’s gorgeous. After a month I will add a tip.


  58. R***e

    Love it. works so well. product arrived nice and fast.


  59. Customer

    I like the product it’s very easy to use.good to have one at home in case of immediate use.i like the color of the epilator and it’s easy to carry also


  60. Customer

    Very nice! Really painless as it says and simple to use. Good value also


  61. Customer

    I gave it to my friend. She said she always have to clean surrounding her eyebrows every 2 weeks and she is so busy And sometimes forget to wax her eyebrow for 2 months. So this is perfect gift to her. She said she really like it so far. I appreciate this invented tool.


  62. Customer

    I bought this because I have Blonde hair and it’s hard to pluck my eyebrows when there are so many fine baby hairs. It is very efficient and the light is very helpful. Leaves skin feeling very smooth as well.


  63. Customer

    Works good. I cant see well to get the gray hairs to pluck them and get my skin. This is so much easier! You do have to pull your skin tight or press hard to get a few of them.


  64. Customer

    Works great. Love that this trimmer is small compact, and sleek looking. Great for travel. I keep it in my purse.


  65. Customer

    This is great for touch ups. I like how small the blade is so easy to be precise.


  66. Customer

    This eyebrow epilator is fantastic, I was looking for something that would work for my eyebrows without any pain. Before I used tweezers or wax and the pain I felt was terrible. Cleaning after using it is also very easy since it comes with a small brush that you can use to clean the small blades.


  67. D***i

    T Cutter good really weak not worth nothing


  68. P***n

    The trimmer is not bad, but the button and the battery should be put fully charged.


  69. E***a

    Arrived the parcel in less than a month. Until I tried the case. In appearance-corresponds to the description. Later I will add when I use it for the purpose.


  70. E***o

    It’s okay.


  71. B***o

    Great item, fast shipping! Thanks a lot!


  72. R***l

    Very good, I liked the power very much. Fast shipping. Just be careful when ordering I didn’t realize there was two types and ordered the battery type instead of USB recharge type which I wanted


  73. J***e

    Well received ideal article. It is perfect, rechargeable with its cable provided. It works thunder! I am delighted!


  74. W***o

    The product works well and does what it promises. Wife is happy with the purchase.


  75. Customer

    Unfortunately the goods came in the wrong color, ordered black, but sent red. And I did not like the quality.


  76. F***r

    works as it says


  77. R***v

    The goods came quickly, thanks, but did not work trying new batteries off after 30 seconds.


  78. A***n

    The goods are good. The store is sociable. Wife happy


  79. N***n

    It’s much better than I thought, cut to the smallest little movies. I love it!


  80. L***f

    A super apperaatje


  81. B***O

    The product the same as the description, I have used it once and it works well. Because in Spain Post Office is not delivering packages from quarantine, I can’t say how long it’s taken.


  82. A***z

    Item not received, I opened dispute and got my money back


  83. M***a

    Thanks equals description thanks to store


  84. Customer



  85. Customer

    Product exactly like There photos, I recommend.


  86. M***z

    Even though it took too long and above the store you contact him and he doesn’t give you solutions because in the end if my product arrived and I am happy for the price q has cut quite well


  87. S***o



  88. Customer

    Quality corresponds to the price. Works without problems and complaints.


  89. A***a



  90. Customer

    Great small shaver! It works great! Recommended!


  91. K***k

    31 March sent provided 1 June. Yet it not wypróbowałam


  92. J***k

    As at other reviews positive. Only minus loud it comes


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