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Double-Sided Window Cleaner Magnet

(100 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • Clean both sides of your glass window in one go using this double-sided window cleaner
  • It uses strong magnets that hold the cleaner together without falling off between thick glass
  • It has absorbent cotton that is effective in cleaning, the sharp triangle shape cleans narrow corners
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: Approx. 16 x 13.5 x 7cm
  • Glass Size Variants:
    • 3-8mm single glass
    • 5-12mm single glass
    • 15-24mm double glass
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Double-Sided Window Cleaner Magnet


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15-24mm double glass3-8mm single glass5-12mm single glass
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Double-Sided Window Cleaner Magnet

You can have an easier time cleaning your window with this. One thing about cleaning windows is that you have to clean not only one side but both sides at the same time. That is why window cleaning is one of the dreaded tasks when it comes to home cleaning. Consequently, you have a hard time cleaning one side and you will have to do it all over again on the other. More importantly, it is hard for you to clean glass windows in high places like the second floor of your home. Since there is nowhere that you can step on when you have to clean on the outer side. Good thing this double-sided window cleaner is here to save the day. It makes cleaning windows more convenient and it saves you the hard work as well. Clean your windows faster with this one.

Strong Magnet

For this to work, the cleaner uses magnet so that the cleaner for both sides of the window sticks securely. Consequently, the cleaner on the other side will automatically clean and follow your movement on your side because of the magnets. This way, you only have to do one side since it also cleans the other side at the same time. This is a simple yet very clever and effective design that will help you get the work done faster. Also, the magnets are strong enough to hold even in between thick glass windows. So, you won’t have to worry about the cleaner falling off on the other side while cleaning the window.

Absorbent Cotton

Aside from the magnets, this cleaner has effective and absorbent cleaning material. It used absorbent cotton which is great in cleaning glass windows. More so, it has a rope that you can wear on your wrist so this does not fall off.

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Based on 100 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. O***a

    Delivery sdecom 3 weeks. Strong magnets, hold on a single balcony window, move well. Gently with your fingers


  2. K***e

    Works ok, basically one wash and you have to change the white padding


  3. L***n

    Surprisingly works great, thanks


  4. K***g

    Magnet very strong


  5. I***a

    It came quickly, in a branded box. Drawings-instructions. Replaceable fabric. On 1 glass magnetizes like a beast! But from the rapid movement it was demagnetized, well behind the rope to the hand tied. Wash only pre-moistened glass with water! Washes real. Very dirty glass of the old loggia washed. But still the means should be treated and wipe with these magnets. I do not regret that i bought it, i will use it, i need practice


  6. N***n

    Order from 29.07 shipping by courier 2.09 magnet strong, but double-glazed does not work, magnetitis, but only start to move, “street” side drops off


  7. V***n

    Not yet used


  8. W***a

    It came in smoothly, but it turns out the washing area is very small.


  9. M***s

    looking forward using it! magnets looks extremely strong


  10. K***e

    Preci saņēmu ļoti ātri. 28.08 nopirku …. 10.09 Jau saņēmu uz Latviju. Nemēģināju lietā, bet magnēti spēcīgi.


  11. F***r

    magnets are weak, spunge destroyed after one use


  12. R***l

    not as expected don’t work on corners small area with pad, and it constantly falls and I ordered the expensier one


  13. R***c

    Haven’t used it yet but it looks awesome. Thank you!


  14. T***a

    Fast delivery. ordered 24.08.19 brought courier 14.09.19. Packed in a bag with a pup. I bought not myself, so i can not say anything how to wash. the product was not tracked.


  15. M***n

    Great hold on double glazing. Windows aren’t perfect but it’s still great for unreachable windows


  16. N***r

    Product wyglada as the pictures all the Agrees catches normally thick glass, but to wash this box is not the hop and is by no means sensationally washed, ogolnie product as the description all OK


  17. D***o

    Corresponds to the description, the magnet is powerful, in the box there are additional two spare felt liners and fasteners for them. Delivery carried out sdek directly to the house. In general, it is wise to wash the windows from the inside without sticking out. Successful purchase.


  18. B***t



  19. L***k

    Dziala so as the description


  20. E***a

    Sweating. Washes well, slides also perfectly. But-corners and edges do not wash. The gap remains 0.5-1 cm not washed. In general, the purchase is satisfied, it turned out to wash the windows that do not open. The magnet is strong, afraid that you can break the glass, but no, everything is fine. Made soundly, the plastic is strong.


  21. E***v

    Not the model that is in the picture. Such that came happens and cheaper. In general, it washes well (if it is cool). Sometimes the magnet does not hold well (single glass balcony, double-glazed windows do not hold at all).


  22. K***a

    Checks up on single glass


  23. P***a

    Super gadzet. Shipment future enough quickly, because after CA 3 weeks. Working! Mogłam take with stronger magnet to thicker windshield.


  24. Customer

    Užsisakiau 2bam stiklui. Atrodo laiko neblogai. Valyti nebandžiau.


  25. P***v

    Delivery sdecom to st. petersburg almost a month. For single glass fits well. Thank you to the store.


  26. D***s

    Arrived in 30 days. Paid postal fee. Still not tested. Thank you store. Came all right!


  27. H***i

    Arrived in good condition


  28. C***o

    It’s not the same as the image, but it’s fine.


  29. A***n

    It does what it’s made for. Not perfectly, but my windows are cleaner.


  30. C***n

    Received today and it should still try out.


  31. I***v

    The store did not correctly write my name, so the parcel was somehow given


  32. G***g

    Everything is very accurate, as in the description. the parcel came quickly


  33. L***r

    The order was received in 32 days, today i tried and was very pleased, before to wash one window i left about 1 hour, and with this magnet managed for 10 minutes, when i learned to cope even faster, i put 5 stars, definitely recommend this store and this product, only carefully look thickness in millimeters window and magnet, All successful purchases!!!!!


  34. K***k

    Arrived as advertised


  35. O***a

    The wiper is only suitable for thin double-glazed windows. Does not clean double and especially triple glazing. Although I took the biggest magnet.


  36. P***r

    He arrived in less than a month. The product is equal to the description. I tested it and it works smoothly.


  37. P***p

    If one glass, very firmly holds, move hard. If, single-glazed windows, it will go as it holds. If the double glass package does not hold, when moving falls off. No included replaceable magnets, narrow range of use. Not yet used for its intended purpose. Initially in the photo it seemed that on the handle (for what to hold this thing) Lamb to adjust the pressing force. And in fact, the handle is different, without lamb; (


  38. K***s

    OMG this works It is AMAZING. You have to have this


  39. C***a

    Great product, arrived right. THE magnet is very strong and really makes the promises. Arrived very quickly.


  40. B***m

    I’m quite happy, but the magnets turned out to be Slightly weaker, although took the strongest, they fell off the glass times 10, but maybe the skill is needed, in general satisfied, but if there was a small opportunity to wash the windows on the 3rd floor, then I washed myself, and so, my thing, on the principle: “on a fish, cancer-fish.”


  41. S***a

    Strong magnets but on standard double metal-plastic windows will not work, so money on the wind, but the store is not to blame. The goods are quality, thank you. Those who have single windows, I recommend.


  42. J***j

    I hope it works . Thank you for sending it soon


  43. R***a

    Fast shipping in only 19 days at my home in Holland. Works well on my isolated double glass windows. Only the wiper strip kind of loose in the machine coms easily out.


  44. A***y

    Thank you very much to the store!! delivery via sdek. the goods are good. Excellent. in its category .. the windows on the balcony wash perfectly .. According to the instructions… the magnet that you need .. keeps well .. the purchase is very satisfied. thank you… I recommend ..


  45. L***o

    Everything came well, though it took a long time to arrive, over a month.


  46. S***s

    The products arrived fast and complete. You have to wet the window to slide. There are places you don’t get to, at least in the design of my window, as seen in the photo. But it meets to clean almost the entire surface. I spent it only once, if used twice in each window, I think it’ll work better.


  47. D***d

    Everything corresponds to the description. Until I tried b. Work. /In addition, I will write a review/. the parcel was not tracked, but came earlier. prodovets recommend


  48. Customer

    Easy to use and fast. It leaves the crystals very clean.


  49. M***v

    Very strong magnet, you need to wet very well otherwise it moves with difficulty. Washes not bad but still there are divorces.


  50. T***k



  51. A***a

    Magnets are very powerful! Came quickly with delivery to the door))


  52. G***a

    No grader wheel shown in image


  53. Customer

    Already tried. You need to get stuck a little and it works out. I’m happy. It turns out qualitatively and quickly enough. I took a magnet 3-8 (the weakest) and approached. I recommend!


  54. S***s

    Magnets are very strong


  55. Customer

    Thanks. Product as described


  56. L***s

    Very great product ! , recommend ! , 5 stars. thanks.


  57. L***i

    Came in today, received them very fast. The magnets are extremely strong! Haven’t tried it yet.


  58. A***n

    There is no mark on the package, for what exactly the thickness of the glass this product. feel 3-8 Instead of 5-12. Therefore, the outer side of the glass is not cleaned perfectly, because. The fabric part is adjacent to the glass is not enough


  59. G***n

    In appearance, everything will respond to the description, a very strong magnet, how it works has not yet been checked.


  60. P***v

    Normal piece, very strong magnets


  61. R***r

    Came in two weeks. The track was not tracked. The parcel was brought by a courier from sdek


  62. E***A

    The shipment took a very long time about a month and a half but the product works very well in double windows I bought the one 15_24mm can break the magnets very strong finger even need to use careful


  63. I***a

    It has a powerful magnet capable of holding onto thick glass but my experience is not how they paint it on the video. If the crystal It’s got a lot of dirt, not even with two passes. I am not particularly satisfied with the result of the first use. I’ll keep practicing to see if I can make more use of the device.


  64. R***v

    Product מצויין, magnet very powerful shaped surprising (caution on the fingers). Strength magnet also keeps שהצד הנגטי no יפול and helps to wipe tight free בייבוש. After cleaning first I very satisfied.


  65. Customer

    I can’t really criticise the product but I didn’t grasp how much energy it would require to pull a strong magnet. Except for Windows I cannot reach at all, I would be faster to just clean both sides with a cloth. Also the cleaning surface is tiny. The magnets are extremely powerful and could catch andctrap little fingers so care is needed around children.


  66. E***e

    Like a normal device. Magnetized firmly, complete with additional fasteners and replaceable rags. Not yet. Took to clean the glass of the fireplace


  67. P***n

    The item does not match the picture, those without the magnet clamping regulator. The store returned some of the money.


  68. S***s

    Thank you store, will use after post my opinion about the cleaner the magnet is strong


  69. D***a

    The magnets seem strong, without the hooks the husband barely unhooked. Even scary on the windows to try. Everything was intact, delivered to the door. Arrived about a week for 3


  70. A***

    Delivered quickly in appearance qualitatively until I tried


  71. E***w

    Not yet tried. On the double glass is attached weakly, but on the single well. Great option to wash balcony windows. Let’s see how it will manifest itself. It came in a month.


  72. A***h

    Everything is personal. Magnets are very strong. perhaps even it was necessary to take a little weaker. I will try to supplement after checking.


  73. A***h

    Delivery to Irkutsk month the goods correspond to the description. Double-glazed windows do not hold very well


  74. H***h

    Compatible לתיאור, magnet very powerful


  75. A***z

    This goods geçikti so was in dire straits


  76. E***A

    I ordered 2/12/19, I received 30/12/19. The magnet is strong, even very. I have not tried in work yet. I will add feedback later. With the store did not communicate


  77. Customer

    Strong magnet, but I should order the strongest variation. Fast shipping


  78. M***n

    I was expecting much less…but I am in love with it! I think people who put bad reviews doesn’t have idea how to use it. Once you get the technique, this thing makes miracles. Finally my windows are completely clean!


  79. O***A

    On 5 chamber bags of plastic windows does not hold. I bought it in vain.


  80. O***o

    Arrived in 1 month.


  81. C***

    Received and was punctual. We need to try to see if it works. I will leave additional comments


  82. D***O

    It’s very fragile, I ‘ve tried it and since you drop a couple of vec is se d is ride everything, powerful magnets but very flimsy structure


  83. Z***A

    Seller recommend, thank you.


  84. A***n

    Delivery month, to the door by courier, in the work has not yet tried. Magnets are strong.


  85. A***a

    Great thing, mom is happy 🙂


  86. Customer

    It didn’t work out for me. I don’t know if it will be because I have Thermo window clean panel only on the edges of the triangle and falls several times loss of money.


  87. C***c

    good item


  88. A***V

    Got very quickly, brought to the house! In appearance quality!


  89. H***k

    The magnets are strong, not double glazing, the glass surface must be wet, the friction is decreasing. Shipping is successful


  90. O***S

    Magnets are tremendously strong, I recommend the store


  91. Customer

    Thanks the store the product is good, clean very well. However You have to learn how to move it. It is not so simple.


  92. C***O

    Product as described.


  93. E***v

    Not a bad device. I’ll learn to wash. The first time did not work. I guess we should train.


  94. C***o



  95. Customer

    Looks like a good thing, we will check in action.


  96. Customer

    Impressive the magnetism you have since I have double glass window and it still works! Perfect


  97. R***a

    looks good we try a small window. Next week serieus test 🙂


  98. I***i



  99. P***d

    Magnets strong enough for a simple glass too just for double glazing, the squeegee is not well fixed and comes out of its housing… Not bad as an idea but product to improve.


  100. F***r

    Exactly what I wanted, works well on an apartment


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