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Deshedding Tool Pet Grooming Comb

(100 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • It allows you to start deshedding the fur of your pet without any difficulty
  • It has a non-slip handle and a durable body material; It offers you a friendly design
  • You can use this tool once or twice a week to reduce the fur that he sheds inside your lovely home
  • Material: ABS, Stainless Steel
  • Size: 50 x 160mm, 75 x 160mm
  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Deshedding Tool Pet Grooming Comb


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Deshedding Tool Pet Grooming Comb

This Deshedding Tool is a pet grooming comb for your furry pets at home. Similarly, its body material is ABS and stainless steel. It has a total length of one hundred sixty millimeters while its blade width is fifty millimeters. While its other variant has a seventy-five-millimeter blade length. You can easily use this grooming comb and it can help you manage your pet’s fur. This material has a friendly design which allows you to use it without experiencing any difficulty. Aside from that, it is safe to use. Using this comb won’t cause harm to your pet because it can gently trim his fur without hurting him. Similarly, this grooming comb can help you enhance your pet’s lovely look.

Deshedding Your Pet’s Fur 

With this material, you can start deshedding the fur of your pet for at least one to two times a week. This tool can help reduce the fur that he sheds inside your home. Some people like to cuddle with their pets and others let their pet sleep on their bed or couch. But your adorable little pet might leave his fur on the bed linen and other furniture which might make you sneeze. Furthermore, you will have a hard time cleaning all areas of your humble abode since his fur might scatter everywhere. This material is suitable for your pet cat or dog. You can hold it properly without slipping in your hands. At the same time, it is consists of environmentally friendly material.

Excellent Pet Comb

This is an excellent pet comb for your lovely pets at home. It can offer you wonderful benefits. It can make your house clean and free from falling pet fur. Aside from that, this tool can also benefit your pet because it can prevent the possibility of developing allergies or irritation. Just remember to use it gently so it won’t scratch his skin.

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Based on 100 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. Customer

    Item is as described, 17 days delivery to Germany. Thanks for the Ball (gift :)).


  2. L***o

    In mo, the order came in 1,5 months. Track was not tracked, the order went through latvia. Packed well. Ordered, because. The cat really does not like the glove. Of course the gloves grip is more and it is safer, because. Silicone, but… Alas. When you brush the furminator, lies quietly. Very satisfied with the acquisition. Seller recommend. Thank you! The store recommended!


  3. N***A

    He arrived very quickly and looks very firm in terms of materials, came with a nice gift


  4. E***k

    Very good and quality comb, very different for the better from those that can be seen in our pet shops with sharp teeth that scratch even human skin and made of fragile plastic and with rare, crooked teeth. This comb is made of dense rubberized plastic, so that the hand does not slip, and has weight-it is easy not to break and will not pop out of the hands. I’m very happy. Even the skin does not scratch, you will not cut. Still on the cat did not check, as soon as i check-i’ll add a photo-review! Comb arrived in belarus in 23 days, i think it is fast. Thank you very much to the store! For such a cost in our country such a quality calculation is not purchased! 🙂


  5. M***a

    Quite satisfied. The cat lost weight after combing, the cat does not like it. Broke only was a protective nozzle, but it’s not scary


  6. U***n

    Shipping month. tracking no. store put a gift two balls. for it is a big plus. packed well (package plus puffy), the quality of the goods norms. not yet tested


  7. A***a

    In mo-a little less than a month. cool thing. for the cat took, which is bigger


  8. E***h

    It came quickly. Looks great. After combing the cat, i will add a tip.


  9. V***c

    Chesalka justified all the expectations. The cat “delighted” made a couple of test garlic.


  10. V***v

    Excellent comb, combs undercoat and fluff. Super. Delivery to irkutsk is 1,5 months. The store put a gift for the cat. I recommend.


  11. Customer

    Wonderful product. store sent the gift to the ball. my cats love you too.


  12. A***n

    Delivery to moscow in 23 days. The product corresponds to the description. As in the picture. Managed to check, perfectly removes wool, liked the cat. Seller thanks! I recommend!


  13. N***r

    Delivery is about a month, but waiting was worth it. For the first time, tired of sewing our fur monster, but the cat likes. I recommend☝


  14. A***a

    The parcel reached in 28 days to moscow, the track was tracked. Chesalka kise liked, his function performs well. For a short cat just right!


  15. A***a

    The order came relatively quickly. The comb is very comfortable to lie in hands, to feel pleasant, heavy. I’m happy.


  16. R***r

    Super!!!!!!! The cat likes it so much, and i’m even more. Super! Super! Super!!!!!!


  17. S***n

    Good thing, made qualitatively, combs well. Delivery in the designated terms. Thank you.


  18. J***a

    Shipping super fast. Quality is very good. The purchase exceeded all expectations. Combs very well, the handle is comfortable, easy to operate.


  19. I***a

    The fuminator is conveniently in the hand, the handle is rubberized. She took for a german shepherd. The width of the blade is too small, you need to take it wider. In fact, i have not tried it yet. Seller and product recommend. Thank you.


  20. M***n

    As i waited for her, combing well, unlike gloves and other brushes, rough enough, i’m afraid that the cat hurts sometimes, and she purrs, then swears to me it seems to me my cat can be completely scratched and will constantly climb the wool, the tail is very well combed, became twice less delivery 3 weeks


  21. A***a

    Why didn’t i know there were such super brushes before?? Cat is delighted, the comb is awesome, combing very effectively, compared to the puhoderka old. Delivery month, package in package + protection on teeth. On the handle rubber lining, so as not to slip. Prosperity store! I recommend for cats 75 width, not so wide.


  22. A***a

    Delivery took about a month to st. petersburg, furminator of good quality, in the store similar costs in the area of 2000 rubles, very satisfied, all except the cat)))


  23. M***o

    Delivery month. The description corresponds. The cat liked it.


  24. Z***a

    Nice garlic. I bought for my british woolen jerk. In five minutes i scratched them such a lump of wool that it would be enough to dump a new cat) for some reason i thought that a double row of teeth would be .. Delivery to rt month. I recommend the product.


  25. E***a

    Take it, do not doubt. Long decided and in vain, no garlic ordinary so much will not scratch, the price is pleasant, quality garlic, regretted that narrow took, it hurts often to pull out the wool) i have a cat


  26. J***a

    Good, strong. The new cat was collected, scratched much more than a regular garlic


  27. T***a

    Excellent thing, very well combs the undercoat, fast delivery


  28. E***o

    Garlic is good, though the blade is stated 5 cm, and in fact 4.5 cm, but nothing. The store immediately sent the order. Seller and goods advise.


  29. A***v

    Delivery to mo 28 days. Combing just super. Main not overdo. I recommend.


  30. Customer

    The parcel was almost a month, with tracking. Excellent furminator for this money, i advise everyone, instead of shops for 1500-2000 rubles. Nothing worse. Packed in a duster bag and with blade protection. Hasa longhaired came up with a bang. He’s not. The dog then kicks, then eats it wants)) with the store did not communicate. Let’s see how many blades are enough. Original say enough year for 1,5. I will order more.


  31. O***a

    Great number! Cleans even a deep undershorts. Заказывала for свекрови. I’ll order my cat right now. Thank you store! Great item! It came in a month in tula.


  32. M***a

    I ordered 26.04 received 13.07 at the post office. I ordered two pieces with a difference in one day, this second, the first one has not yet arrived. A small defect on the body, erased, but this during transportation, does not affect the functionality in any way, so i did not shoot the star. In the rest-a super thing! Looks expensive, heavy, combs just fine! The cat is terrified, how much wool from her, in the photo you can see, it’s literally from 3-4 combs! And given that the cat was scratched before that every day with a regular brush! Size 75 just right, less will not be convenient. I recommend to everyone! Thank you very much to the store! I’m waiting for the second parcel!


  33. V***v

    Well, for this money is not bad. I have an original furminator, which combes, of course, better, although visually they practically do not differ. But with this extra undercoat you can pull.


  34. V***n

    A mattress thing, looks promising! I think my kote will be happy, i will add a review later


  35. S***v

    Brush description corresponds, came in excellent condition, was in a white tight package, on the teeth was plastic protection. Sent immediately, it was 25 days from the moment of order and to the post office in lipetsk. Wool combs well. Thank you!


  36. A***n

    Cool goods, combs perfectly. Delivery month to moscow.


  37. E***a

    Pretty long free shipping, but this sludge is compensated by delight from the effect. Perfectly combes the wool, the underbrush, even wondering how much hair on the trimmed cat! The cat is also in shock


  38. A***v

    Delivery is fast. Comfortable comb. The cat is happy. Thank you. I recommend the store and the goods.


  39. S***l

    ordered this on June 17th and item arrived in a neutral-white bubble wrap envelope on July 4th. store sent the correct color and item was intact. Blade was protected by a plastic tube (great and cautious from the seller!),packed in an extra see-through bag. Item works as expected and my cat seems to enjoy it. Item does not smell (i was afraid it might). i would buy again if need be and recommend the seller! Thanks!


  40. I***a

    Excellent comb for my teddy cat breed scottish fold. And he likes (murchit quite) and makes a lot of…


  41. S***v

    Chesalka is excellent. With the shedding cat, he brushed his wool from his fist. The teeth are slightly sharp, but the skin does not damage. Sent the order quickly. The parcel went through latvia, which extended the delivery time. But the order came on time. In russia was not tracked, only before the transfer of mail.


  42. E***a

    Perfect. 10 days to mo. track is tracked. Came to the post office. I took a small size, but you can take the biggest for cats. Scales cool. In the photo a couple of times chesanula and already fook wool. Definitely recommend. I’ll order more. At us such from 1000 and above are


  43. A***v

    The comb is excellent, 10 combed woolen from 10! in the store similar to 3 times more expensive, and no difference, order boldly! Thestyles on scottish fold.


  44. K***a

    Very good furminator, almost nothing different from the originals, the price is excellent, i advise


  45. D***v

    Everything is fine, a good quality brush, in the hand lies comfortably. In pet stores such more expensive than a cosary, so very satisfied!!!! I advise everyone!!! Scratching on hurray, the cat is happy!


  46. M***a

    It came quickly, the goods were tracked, in kind of good quality, the strips on the handle are slightly rubberized, the goods are satisfied, i advise this store


  47. E***n

    If in short, the brush is fire. It turns out you can scratch the cat bald. On the ingrown in the light now naked skin overflows. The cat remained without a brush. I poured the whole bath. The cat was brave. It took 45 minutes to the british. In fact, this brush captures the wool from the roots and given the softness of the wool, practically cuts them off. Like profiling in a hairdresser.


  48. Customer

    Delivery in the area of the month! Excellent combing, combing the undercoat well, i compared it with the original furminator garlic, of course it is inferior in quality, but for such money it is good! I think for mom’s fold is just right.


  49. M***n

    The goods came quickly. Quality is good. Wool combs a lot. But. The cat hates this clearing! Probably hurt or not pleasant. (Tried to comb neatly) in any case thanks to the store!


  50. M***a

    Excellent! fluffy cat does not very clear, just slides, maybe i carefully scratch))), but the dog smoothly composes perfectly, it became less in the apartment of these shrub-needles. thanks! I recommend!


  51. I***P

    (this comment is for the small pink comb I’ve ordered along with this one, which I didn’t try yet) Quick delivery. Great comb! I’d say it fits to a short-to-medium length fur. I have an authentic Furminator and the brushing feels similar. Cat (who is picky about the brushes I’m allowed to use) loved it and it took him about a minute to prostrate himself in pleasure. As far as I can see from a quick try, didn’t harm the skin (which did happen to me in the past with the Furminator). Materials seem very good. Picks out dead fur well (see picture from a quick brush). Overall very satisfied, definitely worth it!


  52. N***n

    Quality is good, corresponds to the description. In the shops of furminators in the area of 1500 cost, the benefit of space. Sharp, you need to be neat. Scales perfectly, our british pi * duke liked it))


  53. S***a

    Great thing! Wool combs well. Cat short-haired. Quality comb from the original is not different.


  54. E***a

    20/08-07/09/19 (mos.) sending from latvia, excellent material of both plastic and comb. Chihuahua seems not happy, but i’m as happy as i took so much wool off her at a time.


  55. A***a

    The order came very quickly. The brush is great. The undercoat is combing well. Quality is excellent. Cat liked


  56. J***a

    Good thing. Really combes what the usual garlic does not comb.


  57. D***H

    Delivery is very long, about 3 months. But enters perfectly.


  58. Customer

    Good chesalka, in 10 minutes is not bad so had the scottish shorthair cat, we have in the city such chesalka costs 1000r and nothing it is different from this that with ali express


  59. M***G

    Furminator to the moscow region was a month with a small one, corresponds to the description, but in fact has not yet checked. Took a big, because. Siberian cat, fluffy. I hope everything will be fine, as in previous reviews)) i will add a review, as i believe in fact. Thanks to the store.


  60. T***a

    The order is satisfied, of course it is not the same as branded japanese. but the price is 3 times less. until i used it, i bought it for my mother’s cat. i advise the store, and the goods to buy.


  61. A***n

    Delivery to rostov-on-don almost a month. Quality is good. Cat is happy!


  62. S***n

    Came quickly, corresponds to the description, quite heavy. In the case is effective, combes well, the cat likes.


  63. Customer

    Delivery 1 month and 1 week. Not a bad thing! He’s doing great. In the photo of the wool of the cat for about 5 minutes of using the comb (furminator)


  64. M***v

    Great item! Returned cashback 40% of the purchase amount. Link to qr code in photo!


  65. V***a

    Very cool combing! Just don’t compare with ordinary pushers and scallops. The cat is still far from delighted with the procedure, but now it is much calmer. Of course i still scratch and scratch, but so far i have endured, i have never even scratched such a colosseum with her: d Shipping about 3 weeks, but on our post, could be faster.


  66. O***o

    The order was delivered very quickly to vienna. Comb quality, with strong heavy handle. Really works! Ordered for a dog, the cavalier combes perfectly. Usual combs did not allow himself to comb, and from this even fell asleep. Quality and appearance at 5 +. I do not regret buying.


  67. A***s

    Comb super! The whole underbrush is scratched and the cat likes, and the teeth will not break. I do not regret buying. In the store such under 800 and above are. Delivery fast three weeks. Track served.


  68. B***b

    Done well, firmly. Combing great. It was exactly a month before st. petersburg. The store sent the day after the order.


  69. G***l

    Everything is well the parcel came a whole but the delivery of a terrible month in china and almost a month in russia


  70. O***a

    The comb really liked. The quality is excellent, for such money. Delivery to moscow is about a month. Combes well enough and quickly. The cat is happy, lies quietly.


  71. M***k

    Good, large, not light at all, as it seemed, was immediately tested on the cat, i’m happy with the order, the store costs much more, the store did not communicate


  72. F***f

    The item is packed in a simple package. Shipping ~ 3 weeks. Quality-above average, which pleases. Scales very well!


  73. P***a

    Excellent comb. Well combes the undercoat. But the cat does not really like this procedure. The goods were excellent for about a month.


  74. D***o

    The product corresponds to the description, convenient to use. Cat is happy)) Fast delivery, to ukraine arrived in two weeks.


  75. V***r

    Great comb for my barmalee! Everything is exactly as described. Podpushshek combs well))) very satisfied))) and the cat too)))


  76. D***v

    Garlic super. And clean easily. Made very well. Cats appreciated.


  77. S***a

    Delivery to sochi 30 days, packed well, without damage. Seller recommend.


  78. Y***a

    A good strong comb, conveniently lies in the hand. There has been no experience of using such a tool to date. Tested on different cats. Definitely recommended for combing the brush from the british. Short-haired, even without signs of shedding, also a good result. But my long-haired lynching cat, with its active resistance, the effect was almost not-you need a comb with longer teeth.


  79. U***a

    Cool thing! Comfortable and removes a lot of wool. Item as in description.


  80. U***k

    Delivery is very fast, less than two weeks. Very good and quality comb. I recommend the store!


  81. O***a

    Very high quality and beautiful hackle. The dogs will be delighted. Thank you store for super goods. I will recommend to everyone.


  82. Customer

    The goods came somewhere in three weeks. Fully corresponds to the description. well held in the hand. combes chic! i have a scottish-long-haired, fur coat is not enough that stuffed so long. The furminator managed to cope with hurray. no comb so did not cope with her hair. Plus always кусалась, when her расчёсывали. this same miracle чесалкой gave comb all. the happy уснула)) So that goods advise, yes more for such price (in store such much more expensive)


  83. V***k

    Delivery to amur region for 1 month, track number tracked. Packed well. Made well. Combing the wool perfectly. I took a small one, i could have a big one. Koshatin is certainly unhappy.


  84. E***k

    Not yet tried in fact! goods шёл long enough 1,5 Mo-Mail Russia Can., there are small defect on зубьях (3rd photo)


  85. L***o

    Great store! Very high quality goods! Delivered within 2 weeks to the post office (moscow region, King)! I recommend to everyone!!!


  86. O***m

    Everything corresponds to the description. it was 24-25 days, the track was tracked. kisa gets used to it, came in a puffy and a cellophane bag. with the store did not communicate as useless, so for communication i also put 5 stars otherwise the feedback is not sent. took for 322,31.


  87. E***y

    Well combes the wool to a long-haired cat. Recommend!!


  88. E***a

    The blade is good, not soft. Plastic handle is dense and comfortable. On the cat tried the undercoat removes well. He copes with his task.


  89. I***y

    The thing is just super! She was recommended to me at the vet clinic. Cat just baldeet from the furminator! The parcel arrived on time and without problems! Thank you very much to the store! I recommend!


  90. O***a

    The item is completely as in the description, convenient to use and met all expectations and delivery 22 days from the moment of order!!! Class, thank you, i recommend!!!


  91. A***n

    Take, do not even think!!! In stores we have such 2,5 thousand. Worth it. And efficiency! I’m crazy! In the photo it’s only wool from the back of my nevsky masquerade. I think salvation from the koltuns is finally found!


  92. O***a

    Good thing! Wool combes and does not pull! The order was a little over a month. Garlic has a protective case, which is not very important!


  93. J***a

    Delivery to gubkinsky about a month. Good furminators, ordered in two sizes, took her “for growth”


  94. E***a

    Mattress chesalka. In the usual pet store, it would cost around 10000 rubles. Dense metal, plastic, everything is well done, in itself heavy. The teeth, as in most, are not made of plastic fastening, but as in the photo-from the cast metal plate, which gives a special strength to the comb. I even cleaned her sofas and how much wool she collects from an animal for long-haired is unlikely to fit, and i have a tartan-perfectly collects a blanket


  95. S***v

    Good price, fast delivery, high quality! Recommended!


  96. A***h

    In general, after sewing two cats you can blind the third)) a good brush, came to st. petersburg for a month. Heavy, effective. But you need to use gently, as it can rip out the wool! I’m happy.


  97. O***k

    The fastest delivery of the goods is 12 days! The store instantly accepted the order, and immediately sent. The parcel was tracked, came to a new post office, for the delivery did not pay anything extra. Concerning the product itself: i never used such a thing, but i read good reviews and took it. My cat, one-year-old “nobleman”, the wool is very thick, the undercoat is like goose down-dense! The length of the wool itself, sometimes reaches 7-8 cm… scratching, swimming, on the handles-all these manifestations can not stand, and therefore groans, fights and breaks out! But my husband and i got caught, he held all four paws, i scratched my belly. Before that, we therorized it with a glove, with wool tortured-throughout the apartment, carpets each 2-3 days and need a brush to clean. And the stomach at the same time was impossible to comb, there were formed koltuny. We cut them with scissors while our cat slept. So, finally we were able to scratch the stomach! There is not a single lump of fallen wool. Glove-wasted money! But the main thing is not to compose!))


  98. R***r

    Thank you, delivery 24 days! I recommend the store! Well done!


  99. Customer

    I’m just delighted!!! Fully copes with its task. For jack-russell is perfect. The dog does not like to sew wool at all, and with this thing did not even kick. I think she actually liked it. There is no wool around the house!!! I advise you a hundred times. September 4 ordered, september 23 already received. Delivery was before arkhangelsk.


  100. K***a

    My cat hates her. but he does his job at 10 points)


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