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Dental Tool Best Toothbrush

(90 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • Dental Tool Best Toothbrush effectively whitens teeth with its all natural ingredients.
  • It is a perfect tool for coffee and tea lovers out there. You can still enjoy your coffee or tea and let this product take care of the stain.
  • It thoroughly sweeps away plaques on your teeth and leaving you shiny white teeth.
  • Each product contains Net Wt:0.17 fl.oz/5ml.


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Dental Tool Best Toothbrush

We want to be out in with the crowd confident. There are people that we meet along and we want to give them the best smiles. Dental Tool Best Toothbrush is the toothbrush that will help you with your dental discoloration problems.

Your teeth will have stains because of a lot of reasons and we want to address that. You deserve to have pearly white teeth. First of all, this toothbrush is the perfect tool. It is not your ordinary toothbrush. It features herbal ingredients that do all the magic. So, all you have to do is to follow thoroughly the applications process.

Finally, it resolves all the stains that are the results of smoking and drinking coffee or tea. Although, you can’t easily stop drinking coffee or tea because they are soothing drinks for you. So, while you keep drinking coffee or tea, there are no worries. All you can have is this very helpful tool to whiten the teeth.

Herbal Ingredient

A product with a herbal ingredient is definitely safe for you. That’s why you are confident that there will be no harm that this product can cause to your health. All it has to do is to clean up and whiten your teeth. So that the next time you speak with someone, all they will ever notice is your white teeth.

Goodbye Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth with stains because of your daily lifestyle is hard to whiten again. But with this product, its never a hard thing to do. As long as you keep on using the toothbrush, you will get the best outcome. So, what are you waiting for? Get your teeth white now!

Moreover, it completely sweeps away plaque which causes teeth discoloration. That is the most important process that it does.

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm
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Teeth Whitening



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Teeth Whitening Tooth Brush



Based on 90 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. V***h

    Tool is the Tube Type pencil with brush on one end and rotating cap on the other. Tube comes in original box, which was sealed in the film. The box information on the composition and use method specified in English. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years. Tool is made 31.07.2018 years, so it is very fresh, and yet it is, maybe I was his first test)))) Capacity 5 ml. So, that US store promises: essence remove spots due to smoking, tea or coffee, in a more efficient manner, whiten yellow teeth. Method of use: 1. After cleaning teeth wipe the surface of the teeth. Remove The protective cap and rotate the end Of the pencil clockwise until the gel on the tip of the brush. 2. Use The brush for uniform application of the gel on teeth. Apply with a thickness of about 1mm. 3. leave for 10-20 minutes then rinse mouth with water. I used the tool is only one time and speak of the effect is too early.


  2. S***a

    Means I like. Is a convenient dispenser-pencil with brush. Put the instructions. Use more than a week, enamel was light. As an intermediate agent for clarification between professional cleanings-fine. Can be recommended to the order.


  3. T***h

    WHITENING PEN TEETH # MeiYanQiong Shipping in Belarus 3 weeks, track are monitored. Come in a beautiful box red, sealed in mica. There Is A bar code. Commodity information in English. Ingredients: water, glycerin, sorbitol, xylitol, hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, carbomer, menthol. fights stains from smoking and coffee, remove plaque, returns natural white enamel. store in a cool dry and away from children. Do not use pregnant and lactating breasts. If you have an allergic reaction to stop using. Method of use: Clean teeth, wipe dry, apply Gel, not shut your mouth and do not swallow rinse with water after 10-20 minutes. the whitening gel is a convenient small pencil, which extracted through easy подкручиванию, like concealer. for three times use, natural white back!


  4. E***a

    Less than a month delivery. Well-packed. Has a shelf life. Gel 5 ml. It is a convenient handle-applicator, at the end of which the brush. Apply convenient. Not cause allergies. Method of use: Apply to the upper and lower jaw, thickness about 1mm, hold 10-20 minutes and rinse the mouth cavity clean water. Do not swallow! Not recommended for pregnant women and nursing. For better effect, it is recommended to use gel within 1 week.


  5. T***a

    Parcel received for three weeks on the new mail (Ukraine) Box was sealed in mica. Jar of 5ml. Has the applicator and a brush to apply the gel on teeth. IN use, convenient! The package has a shelf life (big enough) and part of the English language. Inside the package was detailed instructions for use. sure it read. (pregnant and lactating breasts can not be used) In General, gel I liked, effect is. Really whiten teeth. A week plan review supplement.


  6. M***a

    Format package easy to use. This tube, like a pencil, it fits the gel. At one end of the brush, with which applied means, and the other end dispenser. It need to turn to a reported to the brush. Now about the gel, it is transparent, almost no taste. You need to apply after brushing your teeth for 10-15 minutes, and then wash it off. Swallow impossible. Manufacturer promises to effect this week. Suitable for чувствителеных teeth.


  7. Customer

    Whitening effect is because in the presence of hydrogen peroxide. For teeth with delicate and sensitive enamel will not work.


  8. K***k

    Cool tool which really whiten! To Apply, the brushed toothpaste teeth apply to 15-20 gel, then rinse. Smile becomes much more white, good will use in special occasions. Parcel arrived in three weeks, the track to track all the sociable.


  9. K***a

    Teeth whiten is not the first time. But gradually they turn white. It’s only for 2 weeks. Quality is pretty!


  10. S***a



  11. Y***a

    Store like, delivery fast, track, packed well. Tool easy to use. To be applied to the pre-brushed teeth, thick 1mm and leave for 10-20 minutes. Then rinse with water. Take 4 days. Put only the teeth, gums do not touch, no ache and does not hurt. Whiten gradually, but noticeable.


  12. V***o

    Gel is a convenient pencil-applicator. On the one hand brush, with other rotating cap. Twist refleny cap and brush stands clear gel. Applicator is in a box, on which the composition, shelf life and product information. Also there are instructions for use. Gel removes yellow plaque after smoking, tea, coffee… Weight 5 ml A citric acid, menthol, glycerin. Method of use: Clean teeth, вытираем dry выдавливаем little gel and Apply evenly on the teeth, thickness about 1mm. Go So minutes 10-20, not глотаем. After ополаскиваем mouth water. Visible result use at least 1 week.


  13. P***a

    Shipping took about two weeks before The Moscow region. Original box with information in English, sealed in mica. Bleached semitone. Composition of sparing.


  14. A***S

    Toothbrush whitening teeth! Shop: MeiYanQiong Official Store Bought for 6.42 $! Net weight: 5ML. There is a part of lemon, menthol and glycerin. Application: 1. Need To brush your teeth 2. Use the brush to even application of the teeth. Apply the thickness of about 1mm. Apply exactly the teeth, gums can not be! 3. leave for 10-20 minutes and rinse off with clear water. Recommended to continue to use it for more than 1 week for best results. Excellent pencil, good whiten teeth, remove plaque. Shelf Life of 3 years, until 2021. Recommend! Delivery 15 days New mail.


  15. M***a

    Tova Sega Shte of изпробвам and късно Shte ladies Additional otzivi.


  16. V***a

    Do not use this tool. Delivery fast, track all the way. Means no smell, clear. Will use


  17. Customer

    Package arrived for a week to MO IN the process of testing. Feel: you are using Метрогила Denta


  18. A***k

    Delivery fast. The shelf life. Packed carefully. A really works. Apply to the brushed teeth little gel, hold about 10-15 minutes, do not swallow! Then rinse mouth with water. After the first application is effect. Tool removes plaque, the teeth are whiter. For more visible effect, need to use gel in a week. Recommend :))


  19. G***v

    Serum in a cardboard box, sealed in mica. The package contains all the necessary information. Main Components of serum is citrus, menthol and glycerin. Serum for the design of a pencil on one side brush for drawing tools, the other swivel cap for dosage. The clean and dry teeth apply agent, pre-turning swivel cap clockwise, without waiting for is gel comes to the tip of the brush. Evenly apply the gel thick 1mm, then after 10-20 minutes wash teeth clean water. Serum whitening teeth perfectly removes stains due to smoking and drinking of tea or coffee, good whiten yellow teeth. Whey cool, to produce better results recommended use more than 1 week!


  20. C***z

    Still do not use, get fast


  21. Customer

    Faster delivery


  22. M***i

    Gel arrived very quickly. Smell unpleasant. Packed safely. After use, enamel becomes sensitive. Wait for the result


  23. T***a

    Very cool whey in order to whiten your teeth. Come in a beautiful original box. Size of big already, just enough time-a month for sure. For single use enough a couple of drops. Me effect very much.


  24. K***a

    A great tool for whitening teeth. Until you try, but many were advised and praised it. Jar of 5 ml. Has The applicator and a brush to apply the gel on teeth.


  25. E***a

    WITH this company, the not very long, and is all very popular. Specifically the serum for the second time, the effect is great! Teeth bleached very noticeable. Excellent packaging, in a nice original box. Box wrapped in foil pupyrchatuyu, so do not wrinkle. Fast delivery-2 weeks. Complete cotton buds.


  26. I***l

    Shipping 2,5 weeks to Tula region. Reliable package, damage in transit have arisen. The shelf life is normal. Gel is absolutely clear with a slight taste and flavor menthol. The sensitivity of enamel effect. Before use need several times scroll lower pencil until funds on the brush. Apply on your teeth for 10-20 minutes, then wash it off. Effect I noticed after the first application. Rate-average, week, then break. Recommend buying.


  27. T***a

    Shipping was within a month. Track number. It was packed well. IN a box and a film pupyrkami. Volume Of the tube 5mg. Shelf Life is good up to 2021G. The back of the box there are instructions in English. Still have liner composition. Gel is a pencil applicator with one hand brush, and other rotating cap. When you turn the rotary cap gel arrives on the brush. Before applying, need to brush your teeth and wipe them dry. Then apply the gel on teeth, thick 1mm. Wash Off after 20 minutes. I held 7-10 minutes, T. the feared that teeth are rough and sensitive as after Lemon. Important, swallow this gel can not be. After the first application, nothing happened. A week later teeth a little white. Need a course. But, keep in mind that this effect. If it is necessary for sure, it is only a dentist.


  28. K***a

    All OK


  29. Customer

    Packed in a nice box. Gift store put emulsion. The Facility capacity 5 ml. Shelf Life of 3 years. The Main active ingredient-гидроперит/urea. Can not be afraid, because the concentration is not very strong. Have a slight smell of menthol. Clear instructions. Bristles medium hardness. On The Basis of properties, is temporary cleansing, so we must use the without missing.


  30. Customer

    Gel was not very fast. Is not used. Thank you for the gift.


  31. Z***A

    It’s time to time, time-limited to 2021! Packed well!, not yet tried but generally satisfied only instruction is in Russian)


  32. A***a

    For 3 weeks got the serum whitening субов. Order a good track. The store sent immediately after payment Box mica. During transport hesitated. Pack was in the package with Air Bubble Film Bottle with one hand with tassel. On the other hand to twist to serum started coming in the brush. Carefully нненасти on teeth. Keep the instructions. Instruction in English attached . For the first time. Will try Good shelf life


  33. L***a

    Delivered into the hands of two and a half weeks. Hope the white teeth from this wonderful products.


  34. V***a

    Facility was in the past month. When dug, first do not understand, why was dry. We Must turn cap at the other end, then the brush back transparent gel. After brushing your teeth I caused the means 4 tooth, wait 15 minutes and washed with water. At first glance, it seemed to me that there is no result. But if you compare these teeth with those on which I do not cause means, you can see the difference. So can conclude, that means really whiten your teeth. The more that the instructions given that to achieve the results you need to use at least a week. Teeth not rough, sensitivity, does not appear. Will use this further.


  35. I***n



  36. A***d

    It quickly. The quality is excellent. Advise


  37. E***a

    Tool for whitening teeth. Delivered quickly packed was just original box it’s put in the bag. With regard to funds and its quality is not say after one to two performances as a result not see Though when compared with a rear teeth and it seems they become lighter. As for packaging the box was sealed in mica. That is A Prominent that box has not been opened. The box release date and time-limited. The bleach is inside there instructions for use. Bleach is made in the form of brush the bleach gel in order to take advantage of you need to unscrew the cap back and then will gel flow out the brush and it’s tassel is applied to the lips in general will be tested through time will add a review


  38. Z***a

    Delivery fast. has not been tested for a present.


  39. M***a

    Box a little crumpled. Thank you for the gift later will try


  40. E***e

    Пользуюсь неделю . Мне кажется что зубы стали белее


  41. A***n

    Пришло довольно быстро, плюс там был подарок от продавца)) ещё не пробовал


  42. T***o

    пользуюсь 4 дня, пока результата не вижу


  43. G***a

    заказ пришел быстро, упакован хорошо, есть маленький подарочек-пакетик крема – спасибо, как будет работать гель напишу позднее


  44. M***o

    быстрая доставка,в деле не пробовала!


  45. O***a

    Производитель обещает нам “эффективный способ полного отбеливания зубов” Средство удаляет налет от табакасигарет, чая или кофе. Я жуткий кофеман, очень люблю натуральный кофе и зубы мои естественно страдают от этого(((( Удобный дизайн средства, позволяет легко носить с собой и воспользоваться в любой момент. Обьем 5 мл. Сроки годности в норме. Упаковано средство в коробочку и слюду. Присутствует инструкция на английском языке. Средство эмаль зубов не разъедает, после применения эмаль остается гладкой, чувствительность зубов и прочего дискомфорта не появилось. Явно выраженных вкуса и запаха нет. Пользуемся с мужем несколько дней, результата пока не увидели. Фирма очень хорошая, я уже опробовала много косметических средств данного бренда и всегда оставалась довольна.


  46. L***t

    Посылка пришла меньше чем за месяц после оплаты заказа. Упаковано было надёжно. Полный набор. Уже 2 раза использовала. Пока всем довольна. Если будут положительные результаты, буду заказывать ещё. Магазин один из моих любимых!


  47. A***V

    Interesting means, so I have not tried. Like not sting, does not cause allergies. Before use to read instructions, the benefit of it in English. And the information on the box is also in English. Tooth Sensitivity not risen, strong effect, but once enjoyed. Will continue!


  48. A***k

    It’s fast


  49. A***a

    Tool for whitening teeth. Came to see me quickly. IN a gift emulsion facial skin. Smell nice. Applied on your teeth easily. No any discomfort is not experienced. The results of early while talking, but think that will work. Means was satisfied.


  50. Customer

    Otrzymałam already your serum after two weeks. Packaging originally zafoliowane and have expiry date. Manual located on the package in English and per given product composition. Aplikujemy serum with a small brush, small brush, Medium Hardness after przekręceniu horn several times appears gel for pędzelku. Texture gel thick, transparent color, no smell, after naniesieniu not odczułam any taste. After naniesieniu a thin layer of gel for clean teeth, you need to leave it for 10-20 min, and later rinse with water. WITH applique poradzi wearing each. Gel economical, and visible effect manufacturer obieca already after a week use. Serum u me not wyzwał allergic reaction, for me is safe. Seller added free in characters sample deep moisturizing emulsion.


  51. G***L

    For whitening teeth at a good price. Who do not want to just buy a set the handle can buy a first and see the results. For me it is very convenient, of many different This shop I like here quality cosmetics Sent very quickly, the track is not monitored, but it comes. whitening very convenient use, giving a little, inflicted on the teeth and wait 10-20 minutes, the lid closed and removed until tomorrow. So a month, then watch the results. Whitening gradual. I recommend a good product, the shelf life of large, release fresh.


  52. A***q



  53. E***a

    Packaging come empty, money back


  54. S***a

    Items come quite quickly. A Little more than a month. Packed in bag pupyrkoy, to maintain the product during transport. Lay within branded box, sealed in mica. Tool is in capacity, very closely resembles two-way ink. One side brush to apply serum, in the middle of the serum, on the other hand-Swivel mechanism to extrude the serum. The tool itself without any taste and smell, which is a plus. There are instructions in English. Shelf life is also normal. Used a few times, big difference not noticed, but as stated by the manufacturer, you need at least a week. Will continue to experience. The store has put a little present as a cream probe. Nice.


  55. N***n

    It’s fast, about of weeks. Packed too good, reliable. Is not used, hope, the result will be. As a gift was embedded probe-emulsion facial


  56. A***u

    Excellent gel. Delivery fast, the track number to the reception. Packaging завальцована. Clear instructions. The ingredients are listed on the package. The Seller is done. Recommend.


  57. V***v

    The Seller sent the fast track. Liquid enough, enough active use for months 2 for sure. Before applying teeth wiped and apply Gel, to squeeze out the need to scroll Cap 1-2 times. There are instructions for use. Apply after brushing your teeth for 20 minutes, and then прополаскивила water (if not wash off, then appear heartburn). Super effect, but for a week teeth from yellowish state changed and began on 1-2 shades lighter. There was no reaction. Recommend items, will continue to be used.


  58. N***a

    Packaging during transport damage. The shelf life is normal. With easy touch handle.


  59. S***a

    I always wonder try similar means, this is my first experience whitening at home. Dare because Shop tested and I trust him. Read about other similar сыворотках, there are more aggressive options, I’m afraid of similar. This whitening the tone or 2 and by me. Delivery about three weeks by mail. Branded packaging box and mail box. Composition and expiry date is given. Store # MeiYanQiong Official Store The Result I saw about 5 application. Enamel become brighter and cleaner, not like snow, but enough that my eyes can see the difference. I used the tool 7 days, every day. Applied in the evening after cleaning teeth, layer is 1mm. After 20 minutes, rinse with water. A like.


  60. N***i

    Come to me tooth whitener. Honestly to this have never used. Read good reviews and decided to try. With this shop is not the first time to cooperate. Everything is always at the highest level. THE paste pretty pleasant smell. Easy to apply with built-in brush. Thank You


  61. E***i

    Perfect tool for whitening teeth. A spreadable with built-in brush. Product is packed in its original packaging is sealed with MICA. Track the entire journey. Thank You


  62. S***s

    A little bleach. Much. Thank You Very Much.


  63. A***s

    Good-looking, but the fact is not tried .. it very quickly.


  64. Y***n

    A great tool for teeth whitening, a second time. Serum me very much, the effect is visible after the first application. Goods come well packed in original box, which sealed mica. The box is writing in English, There are instructions exactly expiry date until 2021. Capacity 5 ml. Seller fast sent order, shipping took 16 days. Recommend product and store!


  65. S***a

    In the vast Ali is there are a great many similar means. I tried five of them. Four gel and one very aggressive. This tool works. But slow, because gel щедящий and soft. The results can be seen, about the fifth application (if using a special silicone mouthguard, the result will be seen faster.


  66. S***a

    In fact, not tried; looks solid; packed well. Convenient brush to apply. Fast shipping


  67. Y***o

    Delivery in the city of Moscow 20 days. Pencil was packed in original box and mica. Characteristics Of: Removes stains from smoking, tea and coffee in a more efficient manner, completely bleach yellow teeth and removes plaque. Method of use: 1. After cleaning teeth wipe the surface of the teeth. 2. Remove The CAP with brush. Turn The end Of the pencil in a clockwise direction. Rotate until the gel on the tip of the brush. 3. Use the brush to evenly rub dentifrice on top and bottom surface jaws. Apply the thickness of about 1mm. 4. leave for 10-20 minutes and rinse off with clear water. Recommended to continue to use it more than 1 week for best results.


  68. E***a

    Tooth whitener. Long dreamed of a style. Very convenient to use. Great size and price. Convenient to use. Instruction manual is very clear. Bleached teeth a pair of shades. Teeth do not become more sensitive. Have expiration dates on the package. Recommend. Buy a gift for girlfriends!


  69. I***T

    Take a week-effect is zero (


  70. Customer

    Shipping in Petersburg-2,5 weeks. Means packed in a cardboard box and an envelope with pupyrchatoy. Box was opened and battered, traces of use, but still hate. Gift store put the probe moisturizing emulsion. After use will add a review.


  71. E***o

    Means, which at first was causing me doubts, but found nothing. TO my surprise, it works quite well and composition of natural. So, composition:-Citric Acid-brightens;-menthol-relieves irritation; -glycerin-moisturizing; -Sorbitol-effective moisturizing properties сорбитола allow you to prevent moisture loss of the surface layers of the skin, and its sweet taste with minimal bioavailability will survive сладкоежкам diet; -ксилитол-moisturizing substance and кондиционирующая supplement skin-friendly, it is conducive to moisture skin of air. Some manufacturers claim that this remedy has also soothing and antimicrobial effects;-carbomer-moisturizes, refreshing and soothing the skin. Regulator viscosity;-flavor and water. AND that’s the result. Oddly enough, but this gel good Bleached teeth). Do not know how, but this natural makeup effect! So I am very satisfied effect!


  72. A***S

    Parcel received less than a month after the order. The store maintained communication. Make an order in the store is not the first time and always super quality. As always put a gift. Recommend. Everyone is happy.


  73. N***a

    Receive your order-tool for whitening teeth. Shipping for 3 weeks to Moscow. Good reviews on product bribed. Composition is not bad and not look dangerous. Box mica, Good Supply-limited. Tube as cuticle oil. With brush apply for each tooth. Nasty mint flavor. It takes time for the display of action. Put a gift probe.


  74. E***i

    It was. Everything is fine, later will report the results. THE gift was a packet of cream from this company. Delivery fast and no problem


  75. D***v

    Package came in 3 weeks, track tracked. Means it in a box, sealed in plastic, shelf life of up to 2021 years. Agent in a tube, 5 ml, odorless, applied with a brush. Put on the 20 minutes in the evening after brushing your teeth, small flow, no discomfort caused. Judge the effect of early, it takes only 3 days, but the first impression is the positive. Gift put my pet emulsion, buy in this store, enjoy.


  76. S***a

    It quickly. We will try


  77. A***a

    Goods come quickly, but the result on the teeth I saw use for 5 days


  78. A***o

    Well packed, though in present take. Until you try.


  79. M***a

    Not monitored. Do not try.


  80. E***Z

    Whitening like, took her husband. It 3 times made the instructions and real teeth become whiter. Easy To use, low price, excellent quality, good shelf life Track number does not track, but it quickly. Recommend.


  81. G***o

    Very fast shipping. Thank you. Quality after approbation.


  82. M***v

    Bleach is good as a gift that is given did not know that, but teeth whiten the tone, but also nice)


  83. G***u



  84. L***o

    It means ukrainu it for 3 weeks, not only ordered it in this store. It was very good, does not hurt, not spill. As a box with this tool was sealed in the film, the box was term-limited (up to 2021). Track tracked all the time. Tube is made shaped Pen. On the one hand tube brush application products, and with other swivel cap for dosage. Very convenient to use. use for three days, and the result is small, but already have (steel teeth whiter), so think a week is a good result, because the manual says, that need to use more than 1 week, there was a nice effect. Will continue to order in the store.


  85. S***A

    WITH my proof coating effect weak, but there are. So that you can take.


  86. K***o

    Shvydko delivered, ot not probuvala


  87. N***o

    The box was opened


  88. V***v

    Thank You


  89. Customer

    All received intact, delivery fast, has not tried, later added a review


  90. Customer

    Action soft, the effect is. Recommend!


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