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Collagen Peptides Serum Anti-Wrinkle

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  • This face serum reduce wrinkles and skin grooves such as fine lines
  • The formula does wonder to the complexion
  • Effectively works to tighten sagging skin
  • Main ingredients: Acetyl hexapeptide -8, water, glycerin, 1-3-propanediol, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, triethanolamine, carbomer, hydroxyethyl cellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, p-hydroxyacetophenone
  • Expiration Time: 24 months after opening
  • Net: 15ml

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Collagen Peptides Serum Anti-Wrinkle

Do you want to look years younger than your actual age? A boost in collagen production should be in the works for your skin by using Collagen Peptides Serum Anti-Wrinkle solution.

A Secret to Look Years Younger

Wrinkling skin is a common problem as you get age. Moreover, 99% of your facial skin weakens and skin grooves typically appear such as fine lines, fish-tails, crow’s feet, and laugh lines.
In this situation, looking young seems drifting afar as you are getting older. However, there are countless women around the corner positively look for an alternative.
In fact, some of them are willing to undergo risky and painful injections just to look young. There are clever women who are benefiting from the wonderful skin-saving ingredients of the Collagen Peptides Serum Anti-Wrinkle formula.
This phenomenal skincare aids in the increase of collagen in the skin. Collagen is a kind of protein that is responsible for skin suppleness. The less collagen in your body the more skin issues you had. This face serum promotes skin elasticity and fills in lines that will otherwise expand if left untreated. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Recapture Your Glamorous Beauty

This anti-aging formula contains Argireline and hexapeptide essence. Both ingredients improve the elastin activity on the skin and smooth out skin grooves. It effectively tightens sagging facial skin. Once it repairs the layers of skin, it then leaves the skin refreshed and rejuvenated. Save your skin from the damaging effects of dehydration by following the steps ahead. Make sure your face is clean before using this product. With your fingertips, apply the anti-wrinkle solution to your face generously. Pat it on the surface evenly to make absorption much quicker. By completing the instructions, you allow the skin to reproduce its brilliance.

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  1. K***e

    Good уходовое means. Smell pleasant, applied by the via pipette, a few drops enough for face and neck. Instantly absorbed by skin, not leave stickiness. Now only use serum, cold will be applied on top of cream, as the skin is dry. Beautifully decorated. Delivery about three weeks


  2. E***Z

    Good serum. Delivery fast, for 2 weeks, sent quickly. Serum packed well, box not hesitated, serum mica, good shelf life. THE packaging serum with twist cap in the form of a nozzle pipette, to apply on the skin, not to spread the infection and applied directly on the skin, it is very convenient. Serum 10 ml, will last for two weeks at каждодневном use. I liked that fully all in English and instruction in English and Russian, plus the box emblem of the Red Cross, shows, this series is designed for treatment and can be sold in pharmacies. A great product.


  3. V***a

    Very good the serum. Transparent, pleasant smell the faint. Consistency Is a little thicker than water. Consumption is very cost-effective, need 2-3 drops. Convenient dropper. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin well. Take a few days, can not say about the wrinkles. Like the effect, immediately ordered another, to take a course. Delivery three weeks. Track number is not monitored.


  4. B***r

    Good антивозрастная facial serum. There is an instruction how to use. Dispenser-dropper is convenient, easy to squeeze out the right amount of funds. Delivery of Goods about two weeks.


  5. P***y

    An Interesting serum wrinkle, suddenly appeared to be a necessary part of your face! It moisturizes, nourishes and smoothes the skin. Easy to apply, smells nice. Absorbed very quickly. The complex gives excellent results. Very cool! Came in two weeks.


  6. D***D

    Good serum anti-wrinkles. Texture liquid киселя. Easy to apply, after using the skin remains no greasy residue. Felt that the skin moisturized. Smell nice. Delivery of goods for about three weeks.


  7. E***a

    Serum anti-wrinkle from a reputable manufacturer. Tool is consumed sparingly, the person lasts only a few drops. Serum has a pleasant smell. Pipette comfortable. The box stoi shelf life. Shipping took about two weeks.


  8. N***i

    Got wonderful cream. Packed in пыпырку and postal packet. The butylek was packed in a box and sealed mica. Delivery fast, a little more than two weeks. The tube looks very good. It was tightly twisted. Topped with pipette. convenient dosing. Have taken a similar. Leather smooth and moisturized. Allergic reaction was not. Praise. Recommend


  9. O***R

    Shipping took about a month, with full tracking. Packed well, not damaged. Box was sealed in mica, expiry date printed on the cover. Serum with pipette, so you can dosing means. Use until just a few days, moisturizes, no irritation. There Is a manual in English. Was satisfied.


  10. N***a

    Receive your order-serum for face. Shipping to Moscow was 18 days. Serum itself looks presentable, original box, sealed in mica. Bottle has a dropper dispenser for easy application. The serum is declared as антивозрастная. This fluid is not too thick, without any special smell. Easy to apply, smoothes the skin nourishing, slightly reduces wrinkles. About the specific effect can say only after a while. Quality is pretty.


  11. A***a

    Hyaluron serum. In order to arrive within a month. The box number party and shelf life. Butylek filled under the neck cap screwed too, not leaked anything. Peculiar smell, but it is on the skin does not stay long. Pipette is convenient to use. Order was satisfied.


  12. A***a

    Serum collagen effect rejuvenation and lightening)) arrived in a month. Package is not hesitated. Time-limited right up to 2021. Comes with a manual in Russian and English languages. A bottle of serum plastic, so that can not be afraid that it during transport will break. Smell is minimal. The serum gel, Volume 15 ml. Very like I have this serum, put a cream. Have brightening effect, skin moisturized. Not cause allergies.


  13. A***a

    Serum which came about a month. Dropper bottle is very convenient. Smell nice. The shelf life of three years. After the first application feel effect moisturizing and whitening, smartness skin. Serum with калогенами, should also have the effect of rejuvenation, but think need he borrowed two weeks to achieve effect. Thanks for the Fast shipping and good product!


  14. A***v

    Essence bottle 15 ml. Vial glass with pipette for easy application. There are instructions for use in Russian and English languages. Packaged in original box manufacturer and sealed factory method in cellophane mica. Shelf Life is 3 years in my case to Jun 2021. Composition and expiry date listed on the package. Delivery fast. Use method Applied means the pre-clean, before using the cream. Quite a few drops. Light massage movements mix is distributed across the surface of the face, neck and the neckline. After the final absorption can proceed to ordinary cream. Keep the effect of procedures with collagen, can be long, if continue to take care of your face. Do not expose the skin intensive tan and long пребыванию under sunlight. Summer skin need to protect from sun, winter-from the cold.


  15. T***a

    Delivery fast. All, as always, at the highest level. Box, sealed in mica. Expiry date printed on to Jun 2021. Bottle plastic, convenient dropper for use. On a separate sheet comes with instruction manual in English and Russian language, and also have pictures, for those who are too lazy to read. Bottle capacity 15 ml. After the first application feel moisturizing effect. The texture is not greasy, film the face does not form very reminiscent of the waters, and there is little perceptible, pleasant fragrance. Purchase I happy, recommend.


  16. A***v

    Антивозрастная serum! Very like! Smoothes wrinkles. Moisturizes the skin. Comfortable use. Low odor. Absorbs quickly, a manual in English with detailed description. Very pleased with the result. Recommend to buy! Thank you very much!


  17. S***a

    The butylek glass and clear-is clearly visible essence and its number. The jar is a sticker with the name of the brand, the substance. Use эссенцией easy for dropper dispenser, aka cover. Tightly twisted transport did not leaked. The Main active ingredient of essences Argireline. It Is more safe and budget analog Botox. It has the same principle of action, but, unlike ботулотоксина, consists of safe synth полипептидов. Drug has a liquid, slightly oily structure, no smell and color. This tool recommended people a 30, so is testing his mom and her words effect is. But for credibility will be a test on. Not cause allergies. IN a jar 15 mL essence, but spent economically. Suitable for any skin.


  18. A***a

    Leather after applying moist, soft. About исчезновении wrinkles too early to judge, but later will add a review. Suitable for all skin types. An Allergic reaction caused. Recommend to try and you. Value at the time of the order is 196 ₽. Delivery about a month to Astrakhan.


  19. L***r

    This serum moisturizes, easily bear skin, quickly absorbed without trace. I like to use IT) I do love serum. They Are not clog pores, unlike most creams. Care for the skin is very important, especially after 30 years, when become zamenty age changes.


  20. S***a

    Serum with collagen. Tool антивозрастное. Ordered the mother in law, declared lifting effect, strengthen, whitening, moisturizing skin. My Mother is testing the serum is like. Even used as an independent agent, without cream. Moisture and nutrition is excellent. Delivery about three weeks by mail. Packaging cardboard box and original box. Composition, expiry date listed on the package. Apply to clean face. Enough 3 drops evenly distribute. After a few minutes you can put your regular cream. Leather soft and moisturized, Action cream also increases. Recommend buying.


  21. J***a

    Shipping 2 weeks to tracking Voronezh. Box little помчласб, but a bottle and safe. In a plastic bottle with pipette. Convenient to use. The shelf life is normal. Moisturizes well. No smell.


  22. J***a

    In this serum will high content of collagen and peptides, so it is very effective! It perfectly reduces wrinkles, including facial, improves skin elasticity, evens out skin tone, perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin. Suitable for all skin types. As a result of testing can conclude that serum is excellent! Wrinkles gradually became flatten (especially nasolabial), skin moist and smooth. Apply it is a pleasure, it easy to bear, and very quickly absorbed without any adhesive layer. No odor. I loved it! Try It and You will not regret!


  23. S***a

    Whey came in the factory packaging. Sealed in mica. Box does not hurt. Serum to receive more than once. Like. Moisturizes the skin, are spilling out. Will buy more. The Seller sent the parcel quickly. Track to track. Goods store recommend.


  24. O***a

    The Purpose Of serum: Lifting effect, whitening, nourishing, moisturizing, skin care. Serum contains гексапептидные ingredients, which contribute to strengthening covers skin, effectively reorganizes elasticity collagen, can increase the activity of elastin, relaxes facial lines and wrinkles, eliminate the laxity, making the skin elastic, soft and smooth. Attention for sensitive skin! Please first check it on the inside of the arm before use. Tool I use recently and strong effect I not found. However leather mine got look healthier, увлажненнее, more pleasant to the touch. IN the process of applying means no side effects I not found. Serum quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy and mask effect. Did not cause allergic reactions. But I highly recommend to test the allergenicity product. Suitable for all skin types.


  25. O***a

    Super serum, very much. Nourishing, moisturizing. Easy to use. Absorbs quickly. Like. Recommend buying.


  26. I***k

    Shipping 3 weeks. Packed in the air cushion. There Is a manual in English, large +. Smell does not have any, absolutely clear. Liquid consistency, a little thicker than water, however due to the spout of soft plastic ensured economic consumption means. The Texture is not sticky, very light and weightless. After applying a moment does not feel tightness or discomfort. Thanks serum skin perfectly saturate moisture absorbed instantly


  27. O***k

    Good tool. Buy More. Took two. Both are good


  28. V***a

    Антивозврастная serum with аргилерином suitable for all skin types. Argireline collagen essence allow skin restore vitality, reduce facial wrinkles, fine lines in the eyes, forehead wrinkles, allows the skin to be more fine and smooth, reduce skin roughness. Serum contains гексапептидные ingredients, pull-up and firming skin, relax facial lines and smooth wrinkles, improve laxity, make skin supple, soft and smooth. Serum has a subtle scent, easy консистенци, quickly absorbed, No sticky feeling and fat, the skin soft, smooth and moisturized, excellent moisturizing the skin, prevent aging, reduce eye bags, the skin is more elastic.


  29. A***a

    Good composition, a manual in English, nice, not stink, convenient dispenser pipetochka. Quickly absorbed, moisturizing, nourishing the skin, remove the feeling of tightness. Took delivery of 1,5 months. Track is not monitored. Packaging-puffed sleeve. The whole drive, do not get crushed boxes.


  30. O***A

    Delivery within the promised time, parcel tracking. Cosmetics was packed in bubble-tubular package. Branded box mica, inside plastic bottle with a serum 15 ml and manual in Russian and English languages. Time-limited to Jun 2021. Cap of bottle function pipette, with which the product very convenient dosing small droplets. Serum liquid, watery, completely transparent, faint odor. The Product should be applied with light massage movements, serum well spread on the skin and quickly absorbed. For combination and oily skin such care can be quite enough, as serum provides skin sufficient moisture and sates it useful substances. But the dry skin absorb product quite active. For normal to dry skin serum generally use before applying the daytime or night cream.


  31. A***a

    Shipping almost 2 months, by ePacket, monitored. Unpacking the parcel⤵️ The//youtu. be/-oV9mnZgNFU Transportation air pocket. Packed in a box, which was sealed in mica. Bottle plastic bottle with pipette. Bottle and box decorated in the same style. All information in English. Vial clear serum, with a pleasant fragrance. Composition is good, quickly absorbed, leaving no sticky effect. Effect will feel immediately, not magic, but the skin is better. Goods store recommend


  32. A***l

    Good moisturizing facial serum, packed in original box. The box composition and shelf life. Pipette easy to dial the right amount. Have a slight smell. Shipping for over a month.


  33. A***R

    Bought the trial, maybe means with аргирелином is not used. Effect very much! Improved complexion, skin become more toned and smooth. Excellent moisturizing. The costs are very economical. Чередую morning-evening with gialuronka same brand. Very happy! Recommend! Thank you!


  34. E***a

    Serum with Peptides Lovely bottle with pipette, very convenient to use. Embedded in the original box. It has an expiration date, by a wide margin. Happy, that product fresh. There Is a manual in English. As stated in the page of the store, peptides nourish and tighten the skin, increase the activity of elastin, relax and smooth wrinkles. Liquid transparent color, is a bit thick water, no smell. Sticky effect does not leave. Useful Tool in any age. It Is not a substitute for care, as a supplement to it. Price at the time of purchase was 263 rubles. Shop a good rating and a lot of positive feedback. So the seller on the page you can see full of serum in the Russian language. THE brief description of some components. Very happy, that has the opportunity to not buy product “blind”. after a few uses can say that there is a moisturizing, pleasant enough skin feel, soft. No discomfort bvlo


  35. K***k

    Cool whey, do not take the first time, excellent moisturizing skin, smoothes wrinkles. Convenient to use, on the skin apply a few drops twice a day. After applying quickly absorbs, do not leave a sticky effect and greasy. Delivery month, track to track all the packaging is good.


  36. S***a

    Good serum with good composition! Leather from using it moisturized, velvety and refreshed! Without a particular smell, transparent, watery. Easy to apply and absorbs quickly! I enjoy!


  37. L***r

    Used as a mask for the face. Considering that do alternately with others-can’t say what happens with regular use. I have 3 mask gel this brand, but and smeared alternately. After using the skin seems more supple, hydrated


  38. N***y

    Instructions for use in Russian and English languages are included. Composition: water, 1, 2-бутандиол, soya bean amino acid, пальмитоил, гексапептид-12, trehalose, Hyaluronate UM, peony extract root SUFFRUTICOSA T, potassium sorbate. the consistency of the water, but a little tighter State drop immediately begins to spread. Smell particularly I felt. Applicable for any skin. means to easily, with droppers for desired areas of the skin, and then hands help распространится composition all over his face. Absorbed almost immediately, but I will add massage face, that would be absorbed in all parts of the skin. After using the skin well hydrated and not need extra wetness, so I just put the makeup. moisturizes the skin, use every day box facial cleanser. arrived in 25 days.


  39. H***y

    Fast shipping, means like, in this store is not the first time. Recommend to buy yourself or as a gift.


  40. D***a

    It ‘S for 35 days from the date of order. Do not try, later will write about the effect…


  41. N***a

    Returns The skin of the face and neck, elasticity and firmness, helps to nourish deep layers, reduce the depth of wrinkles, осветлять dark spots, pull loop and align relief, and most importantly run production of collagen. serum transparent color, gentle, non-greasy and not sticky, watery texture, very easy to spread on the face. serum me very much, I did not use it daily and did not pass the necessary course in 1 month, so can not talk about the results before and after, but it works, perhaps not so effectively, as manufacturer promises, but at least it is absolutely comfortable to use and is very reasonable, therefore RECOMMEND!


  42. E***a

    Delivery amounted to little more than a month by China Post Registered Air Mail, serum is packed in a cardboard box, the information available is the English language-it and composition and time-limited to 07.06.2021 years. the serum is a glass bottle with dropper, Volume 15 ml. Serum transparent, slightly thickish, without any special smell. Absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy and face of the film. After use, the skin becomes smooth and velvety to the touch. excellent serum, there’s very happy and recommend to buy!


  43. A***t

    Serum transparent, watery with barely catch a pleasant smell. Bottle big-15 ml. The texture is very light, quickly absorbed by the skin. After application of serum skin becomes soft, supple and moist.


  44. O***a

    It could be a good tool, if not part of. Much chemistry stuffed there. Please Read the product page before purchase.


  45. E***a

    Serum promises: Improve skin elasticity, effectively recreate elasticity collagen, soften facial lines, smooth fine lines, make skin supple, soft and smooth. Texture serum watery, fell ill gel. No smell. Consumption economical, one to two drops enough on his face. Moisturizes, quickly absorbed and not leave a sticky and fat effect. With regard to the composition, аргилерин and collagen I found, they might have a different scientific name‍♀ Composition can are available on the photo I use a serum only as extra moisturizing skin, the task I like, as fuses serum. But whether it removes fine lines can not judge, I do not. As a result, means liked, moisturizes your face and neck. Skin after use, really soft, delicate and smooth.


  46. A***.

    A serum included collagen, which as no one fights wrinkles and увяданием skin. Collagen Protein can instantly turn ingredients in nutrients, allowing the skin to restore vitality. Eliminate wrinkles, reduce expressed wrinkles on the face and neck area, excellent moisturizing the skin, eliminates skin roughness on face. Ingredients: Acetyl гексапептид-8, water, glycerin, 1-3-пропандиол, дикалиевый глицирризат, гилуроновая acid, mixing-glucan, triethanolamine, carbomer, Hydroxy ethyl cellulose, phenoxyethanol, этилгексилглицерин, N-гидроксиацетофенон Whey is suitable for all kinds of skin. Volume 15 ml. Shipping Kazan took two weeks. Serum arrived in good condition and in karasivoy box with name brand. Inside there is an instruction from rules of use of the product.


  47. S***a

    A great tool, factory quality. There Is a manual in English. Very like, delivery fast.


  48. Y***y

    Very cool serum in the store. Very happy and composition and effect. Come quickly and well packed. Not only moisturize, but also improve the appearance of skin. All advise.


  49. L***a

    Interesting facility, in which the main ingredient-Argireline. For those who do not know the Argireline-safe alternative to ботоксу. But unlike the last, applied topically, no addictive and face has a natural looking after the application. Suitable for women after 30 years, when skin need support. “Crow’s feet”, on the forehead, nasolabial wrinkle, bags under the eyes is an incomplete list of use of resources.


  50. S***h

    A great tool. To Cope with all the declared properties. Fast delivery and considerate store. Perfect for. Use a cream and mask. RECOMMEND!!!)


  51. T***a

    Serum I use morning, skin excellent moisturizing, requires a small amount. Some mixed with cream. Fine lines smooth, large No. For daily care is perfect. Delivery month.


  52. O***i

    Good tool! Box was sealed in mica. Box as always with this brand, design low-key and resembles a pharmaceutical preparation. The box there is information in English, all described. There Is A production date and time-limited to 2021.06.07 Inside has instructions on how to use. And described in detail in the Russian, is dubbing in English and picture to understand exactly. Tool is placed in a plastic bottle. The Bottle is not great. Here only 15 ml. The bottle is applied volume, manufacturer and name. Отвинчиваем cover and see glass pipette. Top part is soft and rubber, When you typed liquid. With a pipette can adjust the quantity means. Very convenient to use. Argireline has almost elusive flavor. Liquid translucent, Muddy. The consistency of a thickish, more гелеобразное Love the like and love to use. Argireline absorbed well. Excellent moisturizing and smoothing fine lines


  53. M***a

    Serum with peptides, tightens the skin, making it more flexible, reduces the laxity. Has a slight odor, quickly absorbed without leaving greasy. The box contains the date of manufacture, composition and properties, There are instructions for use.


  54. T***o

    Shipping: Six, track Packaging: Mail Bag Box with a serum packed in mica. Shelf Life of 3 years. Inside there are instructions for use in two languages, Russian and English. Butylek serum plastic. Lid plastic. Dosing comes with pipette. Serum odorless, watery. Easy to spread very quickly absorbed by the skin. After using the skin soft and smooth. Feeling greasy and sticky No. Eliminates the peeling of the skin, pores.


  55. A***a

    Excellent serum for daily use. Gives good hydration in combination with cream. You need to put the clean face patting movements. There Is A whitening effect. Almost no smell.


  56. Y***a

    A great tool, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years. Excellent packing, shipping 1 month. Recommend.


  57. E***a

    Came in the crust, which was sealed in mica. The packaging structure, shelf life, how to use. Within the transparent plastic jar with lid with glass pipette. Bulk 15 mL. Serum transparent, watery, the smell of it nice, slightly catches. Pipette is convenient to use and a means to the face. Consumption is very economical, I Drip Drop by the cheeks, forehead and chin. Absorbed it instantly, leather just eats it. Serum like, feel the skin soft, trim and it seems that lines slightly smoothed. Delivery 30 days.


  58. S***a

    Excellent serum with peptides, smell nice, well


  59. D***Y

    A great satisfaction purchase through the shop VIBRATING GLAMOUR Official!! Fast shipping and fast in 15 days for France. tracking shipping perfect and a parcel very neat. A beautiful bulk order of 4 bottles 15 ml lotion anti aging and 4 jars cream Face Care, anti wrinkle at a value price excellent!! I donnerai the comment of my wife, in my opinion extra, after several uses. I find the packaging fine quality (see photos). Shop VIBRATING GLAMOUR Official respect its commitments with a large serious and a good touch friendly, A friendly team very dynamic, very nice purchase and 100% confidence David France


  60. A***g

    Very good serum, average consistency, closer to the liquid, not sticky, not sticky, leaves no residue on the skin, immediately absorbed. Serves As an excellent base for make-up, excellent moisturizing and pores. Shipping 2 weeks. Use in conjunction with the same brand.


  61. S***a

    Serum with аргирелином promotes anti-age-related changes facial skin. Active Components, make up tools, called to saturate, nourish and moisturize the skin. Tested serum 2 weeks-Wrinkles are still there, but the facial skin look better, lighter healthier. Smooth, soft and velvety skin face-perhaps, is all. Package came in 3 weeks. Packaging cardboard boxes. All products are sealed in mica, eliminating the deformation and damage the tubes. Convenient dosing, as pipettes. Spent economically. Liquid consistency, smell-neutral. After applying no stickiness. Use a cream.


  62. T***a

    Антивозрастная омолаживающая serum with аргирелином. That is the Argireline? This synthetic низкомолекулярный peptide, biologically safe alternative to ботоксу. Action аргирелина translates into depth of wrinkles. It is harmless and is not addictive. Composition Of serum: Argireline, acetyl гексапептид-8, water, glycerin, 1-3 propylene glycol, hyaluronic acid, phenoxyethanol, carbomer. Capacity 15 ml. The serum liquid, quickly absorbed, leaves no sticky feeling. Smell nice. Suitable for all skin types. Remove bags under the eyes, the “crow’s feet”, forehead wrinkles and nasolabial wrinkle. The Result Of serum pleased me! Nice refreshing face, lined color visible taut skin and decrease in long.


  63. E***t

    Great product! Pleasant smell and feels comfortable. You can find the full review on my blogs @FeelFreeDesign


  64. F***I

    The package and arrived in Italy in 32 days with free plotted. Packed in a plastic cylinder vacuum, arrived perfectly intact. On the packaging are given instructions and the ingredients in English language, packaging date and expiration date (3 years). The content listed is ml 15.Una argirelina collagen serum What Is and what serves l’argirelina? Is a peptide responsible activity distensiva skin. Softens and prevents wrinkles caused from micro contractions skin expression and signs. Smoothes and makes the skin smooth dimming rows and micro skin pads. L’argirelina causes the production of new collagen which strengthens and and makes it more dense tissues. For these features is used in cosmetics. In summary This peptide has a high capacity lead to a relaxing’s surface wrinkles.


  65. S***a

    The jar is made of hard plastic with screw eye dropper. Whey is in a cardboard box white, which is sealed mica. Time-limited to Jun 2021. Composition: Water, 1,2-бутандиол, amino acid soybean, пальмитоилгексапептид-I2, trehalose, oligosaccharide malt, sodium hyaluronate, root Extract PAEONIASUFFRUTICOSA, potassium sorbate, hydroxybenzoate Use method is simple: the clean face, apply 2-3 drops of product massage movements. Suitable for any skin as a daily уходового funds.


  66. V***i

    Serum bought to enhance the effect of the аргирелином same brand. A double beat the морщинам. Whey is placed in a plastic vials with cap-pipette. Very convenient for drip application. Tool водянистое, transparent, with subtle scent. As part of the funds Argireline is six peptides, designed to fight anti-wrinkle. Of Course, it is not a panacea and miracle drug with instant effect. The Result Is definitely appears, but only a few weeks. Therefore the application should be long and systematic. Packaging: cardboard box, sealed in mica. There Is information on the composition, shelf life, method of use in the English language.


  67. M***a

    Third time, because I am a fan of now sera of China, and not just so, and because the effect is obvious. This serum with collagen, it’s age is reduced and so the women face settles down, this can prevent, yet it moisturizes fine leather Velvet


  68. T***k

    Excellent serum, well and quickly absorbed. Not feeling greasy, sticky or tightness. Smell neutral. Wrinkle does not help


  69. T***a

    Антивозрастная serum anti aging, rejuvenation, whitening and wrinkle your skin. Serum with lifting effect, moisturizes and cleanses the skin acne. Suitable for sensitive skin. A serum included: water, butanediol and amino acids. Serum watery consistency with subtle unobtrusive scent, easily absorbed, remains sticky on the skin. The results can say it is not, because use is quite small. Recommend buying.


  70. S***i

    Packing in this time consisted of only pupyrchatoy membrane inside and white-red box mica. It was not the composition and shelf life. Service was long-as many as 1,5 months somewhere. Volume Of serum: 15 ml. Serum also has a fresh less perceptible odor and looks like waters, only a bit thicker. Absorbed instantly, without leaving a greasy adhesive film.


  71. T***a

    Serum has lifting effect, moisturizing. Serum with a pleasant aroma, easily absorbed, leaves no feeling of stickiness. It did not cause allergies. You need to put on clean patting movements of the massage lines. After the whey absorbed, can apply moisturizer, if required. Serum I liked.


  72. V***o

    Whey is in original box, There are instructions, composition, shelf life and product information Capacity 15 ml Part of a component, as Арджирелин-this protein, which is effective against age-related changes, reduces the appearance of facial (on the forehead, eye) and other wrinkle. Watery liquid, transparent, with subtle fragrance. Easy to apply, quickly absorbed. Leaves no greasy residue, not sticky. Application: The cleansed face, neck and neck, apply 2-3 drops of serum and massage movements to drive in the skin. Use The recommended before bed daily. With regular use serum can achieve the effect


  73. Y***a

    Serum with collagen provides good hydration and lifting, so fine lines and become less noticeable. Leather after the application of serum soft and velvety, soft to the touch, without adhesive effect. Can be used as night and in the morning before applying make-up. Serum has liquid consistency, transparent and virtually no smell. Bottle glass bottle with pipette capacity 15 ml. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years. Comes in original box sealed mica, with instructions in English on the box.


  74. N***a

    Excellent serum. Absorbs quickly. Came a month later, monitored. Recommend


  75. I***s

    Serum is a transparent liquid with a slight парфумным flavor. Volume: 15 ml. With lid pipette convenient point to put the necessary parts. Face lasts 3-4 drops. Absorbs quickly, leaving no stickiness. After applying the sensation of moisture and freshness. Moisture by the serum me enough, so over the top put cream. With regard to anti-aging effect, not prompt, T. To. Obvious wrinkle does not have.


  76. Customer

    Taking of course not myself, but she said work-smoothes wrinkles, in general it is like, but you need to constantly use. The butylёk plastic, looks quite budget. Inside liquid contents with pipette, for some reason, not exactly-set, on the CAP. No longer will say, such a piece of course do not use 🙂


  77. A***n

    Texture густоватой liquid. On the skin, there is absolutely no. Leather after drawing matte. Absorbed very quickly. Fragrance, after application, non-existent Shipping-free. Took 1 month. Track to track. Price 509 p. There Is A composition and shelf life and instruction. Transfer the store’s page there. AND below I am providing translation inscriptions on the box. Photo and description corresponds to. Seller sociable. Capacity 15 ml. Irritation caused. Box has a mica.


  78. S***y

    Shipping serum took about a month. Packaging excellent, even the box not hesitated. Box sealed in mica. Facial serum-a “Elixir of Youth in the bottle”, concentrate most useful natural components, that relieve your face from the shortcomings, whether dark spots or wrinkles. Unlike cream serum is a liquid. Despite the fact that face creams are also used to moisturize the skin, the purpose of Sera is to moisturize more effectively. Drug has a liquid, slightly oily structure, no smell and color. When applied to the skin does not spread, as water… It Is one of the best sera, of those, which I used. Love the effect.


  79. M***a

    Good product! Highly recommend the purchase!


  80. I***r

    Packed in mica, the box there is information on the composition, shelf life and method of use. Capacity 15 ml. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, sticky on the leaves, noticed a small разглаживание fine lines. Shipping 3 weeks, track number to recommend.


  81. M***a

    Fine, thank you! Well packed, without damage. No smell


  82. M***a

    Very good the serum. Stimulate The production of collagen, promotes the strengthening of skin and разглаживанию wrinkle. Argireline provides active blood supply, the processes of aging, убыстряет tissue regeneration of, greatly reducing the time of wound healing, updates and rejuvenates the skin. For best effect should be applied serum on thoroughly cleansed face to use cream. Consumption is small enough for a long time. I an effect like. Recommend.


  83. N***a

    Serum with collagen and аргирелином. This serum I have probably fourth or fifth of ruler омолаживающих Sera’s products. All of them I liked, so order new with different composition. Brief delivery with tracking track number. The box all necessary information about the vehicle, as part of the manufacturer in English, and inside instruction for use in one hand and the English on the other. Whey is placed in a plastic vials, Volume 15 ml and original box, original sealed in mica. The view is transparent liquid with faint pleasant smell. Consistency водянисто-oily, but not greasy. Suitable for any skin. For best effect should be applied serum on cleansed face to use cream. Quite a few drops. Light massage movements spread across the surface of the face, neck and the neckline.


  84. I***a

    Convenient dropper, serum transparent viscous. There is no smell. Serum I like perfectly refreshes the skin and pores.


  85. P***j

    The package arrived in good condition. Not tested yet.


  86. T***a

    Good serum, moisturizes, tones. I like, a pleasure to use. Smells good. Particularly pleased that there is an instruction.


  87. N***a

    Delivery of the order was free, by Seller’s Shipping Method. Track number of fully. Delivery Time in frantsiyu: 3 weeks. Package, packed in the bag, put in the box. Items come in great condition. Goods are packed in a cardboard box, sealed in the film. Whey is in the glass bottle capacity 15 ml. Close the закручивающуюся cover with glass pipette. Serum transparent. Light cosmetic perfume. Texture serum closer to liquid-it quickly spread on the skin, though in the bottle is thick. Serum applied to read. 1) Умываем face. 2) Капаем a few drops of serum on the palm. 3) Apply The remedy to the face patting movements. Keep long, until serum is absorbed. Manufacturer also recommends that hold test sensitivity before using product, apply it to fold the elbow. Serum light, quickly absorbed, leaves no fat. A pleasant.


  88. Customer

    Good quality whey. Moisturizes the skin fine, after applying the skin matte shine. Delivery month, reliable packaging, shelf life of three years.


  89. E***a

    Good serum! Great to meet its responsibilities. Detailed review https://ru.itao.com/u/221831121#post-10014630278989


  90. T***r

    Shipping took six weeks, packed in a vacuum bag. Track number. The remedy was sealed in mica. Time-limited to 2021.11.03. General umnichka, all very detail paints in Russian and English languages, does not bother buyers to translate all the information immediately understand how to apply, for what and what to expect after use. Tool is placed in a plastic bottle, a dispenser dropper for ease of use. Capacity 15 ml, face need a couple of drops of, smell pleasant, but barely perceptible. Liquid consistency, a little sticky, absorbs quickly, sticky and light not attached. Suitable for any skin, and age from 20 to hydrate and warning of first facial wrinkles. For effect need to use all the time, after one to two times the effect you will not see, it takes time. Allergies and discomfort caused.


  91. A***n

    Can’t comment on effectiveness, just delivered today. Well packed & came with 3 eye mask! Tqvm store hope they work.


  92. F***r

    Very thank you so beautiful


  93. I***a

    Sooo long. The Seller is done all the time. Just because it is not open dispute, although it


  94. I***v

    Well packaged goods, Fast shipping, cream in action is not experienced


  95. T***a

    Zakazyaayu for the third time. Pretty crazy!


  96. A***a

    Super packing. Goods consistent with the description and in gratisie I received mask skin around the eyes. Rewelacja.


  97. I***c

    Check the hand not bake then check the дице


  98. L***e

    Received very quickly! 12.02 and 27.02 were ordered. Packed with dignity, has a faint fragrance. until you try it. special thanks for gifts, eye masks.


  99. K***a

    Thank you so much for the product. I will try to see the results


  100. V***v

    Parcel arrived quickly, monitored the whole route. Rugged package-theft and postal packet. Serum packed in convenient bottle with dropper and original box. The box has all the necessary information in English, also have insert with instructions for use in the Russian language. Serum for the consistency of liquid, spent economically. Absorbs quickly, leaves no sticky residue. I really liked, order more.


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