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Collagen Peptide Anti-aging Cream

(100 customer reviews)
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  • It contains the Six Peptides Activated Essence that reduces wrinkles, improves complexion and more
  • This is proven acne treatment cream that blocks the formation from within the skin
  • Ingredients: Yeast fermentation lysate filtrate, Cetearyl alcohol, cy•clomethicone, twenty carbon six Oleic acid, tocopherol acetate, retinyl acetate, Aloe barley (Aloe barbadensis) leaf extract, oat (Avena sativa) extract, ß-glucan, hydrolysis Cichlid skin protein, bisabolol, tocopherol (vitamin E), sodium hyaluronate
  • Net weight: 30g
  • Expiration: 24 months

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Collagen Peptide Anti-aging Cream

Aging brings an unwanted effect on the skin. However, Collagen Peptide Anti-aging Cream can make your face vibrantly beautiful. Therefore, do not hesitate to fight to age!

Grab Your Bottle of Peptide Facial Cream

Men and women suffered an aging effect. In this regard, countless people are now searching for the best anti-aging skincare. On the contrary, some are willing to undergo a surgical procedure. Does it sound painful? Yes, surely it is! But you don’t need to go through surgery. All you had to do is grab a bottle of the best age-defying cream.
This beauty care effectively fights wrinkles. This Collagen Anti-aging Cream has pure Argireline. This compound improves hydration and moisturization. Nonetheless, it is good for the skin.
This collagen booster is popular among men and women. Why? For this is the best age-fighting solution. It yields more visible results. Such as younger looking skin appearance. This age-defying solution is proven effective. Therefore, When it comes to aging, worry no more! Instead, be sure to have this effective skincare.

How To Achieve Youthful Looks?

Everyone wants to obtain younger-glowing skin. A youthful glow is truly amazing. But it seems impossible as age goes up. Despite aging, you still wish to hold back time. Yes, you can!
Just follow the instruction stated. First, wash your face with gentle soap. Second, dry with a clean your face towel or soft cloth. Then, apply a pea amount of this anti-wrinkle cream. Moreover, allow the solution to absorb. By leaving in for just 15 minutes. Lastly, Rinse off with running water or gentle cleanser will do.
The regular application gives you alluring ageless looks. Allow your age goes up high without degrading your looks by wrinkling. Enjoy wrinkle-free skin and bring back your confidence. How? By making sure to always had this Collagen Peptide Anti-aging Cream. Enjoy glamorous skin and bring back your confidence.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Based on 100 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. K***k

    Cream me very much, will take more. A good part, many useful микроэлиментов sorry volume of only 30 grams. Excellent moisturizing, use as night. Shipping 1,5 months, the track is not good packaging. Thank You Very Much!


  2. M***a

    Ordinary cream, not greasy. Such as our clean line or black pearl. Moisturizing, but do not expect miracles. Full of the photo.


  3. Z***s

    Cream with peptides is great. Good fights with age-related changes. skin velvet. Recommend


  4. E***a

    Delivery amounted to little more than a month by China Post Registered Air Mail, cream packed in a cardboard box, which is sealed in mica, the information available is the English language-it and composition and time-limited to 10.07.2021 years. cream is in plastic jar white, weight 30 grams, protective membrane was not. cream White, medium density, Pleasant fragrance, very easily absorbed, leaves no fat face. Cream use better at night, peptides work very well when our facial expressions at peace. After using the cream leather напитана, elastic and moisturized. If further to massage for at least 2 minutes, cream works much more efficient. Excellent cream to use will be happy!


  5. H***i

    Cream comes in small glossy box, sealed in mica. The package has a brief information, composition and shelf life. Cream White, thick enough, similar to the beaten oil. But applied to the skin easily absorbed as quickly as possible. AND what I like the most, not leave any discomfort. The skin immediately after applying much softer and very soft to the touch. OH super Effect of course still early, effect of storage, manufacturer recommends use it for 2 months regularly. But nevertheless cream skin leads in feeling, feeling as nice, so cream me much.


  6. S***a

    Excellent cream, delicate and very nice. Much. Fast shipping, will buy again. Shop good.


  7. V***o

    Cool kremik, excellent moisturizing. Leather soft and velvety. Autumn-winter super version. Together with the serum perfect result.


  8. S***a

    Good kremik. Though small jar, but filled to the top. Perfectly absorbed by skin, it.


  9. T***o

    Shipping: Six, track Packaging: Mail Bag Box of cream packaged in mica. Shelf Life of 3 years. Jar of cream is made of plastic. Cap is screwed on the thread. A small jar, weight of 30 grams. Unscrewing cap, I found no protective membrane, But cream not flowed. Cream White, a faint smell of cosmetics. The consistency of light. To be applied to the skin enough small amount, since it is well spread. Absorbed cream quickly, does not leave feeling, nice cold skin. Leather after application of soft and smooth.


  10. T***a

    Delivery fast. Item come without damage. The cream thick. ingredients are listed in English. Very easily absorbed. After the skin smooth and soft. You Can after soaking apply make-up. Skin moisturized. No greasy residue leaves. No odor, nothing at all. Seller’s description is accurate. Packed in original box. Good shelf life. Reliable store. To buy recommended.


  11. Y***o

    For winter for my combination skin is not bad. Bold and nourishing. Absorbed completely. For dry skin is fine.


  12. A***a

    My Mother like cream. Used for about 2 weeks. Wrinkles diminished in size. Skin elastic and moisturized. Absorbed cream fast and leaves no greasy residue. Color face lined. Safely recommend this product for people wanting to improve the skin tone and reduce wrinkles.


  13. S***v

    Good everyday cream. Not oily texture, easily absorbed. The skin is almost non-existent. The Smell is not sharp, nice. Packed in original box, shelf life of up to 21 years (cream fresh) Composition can be seen in the photo Track to track all the way, a couple of weeks


  14. K***e

    Cream will be delivered in two weeks. Box sealed in mica, time-limited to Oct 2021. Cream with weak, a pleasant smell, texture light, absorbed well. Allergic reaction followed after application. Ordinary nourishing cream, protects the face in cold weather. Before buying from this store serum, quality much.


  15. V***a

    Cream is suitable for different skin types. It should be applied to cleansed face morning and evening. Volume of cans 30g. Somehow surprised me, that the cream is not under cover protective membrane from ingress of air. Color Cream White, консиснтенция thick, pleasant aroma. Apply on the skin easily absorbed quickly and leaves no sticky and brilliant shine. Moisture cream me much, but about other positive effects can not judge. Effect cumulative-so certifies manufacturer. Be sure to check the cream on hand for allergies, if buy it)


  16. E***a

    Come in a box, which was sealed in mica, all the information on it in English, there is a composition, shelf life, use method, srih code. Inside white plastic jar, mass in 30 grams. Cap unscrewed. Medium white, consistency medium density. Absorbed well, no sticky after use, does not form a film, very pleasant smell. Use the cream on cleansed face and neck, in the evening before going to bed. After the first application I realize that use it will well liked. Leather after application of hydrated and tightened. I even think that wrinkles after application are less visible and face as if smoothed. Delivery 30 days.


  17. Y***o

    Use long but can write that cream came up to me and very much! Use makeup Brand’s first, risks, of course, were, but surely can recommend those ladies who have dry skin in the winter and lost the complexion, all this cream safely returned to me. The Texture of thick, no smell, it seemed to me, and any flavoring. Allergies and redness caused. Tested for beginning on hand, because the skin on my hand is also very dry, the photo shows after applying what does and does not dry, so also in the face. Put a small amount of cream and rub until absorption by massage lines, procedure repeat morning and evening. Try a good too. Delivery very fast and well packed parcel, thanks for taking care of the store!


  18. D***y

    Cream come in 3 weeks in Moscow. Box sealed in mica, all necessary INFA there. Cream smeared well, and then 30g enough for a long time. Cream not greasy and not dry, film on face, tightness, too. Cream good, I like!


  19. A***v

    Cream apply not so long ago, but it is very much. Method of use, as usual. The clean face apply a small amount of cream spread all over his face and to soak. Apply twice a day, morning and evening. Cream me very much. Having light structure it quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy residue. After the skin smooth and soft. You Can after soaking apply make-up. It moisturizes the skin perfectly. No odor, nothing at all. Well, it’s better, which means less any perfume fragrance added that, as we know are sometimes allergenic. By The Way allergies do a composition for sure fit. Cream 30 grams. Packed in original box, part of the English language and shelf life there. Delivery fast. Item come without damage.


  20. O***a

    Cool Cream. Pleasant fragrance. Absorbed. Quickly, does not leave adhesive film. Shelf Life of fresh. Box was sealed in mica. Recommend buying.


  21. O***a

    Excellent nourishing cream for dry skin. Very good composition! Cream was well packed and come quickly. Time-limited 10-21.


  22. Y***y

    Means the аргирелином use for a long time. They are considered not invasive alternative ботоксу. Really clean wrinkles due to relax muscles. But it is not pinpricks, for good effect should be shared a month and a half. It ‘S about 2 jars cream. It is small. 30 ml, see photo jars in hand. It Is quite a bit. Means the аргирелином can be shared constantly, that I do.


  23. T***a

    Packaging, as always, goods arrives undamaged. The box have information on the composition and use in English, in addition to the product page you can find a brief description and the Russian language. IN наявности information on the expiration date. Volume small 30 ml. Thanks To The integrated composition cream helps to existing age problems and the processes of aging. Cream take a week, I enjoy delicate flavor, soft texture, good absorption, excellent moisturizing no allergy. Will continue to use, hoping to smooth out wrinkles.


  24. A***a

    Shipping 26 days. Get the cream pupyrke. Box has a mica, inside a small jar. When I opened it is not found in the protective membrane, a little confused. Cream thick, white color, aroma me it does not like. Ingredients is as useful and harmful.


  25. A***a

    Delivery month, by ePacket, monitored. Unpacking the parcel⤵️ The//youtu. be/XztYzArYlk8 Transportation mail bag, packed in air pocket. Box sealed in mica, all information in English. Jar plastic, framed in keeping with the box. Light cream texture, medium density, with faint fragrance Interesting composition. In the application of Nice, leaves no greasy, No sticky effect. Cream even after the first application shows not полохой effect. Make skin элластичной and elastic, brightens the complexion, brightens the skin smooth, delicate and shining. Goods store recommend


  26. L***a

    Face cream with пептидамиИнгредиенты: Water, butanediol, glycerin, гидролизированный полидеген, карнозин, acetyl гексапептид-8 extract, yeast, cetearyl alcohol, циклометикон, oleic acid, polymer, керамид 1, олигопептид-1, tocopherol acetate, retinol acetate, aloe Extract, октановая acid, гепафилин, ethyl alcohol, glucose, центелла Asian, oat extract, beta Glucan Гидролизированный silk protein, bisabolol, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, phenoxyethanol, flower extract. It is packed in a beautiful box. Expiry date shown on the package. Shipping ukrainu about a month track number. Safely recommend product and the store!!!


  27. S***a

    Deep moisturizing and prevents loss of moisture from the skin. The production of collagen, restores integrity natural protective barrier skin. Reduces the depth of wrinkles. Has an antioxidant effect. For best result, it need to use 2 months. Moist, smooth and помолодевшая leather. Minimized wrinkles and other age changes. Smell pleasant, little perceptible. Not sticky, perfectly applied, absorbed quickly, leaving no greasy. Put on clean skin in the morning and evening. Me the composition and taking care of the like cream, excellent безинъекционная replacement ботоксу.


  28. S***y

    Cream gorgeous and I am delighted with him. Then he interested me? -Peptide Аргирелина. It Is safe and soft alternative ботоксу for action outside. Argireline slows the conductivity of nervous impulse to the muscles, causing reduction сокращательной activity. Argireline blocks muscle иннервацию by competitive inhibition of protein, responsible for the process of holding the nerve impulse. Argireline is not the toxin, in contrast to Botox and quite safe to body. Action Аргирелина translates into depth of wrinkles, first of all, around the eyes and forehead. Above all, it ферментированная cosmetics, which has a distinct Rejuvenator and оздоравливающее action on human skin and promotes recovery process and cell regeneration. Try, you will not regret. Cream gorgeous.


  29. Customer

    Face cream with peptides, weight 30 grams. Excellent moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Allergic reactions were. Shipping to Moscow last month.


  30. A***a

    Cream is good. After using the skin tender. Smell pleasant, delivery fast. Well packed. Me very much. Absorbed cream quickly, does not leave traces. Shelf Life of a large and in the beginning.


  31. A***o

    Delivery fast. Track code. It all without damage. The ingredients are listed in English. It Is Written that moisturizes the skin and is suitable for all types of. Jar 30 gram cream thick light consistency with a pleasant smell. Seller’s description accurate. Packed in original box. Seller and recommend items.


  32. D***Y

    A perfect purchase !! a real pleasure to order in this wonderful store VIBRANT GLAMOUR Official !! a high-end packaging at an excellent value for money !! the team of this shop is very serious and dynamic !! I recommend this store to 100% satisfaction. A very nice store for shopping cosmetics. PERFECT !! David France


  33. A***g

    Cream good, tight, fat. Suitable For a night. Absorbed for 15-20 minutes, saves shine on the skin to 30 minutes. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Aroma unobtrusive. Shipping 14 days with the track.


  34. Customer

    The Parcel was more than a month. Track is not monitored. It is packed in a small bag. Produced recently, in Oct 18 years. Shelf Life of 3 years. Suitable for any skin, but it is better at first check for allergies. Smells nice. Texture thick. Small weight, only 30 grams-convenient to take along. Use it after morning facial cleanser. Skin tightens the pleasant sensation. Has moisturizing effect (a part of glycerin, vitamin E, flower notes).


  35. M***a

    Super cream, which performs all of its functions. Excellent moisturizing, lightens and evens out skin tone and so on. Shipping for 9 days to Saratov. Use it from 2 to 5 times a day. For dry skin a find!


  36. V***v

    Incredibly cool cream wrinkle, me very much. Shipping was very fast, less than a month. An excellent package, air bag, box does not wrinkle. THE flow rate is very cost-effective. Flavor chic, smells sooooo delicious.


  37. M***a

    The Seller sent the goods very quickly, a few hours after placing the order I have given the track number. Parcel arrived in about 19 days C full tracking of Russia. Cream was packed in a box, which is sealed in mica. Small jar, cream is spent economically. After the skin soft, pleasant.


  38. S***a

    Cream come in original packaging. Box sealed in mica. A small jar-only 30 миллилитррв. Convenient to take with you on the road. Texture of light. After applying remains small shine. Full Cream is absorbed in about half an hour. IN general, the best исплюользовать it as a night. After extended use try to supplement a review. The Seller sent the parcel quickly. Track to track. Goods store recommend.


  39. M***a

    Like cream. Smells good, dense texture, easily absorbed for 15-25 minutes. Cream excellent moisturizing and nourishing the skin. AND nice price. Seller sociable, always get in touch, to the delivery of the order was very long.


  40. O***a

    Cream is designed for intensive nourishing and moisturizing skin. Helps restore the skin, effectively eliminate tired looking complexion, improves skin elasticity and firmness, brightens the skin tone, reduces fine and wrinkles. Texture of thick and dense. The skin goes compact layer and been absorbed. The night cream do perfectly. By the smoothing Wrinkles can not say, prolonged use. But that’s moisturizing and nourishing cream perfectly! Perfect for dry skin. I happy


  41. T***a

    Cream packed in original box sealed mica, which indicate the and composition, and the shelf life and how to use in English. Capacity 30 ml. Cream has anti-aging, whitening and укрепляющим effect, gentle nourish and moisturize skin, excellent lifting effect. Cream quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy.


  42. A***a

    Cream come in original box. There Is A part of the English language. Jar small enough. Only 30 grams. The consistency of the product thick. Zhirnovat. AND ooooochen nourishing. Use only at night. Absorbed immediately. Have To wait min 20 while will leave sticky residue. Not cause allergies. Smell nice.


  43. N***a

    Cream is very nice, a second time. Easily absorbed, sticky and fat layer does not leave. Shelf life is normal. Long Service.


  44. F***I

    On the packaging are given instructions and the ingredients in English language, packaging date and expiration date (3 years). The content listed is gr.30. The cream is contained in a jar. The lends itself well to make it into a gift box. A cream deep moisturize skin and mitigate the small wrinkles. With the constant use the skin looks more bright and young. The cream has Dense Texture and a delicate fragrance. The cream absorbs immediately and leaves no grease marks on the skin. Use morning and evening on clean skin. It is also an excellent base for makeup. Suitable for all skin types. Ingredients The cream contains natural ingredients and chemical (as in you all creams)


  45. J***a

    Cream is in a cardboard box, which contains all the information about the product in the English language. After two weeks of continuous use a good result. Leather was more hydrated and radiant, wrinkles gradually smoothed, appearance has improved. Cream has a light texture. Quickly absorbed, leaving no sticky and greasy. Smell pleasant, gentle, unobtrusive. Recommend to buy!


  46. V***i

    Cream with peptides to receive a second time. Very like the result: become less pronounced fine lines, skin more moist, healthy complexion, smooth and delicate. Cream consistency is thick, white color, has a pleasant fragrance. Fits well to the skin without leaving a greasy. Box was sealed in mica. Delivery 28 days.


  47. S***n

    Nice face cream, has a nice smell and moisturizes the skin perfectly. Absorbed cream fast, sticky and greasy leaves. Goods come well packed in original box, which sealed mica. The box include the time-limited to 2021 years and has a description in English. Seller fast sent order, shipping take months. Purchase very satisfied, good store!


  48. A***a

    Shipping of took about a month, track all along the way, the track. Box covered in mica, did not hesitated. Shelf Life of fresh, valid until 21 years. Small jar-30 C cream. Including: different kinds of vitamin E, aloe extract, oat, gialuronka etc. Suitable for all skin types. Promised: reduce wrinkles, refresh and brighten face an average of 1,5 months)) cream jar under the CAP. Cream thick (think still it more for normal to dry skin) faint very pleasant smell. Recommended to use twice a day to clean skin, apply within two minutes of massage lines. The moment cream happy will test for a month))


  49. M***a

    Cream is very nice, thick but not too greasy, white with a pleasant aroma. Will try with pleasure.


  50. T***k

    Good, quite thick cream. Like to use it at night. No smell, comfortable. After using the skin more fed


  51. T***a

    Cream came in a box sealed mica. Weight 30g. All information on the product is written in English. Cream consistency is thick. Absorbed easily. Has a nice low odor. Delivery take months. Come without damage in well packed package pupyrka. Seller recommend.


  52. P***.

    WRINKLE CREAM Argireline ADVANTAGES: effect, convenience, safety SHORTCOMINGS: No DESCRIPTION: On in itao https://ru.itao.com/u/932636912?bg_url=https%3A%2F%2Fru.itao.com%2Fu%2F932636912&auth_t=91ab1a5a-2604-4856-9856-2fcf5f3d37ac#post-10015232458198


  53. M***a

    Shop class. First encountered him about a year ago at a sale. Now always buy here, because really good things and the quality is excellent. Order came after 18 days in my post office. Cream soft, plump, moisturizes. Bank small, only 5 cm in diameter, but small flow.


  54. Customer

    The order was made 26.12.2018 and drowsiness the post 28.012019. My order came in a normal envelope, but all good drive. Took one cream for yourself and one for a gift. About The cream, yet, nothing can say. But will start to use ~ immediately add. Thank you so much, which is my order. Put it 5 STARS and wish you success in business and GOOD NEW YEAR.


  55. K***k

    Cream with peptides wrinkle! Smell wonderful from kremik, texture is easy. After примения cream skin felt moisturizing. Composition Of all out. Look at the photo! Generally good composition. Components strong, focused on anti-wrinkles, The should not only справлятся with mimic wrinkles, but also with age-related. Immediately after applying cream not worth taking to sunlight. Before use is recommended to check for allergies.


  56. T***a

    Cream Day Based on ingredients аргирелина and hyaluronic acid. Cream is designed to eliminate wrinkles, alignment skin tone, whitening and saturation moisture skin cells. Applying cream ensures deep nourishment and long-lasting moisturizing skin, due to what achieves the effect of rejuvenation. Cream the design very soft and delicate, really liked it, I’ll be sure to enjoy, especially it is suitable for daily use.


  57. A***u

    Excellent cream. Delivery fast. Track number is not monitored. Smooth, thick texture. Recommend buying. The Seller is done.


  58. T***h

    Great product, fulfills all promises, quickly came to Brazil, store, the object is tracked. The product has nice smell, and texture that is quickly absorbed skin.


  59. S***i

    Jar of cream is made in standard round shape white polymer. Inside Part content with delicious smell and delicate texture. It Is a perfect and improve external skin condition, tested!


  60. E***Z

    Super cream, very much. Hydrates perfectly. Smell Is thin, Not obtrusive, cream thick, white color, excellent, leaves no greasy and sticky. Work begins to within a few days. Cream works but it should use all the time. Shop, everything is always clear, buy here often, reliable brand and high quality products. Recommend


  61. T***a

    Not cause allergies. I apply cream in the morning and evening for a week. I have dry skin cream absorbed very quickly. Leaves no effect of the film on the face. Not clog pores. The skin becomes soft and moisturized. Use small, so such a result as it would be no. But the good hydration. Think cream more suitable for dry or normal skin because the dense consistency.


  62. K***a

    Peptides are short molecules amino acids, simple organic compounds. Because of this “незатейливой” structure they are able to enter cells, and the considerable depth. What make peptides: Provide moisturizing deep level; Restore blood micro-circulation; Strengthen the vessel walls, preventing couperose and other unpleasant phenomenon, with related; Improve the structure, enhance covers skin; Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, exerting pronounced лифтинговый effect; Activate processes power cells; Protect against external negative factors (antioxidant effect), promote the excretion of toxin, neutralizing Free Radicals; Нивелируют inflammatory responses, relieve irritation; Promote recovery processes; Act as “transporter”, helping to penetrate into the deep layer of the epidermis and dermis other components.


  63. V***o

    Уходовый face cream improve skin, nourish and restores the DOEs and elastic, fighting with small wrinkles. Cream is in original box, there is a composition, shelf life and product information. Was sealed in mica. Weight 30g The cream is a fat, with a pleasant aroma. Apply a good, quickly absorbed, no greasy residue leaves. Not sticky. To clean skin apply a small amount of cream and втираем massage movements until completely absorbed. To see the changes necessary to use at least a month. Good уходовая cosmetics


  64. M***a

    Shipping ukrainu: month; Packaging: package with pupyrkami + carton box. Since this cream collagen, and many people know that collagen has a significant effect on the skin, instantly трансформируя nutrients necessary for skin, allowing it to restore vitality. Tool reduces facial wrinkles, micro-grooves on the eyes, forehead wrinkles, around the neck, nasolabial folds, making skin smooth. Method of use: two times a day (morning and evening), the cleansed face to apply the right amount of cream and rub within two minutes until completely absorbed. Average consistency, cream easily absorbed, smell easy and pleasant. Recommend to buy!


  65. N***a

    Come quickly. Monitored. Packed in cartons. There is a composition and expiration dates on the package. Cream moisturizing absorbed. Smell nice.


  66. A***R

    Good cream, a second time with serum that brand. After a two-month use visibly smoothed out fine lines, skin become more toned and clean. I really like it! Delivery month Mo, track. Packaging excellent! Recommend!


  67. K***s

    The box is very small! Cream the eyeballs! All sealed in Mica! Moisturizes, leaves no oily film, good smell! The Seller to put one more gift jar cream! Thank You


  68. M***a

    Cream was for a long time, but the store has been in touch and kept up to date, I am not worried. Box is sealed in the film, not crumpled. Wrinkle cream, suitable for any skin, volume small-30 ml. Shelf Life-up to 2021 years. The package has instructions for use in English. Cream can be used as a day, and a night. Composition is also listed. A nice to use, moisturizes well. Can recommend this shop.


  69. A***n

    Going for a long time to MSK for more than two months it CAN communication with the New Year, cream damaged in transit ball well packed, later added a review


  70. J***l

    Very small box niznayu enough cream absorbed well skin шелковистои recommend prodoves sociable sposibo him for being


  71. S***g

    Excellent cream with аргелином and peptides. Different great composition with lots of natural ingredients. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin, possesses whitening effect, smoothes wrinkles. Effect immediately invisible is achieved by regular and comprehensive application. Has A delicate cosmetic perfume. Comes in jars to twist. IN a jar 30 grams ingredient. Outer Packing-original box. Shipping ukrainu-about a month. Recommend!


  72. E***h

    The products listed ingredients are present. The properties they really aimed at антивозрастные. Jar for use in the morning and evening small (30g). Cream like consistency, smell nice. Well-distributed, the skin does not feel (light). Skin becomes elastic (if tightened) and smooth. Continuous use claimed effect should be


  73. Y***a

    Peptides stimulate natural production of skin collagen and elastin, which contributes to its restoration. Face again looks fresh and tightened. Cream White, has a faint pleasant smell, structure is dense, but not greasy, suitable for use in the morning and evening. After applying cream absorbs quickly leaves sticky effect, skin is soft to the touch. Jar large 30 grams and in this case it is good, because the peptides are susceptible to oxidation and less time passed date making the effective cream, shelf Life of up to 2021 years, which means that until that time it will not go bad and safe, but the effect in year would not, or keep it for a long time, Receive and it is better to use, it need to use within 6 months from date of manufacture. The date of manufacture 8.10.18 So I have a couple of months, I is little used, and then it will just moisturizer. This is in this store delivery fast.


  74. M***v

    Cream, soften the skin. use not only for face, but also for hand. jar closed tight, niego emerged. smell pleasant, cream. will still be ordered. jar lasts about a week. delivery about two weeks.


  75. O***a

    Пептидный cream, which go to my mother, together with serum containing аргилерина. Serum take for the third time, means this brand and product line like. As before, cream come sealed in mica. Composition Of the English in the box set, like and shelf life, which up to 21 years. According to the composition of the cream is pretty good to nourish the skin. Cream jar, weight 30 grams, protective membrane was not. Cream all right, leaving a jar trying not was). Cream smooth consistency, quite thick. A Little попровала apply cream on hand, forgive me mom for my fingers in the bank, very pleasant sensation. Cream is a function of power, smooth small facial wrinkles, goose feet. It is better to put on the night, at a time when the facial muscles as relaxed. AND the skin more effectively absorb funds in the morning and at night.


  76. I***s

    Excellent face cream. Very much. Light texture and delicate. Fits very well absorbed quickly, leaves no shine. Smell very nice Jar very beautiful, comes with a spoon. Sent very quickly, the next day. Came too quickly in just 2 weeks. Order is very happy. Recommend to buy


  77. A***a

    Great day cream for face. Very much. Light texture and delicate. Fits very well absorbed quickly, leaves no shine. Smell very nice Jar very beautiful, comes with a spoon. Sent very quickly, the next day. Came too quickly in just 2 weeks. Order is very happy. Recommend to buy


  78. I***s

    Cream has a delicate texture white shade with a pleasant aroma. Easy to apply, without leaving sticky. Absorbs quickly. After applying cream skin becomes soft and pleasant, moisturizing effect. Jar was filled to the top. Personally I cream went, and I’m happy to use it.


  79. F***s

    Good and efficient collagen cream with аргалином, гиалуронатом sodium and полипептидами. Whiten and improve skin color, nourishes and restores, smoothes wrinkles. Cream is day and its comprehensive, regular use gives good effect. Method of use: morning and evening on cleansed face apply appropriate amount of the product and light massage movements втерать within two minutes to fully absorbed. Supplied in plastic jars, weight 30 grams. Has not too thick texture and delicate pleasant aroma, color Snow White. Comes in original cardboard box, sealed in mica. The package are composition, use method and shelf life. Good tool, you can take.


  80. O***a

    Cream contains vitamins, is needed to power our skin, and plant extracts. However these components not much and they are not in the first place as part of a little sad. Cream use twice a day, causing the skin light massage movements. Suitable for all skin types. Store in a cool, dry, protected from sunlight place. Summing up, want to say, that this is another уходовый cream. No more and no less. Is Similar To those that are sold in stores. Advertising We always Bode over-results. Well we are smart people. Rush faster раскупать all that we advertise, we also won’t. AND as usual, normal cream. My dry skin moisturizing good. Anti-wrinkle, i guess you deliver only plastic or very well too good beautician.


  81. Customer

    As I myself understood, it also means that the butylki, in the form of sera only in a cream. The cream is not greasy, quickly absorbed, but it is quite heavy, Grandma was indifferent, but like a girl, however, then maybe the taste and color) IN general, the proof-not out. Delivery problems have arisen, the contents of the parcel too.


  82. R***l

    Jar itself is very small, only 30g. The jar was not a protective membrane. The cream has white color, average consistency, as a normal cream. Absorbed for a long time, it seems to me it is better to use as a night. Has a light smell. My cream did not cause irritation, all OK. Cream while testing a less than a week, think about smoothing wrinkles too early. But in general, skin condition improved, finally passed the peeling, and indeed skin was well-groomed. In my opinion, cream wonderful moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Composition is too cool, in addition to peptides as part of vitamins A and E, aloe, beta-glucan and plant extracts. However there is pretty harmful components, likely to cause allergies and irritation. So, if you do not confuse some components of, you can take 🙂


  83. S***a

    Order to match the description. Packing style brand, shelf life, protection and information about the product. Jar of cream protection does not have. Uniform consistency creamy, light. The Smell of bland pleasant. Consumption economical, oiliness film No. Absorbed perfectly. The finish leather well moisturized, smooth tactile. Can recommend, I like


  84. M***z

    The cream come in a plastic jar well closed , it had a white color , a milky thick texture, and a weak pleasant smell The skin absorb it perfectly , leave no greasy look or shine After I use it for 10 days I feel my face skin becomes more healthy, moisturizing ,tight It is great for daily use It had a great effect ,Anti-wrinkle ,firming, anti aging ,anti acne ,whitening effect I received it in Turkey in 30 days It comes in a perfect condition very well protected in a cartoon box sealed with a protective plastic film I highly Recommend it


  85. N***N

    Very полюбились me sera this brand and I decided to try the cream. Of Course I stopped the version with snail. First cream and immediately hit! Cream wonderful. A Includes: water, Butylene glycol, ceramide, aloe extract, retinol, extract snail secretion, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, etc. Apply it fun, absorbed perfectly. When the skin cream is awesome. It seems to me will take it more. Shipping 3 weeks to Germany. Information on the composition of the English language. Shelf Life of 3 years. There Is only one disadvantage of cream-very small volume, only 30 grams. Buying definitely recommend.


  86. E***a

    Excellent cream, very like, smell neutral.


  87. M***a

    Cream will help in dealing with acne, eliminate the skin defects, to restore the natural level РН skin and moisturize your skin with acne, without clogging the pores. Method of use: daily morning and evening, apply to thoroughly clean and втирайте within 2 minutes massage movements until completely absorbed. Cream me very much. Having easy structure, he quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy residue. After the skin smooth and soft. You Can after soaking apply make-up. It moisturizes the skin perfectly. No odor, nothing at all. Shelf Life of 3 years. Delivery fast.


  88. O***A

    Cream comes in original box, sealed in the original mica. All information is listed in English, time-limited to Oct 2021. Plastic jar cream 30g small size, tightly curled, nothing has elapsed. Tool is a nourishing cream white, Medium Consistency, some even zhirnenky, smell unobtrusive. Easy to spread on the skin, consumption economical, absorbed in 1-2 minutes. The cream is suitable for dry, dehydrated and mature skin to prevent premature aging. After using the skin becomes very soft and velvety.


  89. N***a

    Anti-aging cream with peptides and lifting effect. Delivery short track number to track all the way. Cream small flat jar Matt white plastic with отвинчивающейся cover, under which the protective membrane No. Volume 30g. Cream White. Thick texture, with a little perceptible pleasant smell. Absorbs quickly without residual stickiness and fat, that I really like the Chinese, leaving the skin easy face fragrance. Moisturizes the skin perfectly. Suitable for use as a makeup base. Activated essence six peptides will restore the skin, eliminate fatigue and dull complexion, lighten and enhance skin elasticity, stop processes of aging and will help to deal with existing age-related changes, healthy complexion, radiant look. Suitable for all skin types.


  90. B***r

    Sent the cream, which ordered.!!! compare my photo of, which I got and a photo of that order.


  91. A***a

    Полипептидный face cream improves the skin and makes it more elastic. IN its composition cream has: Varieties of vitamin E, aloe extract, oat extract, hyaluronic Acid, etc. d. Effect, which promises manufacturer: Reduces the amount of fine lines, refreshing and освеляет face. To achieve the effectiveness and need to use cream twice a day for 1,5-2 months. Cream like for all skin types. Method of use: Wash Your face, apply proper amount of cream and втирайте for 2-3 minutes until completely absorbed. Cream applied to 2 times a day: Morning and evening. Jar plastic screw cap. IN a jar cream 30G., but more is needed. Peptides have property quickly die in an acidic environment, and opening the they are oxidized. Cream preferably use within 6 months from the date of manufacture. Shipping to Omsk took about a month. Parcel arrived in ordinary mail package and the air mattress. Does not hurt. Track number tracked


  92. A***k

    This cream to use if you have dry skin. Prevent aging and wrinkle formation. Use it is 2 times a day. Put light massage movements.


  93. T***a

    Cream wonderful. Very good moisturizing, even dry skin. Economically spent. Smells good. Like the one dry skin, sincerely advise. Shelf Life is excellent.


  94. C***a

    I have the Product have not tried, Box is small


  95. S***a

    Excellent cream, apply a good, easily absorbed. A small jar


  96. D***a

    Cream White Color nice thick consistency, came in a cardboard box, set sealed in mica. I needed a cream to replace old. AND this to me like the feel of the face, no feeling greasy, film, leather soft, smooth, well moisturized, you need a small amount of cream. As a part of many useful and meaningful substances-filtrate snail secretion, керамид, extracts oats aloe, vitamin E and Betta-glucan, hyaluronic acid and other, but also have preservatives and silicone. Last me and probably gave pleasant sensation on the skin. But because the action of the components. I use this cream, and I like it.


  97. S***a

    Loved the package and the store does communicate with you


  98. E***e

    Waiting for a long time came in пупырчитом package well packed in Box confused that opening the cover is inside the jar fuse and smell poiyatny facial esche not tried.


  99. Y***a

    Good kremik, полипептидный. Улачшает face. Prevent aging. Apply 2 times a day. Massage movements. Absorbs quickly. Does not feel the smell. Composition: Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, экстраки aloe etc. Like cream.


  100. K***a

    Cream with collagen has neutral bland flavor, I personally like this) Cream with peptides improves the skin and makes it firm and elastic, reduce fine lines, nourishes and restores skin, eliminate tired color, brightens the skin tone, also fighting the acne. Application like all creams: On cleansed face (morning and evening) apply appropriate amount of cream massage movements until completely absorbed.


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