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Ceramic Paint Liquid Polisher

(104 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • Material: Polysiloxane and other Nanomaterials with 9H hardness
  • Coating Thickness: 30um with excellent high gloss effect
  • Anti-corrosion with PH tolerance from PH2-12
  • Heat Resistance: Up to 760 degree
  • Consumption: up to 50ML
  • Has 5 Option Package List


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Ceramic Paint Liquid Polisher

If you already tired of making your car look always shine, then Ceramic Paint Liquid Polisher could be of help. Ceramic Paint Liquid Polisher acts as a sacrifice carrier layer coating the protects the surface of your car’s paint. It also protects your vehicle paint from sunshine, erosion, weathering, fading, aging, or even from scratch. With all that protection, it will keep your car more shining than new. It is superb in security, that it will last on your vehicle for a one whole year. It has nanotechnology with Polysiloxane and H9 hardness that makes your paint superhydrophobic. Repels water, mud or any types of liquid touching your car. It will save you a lot of money from carwashing but makes your car look one.

Best Way To Wash A Car

Washing your car using your hands is the best way to clean a car. Aside from saving money from paying to a car wash station, it will give you time to observe and pay attention to the dirty areas and parts of your vehicle. In car washing shops, abrasive materials were used by some that may scratch or worst damage your car’s paint. In hand washing your car, you only need a flat concrete area and plenty of water. You might want to have a shade to avoid a premature drying. So still hand washing your car will be the best way.

Color Matters

In a road safety and depreciation, the color of the car always matter. Base on some research, colors gray, silver, white, and black are the closest color to depreciate. Color also affect the buying price of the vehicle. Those common colors can lead to a reduction of cost and its buying power. Dealers may so sacrifice a bet for their commissions. For example, yellow has the depreciation and a not so common color. That is why those yellow cars can hold their value longer.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm

Based on 104 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. D***a

    All right, yet not tested ….. Then leave feedback…


  2. R***v

    The tool works! When properly applied and rubbing, bottles 50 ml lasts for 4 full layer. Glitter attached, but the cobweb-Scratchy not much overlap. Гидрофоб very good-like water off a duck. Look at how long will effect. Product is definitely worth the money.


  3. A***l

    great , no problem, great pack , well delivered, and arrived precisely as said


  4. O***z

    The products come in material very good. Only missing try and watch the effects.


  5. M***v

    Very satisfied, after drawing machine as new. Highly recommend this store!


  6. Y***i

    tried the liquid glass excellent works fine next step the ceramic coating


  7. Customer

    Got everything right, very fast not led nm 1 month, recommend


  8. A***v

    Everything is cool! Only delivery and monitored, I thought that he could not make it, vials whole, inside liquid gurgles, hopefully in would be worthy product! Thanks to the 5 +, like try the machine will add a review!


  9. Z***m

    Package and delivery are excellent. Didn’t use it yet! Quick delivery !


  10. Y***a

    the package arrived today… thankyou for the bonus… it’s awesome. tested in my car and the result goes amazing… recommended store…


  11. A***v

    Seller send fast, has not yet been tested but think everything will be fine


  12. V***v

    Product description. Came quickly 11 days. The effectiveness of unsubscribe later. To date the glass is applied in the machine. Let ‘S See how it will be enough. Now machine shines.


  13. P***n

    Order not caked in Chelyabinsk came for 19 bottom


  14. A***o

    Packed safely. Description. Check in.


  15. T***d

    seems good….great packing by store. Haven’t applied though


  16. P***P

    Shipping-less weeks! Track number scored the wrong. As a result, then real, where you can track the order. The fact is not tested. Permitting system, then the result accomplish your goal.


  17. V***v

    Much to write nothing probyval, take the recommendations from YouTube. Would be nice to put the instructions, although the same YouTube clips much. In Absentia put 5 stars


  18. A***v

    Order came early than very satisfied. All packed with very high quality. Thanks!. Try supplementing a


  19. O***o

    Finally received, all together, will try to confirm a review, bottle was glass, bought for 451r. Hope there is that the description.


  20. A***v

    1 layer small, see all scratches and stains on the paintwork but shine appears immediately, after 2 layers much better scratch virtually invisible and luster and гидрофоб good! Гидрофоб at all clear, обрызгала oncoming reached the house And voila a machine is pure, маленькиекапельки bottom only left! Recommend, only good подготавливайте body to polish!!!


  21. E***a

    THE quality is good-looking. IN fact, even tried. To Moscow for 10 days arrive


  22. R***v

    Hello. Goods arrived 19 days. Quickly reached. Thank you. After the operation, i write more. salam. mal günə gəldi. çox tez çatdırdılar. təşəkkür edirəm. istifadədən sonra ətraflı yazaram.


  23. I***a

    Parcel arrived in time, thank you. Is not tried, as something immediately alerted size sponge, well, let’s see what all this out.


  24. Y***o

    Parcel arrived very quickly! Thank You Very Much! There Is some advice on the use of?


  25. V***n

    All Is super! Delivery in the suburbs for 24 days. The quality is excellent! Will try.


  26. A***v

    Excellent product)))) all advice


  27. U***s

    This product works! Delivery was longer than usual, but finally it came. This is a very good product for this price. Do not expect miracles – it can not hide larger scratches, but it smoothes out little swirl marks well. (You can see in 3rd and 4th picture that small scratches in bright light is still visible). It does not replace polishing, but the lacquer gloss looks more smooth and glossy. Rain repellent effect is good. With this 50ml capacity managed to fully cover my Lexus (horizontal parts covered in 3 layers – for more durable coating) and there is still a reserve. If this coating will last for at least half a year, I will definitely buy it again!


  28. A***j

    Only butylek packed more or less, the rest is just Skidan and sent to the package! All came together, that happy!


  29. V***y

    Looks good. about its properties to accomplish your goal, like’ll put on auto


  30. R***.

    Recommend this ceramikę. Pictures After 2 weeks from nałożenia.


  31. S***n

    Bottle glass, packed in foam box. Composition with a strange smell)) the duster microfiber. The light car brilliance is particularly noticeable, but it was definitely cleaner))) hydrophobic effect is-water slides. Overall satisfied)


  32. E***a

    Packed very well. Thanks for the quick order.


  33. J***j

    Well packed, within 3 weeks delivered, soon but look try on a 2E hand car;)


  34. R***v

    The kind of goods are good, they need to know how to use, need clean box and wash need good cars. There is a site cashback (refund) need to register the link, registration is free, through it, you can return the money to 30% in many stores, then download app go choose listed shop transition in store, be sure to selected goods need Add to cart and pay immediately, you can check just how much will refund, It can be take away after подтвердиш receipt of goods, after you sign you will premium discount. The//letyshops. COM/soc/SH-1/? R = 1166427 video how to return the here. be/2nUmqaS6lfM


  35. V***v

    The Goods is received. Very like, a second time. Thank you.


  36. A***v

    It ‘S pretty quickly. The second time! Really Works! Works great! Only 2-3 or 4 layers ideally should be applied. Recommend!


  37. B***n

    I waited to review this as I was skeptical that this was even real. I am in the US and had a detailer ceramic coat my car but I was pretty certain they didn’t do the inner door sills. I figured I could use some coating on hand as I had other uses for it too if it worked well. I applied it to my sills three weeks ago and water still beads off. The sills are flat so they will collect some dirt no matter what but they are way cleaner. What I received is definitely not a polish. The applicator pad is small but if you know ceramic coatings it’s supposed to be as it dries quickly and can be a nightmare to buff out if you don’t do small sections quickly. That being said, I’m surprised this worked and that I received the real deal. I’d recommend this store and their product based on what I received/experienced.


  38. K***j

    Horší for vyleštění but splňuje after 3 týdnech is what Má.. Photo after vyleštění and after 3 week after dešti


  39. K***l

    The Goods has proved to be very not bad I honestly did not expect this effect, the coolest thing. Tomsk reached for a month. Hydrophobic effect is good


  40. R***b

    product meets the description. 50 ml bottle can be applied to 2 cars. really satisfied with the product.


  41. F***r

    Foremost perfect as described in the article missing by test


  42. A***o

    Compositions received. Liquid glass smell like soft 99. The second part of strange, but interesting, I understand, what it’s like for example, but the Special гидрофоба not noticed, tried on the cover) ceramic Pro gives the right result. The car tomorrow and see just customer on the finish.


  43. T***u

    Shipping is about 20 days tarafıma reached. Packaging fine glass bottle görseldeki sounded like. Trial didn t have made the comment again add.


  44. P***n

    Withdrew from the post office, the post were almost a month, no notice, the name is not found, only the track number. The Goods will be tested spring, since the old car, Winters. Ordered a second jar. For cloth do not pay.


  45. T***n

    Arrived. The liquid is stored in a glass bottle. Yet to use but looks great.


  46. A***a

    Delivery very fast, excellent packaging, foam. Is not used. Be Sure To дополним review later. Thank you for efficiency.


  47. P***d

    The parcel went around 60 days… but she did…now testing


  48. V***v

    Delivery month, to the door. Thank you, good feedback after application.


  49. V***n

    This was my second order, nice product. Thanks store


  50. E***n

    Shipping and delivery is very fast. The Seller is done. Evaluate The quality is can not only in the summer. Packaging of course so


  51. G***a

    Pare-fi ok. După ce the încerc revin Cu comentariu. Pina acasă 6 săptămîni.


  52. A***v

    Get everything perfect. Even the courier SDEK on brought home. Check The quality the weather permits. Add later.


  53. O***v

    Came sdekom for a week. A box two bottles of 50 ml, two atomizer, sponge and 4 of cloth. Go as gift set, packed very pathetic)))) to order myself, so about the operation of this дивного miracle not aware.


  54. L***v

    Sent for three weeks now SDEK, well packed, until you try. Seller recommend.


  55. V***v

    Good price. So far haven’t tried. Satisfied with purchase.


  56. Z***v

    Parcel arrived in Carpets for three weeks, packed well, try to use, will add a review.


  57. Y***a

    The delivery can not say, since I was not expecting much parcels. deliver package сдэком to door. packaged goods in protective packaging, store 5 + that bother and under each bubble cut separately box))) bubbles come whole, the 50 ml each, glass. the CAP has protection ring of the opening. the smell is strongly reminiscent of coniferous forest. inside is dispenser. cons of, no Instruction, no material than it is to apply, just two bottles, as they came much cooler afraid like transport they froze. going to look on the Internet as applied to the guys into’ll ask applied to the body, unsubscribe and skins photo effect. now the way try to ask your question where instruction and how to use it.


  58. S***N

    Delivered in time 14 days, region of 31. Packing is so thorough that could survive the fall with The Moon. Well, and in fact check will be in the spring, when the warmer.


  59. Customer

    Product such which described not yet proven good envalando


  60. A***v

    All OK, arrived quickly, delivered by courier. Try going to the spring. He took the glass and гидрофоб. More complete two towels, two jaws and two atomizer.


  61. H***u

    Ürün istanbula 19 days arrived. 2 boxes 50 ml as bought. 1 boxes into a car with more abundantly clear. Will use friends bol grit thick use you make of the required. And wait a bit dry lighter dulling became dry micro fiber cloth wipe. According to the price of quality material. Honest store again shopping yapıcam. Resimlerde details can see…


  62. S***n

    The packaging looks good and seems to be of Premium Class. Can give proper feedback after application.


  63. O***k

    Product matchs the description, Very strong smell indicates effectivness of the ceramic, applyied it on my scooty with Ceralic paint, just needs to rub off after few minutes as it gets dry quickly and its very difficult to rub it off, overall the product is very satisfying !


  64. L***n

    Glass Bottle sprays beautiful but cloths bad. You know, glasses cloth


  65. D***o

    Excellent, good packaging and product. Not tested yet


  66. A***r

    Take too long time to Oman from 1/11 and received 18/12. But anyway thanks. Waited for most about month


  67. A***e

    Thanks a lot for yor products for the future i will bay again and i hope the shiping it will be much faster.


  68. N***n

    Everything was fine. Goods have been delivered by courier (!!!) by hand me goods delivered. I fall pleased and recommend this store.


  69. H***n

    The ürün recommend, 1. ürün seramik2. product paint uygulanan on top of rain and water slider, glass show is different, this product is this kombin products. application Part dıkey and horizontal version as it is 3 dakka waited Sonrasında sildim, after applying the az12saat beklemelı ben72 clock bekledım hardening to paint recommended for 72 hours, because rain and water slider ıdare the time will see it performance in general as glad ilerde additional notification yaparım


  70. F***v

    All came to a description. Is not verified.


  71. Customer

    As in the description, fine packaging and protected, embaces black CRYSTAL, when you try to leave comments additional


  72. I***a

    I cannot yet try the product because the weather is bad, but it looks very decent. Rarely do reviews without trying, but otherwise I will not have time


  73. A***z

    little bit leaked…but not too much…will add additional review after use


  74. K***l

    arrived in good order. will leave additional feedback after used.


  75. E***m

    Today also has yet to use what is called well do not know shipping can safely come in use after the the following will fill in


  76. Customer

    Super. Perfect packed. Tracking 2 week!!!!( Perfect)


  77. Customer

    It ‘S тежелло, waited pochti two месеця goods meet инше probyval


  78. Customer

    Thank you, the package has arrived. A glass bottle well packed. I recommend


  79. J***l

    Todo as announced. Delay in shipping But extended the protection and communicated immediately. Highly recommended. As for the product will discuss your result when you apply it.


  80. T***y

    A month came more tried after evaluation’ll teşekkürler.


  81. S***r

    Did the test applying in a part of the car hood. Haven’t seen big difference But when it has rained could appreciate it best.


  82. K***v

    Take the pre-order, a little cheaper. THE fact is not tried, will wait for the heat. The store has worked with a bang, Fast shipping.


  83. D***v

    Come to paralon, waiting for the summer to try out. Then unsubscribe


  84. A***n

    The only drawback is that no instructions for use. AND rags or towels that are included is very small. They are more suitable for smartphones than for cars. IN general, all packed well. For order really had to go to the other side of town.


  85. U***x

    The smell as usual восковый polish, try the case, will add a review ..


  86. A***v

    Shipping is awfully long, 3 months (((in fact, not checked, hope all will be good!


  87. P***i

    Wooow, self sparkles like new, I don’t know when hard effect but a very good product, small bottle enough I believe x 2 treatments but I do have a Mercedes B class car pretty big


  88. Customer

    Ürün good arrived damaged don’t quality tried more but following the early arrive cebzetti me


  89. V***i

    IN time to meet the store! Shipping brought me at SDEK count purchase! All together! Thank you so much! Probyvat goods will spring!


  90. V***n

    Winter outdoors, machine a smear in the spring. Parcel arrived with a broken бутыльком. Apparently, almost no ceremony with loading-unloading. Knowing this, sender could take more effective measures to protect goods. Sorry no counts of ratings for packaging. The Rest Of the 5. Wipes is also no longer work.


  91. M***v

    I got. But it took time yo arrive. That can not now apply it to car. We have rain now. Thanks Michael


  92. K***y

    All good, caused one layer, good result, water repellent good. How long will the-see.


  93. A***v

    Not tested quality


  94. M***k

    I’ve used it for my bike. I’m interesting how long the coating will last.


  95. P***.

    let’s see how long does it last.


  96. V***o

    Like all well packed. The Result will be the spring


  97. C***a

    Foremost correct, well packed… Missing try to watch results, thanks to the store


  98. K***i

    Shipment is OK. Best regards.


  99. L***R

    The product arrived well, wait to try it which perform in about 15 days


  100. A***v

    Delivery very fast, packed safely. Is not tried to heat, will handle bicycle frame.


  101. Customer

    Description corresponds, in fact not even try


  102. A***a

    Received the product fast and safe but not tested yet. will share the feedback after apply.


  103. S***v

    Two months passed sdekom, is not used.


  104. A***v

    Thank you very much prodovtsu. It was. Excellent packaging.


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