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Cellulite Treatment Body Cream

(40 customer reviews)

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  • This body cream is fast absorbent
  • Burn fats and give you perfect curves
  • This skincare weight-loss formula is safe to use
  • Net Weight: 1.4 oz
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years

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 Cellulite Treatment Body Cream

Are you dreaming of having a sexy & leaner body? Make your dream comes true with Cellulite Treatment Body Cream – The easiest way of burning fats and gain healthy sexier curves!

Product Benefits and Specifications

This slimming cream cellulite removal is popular in giving remarkable benefits. Moreover, the Hyaluronic Acid Ginseng work inside and outside. Perfectly provide you obvious results that are all amazing. In particular, this healthy slimming solution is able to burn fats.  Effectively removes cellulite but promotes blood circulation.

Furthermore, This body cream encourages skin regeneration. It generates new skin cells and provides all-day hydration. It boosts the production of collagen. Improves skin appearance and tone. Effectively reduces puffiness.

Enriched with a natural formula. This Cellulite Treatment Body Cream is a multi-usage solution. Nonetheless, it is worth to be in your health kit.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract – Has been known for its characteristics that enhance blood circulation. Thus, it makes you feel healthy and lose weight safely. Furthermore, the product works to penetrate deep into the layers of skin. Nevertheless, it works to deliver antioxidants. Encourage hydration and activate skin cell repair.

Sodium Hyaluronate – It has capabilities to revive skin natural functions. Such as this beauty care solution works effectively. While enhances skin suppleness and elasticity. This is the best age-defying solution to prevent wrinkles. This is an effective treatment for skin dehydration.

How To Use This Skincare?

Specifically, follow the given steps rather than neglecting to avoid a problem. With your fingertips, Apply a little amount of Cellulite Treatment Body Cream solution directly to the affected area. Just like elephant legs, waist, arms, abdomen and the parts that have cellulite and wrinkles. Massage or allow the formula to penetrate in your skin.  With the plastic wrapper, be sure to wrap the applied body parts for 30-40 minutes. Carefully peel off the wrap and you can see great results.

Achieve a perfect curve with Cellulite Treatment Body Cream.

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Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

Based on 40 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. M***a

    Shipping for 2,5 weeks, track. Packed in a mail box, pupyrki. Cream in a cardboard box mica. Shelf Life, composition, instructions for use of all available. A Little confused by the size. Happy-that the rate of it pretty economical due to its texture-slightly watery, melting. Color white. When applied to the skin perfectly spread and completely absorbed, without leaving adhesive layer. Size a bean is enough for me to kiss his thigh. Стройняху of zhiruhi he certainly does not do, but skin tighten and visually выгдядеть’ll better.


  2. A***a

    On the tube was protective seal. Remedy from the heat of the hand quickly melts, so apply it on the body easily. On the advice of the store, following the application to do massage and wrap the body in the film. Leave for 30-40 minutes. At this time the skin to heat up, and fat Melt I in fact is not experienced, so the result can not share. To say that when applied to the skin feels nice feeling cold. So, think, no film means not give the desired effect.


  3. Y***y

    Good tool. The complex measures, good auxiliary measure. On its own course weight will not remove.


  4. Z***G

    Order delivery in Belarus took Standard 3 weeks. Track number. Cream came in a cardboard box gold color. All product information in English. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years. Inside the box is the tube of cream 40 C. And insert-instruction. Cream White, has enough watery consistency. Smell nice. Consumption is very economical, no greasy residue leaves. This kind of products are only addition to physical exercise and diet. Only A comprehensive approach is able to produce a good and stable result. I use this tool after sauna as a massage cream. There Is no strong tingling. Overall great product!


  5. B***a

    Helps with weight loss. Use after shower, a burning after application.


  6. H***o

    Tool with good structure and peculiar smell. When applied to a little tingling. Keep a film exactly 40 minutes. Skin slightly, becomes silky, but extra fat remains in place. Comes cream in the original carton box sealed in mica. All information on the composition and the shelf life is present on the package.


  7. J***n

    Very good furniture packing, arrived fast, inform you of the tracking to arrival you to thy house, 40 gr. Have odor strongman to herbs, moisturizes and reabsorve fast, once only used, see if there are results. Many thanks


  8. H***s

    It is important to understand that smeared this thing and lay on the couch did not give. But the smeared and do exercise-weight really goes faster. It warms, blood better circulates, work with problem areas more efficient. Useful thing when used correctly.


  9. T***h

    Игредиенты: корнень ginseng, ginger extract, Centella asiatica extract, witch hazel, hyaluronic acid. Ginger Ginger (Zingiber) Extract tones and improves blood circulation. Powerful stimulator metabolism in tissues, possesses anti-Cellulite effect. Centella asiatica extract leaf Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract recovers and regenerates skin, possesses anti-aging property. Natural antiseptic. Extract hamamelis Hamamelis Extract soft natural antiseptic, having a cleansing effect, causes vasoconstriction, reduces secretion of the sebaceous glands. Acid hyaluronic Hyaluronic acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) of regenerative processes in skin, support optimal water level the dermis, stop the destruction of collagen. Possesses anti-viral, bactericide, ранозаживляющими properties. This cream improves circulation in the skin. Thanks to the processes of elimination of excess liquid and products of metabolism, improve


  10. O***i

    Cream comes in a box, which has all the basic information about the product in English shelf life of 3 years, until 2021. Weight 40 grams. As a part of this cream many beneficial elements-hyaluronic acid, ginseng root, ginger and stuff. Cream has a nice mint flavor, and light нежирную texture. Use: Apply massage movements on problem areas, then wrap film and leave for 30-40 minutes. After the skin soft, moist, more elastic. This cream will prove to be a full complex measures in anti-cellulite and excess weight.


  11. A***t

    Cream is designed for slimming and cellulite. As part of present ginseng, so the smell of a particular cream (not nice). Bulk cream-40 C. The chemicals in the cream are ginseng and геалуроновая acid. Cream should be applied to the necessary parts body and rub it massage movements until completely absorbed. Then wrap the treated areas cling film and remove it after 30-40 minutes. After this procedure skin moist and tender. Of Course slimming effect I do not notice. AND that would really lose weight, you need to eat less))).


  12. L***i

    Cream smells good, skin after use velvety, moisturized. Apply in conjunction with fitness exercises, believe that the effect will be the most tangible. Packed Well, There are instructions for use. Shipping three weeks before my post office.


  13. A***a

    Want To lose weight-get exercise and stop to eat! There is no cream, wich can be намазюкаться and lose weight! This tool to cope with orange crust on your butt and Lyashkov, little tightens and smoothes the skin, that’s it. Composition Of natural, you can feel free to take and use. I happy!


  14. E***a

    Now moved to proper nutrition and go on the sport. As a supplement bought cream. Think in complex needs help))) Need to spread on problem areas and wrap this section package.


  15. A***a

    The tube of cream in original box. THE package 40 grams. Consumption big already. Peculiar smell. But for me it is nice. Texture dense enough for this cream. Seller recommend apply cream light муссирующими movements and the whole thing wrap cling film for 30-40 minutes. I do use facility as an ordinary cream for body to the hip and abdomen. But with the film and massage I мудрю via another cream with warming effect.


  16. S***a

    This cream improves circulation in the skin. Thanks to the processes of excretion excess fluid and products of metabolism, improved delivery of nutrients and oxygen for fabrics skin and subcutaneous fat, activate липолитические processes, leading to the soft lipolysis fat tissue.


  17. V***o

    Of Course, one cream does not save you from extra padding and not give you fashion shape. However, it definitely helps activate processes burning fat will output the liquid from the body and make your skin more elastic and taut. Cream weight 40g arrived in original box. There are instructions for use. The box include the time-limited, composition and product information. Apply massage movements on problem areas. For best effect wrap in foil and go so minutes 40. Cream White, thick, with a light fragrance. Cream is strong enough, be applied in small quantities, when applied there is burning and warm. Whatever class was not cream, it will not help you lose weight without a proper diet and exercise. If you lie on the couch and devour fastfood no use of cream will not.


  18. M***i

    Available for the first time. Fast shipping, track. Cream well packed, don’t hesitated. Box sealed in mica, shelf life is, all information in English. Just enough it on 2-3 Application, tube tiny. We will try! Seller put free probe emulsion facial.


  19. I***a

    Beautiful figure, perhaps, dream of all girls from 0 to 90. So I could not pass side and ordered. The Effect Of smooth leather provided with regular use. I rub it means very carefully, alternating with massage. Recommend to buy. It Is cool.


  20. Z***s

    Like cream, copes with cellulite. Ginseng eliminate impurities and excess water out of the body, for better effect need to wrap film, but will be slight burning sensation. After 40 minutes film shoot and wipe the body lotion, skin becomes taut. but keep in mind, if you eat cakes, then no one cream will help Stick To diet and everything will be fine


  21. N***a

    Cream habarovsk came for six weeks. THE Force has not tried, UNSUBSCRIBE a month use. Cream well packed, hesitated box, but this is a matter for our mail. When you open the box there is a very strong smell of ginseng. Cream must be stored in a cool place. A Little translation on the composition and on the use of the photo. Did not communicate with, but the store put bag cream, nice, thank you.


  22. I***a

    A good cream, which is very useful худеющим girls. Just say, one this cream you slender wont do. It Is old, as peace, truth, but we must eat less, and move more. The cellulite and other imperfections, if they are really are reduced. AND yet this cream helpful to those that allows you to keep the skin tone, because if drastically lose weight, you will have some time stay in the skin, which you great. AND with this cream is much easier.


  23. O***a

    Cream helps to eliminate cellulite weight loss, fat burning, normalizing lymph and blood circulation, helps in improving the exchange processes, provide skin firmness and elasticity. Oh don’t know, as it eliminates cellulite, I did not really believe and you do not advise, but skin my has become more flexible, hydrated and pleasant to the touch. For me this cream more like уходовый than fat burner.


  24. K***a

    Naturally, that’s why you намажетесь cream and nifiga won’t do-you don’t похудеете, what if the gold cream was not. You Need To remember that cream useful, not magic. If you follow a: PP + exercise + skin care cream = perfect figure. To clean skin apply a small amount of cream, massage movements is rubbed and обматываем Place plastic film. Nice smell, color white, gel. Naturally when обматывании increased heat transfer, more better in this form of exercise Phys. exercises. After use, the skin becomes more toned, moist and smooth, the complex achieves the effect of beautiful figure.


  25. H***a

    After leave comment, just arrived and have not tried. Thanks very small


  26. Customer

    Cream light and pleasant, when applied to cause a warm feeling. Much does not burn, not cause allergies. Delivery month and reliable package.


  27. B***a

    Received my cream after many months. I’m so so happy for the cream is pretty good so hot. Recommend the store although you need patience because the order is very delay. My belly is burning hahahaha. I don’t think I can wait till the time in the description


  28. V***i

    Cream for body skin care, speeds up the process of burning fat, make skin more elastic and taut. The pleasing natural components: ☘Ginseng: Skin regeneration, Softening Skin tones the skin, moisturizing, skin nutrition, антивозрастное ☘Ginger: антицеллюлит, tones the skin, anti-oxidant, normalizes Secretion ☘Центелла: antioxidant, антицеллюлит, anti-inflammatory, promote microcirculation ☘Witch hazel: antioxidant, astringent, anti-inflammatory, tones the skin, заживляющее ☘Hyaluronic Acid. Cream liquid consistency, white color, with sharp bitter odor. Smeared only a week. There Is a slight burning sensation when using. Moisturizing good дклая skin more elastic. That will happen-see.


  29. D***a

    Good cream. The Result is not yet see, but have a week. Moisturizes well.


  30. I***m

    It ‘S for a month, well packed, sealed and sealed, the store sent gift, was very nice) rub to half an hour-Forty minutes 🙂 bake)) ABOUT the results too early. Smell is quite specific and not for all. Otherwise, thick, but one tube is still not enough.)


  31. Customer

    Delayed, But arrived. Not yet tried. .. Hope to have good results


  32. G***v

    Cream based herbal components and thanks to the delicate texture easily penetrate into the skin, warm body, burns Fat and contributes to weight loss. After prolonged use forms a perfect waist. Cream came packaged with MICA. Shelf Life of 3 years, Volume 40 C. All the necessary information in English. The tube was sealed foil. Cream has a light creamy texture, flavor herbal, quickly absorbed. For application must apply the cream on the right part of the body and wrap in plastic wrap and leave warmer at 30 -40 minutes. Cream promotes loss, reduces cellulite and tightens the skin and do not forget to exercise and diet.


  33. A***a

    Come good ginseng slimming cream. Nice cream, texture delicate, smells like a statement, ginseng.. Order a good track. The store sent immediately after payment was packed in your package with air bubble film. Transport box not affected happy with the order. Recommend to buy


  34. S***a

    This cream can help get rid of Orange Peel, or cellulite, as you prefer to call. To lose weight through there, fig. My options have not changed, though cream I израсходовала inside and out. But! Orange Peel, even if it had not much, disappeared. Principle Of work is need to apply the cream on the skin of the abdomen and hip, well, or where you need and) cling film. After a few minutes skin starts to heat up, want to say that read reviews of gentle warming, so, my taste warm pretty much, warm. I go for about an hour, their common household chores. Then the film starred and cream to wash off. It warms about 30 minutes, after application, then even if the film on you, there is no sensations. Like cream, helps.


  35. S***n

    Good kremchiki, excellent moisture the skin and pulls her. Goods come well packed in original box, which sealed mica. The box include the time-limited to 2021 years and there are instructions in English. Seller fast sent order, tracked posting service took three weeks. Purchase very satisfied, good store!


  36. S***o

    Order delivered in Bryansk for 30 days. Gift store put cream sampler. Cream not tried, for sisters. Later Unsubscribe.


  37. E***a

    I like, but volume generally small. Me on, 3 days enough. Put under the film, and just the shower on preheated scrub or brushed skin. Lit kapets, but also the skin. Of Course the effect will be in conjunction with nutrition and exercise, and not after the burgers in three hours a night.


  38. J***a

    Not know how about weight loss, but the tone of the skin attached, makes it more elastic.


  39. E***a

    Fast shipping Krym. Only the tube was not hermetically sealed foil. In the tube was half of the box at the net. Where else, don’t know. the Seller is done, money in the next day after a dispute) If the cream will give effect, it will order again. Recommend store!!!


  40. O***t

    Mine is not bad cream. It has caused and immediately felt that bakes, even film are wrapped. The skin any redness left.


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