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Bass Earphones 6D Surround Earbuds

(99 customer reviews)
In Stock (Ships Out Within 24 Hours)
  • Hi-Fi sound quality with a noise-reduction feature
  • Quick connection and Bluetooth compatibility with auto-pairing
  • Comfortable fit with ergonomic design
  • Power: 50mAh (earbud); 500mAh (charging case)/Standby time: About 150 hours/Working Time: About 3-5 hours (single ); About 2-3 hours (paired)/Working range: 10m or 35ft/Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
  • Size of an earbud: 18 mm/Weight: 4 grams (per bud)/Colors: Silver or Black
  • Package List:
    • 1 x Pair of Bass Earphones 6D Surround Earbuds
    • 1 x Charging Case
    • 1 x Micro-USB Cable
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 2 x Ear Tips

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Bass Earphones 6D Surround Earbuds

Get the best sound experience for music and games with the Bass Earphones 6D Surround Earbuds. Very comfortable to wear and lightweight while on the ears. Practice a hands-free operation for making calls and playing music. Perfect while driving or while working out.

Wireless Bluetooth Connection

You can easily connect this to any smartphone that you which has a Bluetooth feature. With easy and fast compatibility which allows you to use these Bass Earphones conveniently. You can do any task that you have throughout the day while these earbuds are worn. You can go with your meetings or classes, drive, and run outside for a quick exercise without feeling uneasy. This earphone set has simple button operations for turning the power on and off. You can also easily control the music for a play, pause, change tracks, and change volume.

6D Surround Sound

Appreciate listening to your favorite songs using these Bass Earphones with its 6D Surround Sound feature. You can enjoy more playing your kind of playlist and play it comfortably in your ears even on a full volume. It is also perfect to use for playing video games as you can hear all the sound effects from the game. It has a super bass feature where you can feel and understand all the audio details.

Waterproof and Sweatproof

These earphones have a secure and comfortable fit on the ears. It has a very discreet design which makes it hard to notice by others when worn. You can wear this while exercising or working out without even worrying about damaging the device by sweat.  Its strict design protects the device to be destroyed by sweat.

Noise Cancelling Feature

Make calls and take calls easier with these earphones. You can hear the whole conversation from the other line using this device with its noise canceling feature. Experience no delay in the voice as it delivers the sound fast and in high-quality.

Portable Charging Bin
The earphones will charge up right away as soon as you placed them inside the charging bin. With its compact and portable size design, carrying and storing will be less of a problem. Very convenient to use for every day and for traveling.

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Based on 99 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. Customer

    Sound smart! As Far As my husband picky in this respect, but these headphones he appreciated! Noise Reduction, Bass enough! It ‘S the best headphones, which were with us!


  2. Customer

    I like the noise canceling qualities – I can be in a noisy room and still hear my music or audio books clearly. Phone quality is good and both I and the party at the other end of the call get clear sound —


  3. Customer

    I love these! Easy too hook up, very secure in my ear. The case is absolutely a great idea, keep the buds secure when not in use and charges them. I am very happy with this purchase, a great product with out spending a fortune for someone elses name on it! I am 57 years and love my music.


  4. Customer

    These earbuds come packed up with lots of impressive features. Ones that i really like are – noise isolation (not only claims but delivers too), design enables a very comfortable and snug fit in ears, at this price point the sound quality it provides is really no less than splendid. I did notice an improved and stable level of Bluetooth connectivity with my phone and didn’t encounters any delays/ drops. Battery life is very good, i was able to use it for about 5 days with 2-3 hours of daily use. Additionally, it comes in easy to carry and charge box.


  5. Customer

    These earbuds arrived in a secure package. I love that I can charge the case…which in turn charges the earbuds. They were easy to pair right out of the box. I did not have any trouble charging (they came with some charge) or pairing. The sound quality is great with the music on my phone. I love the idea that I can use one or both earbuds at any time.


  6. Customer

    Great value wireless earbuds, was easy to pair and has pretty good sound quality. If u like heavy bass while listening to your music and do want to be spending the money on beats earphones, this is it


  7. Customer

    love these headphones. wireless and they sound good. had to read the instructions to pair them so they worked in stereo but once I got them working it was no problem.they are small and fit easily in your ears


  8. Customer

    Excellent! The second time, first took a gift, wanted to imagine the same!


  9. Customer

    It’s really comfortable in your ear. It takes time to put it on at first, but it becomes easier to put on later. The charging system is very cool in that you don’t necessarily need to bring a cord to charge the case. You can put the headphones in the case and it will automatically charge. Overall it is a very good product.


  10. Customer

    This Bluetooth headset is very comfortable to wear, the connection is very simple, the call sound is very clear, and the battery time is also very good.


  11. Customer

    Looks beautiful as box, and nice-looking headphones. Made with high quality of materials. Sound loud and clear.


  12. Customer

    It’s pretty good, the quality of the sound is as clear as my portable speaker. Easy to connect and I don’t have any issue about it until now.


  13. Customer

    For the price headphones were very good. Work for a month, live, there was no waste. Sound good, don’t complain. Very comfortable.


  14. Customer

    They don’t protrude out of your ears and make you look like Frankenstein which is amazing for true wireless earphones.


  15. R***e

    Arrived in less than a month to South America. Sound clear. Maybe you need more low in my opinion, But the volume is high.


  16. Customer

    I really loved the design of earphones, They look very stylish. The overall impression of earphones is great, they fit in your ears nicely


  17. Customer

    Comfortable, mostly used during exercise and they never fall out. Great acoustic range and the ability to change bass and treble with a cool app that connects to the world of music.


  18. Customer

    These ear buds were bought for my brother in law since he has been wanting some for sometime . He paired them with his s8 and they worked great.


  19. Customer

    I was looking for a great wireless earphone from past few months now And looks like my search is completed .super excited to use this earphone because they’re very lightweight,they fit perfect in my ears and the sound quality is simply amazing.I don’t want to compare this with leading airpods from Apple or Samsung because you get the best for the cost you pay and that’s what makes this earpods really great Value for money


  20. Customer

    I was/am truly impressed with these headphones. The quality and sound are equally impressive. I’m able to listen to music and make/ take conference calls. They fit great and can be customized to fit (mostly) any size ear. You can’t go wrong with these headphones, especially for the price!


  21. Customer

    The earphones are great! The battery life on it is amazing, it last much longer than expected. They are easy to pair and recognize when they are out of sync and re-sync themselves. They really stay in my ear and are comfortable to wear. they are so comfortable the sometimes I don’t event realize they are in my ears. One of the things I love is that they are small and people almost don’t even notice you have earphones in.


  22. Customer

    This wireless headphones came nice packaging. The case is so beautiful like it . and the cable, instructions and extra ear tips were all included. The headphones very comfortable and easy to use.


  23. Customer

    It’s a great deal for the sound quality. Although I like to have really good quality of the headphones that I use, the sound quality is fantastic when compared to my other sound quality is phenomenal compared to apple AirPods and other less expensive ear buds that are wireless


  24. Customer

    This was a great purchase. It started s soon as I saw the packaging which was elegant and professional. I unpacked the headphones and was pleasantly surprised to find that they didn’t need to be charged up, they came fully charged so I was able to jump right into trying them out. It took me a few minutes to figure out the pairing and buttons but after that it was really simple. The best part was the fit. Normal earbuds like Apple’s simply do not fit in my ears, they fall out immediately. These fit perfectly, I was able to run, jump, no problem! So a very positive experience: Good packaging, good sizing, and good quality.


  25. Customer

    These fitted perfectly and the sound qualities were great!


  26. Customer

    Were very worthy to buy. Now mainly best headphones is a Bluetooth headset. Ideal for running, cycling and other outdoor activities.


  27. Customer

    Excellent quality headphones with amazing sound quality. They provide you with various sizes of ear pieces and ear wings so it takes a minute to find the right fit. Once you find it these are super comfortable and do not fall out even while running. Highly recommend!


  28. Customer

    The earphone provide much more bass, which I appreciate. They are very comfortable in your ears. These will not fall out during any exercise. Just note, to keep the size of the device down, they had to make the battery very tiny. Good thing the case also charges the batteries a few times over. Pairing to my iPhone was effortless. Well worth the money.


  29. Customer

    Order for 2,5 weeks. Track to track. Packaged headphones good, do not hurt. Headphones were the original brand


  30. Customer

    I was happy to receive my Wireless Earbuds,. I am a fan of running and running with the right gear


  31. Customer

    As I’ve come to expect, the earphone impress right from the get-go. They are nicely packaged,


  32. Customer

    These earbuds were a very pleasant surprise. They are by far the easiest Bluetooth headphones to use that I have ever had. They connect automatically to each other every time with no set up. I connected them to my phone once and now they automatically connect every time I take them off the charger. The touch controls are great. So much better then fiddling to find controls on a wire or taking out your phone. The sound quality is excellent for this price range. Overall, I think they are a fantastic value and would definitely recommend.


  33. Customer

    Very good product and affordable price. I’ve had a couple of Bluetooth headphones and almost all of them don’t fit my expectations. These ones have a very good sound, easy to recharge.


  34. Customer

    Firstly, It is no easy to fall down because of the wings. I wear it when I run and it didn’t fall down! wonderful ! Secondly, the connection is good, it didn’t lose connection when I was walking or leaving my phone a little away from me. And it is very light compared to my Airpods and Bose earphone. The most important, it is cheaper than them! I love this product!!!!


  35. Customer

    Can’t really believe how well these little guys work. A bit shocked if we’re to be honest. I wanted to find something I could use in garage that would also go under my hearing protection. These little guys worked right through those and even at a far away distance. My garage is fairly long and I go ALL the way to one end it still worked. That’s up to about 25 feet away. And that was WITH my hearing protection on.


  36. Customer

    Awesome Bluetooth earbuds. Better fit than Apple or Bose earbuds. Impossible to shake out of my ears!!! Amazing sound at 1/4 the price.


  37. Customer

    everyone in my house loves them. Looks like I’ll be buying more.


  38. Customer

    The Headphones have surround sound and deep-Bass. Sound very much. The case when the quality completely satisfied.


  39. Customer

    I picked these up for my iPhone XR and I really like them. They offer good sound quality on calls and music alike (I use this phone for work and have taken many meetings on them and everyone could hear me clearly on the other end too). The magnetic pull between the ear buds and the case is satisfying and it is nice that the case charges them too. I had no issues with how they fit in my ears either.


  40. Customer

    Finally, I was able to find a pair of bluetooth ear buds that stay in when I am running and at the gym lifting. I’ve had a few different pairs with good sound quality but these are by far the best. I’m not willing to spend the amount of money Apple charges for those ear buds and I’m happy with the quality of these! Also comes with a cool carry case with a built in charging station to make sure they don’t get separated or misplaced!


  41. Customer

    My husband loved these so much, I had to buy these… a second paid for me (he took mine over for himself!). They’re easy to pair with your phone and the sound quality is terrific. Volume control is simple, they charge quickly and hold the charge for a very very long time. Highly recommended.


  42. Customer

    I was immediately surprised by the quality of these EarPods. It was super easy to connect to my iPhone for the first time. After the initial connection they now automatically connect as soon as I go to use them. The sound is surprisingly good. Decent bass and crisp highs.


  43. Customer

    They fit tight and secure and do not fall out when I am running. This is a big deal for me because I have had other wireless EarPods that don’t stay in very well. Another big plus is that you can control many functions by just tapping on the EarPods


  44. Customer

    I really loved the sleek charging case for these earbuds. The left and right side connect individually which is something I really prefer . The touch function is easy to use and the sound quality is very good. It is easy to carry around since it is compact.


  45. Customer

    Headphones like, very convenient and comfortable, and light, and not vypadyvayut, and cold, and sound in principle is not bad


  46. Customer

    These have been great so far. They paired immediately right out of the case to iPhone. I like that they turn on and pair when you remove and turn off when you place them back in the case. They are comfortable and fit securely, sound good and a great value.


  47. A***m

    The sound is excellent and very comfortable Arrived in 2 weeks and few days. Recommend!


  48. A***A

    It Took 13 days to arrive. Perfectly packed, no damage.


  49. J***n

    Arrived in 14 days, very fast shipping, Thanks, but sound a bit less than qcy


  50. Customer

    Matched with foto and product description. Fancy model and elegant. Recommended product.


  51. Q***q

    Will try best help. arrived days for 20, notification that packed came on the same day. store communicate, arrived in the original packaging, everything in the picture. THE ears most comfortable headset in the world, That’s right to enjoy. keep the battery not bad, half a day to do what you want, then in box for charging, box think charge three exactly give. bass is no, listen to rock the fun will not work, can save the equalizer (not tried). the Microphone Is ambiguous. on the one hand you hear clearly, but all say that tihovat. in a noisy place well not talk, oh Yes, loud they always except talk, conversation immediately become quieter percent 50. (Test Xiaomi redmi 5a). change the headset charging second will not work. one is connected to the phone, second коннектиктся only second headset. time in half an hour on милисекунду переконективается (not too annoying). THE RESULT: I believe even the “Fortune” can not be a bit to buy better.


  52. B***i

    Very fast delivery, really impressed with the services upto now, वो update after usage.


  53. R***s

    good product.sounds good 😉 i am happy with this deal.they have more bass but i like it.


  54. R***z

    Very fast delivery in Puerto Montt, Chile. only 16 days of purchase, the earphones are seen quality nice, the connection with the cellular is very good, the box and the product well packed… Very happy with the purchase, leave photos.


  55. E***n

    Headphones огнище!!! Ordered two pairs. Fit well. IN my ears no sticks. Bass compared with басеус с06 and авеи т12 a space. For 1500₽ simply chic. First there were problems a connection from one pair and even a dispute, but then like оклемались and it worked. They are really small and comfortable. Case convenient. Put-off. Took Out-involved. Simple and Convenient. Very much. Button mechanical, which is very convenient. Рекомендед каэшно)


  56. R***v

    Good headphones! Work without problems. Music playback 3-4 hours. When watching video sound is not far behind. As for the sound: Sound good, boss not хвает, if you change the ear pads the Bass will be more but the charge does not fit. Sit headphones good and not fall out. Delivery fast and well packed.


  57. A***v

    Less than a month, sound the maximum dvoechku, if slightly above average listen, it is in principle. The quality is good-looking, connected with no problems. A month will add a.


  58. V***v

    Come in Moscow quickly, loud, sit well in my ears, not fall out.


  59. Y***u

    sounds good for the price and the Bluetooth is very stable. came after 2 weeks


  60. J***r

    Good quality, small fits in ear comfortably. One seems a bit quieter volume off a bit but using it during diving its great. Nice sound clear easy bluetooth connection.


  61. M***o

    Great earphones, lightweight and small. They sit perfectly in my ear. Pairing with my phone was fast and simple. Sound quality is good, the lower notes (bass) are strong whilst the higher notes could be better. But you can tweek it through your phones equilizer. Overall good price-performance earphones.


  62. A***o

    Great product. Sound is a lot better (more treble) compared to another wireless pair I had. Very comfortable. Received item in good condition.


  63. I***v

    Say so, everything is fine, long choose affordable and quality! IN general, will say they bomb, sound at a high level, a bass 110%, my original iPods wire and they are for me played better (that you understand, sound quality) cycling, cardio, cross F. Do not fall down, TEST communication at (speaker buzz) Recommend 100% + set go for free!


  64. H***r

    The product is fine. Microphone good but noisy environment sıkıntı çıkarıyor so tone face very does not. His money as aesthetic hakediyor but price performance product is disconnected. 70-80 pounds this beauty product can locate.


  65. J***l

    Genuinely impressed with how these turned out. Was a bit on the fence as I love good quality audio. Great charge case that automatically connects to your phone. Get them in your ears right and the bass to treble ratio is pretty much bang on. You genuinely can’t ask for more at this price range surely? In black they are proper stealth too. Most people won’t see you wearing them they are so small. Much better than looking like you have q-tips hanging out of your ears like the insanely overpriced apple pods. Buy with confidence.


  66. A***a

    Smart headphones! Welcome package and they are in my hands. Sound quality is high, very loud singing, but the bass is a bit lacking, in general, surround sound and comfort. The appearance is also very happy, pleasant to the touch keysik naushnichki primagnichivayutsya to charging stations, and indeed the whole thing looks very stylish. Package satisfied! Recommend!


  67. K***a

    Went to MO package 19 days. Good headphones loud, mind the player honor10 writes that does not support the equalizer. The whole box, charge almost full, zakonektilas quickly. After a while will write review использтвании. Were a little more than ожидадала. Track shipped quickly, it does not track the mail RF, only 17 track


  68. G***l

    Hello everybody, I’m very satisfied of this product. It was shipped in about 2 weeks to France, in an original carton box and bubble film envelope. The headphones and the storage case have nice design and good feeling of quality. Came charged, but at the beginning I only managed to connect 1 headphone. After reading the induction (Chinese and English language) I did a hard reset and the binaural pairing worked instantly. The sound is good, more than enough. The volume is not very high, but even at maximum volume the sound is nice and clear. Hold well into my ears, light and comfortable. Also they are magnet attached into their nest inside the storage&charging case, and the case closes firmly. With time will check the battery life. So far I do recommend them! Bought for 22€.


  69. K***b

    bought it due to the good reviews. and it is really excellent! powerful bass, good sound. didnt expect it to be this good. better than my other earbuds. really worth the cost. encountered connection drops for a while but it went away after resetting and pairing again.


  70. L***a

    Headphones good!!! Price-quality ratio of 10 points! Not much is certainly not enough Bass on the power play, but it’s adjustable equalizer to reduce such, so as not to be wheezing. The rest of the sound on top, and play and clarity sound! THE ears fit like a glove! AND for a gift is not dumb to give, will not be ashamed! And you can leave! Or rather the headphones should have every person, and quality and not expensive! In short, I like!!! Recommend blow…!


  71. Customer

    For such a small device, they have suprisingly good sound. Reasonable base, slightly muddled highs. It is bluetooth so they are only going to be as good as the sound source. Anyone degrading these as ‘not audiophile’ shouldn’t be going bluetooth in the first place: most devices sending bluetooth have a crappy source to start with and going wireless only makes it worse. I’m so far going 5 days on a single case charge so I’d say outstanding battery life. They fit nicely in my ear and I can even sleep on my side with a soft pillow. Case is a little large but easily carried and looks good. Pairing initially is a little finicky but works as described, even pairing each earbud to a seperate device. I’d recommend to friends.


  72. Customer

    Packing good, come in 2 weeks before. ABOUT. the sound quality is normal, its value is fully justified. Recommend.


  73. Customer

    I’ve been using this for a while,all good for now. I would say this is really amazing for the price. Worth buying.


  74. Customer

    I am very happy with these moderately priced wireless ear buds so far. The sound is good. They fit great.


  75. Customer

    Headphones are very good, sound good and a bass also rules, store responsible fast delivery 3 weeks.


  76. Customer

    Great product. And it comes in nice packaging PROS:1. Easy pairing, unlike my old headphones that need to take minutes to pair the left and right first. Saves me a lot of jobs. 2. Understanding instructions in English. 3. Good sound. And it does block out some noice even it’s not 100%. 4. Comfortable to wear, I have no trouble with falling out. Perfect size for me. 5. Light weight


  77. Customer

    Wow that’s really crazy !! This is the first time I have spoken with headphones and heard me excellent. Nobody told me during the conversation that he did not hear me well. The battery is really excellent and the box charges it three times! It really rests and it sits good in the ear and it does not fall. Thanks


  78. Customer

    These headphones are perfect for what I need them for. They fit in my ear nicely so they don’t drop out. Great sound quality for my music, and audiobooks. Great weight to them and the charging case is sleek with a decent weight as well. It’s magnetic as well so the headphones don’t fall out easily.


  79. Customer

    I really like these. When I’m walking around in public, I like to be aware of my surroundings so I typically listen with just one ear bud. I don’t feel like the sound quality is worse becaue of that.


  80. Customer

    I really like these. When I’m walking around in public, I like to be aware of my surroundings so I typically listen with just one ear bud.


  81. Customer

    Overall, the earbuds is nice, very happy with my purchase.


  82. Customer

    Worth buying.Sync very easy. Satisfied with the sound. Battery life is about 4 hours, not bad. The charging case is perfect, I can pop it in my purse and bring it everywhere, love the idea.


  83. Customer

    These are satisfactory little earbuds. After fully charging them up, they connected easily to my computer


  84. Customer

    Lightweight and comfortable (once you find the right silicone earbud size) ,Connects fast to device as soon as you remove them from the case,Nice case with quick charging


  85. Customer

    perfect ears, excellent fit, great store quick shipping


  86. Customer

    Sound when speaking of quiet, and when listening to music is excellent! Loud, rich bass! Very not bad!


  87. Customer

    I do like these a lot. I tried them at my job for a real way to test them. It’s loud where I work. The noise cancellation is pretty good and it’s nice not having a neck piece with wires.


  88. Customer

    Overall I recommend this earbuds they are TRUE wireless earphones! You can play, pause skip and back songs and also increase the volume.


  89. P***v

    Goods come quickly. There Is No низкочастотная component in the headphones. The price of the.


  90. L***o

    Headphones were 20 days to Chelyabinsk. Track is not monitored. Complete cover-charger, wire, instruction in English and replacement ear pads. White part when you close the cover stick out, had to glue slightly. Play Good, connect with Siri, quality conversation is good. Satisfied with the goods, will serve as a look)


  91. A***v

    Delivery fast, fits the description of goods. Thank you very much!!!


  92. N***r

    First day of use. But very satisfied, the sound is clean, has a good sound quality. Not drops ear. Very comfortable. Simple to use. THE instruction manual is in English and Chinese, with simple instructions. Recommend the store. Attentive. Posted fast and came well packed


  93. H***r

    Sound quality is very good product good quality recommend


  94. V***y

    very happy with earphones had to download equaliser on phone to improve bass as phone didn’t have any setting to adjust and also an app to increase volume again as phone limits volume. The package was sent very fast and arrived in 21 days after order.


  95. A***v

    Come quickly. When fully charged work Four and a half hours. Base hvotaet 3 charging. Satisfied with the purchase.


  96. V***p

    Rubber parts very unpleasant smell. It reflects the quality of rubber. Inside the box for charging (storage) own BATTERY (type Presentation Sheets-power) WITH two devices fast konekt. Sound quality is average. While working. Delivery 30 days. NOT TRACKABLE.


  97. K***s

    Came in 3 weeks. Законнектили quickly. Sound, Bass rules. Caller hears well. Advise. The size of a little too big. THE small ears a massive look


  98. A***v

    Go for three weeks, he took his son by his responses headphones on 4 +


  99. V***y

    Beautiful. Good quality.


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