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Anti-aging Face Cream For Women

(276 customer reviews)
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  • This skincare effectively sustains skin replenishment
  • Snail mucus provides skin cell repair and provides moisture
  • Effectively whitens skin
  • Ingredients: Snail Secretion Filtrate, Collagen, Aloe, Argireline
  • Net weight: 40ml
  • Shelf Life: 3 years

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Anti-aging Face Cream For Women

Facial problems can occur because of age and exposure to environmental elements. Get rid of skin blemishes with Anti-aging Face Cream for Women – the snail solution!

Facts about Anti-aging Face Cream for Women

Skin glitches are visibly seen on your face. Such anomalies are the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet. Furthermore, sagging skin and wrinkles also appears.
You can eliminate the possibility. It works through using the remarkable snail formula. This snail facial cream is the new anti-aging solution in the market today. This newest breakthrough works just as good as expensive injections.
Does it sound plausible? A little snail slime has an amazing effect on your skin. As this anti-aging solution works to improve skin moisture, it also effectively blocks acne formation. Meanwhile, it enhances hydration on the skin.
The main components of this skincare come from white jade snail slime. It uses natural gypsum from the snail’s body. With natural botanical ingredients, it makes this age-defying cream remarkable.

Why Choose Snail Cream?

This moisturizing cream is proven working in all skin types. The gentle formula of this skincare was loved by countless users. Therefore, this is safe to use without allergic reactions from hard substances. For this moisturizing cream contains natural ingredients.
The nourishing effect on the skin is plausible. The snail mucus provides moisture on the skin. This skincare effectively protects the skin from dehydration. Moreover, this anti-aging formula works efficiently on the deeper layer of the skin.
This whitening skincare may be the solution to the skin woes of women. The snail anti-aging formula provides skin cell repair. Thus, it is a perfect solution for getting rid of skin glitches. Be sure to cleanse your face properly before using. Apply the snail cream to the skin. Leave the solution for absorption. To see the best results, use twice a day.

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

Based on 276 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. O***a

    Lovely, pleasant fragrance .. Texture light, viscous. Like cream. Recommend buying. Shelf Life of fresh. Box was sealed in mica.


  2. A***k

    Excellent face cream based on natural ingredients, including as part of муцин snail. Apply следкет on clean skin. With regular use levelled the skin tone, decreases the amount of facial wrinkles. Skin looks healthier and more toned, cream excellent nourishing it.


  3. A***.

    Small box, 40 grams. THE gift was the probe. After the skin soft, silky, absorbed well.


  4. C***U

    Thank you ! very fast shipping. This face cream is the best…This is the 4th time I buy this product better! I Will visit your store again very soon.. 100%Recommend!!!!


  5. K***a

    It’s not wrinkled, well packed. As the store to send gift, but I accidentally sliced when opened.


  6. A***n

    Come to order very quickly, week 2. box packed in mica, put the store in any probe, I didn’t even know that it does not understand what is written. Pot inside the box a little leaked, all in the cream, jar and dirty, and box. Applied to the skin, if left alone, it seems there is if the film, but skin, she does not feel, the cream is nice. The effect of not saying anything, it is necessary to use longer them and look at the result.


  7. Customer

    Enough fast shipping. Before Moscow two weeks. It’s a whole, although just packed in pupyrchatoy package. Put the gift probe, very nice)), thank you!!


  8. S***a

    Do not take the first time, a very good moisturizing the skin, no greasy, and some unpleasant sticky feeling, film on the face. Skin looks better, I like light cream texture, he seemed to melt the skin. Allergy cream did not cause, not scoring, economical consumption.


  9. H***e

    Order came early. I love it. Thank you for the gift. I will be give additional review after usage


  10. R***a

    Mail parcel arrived. Delivery month. Packed in box. Cream in a beautiful gold box, sealed in mica. The box information in English and Chinese languages. Date use until 2021, 3 years. There is a sticker with the hologram. Jar of cream in white. Volume 40 mg. The smell of cream little perceptible. THE cream contains natural ingredients, basic is муцин snail. Cream should be applied to clean face. It helps reduce fine lines, as well as to lighten skin. Nourishing cream directed the moisturizing and skin protection. To see the result you need to use more long time, so all their feelings and the result I will add a review later.


  11. M***k

    Very fast wysylka and shipping 14 working days. Products well protected.


  12. D***y

    Cool Cream! Buy the first time, the effect is stunning! Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, helps to deal with small wrinkles, sticky or tightness face leaves! Composition Of natural and healthy! General advice to buy!


  13. E***a

    Sent the cheapest post without tracking (thrown into the box), but it quickly. Cream small. Put a gift probe emulsion, Which I accidentally cut together with the package. Cream small structure pleasant. Is A film on the face, the oily skin as a day, do not use.


  14. S***a

    Looks great, smell delicious, as in fact do not know, in general, it is recommended


  15. A***a

    The Smell of Nice, faint and unobtrusive. THE composition of the other than other ingredients are natural components, the main active ingredient is муцин snail. Light cream, perfectly absorbed, leaving no greasy feeling of tightness. Cream White, stringy but not sticky. Cream should be applied to the previously cleansed skin. I put cream twice a day in the morning and evening. A Slight massage movements распределяю cream across the surface of the skin, and I put it in the neck and chest area. As I said, cream is consumed sparingly, small quantity is enough for all the above areas. Cream excellent, I use it for a week, and is visible early results, and I like them! Skin moisturized, fine lines become less noticeable, complexion became more fresh. Unique cream effective, quickly absorbed, making skin velvety soft and delicate! Highly recommend!


  16. T***o

    Shipping ukrainu 3 weeks. All packaged well. Put the probe. In effect cream is not say


  17. Y***n

    It’s all very quickly. 2 weeks before Tuly,. Thank You for the probe in the present, and then describe as work, visually very well


  18. G***t

    Only tracks to Latvia, in Russia. Have not tried. Did not communicate with. Put the probe. All the Chinese.


  19. O***a

    Excellent cream! Tried to hand-absorbed моментательно, gloss is not left. Skin was lighter, softer and smoother. Gift store put the probe emulsion, thank you so much, just wanted to try! Later will add about the effect of the extended use.


  20. V***l

    Cream with фильтратом Snail slime arrived for 22 days track number of fully. Texture of a little sticky, but not sticky. Whitish-transparent, like a snail slime. Smell unobtrusive, nice. The skin well-distributed, quickly absorbed. After this cream absolutely do not want to use tonal means, because he deals with many problems. Moisturizing, nourishing, regenerates and stimulates cell renewal, whiten, reduces the appearance of age spots, traces of post-acne. Brightens the complexion, moisturizes and fueling the skin.


  21. A***k

    Ordered cream 03.09, the post office came 24.09 Estonia. Packaging is not folded. Jar 40 mg. Cream faint scent, texture. Leather after application does not shine, perfectly absorbed. ABOUT reschultate can talk after prolonged use. Seller In prdarok put probnichek emulsion. Thank You Very Much! Thank you, store!


  22. I***a

    Cream orders for the 5th time and even order again! Kremik very good suitable for dry skin in cold season, recommend


  23. V***a

    Cream came earlier than promised, less than a month out. Hesitated, but inside is okay. Cream smell nice. Time-limited to Jun 21 years. As a gift placed probe emulsion. Add a review after use.


  24. M***a

    Good package. 28 days shipping time to Italy. Ingredients (snail secretion filtrate is in) and use suggestions written on cream box. It expires in 2021. Still to try. A present inside(rose peptide moisturizing emulsion, 2g).


  25. E***b

    Shipping by 2 weeks, packaging is good. cream leaks, came in the whole state. store put free probe emulsion. Like cream moisturizing and nourishing the skin. I have dry and sensitive skin cream fit perfectly. take 2 weeks noticeable improvement, skin on his face was more fresh, taut. consumption of minimum, just instantly in kazhu, like a sponge. the cream thick and stringy is. shelf Life of only the box until 2021. Very nice cream, recommend. Thank you very much!!


  26. R***n

    Is not a 1 time order, wife happy. Recommend!


  27. F***a

    Good, but very little. For comparison, the second photo cream next volume 42 C. The jar is significantly different size and thus of much more. Here cream baby. Must be ordered several bottles. I have oily skin, use only at night. Is it is not absorbed, of the responses from people with dry skin. but the cream of мизон snail for comparison, absorbed immediately and the skin not oily film. It used in the summer, and this will be good for autumn, winter. In the morning, leather is very soft, fed. Will use and make more.


  28. R***r

    Finally she finally package wrapped. I just love this cream. Use for a long time. Enjoy)


  29. H***a

    Shipping a little more than a month. Track number only to Russia. Value at the time of order-258,44 rubles. The Order was packed in pupyrchatoy, goods is not hurt. So, come in a beautiful gold box, with description in Chinese and English languages. The package has a shelf life (up to 06.2021) and sign. Volume of 40g. Dealer put probe emulsion facial. Cream liked to use, lightweight, absolutely not greasy, not sticky, quickly absorbed, making the skin smooth and even velvety. Has excellent moisturizing effect. Cream has a nice, unobtrusive fragrance perfume. For my dry skin cream fit perfectly. Use cream twice a day. Cream recommend to buy, he has a great composition, it is good quality means for each day.


  30. S***m

    A little sticky but the cream is nice overall and it makes my face very soft.


  31. P***a

    Soup cream of texture light, fast absorption. Good store.


  32. L***a

    Order 2 times. Cream I like. Seller as a gift sent to trial. Thank you very much.


  33. A***a

    Going for a long time, but came. Small, so to speak, jar. But, hopefully, the effect will be stunning)))))) to present something given…


  34. L***k

    Rapid delivery, good consistency, well packed, absorbed quickly and lasts for at least 10 hours.


  35. P***s

    Very fast delivery, But bad packaged as it came shed


  36. I***a

    Cream for dry skin for winter came, while heating not included, was zhirnovat, give luster. AND if you put less, not enough power. Now everything is fine. Use 2 times a day for two weeks, no allergies. Cream White, stringy. Came quickly, free probe, do not leak and not break.


  37. A***o

    Fits the description of goods, prodovtsa recommend. Thanks for the probe.


  38. Customer

    Bank with cream was slightly and cream emerged. That is against the Sanitary Standard. This cream can not be used. There is no guarantee it is clean. Had To throw away. Sorry about spent means and time waiting for the order. Not want to spoil the image of the store and so will not publish my review. But the store owner should contact the vendor for the question of germitizatsii cream jar.


  39. L***a

    Cream come quickly, well packed, store polhode gift 🙂 but small jar, do not pay attention to the weight. The effect of later write.


  40. N***e

    Less than a month. All well packaged, thanks for the probe.


  41. S***a

    Cream YaNAO came for 53 days. Track to track. Unfortunately ordered two cans cream one flowed. Banks without protective membrane. Cream апитывается perfectly. Moisturizing and nourishing. Not leave a greasy. IN general, like cream. Sorry too small jar. Only 40 C. Seller put gift. Thank You Very Much.


  42. E***a

    Package with 3 products come in a box. Drive safe and sound. Kremik came in gold Nice packing and mica, it Also have original Logo sticker. The package are: shelf life, how to use the composition. Volume of the jar G. The Texture of a bit sticky, but light Smell Not obtrusive and not very pronounced The skin does not feel My combined young skin cream affected positively. For himself had allocated some + Easy to apply, not feel the skin mask Good interacts with makeup, Rolls Moisturizes the skin Smoothens roughness relief Leather


  43. E***A

    All of it) will try) the whole package) bonus-стикпробник Emulsion with peptides Rose?!)))


  44. N***v

    Order 15.10, Home Delivery 31.10. Packed in pupyrku jar + free probe. Looks presentable, cream light without smell. Jar maximum filled. Up to 2021G. Have not tried. In a week or two will add a review


  45. M***a

    Product was long and not track, to communicate with the store. But… The star will not withdraw, the goods arrived in perfect Condition. Try on the hand is absorbed instantly: No sticky, no film, no-everything is ok. Later shared his experience using a week or two potestit necessary. Gift seller put peptide-Thank you, nice. Dealer-.


  46. E***A

    Parcel moskvu came for a month, it’s without damage, actually try and add a review


  47. A***L

    Take cream first, so nothing really say, to taste. Probe for free.


  48. J***a

    On the Road 66 days, commissioned in the summer, it’s when snow lay) but the store is very helpful, packed all fine, holography in place and the expiration date on the 3 years ahead. Texture viscous, almost no smell, will try)


  49. N***a

    Cream wonderful take 3 times with a nice texture, easily absorbed, for dry skin perfectly. With regular use prevents морщинкам progress, Seller recommend, as responsible supplier. Delivery fast.


  50. S***a

    Delivery fast, is not used, hoping for a good result. Thank you for goods and probe.


  51. J***a

    All wporzadku. Mialam concerns it MOJ first cream from China. However, after a few days use stwierdzam, with very porzadnie nawilza skore. AND glownie this potrzebowalam. Dziala like scrub plus naprawde GOOD face mask together wziete. IN Basket juz SA nastepne products of this company


  52. V***a

    Very nice cream, put directly to your inbox)) it is a pity that the cover there is no second protective cap, protёk slightly. But for a democratic price forgivable


  53. N***a

    Fast Charge and send the order. Shipping by RF two months. Track number to track all. The quality is good. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin, good texture. Shelf Life of 2021.


  54. M***a

    Quickly sent. The structure as all улиточные creams, zhirnenky goo. Use as night, the morning leather myagenkaya and smooth. But very small capacity


  55. N***o

    Good smell cream nice texture and mild and penetrates well in skin. Thanks for sample;)


  56. N***a

    Arrived cream the Ural for 3 weeks with the track. Bought 233 p. Top Box mica, the box is good, beautiful, can be a gift, I was intact. Кремулька small, of course, when compared with our standard jars cream =) did well. The consistency of the ordinary cream, stretches (well with snail slime is, and should be, probably), has a subtle smell nice. Absorbs quickly, does not leave traces. Gift store put the probe, thank you, nice. Date to 2021g Later review.


  57. J***I

    Excellent 1000000 stars. Thank you store for the gift


  58. V***i

    Ordered through кешбэк-site-20% first 30 days from the date of registration, on-to 30% refund with any purchase aliekspress. When a large purchase significant return and more than on other sites. Checked personally works!!! scan the QR code or регистрируйтесь the link below and will return with every purchase together: goo. Gl/BVHNJK (copy the link into your browser, space after point remove))) I would like to invite you to try an affiliate program with AliEkspress, with a return of funds are spent. Here is a link goo. Gl/BVHNJK or scan QR. Join Now & Save!


  59. A***a

    Parcel arrived in Krym for 2 months. Well packed, no wrinkle ниразбилось or spread out. Seller put free probe mask, thank you. Hope cream as well as his praise in a review. Seller sociable, parcel does it very patiently answered all many of my questions


  60. A***k

    Cream at first glance seems sie ok, well packed, not smierdzi, smell rather neutral, texture the half thick, well distributes and if it works find then.


  61. V***a

    Goods received, thanks to the shipping was fast, separate thanks for Probe


  62. L***a

    Cream well sealed. Color-white, and white jelly (Snail slime). No smell. Put the probe, will try. Small jar, (see the weight).


  63. S***o

    It is equal to the image. the boat It is of 40ml. put a swatch of gift the store, thanks!!


  64. V***S

    Cream come quickly. Low odor, consistency is a bit sticky, but absorbed well. Seller put the probe into the gift, thank you for it.


  65. R***s

    Use this cream for over a year. perfect fit my dry aging skin (45 +). texture unusual compared to conventional creams because of the content of Snail slime. shipping less than a month. cream cost me a lot cheaper (traded coin the coupon store). advise you to try. thank you, be sure to order more.


  66. A***n

    Fast delivery. Very good product. The quality is very good. Thanks to the store.


  67. Customer

    Open carefully jar, no protective film covered there. The cheapest plastic jar. It ‘S a Moscow quickly. All in one piece. Seller put the probe ессенции. Cream has a subtle fragrance. Not greasy. The skin of the hand absorbed very quickly, trace application is not visible. Any moisture not observed on hand, applied to test the аллерг reaction.


  68. M***c

    I received the product in 3 weeks. Look’s good. Seller gave me a present, sample of rose balm. I recommend this product and the store.


  69. G***n

    The parcel was little more than a month. Well packed. Without damage. Gift store put the probe emulsion. The smell is not strong,. After testing will add a review.


  70. A***a

    Took 2 things, both very happy. Shelf Life are excellent. Viscous cream, but not sticky and dense, delicate texture. Smell not annoying. Absorbs quickly, use with gold snail serum from Oedo same. Skin softer, skin tone, in my opinion, has improved. Less oily than from a couple of other Creams with Ali, who had successfully приканчиваю. This is my morning care. A Little slow was shipping (and the status of tightly depends on stage arrivals in transit city; until you wrote, nothing changed week two, or even three!) It ‘S in Rostov-on-Don about 1,5 a month, to track the delivery is quite long. AND about the packaging-it’s not the whole wrinkled. It was packed well.


  71. I***n

    Cream for the second time, took also mask of the company. Mine. THE package was present, I realized (via гуглпереводчика), тонизирующая facial mask. Small cream emerged, apparently was not firmly closed (critical). IN general, all the rules.


  72. R***n

    It’s safe, packaged securely, enjoy the cream, order is not the first time and when the price is acceptable.


  73. L***y

    Ordered 20.09 received the mail 14.11.18 The package was 2 boxes, as ordered and present a sampler;) until a just one box and unfortunately cream leaks of jars, for it is negative. Start to try to, later added Review of the cream anti-wrinkle;)


  74. E***a

    Goods received quickly, the quality may not know, Mame. Seller put the probe-Thank you nice


  75. L***k

    It’s a month later, normally packed in packaging probe as a present, without smell when open jar, smear pleasant smell, serum, quickly absorb, uvlozhnyaet, quickly absorb, took the advice of a friend, later write or have effect


  76. S***a

    Long went, but good has come “. Seller extended protection on my own initiative, very polite. Packed cream in ordinary package, because the box a little wrinkled. Consistency is normal, snail) after the skin soft, delicate. Shelf Life is excellent. Put a gift probe cream)


  77. O***a

    Very happy with the store, Fast shipping. My one of my favorite creams, permanent use. Other creams no desire. IN this shop order is not the first time, very happy. A special thank you for the gift. Try probe cream is also good.


  78. T***a

    Cream odorless, viscous consistency, tried his hand at absorbed immediately. Seller put free probe emulsion. Thank you, recommend!


  79. N***a

    Cream funky, very like. Before order like the other store, but this is no different, given my very dry and аллергичную skin cream me perfectly. Moisturizes the skin very well! Highly recommend! Thank You for the gift!


  80. B***v

    11.11 ordered, and 22.11 received. Shipping in Хохляндию (through A NEW MAIL home) 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything is fine! Life 06.2021!!! Dealer put emulsion face. Seller definitely recommend!! Six stars and least 🙂


  81. O***a

    Enjoy the cream. Do not take the first time. Moisturizes the skin. Soft texture, no bad smell. Shelf Life of up to 2021 years. Delivery about a month. Thank.


  82. A***e

    Awesome kremushek! The smell, not pungent! Very soft texture! Easily absorbed, not sticky! Ukrainu came two weeks new e-mail! Packaged, do not wrinkle and spilled! Put probnichek yet кремушка free, the trivia and nice;) Only me podrastroilo, is the fact that it is a tiny, hope is spent will not quickly! So that you will not regret, cool! My skin is, by the way, combination, me perfectly! Put makeup before! Make rolls, all is super!


  83. Customer

    As always, all good! I have become a regular customer in the store (cream take a-Law-satisfied both). Jar lasts for a long time. Packaging mica, expiry date is given and the store put small gift pink emulsion, Thank You! Shipping 2 weeks in Moscow. Happy to recommend seller and cream!


  84. L***a

    Cream really with a high content of улиточного secretions, Gel Texture, stretches, absorbed quickly, the film does not leave. Virtually no odor. Time-limited to Jun 2021. Volume is not large, 40 grams. The Seller sent a gift probe. Satisfied with the purchase. RECOMMEND.


  85. V***r

    Excellent product, Fast shipping, odekvatny store This product order is not the first time a not big


  86. T***a

    Thank you! Put the probe moisturizing emulsion. Well packed, you can order the gift. Many write that cream fat, I have not tried it yet, but the box says, that is NOURISHING! So it is better to put on the night. Goods store recommend, the results of unsubscribe later.


  87. M***k

    Very Cool Cream packaging reliable, can be a gift. Free probe. Cream excellent moisturizing, the great tool for winter, thank you


  88. T***a

    For the third time. Very like, especially good for the winter. Track tracked, started to worry. You will not regret


  89. O***o

    Delivery month, order packed well!!! Is fully consistent with the description. Падчи and cream box with intact, or a wrinkle on the packaging! Cream soft and malleable consistency; has light fresh fragrance. Seller put free probe peptide Rose, for a special thank you! After use cosmetics will add a review. Seller highly recommend!


  90. I***a

    Delivery 10 days! Everything is fine, probe for free. Seller recommend!


  91. U***m

    Items come in two weeks, very fast, courier delivered Nadom .. Packed well, the whole box, thank you for the gift. Very happy


  92. K***e

    Cream ordered my mother came very quickly-just 2 weeks. Packaging is complete without damage and dents (although cream was in one package with blistered layer inside). Bonus store put the probe antiaging emulsion with Rose and peptides. Time great until 2021, all sealed. Seller recommend! Thank You


  93. I***a

    Cream pleasant texture lies and absorbed perfectly. For effect омолодения unsubscribe later)). Under the cover of a leaky zakryvashka. Shelf Life of 21 years. There are excise stamps. Free cont put mask some. Cons of prod incorrect track number. And the gut. Shipping 1.5mes


  94. F***a

    Great product, honest and reliable!!!! Definitely Recommend!!!!


  95. G***a

    Excellent product uses very well packed shipping long. Though it recommend very on the goods הנפלאים’s store this


  96. E***a

    Cream excellent. Test a month. Moisturizes. Minimal consumption.


  97. D***v

    Shipping to Krasnoyarsk more months. Bonus put any probe. Nice, though and change)


  98. J***o

    By finally came, month and medium is the product that more has taken from ALL ones I have bought by aliexpres But well.


  99. M***k

    To Germany was posting about a month. Well-packed. Cream box with not hesitated. Looks like a luxury product. A cap also protection. Seller put a small gift-probe serum. Cream is more like the lotion, glued bit, almost no smell. Absorbs quickly, just a couple of minutes. Skin tightens the film leaves. Jar plastic, but good-quality, volume 40g. See, the product will work.


  100. K***k

    It’s all in good packaging. The creamy consistency not sticky, A little stretches well it from that there is a part of something from snails. Absorbs quickly, smell nice. Seller put gift, very nice thank you.


  101. S***o

    Cream received. all together and not damaged. will try, for the first time. store recommend, sent very quickly and put the gift, nice.


  102. N***a

    Viscous cream, soft texture, well packed, tester in gift put, cream


  103. Customer

    Shipping New mail home. Thank You for the gift. All sealed, cream on the CAP. Will try.


  104. O***s

    Cream delivered to Ukraine for two weeks. Reliable packaging during transport box do not harm. This cream I use for a year, for my combination skin fit perfectly. Jar, though small, 40g., but enough it about 5 months with daily use. Consumption is very cost-effective due to viscous structure of, it is easily absorbed and leaves no adhesive layer. Perfectly suitable for use and in the heat of summer and winter in cold weather. Seller put free probe, for which a special thank you.


  105. Customer

    Wonderful! Going For less than a month, express. Product really similar to органику)) stretches specifically) order more!


  106. I***a

    Cream me like the smell and texture are nice jar packaging is intact


  107. S***o

    Good cream, take about a week, no allergies, consistency is stretchy, but the skin goes well, use at night. Shipping to Khabarovsk just over a month, order tracking.


  108. L***a

    Goods received within 25 days. well packed. store put the probe, thank you. щакащываю first time, read reviews. will try. Smell the cream is not, lies on the skin well. Recommend seller and goods.


  109. L***a

    High Quality face cream! Recommend! Well packed, went up to one month. Advise


  110. I***i

    Almost no smell, then that captured nice. Sticky and bold, absorbed very slow


  111. S***v

    Peter Went Up To one month. The quality is good-looking. It’s a whole. Until you try.


  112. N***a

    Texture slimy. My skin combined, after application there is a sticky, uncomfortable, so began to put it at night. On the morning of the skin soft, smooth. It was packed well, was a gift to the probe emulsion)


  113. E***e

    Ordered 11.11.2018 for $212, after a month of 11.12 put in your inbox. Packed in little yellow пупырпакет, all together. Order 2 times, and not the last. For my skin went, initially feeling жирноватости and липковатости, but in the morning, after washing, leather is very soft, I like. Tracking partial, arrived in Krasnodar through Georgia. Gift презентовали any probe.


  114. T***a

    Take a couple of weeks. Very like cream. Texture light, quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy residue, skin like))) moisture-it. Smell faint gentle, instantly disappears after application. I like!


  115. I***e

    Come to my cream! The hand namazyukala and like to do so, pleasant, and hand younger even;))))) put a present, then try 🙂


  116. M***a

    Gentle cream, with slight pleasant smell, excellent quality, thank you


  117. S***a

    Good cream. order is not the first time this store. there is always present, which is very nice. thanks to the seller. advise cream. there is no allergies and easily absorbed.


  118. A***a

    Going For about a month. Excellent product quality is super. The smell of light, консенстенция slightly viscous as in principle should be from this cream absorbed well, after the skin velvety. Do not think the last order this cream.


  119. I***e

    Vēl nav pamēģināts. Iepakots labi. Klāt bija paraudziņš.


  120. M***z

    Take two months, he as slug to my t like, like Baba and quite moisturizing


  121. G***f

    Order 10. 11 received 14.12, parcel tracking! Seller put free probe, thank you very much, very nice! Snail use for a year, from this manufacturer buy first! Протесттирую accomplish your goal! Tiny jar, hope the quality will not let you down!


  122. O***k

    Shipping ukrainu New Mail 3 weeks. Buy a set of + serum for $5,50, it’s a package. Buy a gift, so the action will not say anything, bought purely for reviews. Gift store put 1 sachet emulsion. The description of all matches (volume, color, shape), shelf life-up to 2021 years.


  123. E***a

    Shipping for a month to Moscow, without damage, not a track.


  124. S***a

    Thank You Very Much! This cream buy three times. cream moisturizes, little zhirnovat, but for my dry skin at the time. Use at night. Gift store put the probe cream rose. Delivery month. Seller is responsible.


  125. A***a

    Track tracked, delivery fast, box slightly wrinkled but cream does not hurt. Thanks to put a present. Cream of can say what is or is not, not used. Review later.


  126. K***a

    Thanks for the fast delivery store recommend as popolzuyutsya unsubscribe


  127. M***R

    Beautiful, smell is not bad. It does it remains to be seen.


  128. V***N

    Cream stringy texture, after applying the face off. Like, only very small. But I got 1 cent. Because the store also probe emulsion put! By The Way emulsion straight very like! So to nourish the skin, that it is possible and to care. Thank you very much!


  129. E***a

    Order delivered very quickly. Cream nice smell, not sticky. Thank You Very Much.


  130. S***r

    It’s packed in beautiful Kull החמישה שהזמנתי. Overall swatch experience. Hope שהמוצר good like הביקורות עצמן


  131. Customer

    Small jar, the picture seems more. Had a whole. Nice color, texture and smell. Easily absorbed.


  132. A***a

    19.11 ordered it 23.12 packed in ordinary package, but not what has changed. Even put the probe in the present. The cream zapechaton well. Smell nice.


  133. E***a

    Cream with snail extract is the bomb


  134. E***a

    Excellent!!! taking the second time this cream. I am very happy!!! put the probe. box not hesitated.


  135. L***n

    nicely packaged. received in good time. so far feels good on my skin.


  136. T***a

    Very nice cream. After the skin becomes a silky. Creates a pleasant feeling thin plenochki. Cream does not greasy, but at the same time moisturizing perfectly. I like, I love to use. Very thin and delicate fragrance. I like cream. Allergy does not cause.


  137. K***V

    The Goods arrived in Moscow Region for a month. Track only kitayu, to pick up the mail since mailbox not fit. Seller in gift put another probe of the drawing of roses, try will add a review. Recommended!


  138. Y***a

    Cream caught for coin and cent. Thank You store, fast forward, and even put a gift-emulsion.


  139. E***a

    Cream moisturizes, light texture, unobtrusive smell, only reaching not much. Jar very little. Well packed, delivery month. THE store put a gift. Thank You very much.


  140. E***a

    Excellent cream, for the third time. Moisturizes and nourish the skin. Non-allergenic


  141. R***r

    Shipping 1,5 months in Angarsk. One of the boxes, not much folded, But cream does not hurt. Cream is not bad, smell hardly perceptible, texture is soft, will try. Thank you for the gift probe.


  142. Customer

    Excellent cream, order more than once. Seller put gift. Boxes arrived intact.


  143. T***a

    The second order very good moisturizing thanks shipping Krym six. Thank you


  144. A***k

    Anti-wrinkle cream came pretty quickly, упакрвки beautiful nadebs and content not розачарует. Thanks to the purchase


  145. O***k

    Thank You for cream and probe which gave the store all super


  146. N***a

    All received intact! Little nooks boxes Mashed! Gift! Long Service-it is depressing! And in action and see the result will write


  147. E***a

    In spite of all the efforts of the store (or whoever has dealt with packing for transportation) came battered. It Is for me very sad. I use улиточными creams and I like them very much. AND this time took the gift.


  148. K***a

    Wonderful cream. AND for those who want to tell about the official saving cashback website, which I use. Return from 8 to 18% of the purchase price on AliExpress. WITH shopping in other stores (Ozon, GearBest, ASOS, Bang good) also return money. To get cashback, need first to join the cashback website link at the bottom of my comment, which is the last picture. Then every time before buying to login the cashback website, go through cashback website on site store and buy goods as usual. After 5-10 minutes online кэшбэка under statistics will appear amount refund, you can pick up after receipt of the goods. Pin money from 10 rubles. The phone and 500 rubles. The card no-fee! The inquiry online кэшбэка before buying and go! Link to dial in your browser, to write with pictures, go to the website and register. Really helps to save!


  149. Customer

    Cream very stringy texture me not very like)) Come pretty quickly.


  150. C***n

    I’ll leave additional feedback after I use the cream.


  151. E***a

    Order arrived in good condition, good track along the way. Thank you!


  152. Customer

    Cream come for a month. Never protёk. Under cover protective plate. Take a cream for the second time, like everything. This time put the probe. No allergies.


  153. Z***a

    Thank You, a class of goods. Buy time, gave her friends. The use, very skin-friendly cream, the result is also good, recommend. Description.


  154. Customer

    Excellent kremik, easy, leaves no sticky, The Smell smells a little spirits, G. Shipping to Moscow 2 months, Recommend!


  155. O***a

    The order was 2 months to SF. Cream White, with a faint odor. The consistency of stringy, but absorbed well after the skin not oily. IN a jar 40 C. Gift store put the probe.


  156. I***v

    Shipping to Moscow took over a month. Packaging wrinkled, but inside without damage. Dopom Seller put another probe cream. The Wife says cream good, and that important? It was pretty :)) for sale have inexpensive Portable vacuum cleaner http://Ali. * onl/19Ae! A good helper for your money (1,8 only). Girls, buying an item on Ali, remember, you can further save! -All products AliExpress buy with 7,5% DISCOUNT (TMALL 2,3% discount)! Through cashback service payment cards with кэшбэком. It really works, nothing difficult. Who else does not use cashback, the lot to lose. Регистрируйтесь, участвуйте in розыгрышах prizes, have refunds! Recommend to everyone, all honest paid without cheating and Commission on any bank card, he already выводил repeatedly. Here is a link to plug for registering the//clck. * Ru/EnAxi. AND this link on the map with кэшбэком the//clck. * Ru/EnB2g! WHO review was helpful put like! (* remove)


  157. A***C

    well packed, nice smell, certificate stick on the box, description how to use in English on the box. as gift small pack of rose moisturising emulsion. I’m surprised! thank you the store! recommended.


  158. O***k

    Kremushek took my mother’s gift, after read positive reviews) Shipping ECB month


  159. T***t

    Excellent store! Super Fast shipping! Packaging is very strong! Thank You for gifts! Would be happy to buy from you again! Recommend!!!


  160. V***v

    The Smell of a nice cream, texture delicate, slightly viscous. Gives The moisturizing effect after the skin not oily. Did not have allergies. Parcel reached 3 weeks before


  161. E***a

    Ordered 25.11., put the package in your inbox 10.01. Live in Krasnoyarsk. Cream was well packed, in original box. Consistency tyanuchy, gentle, with subtle a pleasant smell. After the skin is not sticky, soft to the touch.


  162. Customer

    Soup cream very good. Recommend this store. Thanks by the gift


  163. N***v

    Received intact. Has not tried to use. Thank You very much for gift.


  164. Customer

    Sending to Moscow was two months. Ordered 11.11.18, came 10.01.19. Ordered many items of cosmetics. As long as no use. Expectations are the best, think this cosmetics my expectations. Thank You very much for gifts: Two mask-socks for feet three emulsion with Rose facial. Very nice, thanks!)


  165. E***v

    Order 11.11, It is equal in 2 months, of which 10 days to assemble the order. Good packaging, free probe cream, but there are some characters. The cream in a jar, look and smell nice.


  166. M***a



  167. I***i

    Parcel tracking, cream super, absorb quickly, does not leave a greasy, leather is great.


  168. A***v

    It’s cool. His Wife happy. Will me today especially well thank)


  169. J***j

    Cream perfectly packed. Track is monitored. After use will write further


  170. J***A

    I loved it, just like the description. excellent store


  171. E***D

    A great Cream gorgeous a texture have so beautiful and quality will be etmemiştim very soft silky feel veriyor in short super once 5 star deserves the 5


  172. Customer

    Custom made 11.11. Came in 05.01. Cream good, re-ordered. Delivery packaging crushed, but attached is not damaged. Gift store put two sachet emulsion. Nice 🙂


  173. S***a

    Safe and sound, two months. Not open and not use, if possible it will add Review


  174. T***t

    Parcel arrived, well packed. Thank You, recommend.


  175. Customer

    Before the Kaluga region was sending 2 months. Consistency stretches. The skin feeling pleasant. Moisturizes. Not sticky and not greasy. Easily absorbed. Pleasant fragrance.


  176. D***A

    Product is awesome. The cream is fit for my complexion, as I have dry skin and the cream absorbs rather quickly. the product is well packed, it came in perfect condition. The parcel arrived very fast, in 3 weeks. Also I received a small gift, a cream sample which is also very very nice. I recommend the product and the store. I have bought OEDO products before, and always met my expectations. I recommend the seller and the products.


  177. A***r

    Order 30.11, 11.01 came INFA that mail order. Track to track well. Arrived the whole package. Cream is very thin. I have allergies, but is reaction negative. Opposite tone aligned and skin more smooth. Will continue to visit. P. S. Thanks for bonus =)


  178. A***a

    It’s very quickly. All together. Jar of simple plastic white, cream is a good impression, texture is very light, as I love. After the skin silky. I like.


  179. A***a

    Parcel reached 55 days. Do not damage. Good timing. Have not tried. Try, then will add a review.


  180. J***k

    Is my next order. Wife chwali wearing this cream: is it a little, but is efficient, well nourishes the skin. Recommend


  181. Customer

    Geras daiktas. Užsisakiau Jau kelintą kartą. Recommend


  182. T***a

    Very nice cream! Easily absorbed, leaving no greasy I have sensitive skin cream perfectly! Recommend product and store Five Stars!


  183. V***a

    Gone sooo long 3 months. Do Not use. Later Unsubscribe. Jar malyuska, 40 C. Good timing. Recommend


  184. E***v

    Cream is very good. A third time, at the request of his wife. Shipping fast like, but to the border was getting very long. Thank you for the gift!


  185. D***v

    Delivery is slow, the donkeys carried a couple of months. Cream without smell. Very viscous. Put a gift probe cream rose. Track was not.


  186. V***v

    Order received. But I can only confirm words people that to me written comments.


  187. T***a

    I love this cream leaves me lovely fur two days of use anything more I have many pores Open and I see that till that this best recommend pleasant odor


  188. H***s

    I appreciate your very good furniture work I am satisfied by your attention greetings


  189. I***k

    Delivery about 3 weeks. The cream is very soft and light, slightly stringy texture, like all Creams with улиточным mucin. Agent should be applied small portions, вбивая gently with fingertips to skin. Absorbs quickly, no greasy residue, suitable for combination skin


  190. B***a

    Not tested yet but I believe it will be great


  191. D***a

    Cream for the second time. This snail cream. Try different with Ali, this happy over others. Texture oily viscous. A Little tacky. Put on his face in the evening, after washing, then if you want, an hour later two away the excess умываясь just water. Sometimes leave overnight, as skin will take cream. All peeling, minor wounds, redness go away. As ointment therapeutic. Even smeared elbows, and cracks healed. Is put on the lips instead of balm lips long not dry. If you want to try cream snail, take this, he is so what should be. Recommend. AND thanks for the probe into the present.


  192. N***a

    Parcel arrived quickly, track number to store put in gift cream sampler, recommend goods and seller, 5 check


  193. E***A

    Fast shipping. Cool Cream, easily absorbed and smoothes the skin, global changes too early, take three days, but change the feel. Thanks to the store.


  194. K***a

    All in one piece. Emulsion store put a gift, that was very nice! 🙂 about quality will not tell you (not probyvala) later will add a review must!


  195. E***a

    Ordering from this store is not the first time and it’s not the first product. Always it comes with no problems. Quality i like. This cream took first, will try. All come together, beautiful. Smell delicious. Time is normal, Jar full. When applied to breakage, absorbed well. Goods seller recommend.


  196. D***n

    The sight and smell like normal, the action is not згаю


  197. Y***i

    thanks store the box come quickly it’s one month shipped to Poland


  198. A***l

    All of it, store put the probe, yet not used


  199. Y***k

    Will be delivered in 10 days. Cream excellent, receive more than once. Seller put a present. Thank You Very Much.


  200. I***a

    Cream stretches Like mucus to use much


  201. Customer

    Cream got promptly-two weeks after order. To look a bit slimy, not greasy after the skin moisturized, absorbed well, and most importantly, there is no sticky feeling. Smell ненаязчиво-nice.


  202. G***i

    Cream for the second time. This па6ртия is slightly different from previous, released six months ago. Box jar and become a little more. A pleasant aroma of the cream. IN предыдушем almost no odor. And the composition endured some changes. Cream translucent, gel. Light and delicate. Absorbs quickly, without leaving adhesive track. After applying the skin moisturized, more elastic. Become More soft to the touch.


  203. D***a

    It ‘S just бомбический cream!;) start with the fact that I am the owner of very sensitive to cosmetics skin, plus everything, my track frame allergy (urticaria). IN the cold season has to go with flaky стянутой skin on the face. After the first use cream peeling passed, skin feel moisturized. Use now morning make-up and in the evening before going to bed, cream behavior is fine. The smell of light, like the smell of many creams of the series “Hydro/moisturizing”, of which had many. Definitely will buy more, thanks for the miracle of the find.


  204. D***a

    Products have reached after a month. Earlier than previous order for which still waiting. Extra feedback wystawię when cosmetics przetestuję. Recommend stand


  205. I***a

    After a month of using share their impressions. Cream pretty good moisturizing my very dry skin. Fine lines slightly smoothed (42 years). I don’t have allergies, so I figure no allergy))) the Only negative-very long service, almost 2 months. Look For this cream from other store, where Delivery faster, and definitely order more!


  206. N***n

    Track tracked, items come with very late, cream emerged in the package, because. No additional крыжечке. The cream is very good.


  207. A***a

    Delivery month. Jar full under cover. Effect me very much, moisturizing and refreshing skin, constantly wants to touch it. First feeling that covering themselves plyonochku, then it is feeling disappear and appear amazing delicate skin. As end cream will add a review.


  208. Customer

    Cream emerged наёмного, pleasant smell, when applied пошипывает, acts or write later


  209. R***e

    The order was almost a month to SF. Reached. Is it all, how good cream remains to be seen. Taking 212 rubles.


  210. S***a

    Shipping-2 months to Moscow. Packaging: mail bag, in which cream was in the original carton box, sealed in mica. Not damaged during transport. The original box are: composition, expiration date, weight and other data. Cream White, with subtle pleasant aroma, has not greasy texture. When набирании stretches. Cream perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin. Not cause allergies! This cream Use morning and evening. Discomfort: tightness, dryness, fat, the film on Skin-no. Effect will feel-skin became more velvety smooth and radiant! But in the my skin (my skin combined) after application is sticky, which is removed with a napkin. Buy happy! Recommend!


  211. N***a

    Was very fast foremost. The product came pouring in the box:/and the cream has an odor very nice, but inside of all is ok


  212. I***a

    Delivery fast. Packed with high quality. Looks decent. Until you can say what effect. After the first use of allergies and irritation was not that great.


  213. L***r

    Come In three Weeks to Germany. Still not tried. was still a Krem Sample this… But Thank You for Clamp Delivery.


  214. R***r

    Came quickly ordered 27.01 and 08.02. Thank you, then try to tell you how. It was packed well, all in one piece.


  215. V***o

    Anti-Aging, moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream extract snails. Cream is a small, round jar with lid spin. Did not like the fact that there is a cap or a film or protective foil. Cream was tightly twisted, and that does not shed. Jar is packed in a golden box with brand logo, also the box has a composition, shelf Life and product description. Weight 40 ml. Method of use: Daily applied to clean face and neck. The cream is absorbed, leaves no greasy residue


  216. O***a

    It ‘S for 2,5 weeks in Ryazan. Lightly crumpled packaging, cream box with complete. Seller recommend, track.


  217. E***i

    Product was almost two months. I have allergies. After applying cream have tingling, but no redness, which took place in Two minutes. cream translucent, texture thick киселя, stretches. caused a thick layer, fully absorbed. the face is left feeling light matte plenochki, but without стягивающего Effect


  218. Customer

    Very nice products! Thanks! Fast delivery.I recommend.


  219. Customer

    Shipping for over a month. Texture dense, stretching. Well absorbed, leaving no residue. Put a gift probe.


  220. T***t

    Nice smell, after Nebo goat Ms myahkaya


  221. V***v

    Ordered Set mask and cream. Come in a small package with pupyrchatoy inside. The cream of the box a little crumpled, but it is not critical. Put the probe in the present. For mask have instructions in English. IN general, we can recommend both products


  222. E***e

    it’s my second time that I order. came fast. I love this project!


  223. V***v

    It’s fast, well packed. Cream slightly leaked, but the store’s fault, it was in their original packaging. Like cream, reduces the pores, velvety.


  224. T***t

    Some leaked from a jar, but all together. Nice cream and smells good. Thanks to the store.


  225. L***l

    Like arrived takes me a bit because of clearance in Brazil. but arrived imbalado loved will buy more LOL.


  226. Customer

    Seller is quickly with ship. The product has during the transport small little leaked but it is no problem. There may be the store also nothing to do. The product smell good. Product and seller I advise to


  227. O***a

    Waiting for a long time ordered 27.11.18 climbed to 15.02.19. think that nothing will come. box not wrinkled, cream is flowed, generally happy.


  228. K***a

    Very well order 21 days come in Tashkent! Thank You, the later will write when apply. For the first time!


  229. M***a

    Cream received in 3 weeks. thought the jar is more, no smell, easy to apply, the skin does not feel, there effectiveness humidification. put another probe cream.


  230. E***k

    Order prishol quickly, only very bad was packed in a bag for drstavki and all, because of the damaged one cream and almost all emerged, very sorry.


  231. Z***a

    Good cream. Came slightly elapsed, but returned the money and thank you for it.


  232. Customer

    Cream came after 20 days. Very Quality packaging! Cream light, smell thin, slightly reminiscent of bath soap “childhood”. Instruction in English. The box some sticker in Chinese ((


  233. J***a

    Shipping 3 weeks, package mail Bubble Pack and branded packaging store. The box has a sticker, гарантирующая the authenticity of the product, as well as a complete description and composition. Cream is in plastic jar volume 40g. Time-limited to 18.11.2021g Cream can be used both day and night. The Smell of nice, not sharp. Cream contains snail extract, his soft and moist texture. Texture slimy little stretches for finger, think it should be. Goo! When applied to the skin, is distributed easily. Absorbs quickly. After applying not feeling not. Not cause allergies. Cream copes with moisturizing skin. I have postpartum skin sharp dry and very heavily shelled, cream with this great job. I started using the cream in the winter, problems with обветреванием from me is not, can conclude that cream provides added protection and power. To buy can recommend.


  234. V***a

    Order came Yalta after 22 days. Put a gift probe. Cream has not tried to apply, to accomplish your goal.


  235. R***v

    Very gozel first we use biri. The smell of goz hand thanks would aliexprece once again order verecegim. Totally 25 days


  236. Customer

    Cream very soft and skin-friendly, not greasy. Aroma both thin and “irksome” Sweet. One negative-sweet aromas love. But all the fan. Get A probe into the present. Seller Thank you


  237. Customer

    Super fast delivery. Ordered cream 27.01.2019 came 16.02.2019


  238. A***a

    Delivered quickly, quality packaging, cream happy will order more


  239. O***a

    All it fast enough. Well packed, smell pleasant, viscous cream, and probably should be. Will try, later will add a review.


  240. Customer

    Delivery very fast. Seller put gift (PROBE). Неудержалась and tested… As a Gel Cream, a little stretch. The Stickiness of tightness skin. Very satisfied with the purchase. Seller Thank you)))


  241. L***a

    Well packed, smells very tasty) all advice


  242. E***o

    It is not expected quickly, ordered 27.01 It’s 19. 02.В gift put the probe. Start to use it will add a review.


  243. E***a

    Received the cream, whole box all very good good printed but inside the jar was not fully tightened a little cream emerged. But it is not critical, the whole product is satisfied. Try the result then write. At this stage of the store and recommend items. 5 stars!


  244. V***r

    All come together. Packed normally, but this is enough to protect Tawara. Cream 2 caps, 1 bulk, 2 that B goods emerged. 2nd cover almost brought some cream leaked on basic, but not emerged from a jar and stayed the same consistency. So it’s all good. Small jar, 5,2 cm cover diameter, 4,1 cm height jars. Консистенцыя cream вяская and liquid, instantly absorbed. Cream has a great smell, pleasant, little honey. Cream White. Consistency and smell can accurately say that essence snail just there, as previously bought separately essence snail in other store. Put a small gift, pink emulsion (PROBE) for it Thank you very much! Good product, recommend.


  245. J***k

    The Parcel was ukrainu almost a month. Cream As a description, a small jar but complete. Has a nice light smell. In fact, has not tried.


  246. Customer

    Super nice. The whole package, shelf life up to 21 years, everything is fine, Fast shipping. All advise.


  247. Customer

    Cream went very long (82 days) without tracking, shipped the next day. Packaging exterior excellent box was wet from пролившегося cream. The jar is not complete. Smell Not obtrusive. The hand lay well (have to spread the пролившимся cream)


  248. U***a

    Not regret nichrome. Advise the quality is excellent and the cream and against black spots.


  249. N***o

    My favorite, best snail cream!!! Not the first nor the last time The products of this shop is very happy. Thank you for the gift!


  250. S***a

    Delivery month Krym! Unfortunately cream drip, jar all the cream and box wet, at the opening of the fourth part of leak! Touch cream light, quickly absorbed and has a pleasant smell! The store can make good discount in next order!?


  251. E***k

    Come much before the designated date of delivery. Special thanks for the probe.


  252. A***R

    Good cream dry skin clean. Delivery fast


  253. R***r

    Thank You for fast delivery and small gift. The cream is absorbed quickly. Light texture and нерезким, pleasant smell.


  254. V***a



  255. E***a

    Excellent cream. Easily absorbed. Fast shipping. Recommend purchasing


  256. Customer

    Good product, as described, it has a good fragance and is easily absorbed by skin.


  257. I***o

    Cream use 2 years, only positive reviews. Thank you very much


  258. M***a

    Cream come quickly. Seller recommend!!! Thank you very much for gift))


  259. W***w

    My order arrived, a dispute, money back


  260. K***a

    Cream came to Ukraine for 27 days. The Track is not monitored, but all of it. Not unpacking, because it is. Order it as a gift.


  261. M***a

    Very like cream. Moisturizes, nice texture, do not take the first time.


  262. M***h

    Good store great communication good deal good product very good communication


  263. D***a

    Cream came quickly packing not broken


  264. E***o

    Order arrived very quickly. Happy. Thank You for the gift. Will try.


  265. Customer

    Satisfied with this product .I recommend this store


  266. I***r

    Goods 26.01 deputies otrimala 22.02, skazati result not mozhu відпишусь pіznіshe))) took the відгукам) store putting probe cream s розою, Krutiy cream) Smell Garneau I face Zrazy гладеньке became) Recommend продався


  267. C***n

    Package came dented and some product had wasted


  268. A***a

    All good, except that the cream bad closed and he emerged. But since I took myself, that’s okay. It would be a shame to give such. After All is not open the box does not know.


  269. G***n

    Thank you for the gift parcel arrived fast store recommend


  270. A***a

    Arrived on time, store, packaging very good, loved… Still not tested, but so can, right on the product.


  271. A***v

    The Order was for a long time, even managed to get out of protection, but eventually came. Thanks!


  272. O***o

    Thank You very much)))) packaged goods quality cream texture class)


  273. S***a

    Description. Little emerged in the mail. Smell like for me is not very nice. I smell дёгтем. Have not tried. Tip 1 star for that item is damaged.


  274. M***d

    I like it sooooo much thank u for store … fast shipping


  275. L***n

    Seller umnichka large, Fast forward, Good product, recommend


  276. A***a

    As a part of creams have two allergen. With sensitive skin-will not work. AND also leave great swelling, if spread around the eyes. The cream texture stretch, specific odor, but nice. To cope with its function. Moisturizes, but does not say that “wow”. Apply a thin layer! Put 4 + of 5, for allergens in Composition