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Anti Aging Cream Wrinkle Remover

(99 customer reviews)
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  • It can moisturize your skin deeply while nourishing it
  • It can effectively prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • It can also give you a younger looking healthy skin while preventing eye puffiness
  • Weight: 0.7 fl oz (20g) / Expiration: 24 months
  • Ingredients: Hydrogenated Polydecene, Carnosine, Acetyl  hexapeptide-8, Yeast fermentation lysate filtrate, Cyclomethicone, Twenty carbon six Alkenoic acid, Oligopeptide-1, Hexapeptide-1, Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Acetate, Aloe Vera leaf extract, Octadecenedioic acid, Aescin. Behenyl alcohol, Glucosyl hesperidin, Oatmeal extract, Citrus peel extract, ß-glucan, hydrolyzed salmon skin protein, Bisabolol, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Sodium Hyaluronate. Phenoxyethanol.

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Anti Aging Cream Wrinkle Remover

An anti-aging cream can effectively remove fine lines. This product is a handy wrinkle remover. It can help you reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. When you can prevent the signs of aging, you can efficiently look younger looking with beautiful skin that glows. Also, it is imperative to avoid any undereye concerns, primarily wrinkles, and eye bags. Sometimes when we tend to stay up all night, we develop some eye puffiness and under eye sagging. It is a common undereye problem that needs a solution, and a wrinkle remover is essential to help reduce it. In other words, this is a beneficial beauty cream. Most women who age from thirty above commonly use it because they want to achieve healthy skin.

Powerful Features

This product can help you achieve younger looking skin. It can help you reduce dark under eyes and sagging. Similarly, it can help tighten loose skin, which allows you to recover your skin’s elasticity and smoothness. When it deeply moisturizes your skin, it can relieve eye fatigue and prevent the appearance of eye puffiness and other signs of aging. It can help you take good care of your delicate skin. Most importantly, it can delay aging, fully nourish your skin, and brighten your undereye areas, which can result in soft and firm skin.

How To Use

To use your wrinkle remover, you need to clean your face first. Apply an ample amount of the product to your skin around your eyes. After that, you can massage your face using your fingertips so you can gently spread the cream all over. Allow your skin to absorb the product thoroughly. A friendly reminder: if you have sensitive skin, please make a skin test before applying it to your face. Avoid use once an allergic reaction develops.

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Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Based on 99 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. S***y

    Fermented eye cream, about which i can say that this cream is one of the best i ‘ve tried. It is believed that it is when fermentation (fermentation) and all the useful properties of natural products are preserved without the use of preservatives. They perfectly cope with their main mission-quickly and easily penetrate the skin and saturate it with nutrients. According to the consistency, the cream is soft, slightly greasy, white, absorbed not immediately, so that before morning makeup i advise you to apply it in advance, and for night use-an ideal option. The smell is pleasant, slightly perceptible. The cream effectively moisturizes, makes the skin soft and silky, thereby increasing the elasticity of the skin, smoothes wrinkles, also delays aging, allows your skin to acquire a healthy appearance, and the effect is noticeable after several applications. I’m delighted with this cream, it fits me perfectly, and, yes, of course i recommend it


  2. Z***s

    Eye cream with peptides. The consistency is gentle, in color translucent white. With regular use, perfectly tightens the skin, removes bags, smoothes wrinkles. the aroma is unmatched. No discomfort cream delivered. does not leave sticky film. I recommend


  3. V***a

    The cream is designed to care for the skin around the eyes, remove dark circles, against puffiness and bags under the eyes. The cream should be applied to the skin around the eyes, massage with your fingertips clockwise until completely absorbed. The tube with cream has a thin spout for point use, convenient to use. Cream with a very pleasant aroma, the smell is directly fascinating, creamy consistency. The use of the cream reduces goose paws and thin lines under the eyes, increases the elasticity of the skin, relieves eye tension and brightens the skin, and also slows down aging.


  4. K***a

    Excellent cream. The description corresponds. The texture is very delicate, absorbed perfectly. Leaves no trace. Perfectly moisturizes the skin. Morning edema takes off. Shipping 2 weeks


  5. A***v

    Excellent cream. Perfectly cares for the skin around the eyes. The composition is effective, peptides, aloe, oats. Everything you need for the eye skin. A week after application, the skin became smoother, moisturized. For better effect of course you need to use longer. I recommend to buy.


  6. T***k

    The cream is thick, but gentle and easily distributed, while absorbed quickly enough without greasy shine. The skin becomes velvety, moisturized, tender. the first thing that attracted me-the cream has a very delicate, pleasant aroma. Even some time after application it still remains. In the tube only 20 grams of money, but the expense is economical, so this is not a problem.


  7. A***a

    The cream promotes increased nutrition of the skin, replenishing the deficiency of all useful and contributing to the production of its own collagen. Excellent remedy. There is a convenient thin dispenser. The tube can be opened by turning the nozzle counterclockwise and add there if necessary some ingredient. Although, to be honest, the composition of the cream is so rich. Medium consistency cream. Applied to the skin easily. Absorbed in half a minute. The skin after application becomes incredibly soft and tender. Naturally, and wrinkles are smoothed.


  8. O***a

    The cream is very light, absorbed quickly, the smell almost does not have. I only apply in the evening. The effect on the morning is wonderful, removes swelling, tightens the skin, lazzles “chicken foot” in the corners of the eyes. Very satisfied with the result obtained in just a week of use. Collagen and peptides work, code has become more alive, elastic. I hope that regular application will maintain this skin condition. I recommend that it is better to start in time than then to apply more radical measures.


  9. V***v

    The parcel came quickly, tracked on all its way. Packing is a postal paper bag with a pup. The cream is in a plastic tube with a removable cap and a branded box sealed in mica. On the box there is all the necessary information about the composition, shelf life and method of application in english. The weight of the cream is 20 grams. According to the consistency of medium density, delicate texture, white. Absorbed quickly, consumed economically. The cream has a very pleasant smell. Perfectly nourishes, moisturizes. Makes the skin soft, elastic. Stains aging and reduces existing wrinkles. I really liked it, i will definitely order more.


  10. E***h

    Peptides in the composition are a lot and their effect on the skin is favorable. Also there are other components, thanks to which the sensations, the cream makes the skin softer and more moisturized, facial wrinkles are smoothed. Did not really like the smell (personal perception)


  11. E***a

    The cream is in a tube, the volume of 20 grams, the pointed and beveled spout is very convenient for point application of the cream. Consistency is light, medium density, translucent. The cream very well removes swelling, you will notice it after the first application, very well and quickly absorbed. Smoothes fine wrinkles, brightens dark circles under the eyes. The cream really liked and i can safely recommend to buy!


  12. S***a

    Cream color white. The smell is excellent, the other word does not pick up, smells of freshness, closer like a sweet floral fragrance. Consistency of thick sour cream. Method of application: 1. apply cream on clean eyelids morning and evening 2. first patting movements, and then massage with your fingertips clockwise. Allergies did not cause. Tube of comfortable design, spout tube has to point application. The lid is silvery, tightly closed. Volume of 20g. The cream is delivered sealed in mica, shelf life is 3 years. Absorbed quickly, the sensations after application are very pleasant, i recommend with pleasure.


  13. S***n

    Everything is perfect. It’s arrived in 3 weeks. I like this brand. I had already ordered the cream (it’s coming to me), the serum and the serum of eyes. The truth is, i really like the product and i ‘ve decided to try the eye contour cream. Thanks to the store for the gift of eye patches. I recommend the seller and the product line 100%


  14. E***a

    I love skin care around the eyes, this is the place that most suffers from ailments and fatigue, so i make every effort to maintain and additional skin care around the eyes. the box was sealed in mica, shelf life on the box up to 22 years, information in english is present. The composition is quite good, many ingredients are the same as in the cream, about which the previous post wrote, a large number of plant components, chemistry of course, too, where without it. The cream makes the skin tender, firm and supple. It reduces the formation of microgrooves, slows down the aging of the skin, protects against wrinkles and various aggressive environmental influences on the skin.


  15. Y***e

    Delivery 2 weeks. Track number tracked. Cream with a very delicate texture and a pleasant smell. After application to the skin is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy shine and sticky film. The cream effectively moisturizes the skin around the eyes, makes the skin soft and silky, mimic wrinkles become less noticeable, and the effect is visible after several applications! Good cream, i recommend!


  16. S***a

    Good soft cream. Pleasant consistency, fast absorption without stickiness. The skin is perfectly moisturized, pleasant under the fingers, smoothed. There is no lifting, but the general view of the century is cheerful. I am happy with the order, i can recommend it.


  17. E***v

    It came quickly, packed normally. I use 3 days and from bags under my eyes does not help at all


  18. T***h

    Came in a beautiful box of white color, sealed in mica. Volume of contents 20g. aroma The cream is not pronounced, but rather barely perceptible! After application is not preserved on the skin. I applied the gel morning and evening to pre-cleansed skin, Did not cause allergic reactions And being on the skin, does not cause any discomfort! He’s fine. It is distributed over the skin and quickly absorbed, without leaving after stickiness and shine, perfectly suited me as a basis for make-up. When applied to the skin gel Pleasantly cools and tones the skin! Consumption The product has a minimum, thanks to the light texture and convenient dispenser it Easily and quickly distributed over the skin, while all the product goes only to the skin around the eyes. Color -White, absolutely, Consistency -Very gentle and light, which makes the process of applying the product to the skin more pleasant.


  19. A***a

    I really like creams for the skin around the eyes! I constantly fight with my bruises and this cream helps me. I recommend


  20. Customer

    This is the first eye cream after biamis, which caused delight. The rest of the cream suited me, yes moisturized, but the impressions of the strong did not leave. Eye cream with peptides in a white-red tube practically removed my dark circles under the eyes. That with my constant lack of sleep, just on the weight of gold. With the rest of the creams often had to use a corrector for the area around the eyes. With the same cream i do not use anything from above and i do not mask circles under my eyes.


  21. A***t

    The box is covered with cellophane. The box contains all the information in english. Also indicated information about the date of manufacture and shelf life. Tube with cream is not very large-20 gr. The cream has a dense consistency and a pleasant smell. Color-white. Apply the cream to cleansed skin. When applied, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave a feeling of stickiness. The cream is designed to moisturize the skin around the eyes, as well as to combat age-related changes. After application, the skin becomes moisturized, soft and tender.


  22. A***a

    Came quickly enough for Canada 🙂 Thank you, the store for little present. In the composition of the cream, there is acetyl hexapeptide-8 (argireline) – a myorelaxant that is supposed to reduce the wrinkles. I will try the products and give a feedback in a couple of weeks.


  23. R***d

    Thank you very much to the store! Miracle cream Сный (i previously ordered this), now i took a gift! The parcel has reached a wonderful, tracking is super! Thank you for the gift patches for the eyes, very nice!


  24. M***z

    Very fast delivered 3 weeks Recommend salesman


  25. N***a

    Eye cream with peptides) i took it complete with face cream with peptides) they complement each other) the action cream moisturizes the skin around the eyes, fills small wrinkles) it is light, stickiness and fat does not leave) liked, good cream)


  26. S***a

    Thank you very much to the store. Super fast shipping. Packaging good shelf life up to 22 years. Took on the test-i hope will meet my expectations. Thanks again,


  27. T***t

    The cream was received in a month and a week, but the store warned about the delay the cream is well packed and it is convenient to use the smell of light floral i will use and write a review thank you!


  28. Customer

    I liked this cream very much, especially the shape of its spout, thanks to which you can distribute the cream and make a cooling massage. Well moisturizes the skin around the eyes, i liked


  29. G***t

    All as in the description. Today i received, applied to the contour around the eyes, there is no discomfort, and i’m allergic to selovec, i’m rarely suitable. We’ll see.


  30. E***n

    The cream came in time, the delivery and packaging are good, tried-like normal. Seller recommend


  31. V***t

    The cream is pleasant consistency and smells nice. I really liked it, i will use it, it’s excellent. Shelf life up to 2022.


  32. G***a

    Fast shipping. The tube looks solid. I haven’t tried it yet. Let’s see. Delivery is fast, nothing crumpled. Thanks to the store.


  33. N***a

    There was a package of 22 days to the altai territory, was not tracked. The product is well packed, in a umbilical bag, cream in a box, did not crumple. All information in english, shelf life is worth. The product has not yet been used. Seller thanks


  34. N***a

    Wonderful cream for the skin around the eyes with peptides and collagen. Thick enough, dense with a pleasant floral aroma, but not strong. In the composition of good rejuvenating components. The thin beveled spout is convenient for economical and point application of the cream, and then its distribution. Delivery fast with tracking track number.


  35. G***r

    The cream received intact, delivery almost 2 months, until it opened, i will add a review when i start to use.


  36. A***a

    The cream has a soft, rather thick consistency, but it lies down and absorbs quickly without leaving traces. The skin after application is smooth. The smell is very light. I advise you.


  37. I***n

    Very good, recommended!!!


  38. S***a

    Eye cream with peptides took as a gift, used several times. the cream is gentle, pleasantly smells, well absorbed. Delivery about a month. Well packed. Later i will add a review


  39. M***e

    Good, thank you very much!!! Everything is super!!! I recommend the store and the product!! -Ok thank you very much!!! Everything is super!!! All happy and would recommend the seller and product!!!


  40. I***a

    In the recall yet, especially, there is nothing to write. The box is packed in mica, the tube is decorated beautifully. Cream of white color, lies gently, absorbed quickly. The smell is pleasant. We’ll learn about efficiency later. Then i’ll add a tip.


  41. S***a

    Good remedy. Delivery about three weeks by post of russia. Packaging is reliable. I can recommend to buy.


  42. O***.

    Today i received my cream and immediately put under my eyes, the first impression is good, i will write about further results in the supplement. Seller, always in touch. Purchase is satisfied


  43. S***e

    Excellent product and well packed 1000 stars good communication with store


  44. A***a

    My favorite eye cream! I order not for the first time. Silky texture, delicate smell, pleasant feeling of skin hydration after application, the cream on the skin is just weightless! Perfectly moisturizes the skin and smoothes fine wrinkles. I highly recommend to try this cream!


  45. K***k

    A wonderful cream, perfectly moisturizes the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles. Shipping is 1,5 months, track is tracked completely, packing is good. Thank you!


  46. M***o

    I haven’t tried it yet. Got it fast enough! Thank you!


  47. N***e

    The product came not damaged, as a gift pachi for eyelids, very cute, i recommend the store.


  48. C***s

    arrived in 3 weeks, look nice, interesting; hope it will work. thanks for the gift ( eye mask)


  49. S***o

    I’ll try to add a review.


  50. N***a

    Already tried, chic cream, absorbed quickly, does not shine, girls, i recommend the store and the store.


  51. A***f

    Delivery to moscow three weeks. With the store did not communicate. I liked the cream. Thank you)


  52. *****

    Cream of white color with a pleasant smell. Located in a tube weighing 20g. According to the consistency, it is of medium density. It is applied easily, quickly absorbed, does not leave stickiness. Initially tested the cream on the hand. I did not have any irritation. Apply the cream after morning and evening cleansing of the face with massage movements clockwise until completely absorbed. Comes the cream in a branded box, sealed in mica. The shelf life is indicated on the box: 2019/01/24-2022/01/23. All information in english. Ingredients: Water, бутандиол, glycerin, гидрогенизированный полидецен, карнозин, ацетил гексапептид-8, fermented yeast extract, Cetearyl alcohol, циклометикон, carbon, алкановая acid, гександиизоцианат/триметилол хексиллактона кроссполимер, керамид-1, олигопептид-1, copper tripeptide, hexapeptid-1, tocopherol acetate, retinol acetate, aloe vera extract, oleic acid, essin, Fugitive alcohol, glucozyl gesperidin, centella extract asian, extract of s


  53. K***l

    The cream came, well packed, the presentation was not affected,. thank you to the store, the store of prosperity. the result will write after application. thank you.


  54. M***z

    Now i ‘d have to test the results


  55. I***a

    Ordered the goods on april 29 received may 13 thank you very much for the fast delivery packing very good serious solid passport inside is not present but there is an explanation on the cardboard box as i will try to be sure to write off while thank you very much and good trade


  56. A***a

    Delivery took 25 days. I do not know how the cream works. I ordered not myself. The texture is pleasant. Composition i sfotkala.


  57. S***n

    Packaging good shelf life up to 22 years. I recommend the store and his product! The cream is thick, gentle, with a pleasant aroma, easily distributed and absorbed into the skin quickly enough without greasy shine. The skin becomes velvety, moisturized, tender. In the tube only 20 grams of money, the expense is economical, for me a good dispenser. I have been using it for a week but my bags have not disappeared. I will continue to use the cream according to the instructions of the store and hope to see a good result.


  58. O***t

    Cream is the best one that i tried!!!! Liked, really works, helps tired skin under the eyes! Recommend!!!


  59. Customer

    The goods came, thanks to the store, i’ll try, i’ll add a review.


  60. A***a

    problems with the delivery of goods the store has resolved very well … I got the goods and I am satisfied … I recommend


  61. R***a

    Nice smell. Very well packed. Now we have to prove it. The texture is nice and easy to apply.


  62. M***z

    The best products for your eyes, keep your juven your d and beauty and reduce imperfections, a little cream applied after the serum and you’ll say goodbye to wrinkles, bags and dark circles forever, with great quality, good price, packaging, with expiration date and written instructions in english, You’ll have a great beauty product in your hands. Recommended.


  63. G***m

    Came quickly, thank you, i have not tried it yet, i recommend


  64. D***a

    Cool cream, refreshes, removes puffiness. I really liked it. Thank you very much to the store!


  65. C***n

    I didn’t open it. I hope it’s a good product and remove the dark circles. The store has taken a long time in shipping. Not happy.


  66. S***o

    The result of this miracle cream i will describe later… very pleased with the delivery.. For 15 days… thank you)


  67. C***o

    Exelent recommended product Thank you Puro monterrey n. l. sh. y


  68. E***a

    The cream is good, i use it for make-up, the concealer lies perfectly. Moisturizes well, absorbed quickly, swelling a little go away, although still i use patches constantly, from dark circles will not save. The cream itself is very light, the aroma is pleasant, floral. I like it.


  69. M***a

    Cream very quickly absorbed, has a very nice and delicate fragrance. Not zauważyłam some express change, but it is for short period of its use. Hope soon fade wrinkles around eyes. Slightly brightens dark circles under the eyes Póki what I am satisfied with purchase


  70. I***u

    I check that maybe it’s worth something, maybe a good product


  71. L***l

    The kremlin of the city (the store vibachivaya at the star of the holy) is packed with good, the goods will be good to all. The cream itself has its own smell, it will reappear at the shkir, it will respond to the sun and the outdoor. Term appendage until 04.22r purchase pre-war! Seller recommend!


  72. F***s

    Excellent cream for the eye area, and not only. I really liked my girl. Has a good effect and a pleasant aroma. Refreshes and slightly brightens tired skin under the eyes, nourishes and moisturizes well, makes it more tender and supple. Wrinkles and folds certainly do not remove, but it is possible with regular application and comprehensive care will be rejuvenating effect. But as a preventive remedy-the cream is very good! Perfectly absorbed and does not leave sticky surface film. Allergies also did not cause. Suitable for any skin types. You can take it. Its money is definitely worth it.


  73. L***o

    Delivery is fast, tracked, packaging is normal, not wrinkled, you can give safely. Cream of white color, light, well absorbed. No unpleasant sensations, the skin is soft, fine wrinkles retreat. The tip of the tube is beveled, it is convenient to apply the cream.


  74. K***V

    Didn’t check. For a gift.


  75. L***s

    I haven’t tried it, I just got it today


  76. Customer

    He just arrived and i haven’t tried it yet.


  77. M***n

    Received all three creams, in excellent packaging, fast delivery. in action has not yet tried.


  78. O***o

    Eye cream is brand new! Delivery to moscow in 18 days! Great! I recommend the product and the store too!


  79. V***v

    I got the package. Fast shiping. Recomended store. Thank you very much!


  80. O***a

    Thank you very much! also a gift ..


  81. N***t

    The goods came before the deadline!!! All as in the description, the packaging did not crumple at all. The texture is pleasant, tender. In general, everything is super. I recommend the product and the store.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  82. V***v



  83. E***a

    The cream is not bad, but straight colossal effect from several times there. Came quickly. I did not communicate with the store.


  84. Customer

    Thank you. Everything’s fine. Packaging is excellent.


  85. E***a

    Impressions are ambiguous. On the photo 1000 p and then with discounts, while the quality and composition are in question. In a bottle of 20 ml for 250 re. Effect check


  86. A***b

    Very small the truth i will test them to see if they are good or not


  87. J***z

    There’s no proof there’s ktal the ingredients are all good


  88. S***s

    Just like the picture. i’m just in time.. I hope it works well for me


  89. S***o

    While i try. According to the results, through nelel-two more will write 🙂


  90. B***o

    hello.. very happy with the product. very good store to buy from. i would most definitely buy from again. thank you! 🙂


  91. A***n

    Delivery less than a month. my wife liked it.


  92. A***R

    Delivery a little more than a month, the track was tracked. Packing is good. The cream is excellent! Moisturizes the skin so that the effect remains a comfort of the day. Absorbed easily without traces-no problems with makeup after its use there. Quite strong and stable perfume perfume. I recommend the cream, for its cost is very not a useful tool.


  93. A***l

    For me very good quality. Wracam again to buy


  94. I***G

    Favorite at the moment eye cream. I just love it, for its incredibly pleasant consistency, ease of application and the effect of softening, moisturizing and smoothing, which it gives. Girls, i recommend the product to buy unequivocally. Order boldly.


  95. V***v

    Excellent, light shrimp. Quickly absorbed, leaves a feeling of hydration. the store umnichka, i recommend


  96. V***a

    Pleasant texture, light, smell-creamy-puffed. Delivery 3 weeks.


  97. I***G

    This is my favorite eye cream recently. I bought it in “burning”, i use it and i’m happy. Moisturizes, smoothes. Order boldly.


  98. A***o

    Delivery is fast, smells nice!


  99. A***B

    got small gifts as well 🙂 thanks


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