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Acne Cream Facial Skin Care

(99 customer reviews)
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  • Effectively removes acne and fades acne scars
  • Smoothens skin and shrinks pores
  • Oil-control, it prevents excessive oil secretion
  • NET WT: 1.05 Fl.oz (30g)
  • Main Ingredient: Australian Tea Tree
  • Other Ingredients: Glycerin, Salvia miltiorrhiza extract, Glycyrrhiza uralensis extract, Avena sativa extract, Cetearyl alcohol, Camellia sinensis extract, Beta-glucan, Hypericum perforatum extract, Bisabolol, Vitamin E, Taurine, Sodium hyaluronate

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Acne Cream Facial Skin Care

Acne cream products are famous for healing individual pimples. Its a type of facial skin care that helps maintain the face and its features. In other words, this type of product can give you a vibrant and youthful appearance. It keeps your skin healthy and attractive.
On the other hand, proper skin care is critical because it is the most significant part of our body. It serves as a barrier to harmful elements and infection. That is why it is essential to have a daily skin care routine to prevent acne breakouts and other skin issues.

Product Benefits

This Anti-Acne skin care product contains tea tree essence. We all know that tea tree can provide a lot of benefits and uses to our skin. The ingredients are formulated to soothe skin and to gently work its way into the pores.
Similarly, it merely removes impurities and balances the oil secretion on your face to create smooth and soft skin. Different types of skin can benefit from its effective formula. Besides, it fades acne scars and protects it from harmful elements that can affect your beauty. The cream has the capability of moisturizing and hydrating without blocking the pores.

Methods Of Use

To deeply nourish and moisturize your skin, Properly wash your face to help prevent breakouts. It is necessary to remove excess oil, sweat, and dirt daily. Similarly, you can use this product after cleaning your face every morning and evening. Apply a sufficient amount of the product on your face. Gently apply to your face, massage smoothly for two minutes until the skin absorbs it. Since your face is the first part of your body that others can look at. It is necessary to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. You need to limit your makeup, sun exposure and be consistent on your skincare routine.

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Based on 99 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. A***a

    Arrived relatively quick. Once the cream box was opened cream was found already spread across the box. Don’t know how it got there. But apart from that the cream is really good. I don’t know if it helps much with spots but it has a really nice texture the the skin and moisturises very well.


  2. A***v

    The cream really liked. Has a light texture, well absorbed. Can be applied under makeup. Perfectly copes with its task, reduces inflammation and prevents the appearance of new acne. It perfectly moisturizes the skin. The smell does not, at all. Well, this is better, means less perfume fragrances added, which, as we know, are sometimes allergens. By the way, allergies such a composition will certainly suit. Cream 30 grams. Packed in a branded box, composition in english and shelf life are available. Shelf life 3 years. Delivery is fast. The goods came without damage.


  3. O***a

    Nice cream. The aroma is tart, pleasant. Absorbed quickly, sticky film does not leave. I liked it. I recommend to buy.


  4. O***a

    Effective cream for oily skin. Well matiruet, removes inflammation. Shipping and packaging is excellent. The cream is fresh, the date of manufacture is october 2018.


  5. Y***y

    I liked the cream. Relieves inflammation and redness. We are not enough. And the smell is herbaceous and i’m not very “come in”. But this is understandable, in the composition of a bunch of plant extracts. All this is dissolved in silicone, but as far as i learned safe completely and volatile at skin temperature. In fact, it simply helps to apply evenly. Composition on the box is, shelf life too.


  6. S***y

    This cream thoroughly cleanses the skin, soothes it, relieves inflammation and irritation, and also effectively helps to fight acne. Soft and gentle. I really like him. Recommend to buy


  7. Customer

    The cream has a specific smell, it fights well with redness and rashes on the skin. Weight 30 grams. Delivery to moscow month.


  8. A***a

    Good tool, delivery fast. Everything was pleasant, except for the smell, sharp for me. And so good, there are no allergies.


  9. E***o

    Delivered within the specified time. Cosmetics of good quality. The store is responsive and attentive. Recommend!!!


  10. T***o

    The description was accurate, but unfortunately at the opening it turned out that the cream flowed out and tightness broken.


  11. Customer

    Delivery 25 days, packed securely. The box came sealed in mica, shelf life is three years. The composition and instructions for use are indicated in the package in english. Cream dense texture, white with a tart aroma. The fragrance resembles serum for narrowing and cleansing pores only richer, although the serum was another firm.


  12. T***v

    Until used came spilled packed well


  13. A***g

    Vysi vysi cream find for problem skin, perfectly removes irritation and redness of the skin, soothes, rashes less much. Took a teenager 14 years old. The smell is herbal, strong. Not greasy, not sticky, absorbed in 5-7 minutes.


  14. M***a

    A cool cream that fights perfectly with pimples. Delivery for 9 days to saratov. the composition of the natural at the cream, the smell is specific. But it works, and this is the main thing.


  15. T***a

    Tea tree cream for acne treatment tea tree oil helps fight pimples and prone to inflammation of the skin. The cream came in a box on which the composition and shelf life are indicated. Volume 30 ml. The main composition of the cream: tea tree oil, sage extract, oats, vitamin e and st. john’s wort extract. The smell is sharp, herbaceous. The cream is applied easily, quickly absorbed, leaving no stickiness and greasy shine.


  16. A***a

    The cream came in the original packaging. There is a composition in english. The jar is small, only 30 grams. And the remedy was pleasant and i would like to use it longer. The composition includes tea tree oil. The smell is specific. But quite pleasant. Just perfectly copes with greasy shine and reduces its appearance. The skin really became more matte. Despite this, it gives excellent hydration. I use only for the night. Because it is not absorbed very quickly. But you can apply twice a day.


  17. E***a

    Good cream. Natural components smell. Smells like injuries. Fits well. Relieves inflammation.


  18. F***I

    On the packaging are given instructions and the ingredients in English language, packaging date and expiration date (3 years). The content listed is gr. 30. The cream is contained in a jar. The lends itself well to make it into a gift box It is a cream for skin tending all’acne and impurities like clogged pores and blackheads based herbal (feels the smell) which have soothing properties, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. A cream that counteracts redness from irritation, fights infection and simultaneously moisturizes the skin.


  19. H***o

    Cream with tea tree oil for problematic, prone to acne skin. Cream of white color with a pronounced aroma. Apply to the whole face, not just on pimples. Dries pimples and removes redness around. Helps perfectly. Comes the cream in a branded cardboard box sealed in mica. All the necessary information about the composition and shelf life is present on the package.


  20. I***l

    Delivery just over a month to the tula region. The cream is securely packed and has not received damage on the way. Consistency is dense, but absorbed quickly. Has a bright aroma of tea tree oil. In addition to it, there are many plant extracts. The cream removes irritation and dries pimples.


  21. A***e

    Delivery to latvia 2 weeks. Packed normally, small jar 30 ml. I liked the composition, took for the son of a teenager.


  22. S***a

    The presence of various extracts gives it a strong enough aroma that not everyone may like. For me, the truth is, the fragrance is quite sharp and strongly smelling. The cream is applied easily, absorbed quickly. The skin after it is soft, pleasant to the touch. Well, regular application is necessary to obtain any results. Constant use restores the skin, makes the relief and shade of the face even, removes pigmentation, pimples, preserves the water balance, normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, prevents aging.


  23. V***i

    For a long time i wanted to try a cream with a tea tree. Found it. Packing: the cream is in a cardboard box, was sealed in mica. On the package there is all the necessary information about the composition, shelf life, method of application in english. The cream is white, delicate, has a strong aroma of tea tree. Well absorbed, leaving no greasy trace. The skin feels light cold. Plant components included in the cream have a beneficial effect on the skin: sage, shellfish, licorice, oats, tea tree, st. john’s wort. After application, the skin is more moisturized and elastic. I will use as a prevention of rashes on the skin and for narrowing the pores.


  24. K***k

    Cool cream with the smell of tea tree! Perfectly moisturizes, in the composition of a large number of natural ingredients and extracts. Shipping is 1,5 months, track is not tracked, packing is good. Thank you!


  25. N***n

    products came in well packaged and delivery was fast too. I haven’t tried products yet, will return with a feedback after I try the products. I will recommend Seller. Good job!


  26. A***a

    Color: white. The texture is thick. The smell is vegetable. Allergies did not cause. I applied this cream point once a day, on local inflammation and the effect is noticeable immediately. Inflammation began to disappear 2 times faster. Pores narrowed. Acne scars were whitened and decreased in size. The skin is matte, and does not shine like pancake. Absorbed cream quickly and leaves no greasy traces. Boldly recommend this product for people with similar skin type. Delivery about 1 month to astrakhan.


  27. L***r

    Haven’t used this yet and will provide a review later. It came protected well in mail. Fast shipping!


  28. T***a

    Acne cream, for narrowing pores, for removing redness of the skin. Cream based on ingredients of australian tea tree, has a pulling effect for acne. The cream normalizes the fat balance, smooths the skin tone, brightens and soothes the skin. Suitable for irritated teenage skin.


  29. T***h

    Great product, fulfills all promises, quickly came to Brazil, store, the object is tracked. The product has nice smell, and texture that is quickly absorbed skin.


  30. K***a

    Face cream with tea tree extract normalizes the functions of the cover and protects it. Features of this extract are used not only in cosmetology, but also medicine. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, protective, restoring properties are very useful in facial creams. Special functions of face cream with tea tree: Effective anti-inflammatory effect; Solving problems, especially effectively from acne, black dots and acne; Cleansing of epithelium, disinfection and bactericidal property; Prevention of purulent rashes and their therapy; Effective for the treatment of herpes rashes, eczema, furuncules, warts; Has a bleaching property. has excellent protective properties, its application half an hour before creating a make-up will create a protective barrier for the cover for the whole day. Eliminates irregularities, cleans pores and reduces sweating of the sebaceous glands. This is an effective and indispensable tool for summer days. After use, there is a special smoothness and freshness.


  31. K***k

    Delivery 2 tight, cream buv good sealing, store in celofan, shishechka shchylno zakrit, prote when transported cream trochi vitik from the can, but not too priyemno. The smell of the trophies is sharp, it’s comfortable to look at the shkiri.


  32. V***o

    The cream came in a branded box, there is a composition, shelf life and product information Weight 30g Regulates fat, relieves inflammatory processes and redness, prevents the appearance of black dots and clogged pores. Really works!!! The composition includes essential oil of tea tree. Properties and effects of this oil: Antibacterial; Antiseptic; * Antiviral; “Fungicide; Anti-inflammatory; Improvement of blood circulation; Activation of regeneration processes in tissues; How to use: On a clean face we apply massage movements, until completely absorbed. Not only on acne!!! On the whole face. I did not like that there is no protective membrane in the jar. Although the cream was tightly twisted and did not shed


  33. A***R

    Cream bought for a teenage daughter. Lyre skin, acne. This cream is one of the tools that really helped to improve the condition of the skin. Acne became smaller and the skin is not so greasy, despite the fact that the daughter is unfriendly and does not use regularly. The cream is excellent! I recommend!


  34. Y***a

    Tea tree extract is a powerful natural antiseptic, which has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. This extract improves the condition of the skin exposed to acne, treats exem and acne, heals wounds, relieves redness and swelling, eliminates itching, restores natural color and relief of the skin. Cream is white, has a dense structure, smells of herbs. Skin after use becomes more matte, fat decreases. The cream is used by the daughter of 14 years, she has a problem skin and puts it on the whole face, pre-makes masks to combat acne from this store, either with salicylic acid or a black mask film. In the complex all this helps, but laziness takes its own, as soon as it gets bored of all this, so after a while again crumbles pimples, here you need to use constantly, and not “i want to rub, i do not want to press “… The jar is not large 30 grams, i do not know how much is enough, but it is spent even on the whole face not much.


  35. S***a

    The cream is an excellent photo i will add a little later. Delivery is fast.


  36. I***o

    I have not tried it yet, but the cream flew in 3 weeks looks all neatly packed


  37. Customer

    Thank you for the amazing cream with a lovely gift. would be glad to shop with you again. Good packaging as well.


  38. R***a

    Stunning packaging. Thanks to the store. Everything came in intact. The smell is herbal. The jar is small. I will definitely add a review during the use of the cream.


  39. E***e

    Ordered 20.01.19, received at the post 15.02.19 was packed all well, nothing spilled) ordered after reading reviews, i will test)


  40. O***A

    The cream comes in a branded box sealed in factory mica. All information is given in english, shelf life until october 2021. Plastic jar with cream 30g small in size, tightly twisted, nothing leaked. The product has an intense specific smell, which confirms its predominantly natural composition. Cream of white color, medium in consistency, quickly absorbed by combination skin. I do not have any white marks or stickiness. I use only in the area of t-zone (forehead, nose and chin). The consumption is very economical. After application, the skin becomes smooth, fat disappears. Over time, the amount of pollution decreases. The cream does not overdry the skin, which is very important for me, and does not cause a feeling of tingling.


  41. A***a

    Strong smell of tea tree oil, and it (as far as everyone knows) perfectly fights acne. Only began to use, later i will try to supplement the review.


  42. I***a

    The consistency of the cream is very pleasant, melting. The smell is pharmacy, with an admixture of herbal notes. Most importantly-it’s just super, if you have problem skin! That’s just what the doctor prescribed! After a week, the skin is white and clean. And if you smear the pimple at the stage of appearance. He’s not here in the morning! Just magic.


  43. K***a

    Cream with tea tree leaf extract has a specific vegetable smell, harsh and unusual) The cream normalizes the fat content of the skin and softens it, eliminates post-acne, makes the skin tender and smooth, eliminates acne and irritation on the skin. Application as in all creams: apply the required amount of cream massaging movements to the cleansed face (morning and evening) until completely absorbed.


  44. A***a

    And you have already tried a face cream that fights acne and at the same time prevents aging of the skin of the face! I managed to test it on my mom. Mom really liked the result, so i can advise you, try it! Composition of cream: Glycerin, sage, avena sativa extract, cetearyl alcohol, beta glucan, st. john’s wort extract, vitamin e, tea tree essence. Effect from product application: The essence of tea tree penetrates deep into the pores of the skin and cleanses them from contamination and acts as a calming agent, so this cream after cleansing the pores very quickly removes the redness. Ai at the end of the cream perfectly nourishes the face coke, after its application the skin becomes soft and clean! The product is suitable for all skin types. Before use it is necessary to conduct a test for allergies on the wrist or behind the ear. In a jar of 30 gr. Cream. The cream comes packed in a branded box and sealed in mica.


  45. T***r

    Delivery took a month and a half, packed in a tight vacuum bag. Track number tracked. On the box there is all information about the means, method of use and shelf life. Shelf life up to 2021.10.07. The product is in a plastic tube, the lid fits tightly, does not leak. There was no membrane or protective film inside. Volume 30 gr., use better on the whole face not point, apply a very thin layer. I did not like the smell, it is very sharp and obsessive, after applying i feel it for another 30 minutes, this is for me a minus. Apparently, we have to give to my brother, the smell for me is of great importance, even despite the result, we will have to part. Consistency is dense, greasy, but it is absorbed quickly, stickiness and fat does not add. The color of the cream is white. Suitable for any type of skin, oily skin makes mene oily but more moisturized, that’s a big plus of this cream. after its use, the skin is soft and tender. Redness removes in three days.


  46. E***a

    Delivery more than a month. A small jar, everything is very neat and well packed, smells of tea tree oil. Very good! Thank you


  47. A***v

    Today i received the order. Very quickly 15 days to israel, as it helps to sign off later.


  48. K***i

    Cream with tea tree extract. The direct purpose of this cream is to combat inflammation and acne. The composition includes a bunch of useful plants, such as sage, st. john’s wort and oats. The cream packaging was sealed in mica, nothing was wrinkled. The cream itself is normal white. Consistency is thick. Very sharp smell. The nature of this smell is rather herbal. I think that a large mixture of different plants gave birth to such a smell, but i did not really like it.


  49. N***a

    It came quickly. Packed in ordinary package. Box in film. The jar is very small. Without a protective film in the jar itself. The smell is pleasant-unpleasant;) i tried it on my hand. Let’s see the reaction.


  50. Customer

    Good quality cream, it has helped me! The package is poor. Smell is really strong, but it is ok. Good store.


  51. S***y

    According to the consistency, the cream is thick enough, white, quickly absorbed. Suitable for different skin types, but i can recommend it more for oily skin. The cream penetrates into deep skin, promotes the removal of toxins, soothes irritated skin. Balances the secretion of fat on the face to keep the pores clear moistened, thereby making the skin smooth, clean and tender. I recommend


  52. R***l

    The jar itself is very small: only 30g. There was no protective membrane on the jar. The cream itself has a white color and a fairly dense consistency. Immediately after application to the skin there is a feeling of stickiness, but after absorption no traces remain. And, in my opinion, he has a sharp enough fragrance. In my opinion, this cream perfectly dries inflammation and relieves redness. In addition, it helps to solve the problem of excessive skin fat: really greasy shine does not appear as fast as before. Allergies did not cause. If you are not embarrassed by some components in the composition, you can take 🙂


  53. J***a

    Krem normalizes the condition of the skin, makes the skin tender and velvety, helps to soothe irritated skin, stabilizes the secretion of fat, and normalizes the condition of the pores. The smell is herbaceous. Has a light creamy texture Quickly absorbed, leaving no stickiness and greasy shine. I liked it very much, i will order more


  54. I***i

    I got the parcel. All as in the description, according to other reviews it was written that the cream during transportation can flow i contacted the store asked for better packaging. But still a little protek but it’s not the fault of the seller and not critical. Most likely, in a long way this is inevitable. On the cream itself, i can not say until after use, i will add a tip. Thank you to the seller.


  55. A***a

    Before the cream made a mask from this series with salicylic acid, and this cream for the night smeared. The cream is very tender, smells of pharmacy smell, quickly absorbed.


  56. L***o

    Delivery to ukraine took 2 weeks, came ukrmail. During transportation, it was not damaged anywhere. The cream itself in the tube is 30g. And in a branded box sealed in mica. On the box there is information about the manufacturer and the composition in english, and the shelf life (3 years, i have until 2022) The cream itself is white with a slightly harsh smell of herbs. I also really liked that on the store’s page you can find information about the composition and method of summarizing in the Russian language. I liked the cream!


  57. L***a

    Cream with tea tree oil. Ingredients: глицерин, sage extract, licorice extract, oats extract, цетеариловый alcohol, camellia extract, beta-glucan, st. john’s wort extract, перфоратума extract, бисаболол, vitamin e, taurine, hyaluronic acid. The skin becomes clean and healthy. Shelf life 3 years. Cream is white, has a delicate texture and a pleasant aroma. Quickly absorbed into the skin, saturating it with moisture. Excellent responsive store!!! I boldly recommend this product to you and the store itself. Delivery to ukraine about a month✈ Track number tracked.


  58. K***a

    Lovely cream. The texture is very delicate. Absorbed instantly, no traces and stickiness. Well moisturizes the skin. I liked it. Shipping 2 weeks


  59. Y***a

    Cream with a smell not everyone can like, read the composition-many plant components. In a jar of 30gr, in the photo it looks more


  60. N***a

    The cream is designed for oily skin, for skin prone to fat, allows to stabilize the production of sebum, fights acne. The cream is thick. The aroma is specific, conditioned by composition. Despite the texture, excellent absorbed, fast enough, oily film or effect mask No. Apply in the morning and evening on the cleansed skin of the face, distribute with massage movements for two minutes.


  61. T***o

    The parcel went a month to tyumen, was tracked, i take the cream for the second time, t. k. it really works, fights with rashes while not drying the skin, yes there is a small herbal smell when applied, but after 20 minutes it is no longer felt, well, for merya it is not a problem, the main thing is that it works, the store 5 ++++, i recommend the product


  62. A***A

    Delivery to kiev a week and a half by a traceable track. Packed superreliably in a cardboard box. Spare in mica. There’s a shelf life and he’s fine. Everyone knows about the wonderful properties of tea tree. This means number one from acne, acne, irritation, wounds, cuts… Cream of medium density. Smells like a pharmacy. Slightly leaves shine. Therefore, it is either at home to use or at night.


  63. T***a

    Good cream, smell specific, herbal. Light cream, apply to problem areas. The effect is noticeable after a couple of applications. Shipping month tracked track


  64. E***a

    The most effective cream that i have ever bought is not just about the aliexpress website! The effectiveness of the product that i discovered for myself: 1-the cream just perfectly heals pimples and irritations on the skin, i strongly advise teenagers. 2-this cream nourishes the skin very well if it is overdried or you suddenly have an irritation or allergic reaction to some cosmetics. Very quickly removes dryness, redness, the skin instantly stops scratching and quickly restores. 3-if you have a cold and you have a runny nose, of course you will tear your nose to the red and can not touch it, so the cream just became a salvation for me. I applied a cream for redness at night, the skin was wrinkled of course, but it did not last long. The cream very well removed redness, not all 100% of course, but all the same! The cream removed puffiness and healed and somehow restored the skin, of course not completely, but the effect was on the face! I was just delighted! I advise you to buy for all 100%


  65. M***m

    Good cream. Came quickly. Has a special smell, but quickly passes. Absorbed well and perfectly moisturizes the skin. Seller recommend


  66. E***L

    I walked very long, but still i waited for him. In fact, i have not tried it yet, but i really hope that it will help. The store is sociable, extended the period without problems. I advise


  67. A***a

    Tiny jar. The cream is well absorbed.


  68. I***o

    Delivery to ukraine city. Cream small 30 ml in a box.


  69. J***o

    Shipping and packaging Delivery to ukraine is fast. Packaging is very reliable. The cream is packed in a branded box with the brand name, in mica. There are expiration dates and instructions for use. The volume of the cream jar is 30 grams. Cream of white color, medium consistency, the smell is pleasant, herbs. How to use: apply a sufficient amount of cream on the skin and massage movements to rub until completely absorbed. Vitamins a and e penetrate deep into the skin, supplying the cells with nutrients, protecting from oxidation free radicals, lightening the skin naturally. Active components contribute to the regeneration and restoration of cells, eliminate problems that spoil its appearance. The cream is quickly absorbed, eliminates red spots, restores the skin, providing it with a healthy radiance and beauty.


  70. E***q

    My cream came in 43 days. The box was packed in mica. According to the consistency of the cream, like all the creams, is well distributed on the skin. The smell is very specific herbaceous. All information about the composition and application is written in english.


  71. Z***i

    The parcel waited a long time, it was lost apparently on the way, but the store noticed it on time, warned me, and added time to protect the goods. The cream has just received and its action has not yet checked, but later i will add a tip about it. The order was packed in a normal package with a puffy film. Not a big box of cream looks like in the photo, the cream itself does not smell much of something like tea probably…


  72. T***t

    Delivery time about 3 weeks. Cream is for gift so even I don’t know if it works.


  73. E***a

    The box was sealed in mica, shelf life on the box up to 22 years, information in english is present. I really liked the composition, a huge number of natural and useful components for the skin. The cream promotes excretion and helps soothe irritated skin, keeps the pores moisturized, creates a gentle smoothness of the skin, normalizes the fat content of the skin, eliminates acne and post-acne, fights with excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, cleanses prevents the appearance of black dots, smooths the skin, supports it in tone. The cream has a specific aroma, but not nasty, namely some medicinal, so the hope that it has a lot of natural components, even more amplified))) cream also needs to be used twice a day-morning and evening. Absorbed well, fatty traces does not leave.


  74. K***S

    This acne face cream is a real find. I use this: i apply first serum with hyaluronic acid (it is absorbed instantly), i wait for 5 minutes, then i smear this cream over. The results are pleasing to me, the pimples began to appear much less often and then they quickly disappear. My skin had some tired look, now it has got a fresh and healthy look. Therefore, i will definitely follow this scheme. I recommend the cream.


  75. I***a

    The consistency of the cream is very pleasant, melting. The smell is pharmacy, with an admixture of herbal notes. The color is bright white. The cream is good not only for acne treatment, but also for its prevention.


  76. E***O

    The cream came in 3 weeks. Delivery to the post office. Packed water would be good, but cream protek (((very sorry. The jar is small. The cream is thick, the smell is specific (fir, etc. Herbs) can be used either at night or during the day (but if you are at home)


  77. O***o

    Delivery to poland took almost two months, packed well. The jar was much smaller than the capacity of 30gr seems. Cream with a smell like a nice one. I haven’t tried it yet.


  78. A***n

    Very fast shipping, good baling, hope it works then i upload more information if it works for me, i will buy more, thanks to the store


  79. T***h

    Shipping to belarus 3 weeks, track is fully tracked. Came in a beautiful white box stocked in mica. The volume of contents is 30g. Composition and instruction in english. Ingredients: глицерин, sage extract, licorice extract, oats extract, цетеариловый alcohol, camellia extract, beta-glucan, st. john’s wort extract, перфоратума extract, бисаболол, vitamin e, taurine, hyaluronic acid. Glycerin moisturizes the skin saving moisture and helping the cells to hit it. Can be natural and synthetic origin. Sage extract suppresses the growth of bacteria, saturates hair with vitamins and valuable acids, improves the structure of hair. Oat extract soothes irritated skin, softens dry, nourishes, moisturizes, smoothes. Gives the skin softness and silkiness, promotes healing of microcracks, has a slight analgesic effect. Cetearyl alcohol natural emolent, emulsifier, thickener, solvent, structuring component. Camellia extract natural antioxidant and uv


  80. V***v

    Shipping with tracking, shipping time up to 2022. The smell of the cream is quite strong. Allergies do not cause.


  81. Customer

    Fast shipping, pleasant texture, leaves skin very soft, it has herbal scent (like freshly cut grass or something, i personally don’t like those scents) i use it only 3 times a week during the day when i shouldn’t go out, Pores look smaller and i haven’t felt new craters coming out, i suffer from acne and it costs to find a good product, at the end of the pot i will put another assessment and if you see results, small container but small quantity is enough to moisturize the face


  82. O***r

    Long was delivery. Most likely this is our mail (. The store is sociable. I was embarrassed that the cream was opened (not stocked with mica). Has not a homogeneous consistency. The smell of tea tree was noticeable even before the opening of the box. I will try the cream for reaction, if there is irritation, then i will add a tip.


  83. Customer

    Via entirely without damage, about after applying I know


  84. E***h

    The delivery time to the krasnoyarsk territory is 21 days, quite good. Well packed, all whole. The store is happy.


  85. N***A

    Order 28.03 received 26.04 all is well, the goods were not tracked, as they wrote below the sealed box, the cream easy managed to apply only 1 time. later on the results, thanks to the store. To the statue in tracking, i have the status ready to send, and what, do not always need to worry that they do not send, as practice has shown the goods are already on the spot. with the seller i did not communicate to reduce i will not estimate. while i’m happy


  86. Customer

    I tried it and found it useful for me to get the effects of stains from my face thank God


  87. V***v

    From the moment of order to receipt in moscow exactly 20 days. Shipping zipper. Thank you. The track was not tracked. I haven’t been to use it yet. I’ll add later. Seller respect for promptness.


  88. V***a

    The goods came quickly, within a month. The parcel was served, which is very nice. Packed in a package, nothing damaged. The store did not contact, there was no need. How to test the cream-sign.


  89. S***a

    Excellent cream, the smell is pronounced. Delivery about three weeks by post of russia. Composition and shelf life is specified. The skin after use is soft and moisturized.


  90. A***a

    Waited for the parcel 2,5 months. Never came. Opened a dispute. The money was returned.


  91. N***a

    Tea tree cream. The texture is light, with a pleasant aroma) absorbed quickly, stickiness and fat does not leave) removes redness and inflammation) cool cream for the summer)


  92. O***a

    The cream is really good


  93. D***a

    Smells very sharp, herbs, so you can use only at night. The consistency is pleasant, the jar is very small. How much helps-there we’ll see…


  94. R***f

    The order waited 4,5 months, and did not come, the money was returned.


  95. E***a

    The cream in fact turned out to be quite small, but it is so excellent in the face that it will last a very long time)


  96. N***k

    Delivery is fast. The cream really helps. Recommend product and store!


  97. A***n

    Good tavar


  98. O***k

    Very very very long waiting for the delivery! after 4 months and 10 days after placing the order finally received, not tracked! Polite store, immediately answers questions. thanks for the gift-patches! in general for very patient)


  99. Customer

    The goods did not wait, lost in the way (((((the best store of all ali! always answered all questions, returned the money!!!!!


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